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June 18, 1933 w
- 3,o94,288 .
Filed Nov. 14. 1980
United States Patent O? ice
Patented June 18, 1963
which ?t within the groove 62. The ends of the cover 26
are open |and are slid into place, and these ends |are there
Paul D. _Dail, La Mesa, Calif., assignor to Crownco of
after covered by ?a metallic strip 70 which is provided with
:an inwardly extending extension 72.
The central section 32 is provided with longitudinally
extending and parallelly xarr-anged uprights 74 and 76
Filed Nov. 14, 1960, Ser. No. 68,885
which are spaced from one another. Each of these up
1 Claim. (Cl. 240-51.11)
rights is provided with a downwardly facing shoulder 78.
The present invention relates to lamp or lighting ?x
Each clip is provided with an upwardly faci-ng shoulder 80.
turcs and more particularly to the elongated type employ 10 The clip 28 is formed of resilient material, the shoulders
ing, for example, a ?uorescent lamp.
80 of which are a'daptcd to be snapped over the shoulders
The lighting ?xture of the present invention includes an
78 of the uprights 74 and 76. The clip 28 is also provided
elongated frame, one side of which is provided with a pro
with an upwardly extending ear v82 having a hole there
Jection or projections with which the frame is supported
through, through which the wire 30 is threaded. The up
and the other side provides .a plurality of elongated, sub 15 rights 74 and 76 are provided with confronting grooves 84
stantially planar, in transverse cross-section, and paral
for receiving a plate 86 which is wed'ged in position. The
lelly arranged light re?ecting surface sections. Preferably
extension 72 of the cover 70 is fastened to this plate 86 by
i?an'Dlego, San Diego, Calif., a corporation of Cali
three such sections only are necessary. The center or in
a screw 88.
termediate section has a light re?ecting surface of selected
The sections 32, 38 and 40 m-ay be formed of extruded
value and the outer or side sections have re?ecting sur 20 material, as for example aluminum.
faces of greater value than the ?rst mentioned re?ecting
The under sides of the sections or strips 32, 38 and 40
surface, and -all of the light re?ecting surfaces face in the
are finished so that the re?ecting surfaces 48 and 50 are
same direction and lie substantially in the same plane.
of higher value than the re?ecting surface 46. It has been
The ?xture also includes an elongated lamp, for exam
discovered that by properly differentiating the re?ecting
ple of the ?uorescent type. This lamp is disposed paral 25 value of the central re?ector 46 with respect to the outer
lelly of and preferably midway of the elongated edges of
re?ecting surfaces 48 and 50, and by the use of a tran-s
and spaced from the ?rst mentioned light re?ecting sur
lucent covering, the illuminating value is substantially the
face. An elongated translucent cover is provided for the
same throughout the entire under side of the cover 26,
three re?ecting surfaces and the lamp.
although only a single lamp is employed. Many speci?
The advantages will be apparent from the following de 30 cations for lighting ?xtures and particularly those used in
scriptíon, reference being had to the accompanying draw
schools, require that the illuminating value of the entire
ings wherein a preferred embodiment of the invention is
under side of a cover be substantially the same, and here
In the -drawingsz
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the improved lighting
tofore it was deemed necessary to employ -a plurality of
elongated lamps, arranged in substantially the same pl-ane.
35 By reason of the present invention the same result is
achieved by employing a single lamp of somewhat higher
FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-2 of FIG. 1
wattage. In this manner the cost of the electrical cou
but on a larger scale;
plings has been materially reduced; also one lamp of
FIG. 3 sectional view taken on line '3-3 of FIG. 2.
higher wattage value is far less expensive than two or
Referring more in detail to the drawing, the ?xture is 40 more lamps of lesser 'wattage value.
shown at 20 which comprises a main frame 22 and -a lamp
As an example, the re?ecting surface 46 of the central
24, and a translucent cover 26. The frame may be sup
strip 32 may be formed by anodizing the aluminum while
ported in any suitable manner, but is herein shown -as sup
the re?ecting surfaces 48 and 50 of strips 38 and 40 are
ported by clips one of which is shown at 28 and which in
cover-ed with white enamel. Obviously any other form of
turn is carried 'by a Wire 30.
coatings of contrasting re?ecting valeus may be applied
The main frame 22 includes an elongated central sec
to give the results as achieved by the anodizin-g -and the
tion 32, the elongated edges of which are shown at 34 and
coating with enamel.
36, ?and two parallelly arranged sections in the form of
While the form of embodiment herein shown and de
elongated strips 38 and 40. These strips 38 and 40 are
scn'bed constitutes a preferred form, it is to be understood
each provided with confronting mortises or grooves 42
that other forms may be adopted falling within the scope
which receives the edges 34 and 36 of the central section 50 of the claim th-at follows.
The strips 38 and 40 are secured to the central sec
I claim:
A lighting ?xture comprising in combination:
tion 32 by rivet-s or screws 44.
The under sides of the central section 32 and sections
38 and 40 are planar to provide re?ecting surfaces 46, 48
and 50, respectively, and all 'are arranged in substantially 55
the same plane inasmuch as the metal forming these ele
being planar in Shape;
ments is thin. The opposite ends of the central section 32
are each undercut as at 52 for receiving electrical cou
plings 54 and 56. These couplings are each secured in
place by a screw 58. The 'couplings support an elongated 60
lamp 60, for example of the ?uorescent type. 'Ihese cou
plings and likewise the lamp, are supported midway 'be
viously the lamp 60' extends throughout substantially the
Each of the sections 38 and 40 is provided with an open
bottom groove 62 adjacent the outer end thereof .and with
a lip 64 at the extreme outer end thereof and below the
groove 62. The lips 64 support the translucent cover 26,
the cover having 'an inwardly extending poition 66 'which 70
rests upon the lip 64 and upwardly extending portions 68
(C) an elongated lamp carried by the frame longitu
dinally thereof and disposed mid-Way of the sides of
the frame and cover;
(D) and means for eifecting substantially const-ant illu
mination value throughout the entire pl'ana-r surface
of the translucent cover comprising:
tween the ends 34 and 36 of the central coupling 32. Ob
full length of the main frame.
(A) means forming an elongated frame;
(B) an elongated translucent cover extending longitu
dinally of said frame, the major portion of said cover
(1) An elongated vcentral section extending longi
tudinally of and substantially throughout the
length of the frame `and cover, said section hav
ing -a light re?ecting surface coufronting the
elongated lamp, said light re?ecting surface be
ing planar and extending throughout the length
:and width of the section; and
(2) Two elongated sections, one on one side and
the other on the opposite side of the central sec
tion and coextensive therewith, said latter two
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
'sections having planar light re?ecting surfaces
lying in substantially the same plane as the light
reflecting surface vof the central section, the light
re?ecting surfaces of the latter two sections 5
being inherently of greater light re?ecting value,
said lamp being disposed between the cover and
said light re?ecting surfaces;
(E) means for attaching the three Sections to the frame.
(F) land means for attaching said elongated, translucent 10
cover to said two elongated sections.
Johnson ______________ __ Mar. 1, 1927
Doane _______________ __ Dec. 8, 1942
Lenze et al. ___________ __ June 3, 1958
Bodian et al ___________ __ Dec. 16, 1958
Great Britain _________ __ Sept. 29, 1927
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