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June 18, 1963
Filed Nov. 20. 1961
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.Juae_18, 1963
Filed Nov. 20, 1961
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United States atent
Patented June 18, 1963
suitable weight and strength to support the disintegrator
wheel or roller units to be described. The main frame 10
may be formed from any suitable metal stock and com
prises a top transversely elongated horizontal frame sec
Mark Yetter, Box 38, Meeteetse, Wyo.
Filed Nov. 20, 1961, Ser. No. 153,292
1 Claim. (Cl. 262-19)
tion 11 having rigidly connected transverse and longitudi
nal frame bars 12 and 13; a lower similar rectangular
frame section 14- including horizontal transverse and
longitudinal Iframe bars 15 and 16, and corner uprights
17 rigidly interconnecting the two frame sections 11 and
This invention relates to a machine for breaking or
disintegrating ice and packed snow on roadways and the
10 14, as shown.
Conventional road or highway snow removal equipment
At its ‘forward side, the main frame 10 is equipped with
embodies no means for effectively breaking up the crust
a suitable rigid drawing tongue structure 18 adapted for
of ice or very hard packed snow which forms on the road
connection with a towing vehicle such as a truck or other
surface beneath the loose snow to a thickness of an inch
road clearing equipment. If preferred, according to the
or two and sometimes more. Conventional equipment 15 invention, the tongue structure 18 may be omitted and the
generally embodies a scraper blade or plow which merely
main frame 10 may be suitably mounted upon or beneath
sweeps away the loose snow which is not packed and the
hard crust of ice and/or packed snow remains to a great
a motor grader or like road working machine to move
With continued reference to the drawings, the main
extent on the roadway, causing very hazardous driving
conditions, sometimes even more so than had the road
frame 10 is provided at its forward and rear sides with a
not been cleared at all. The passing traffic does not effect
plurality of pairs of spaced upright guide posts 19 or bars
the breaking of the hard ice or snow crust and in fact
having their upper and lower ends rigidly secured to the
further packs the same and makes the situation worse. No
transverse frame bars 12 and 15. The guide posts 19‘ of
practical means has been devised to overcome this problem
each pair are parallel and arranged at right angles to the
although various unsatisfactory and uneconomical means 25 horizontal frame bars 12 and 15 and each forward pair
has been resorted to, including the use of salt or chemicals
of guide posts is aligned with 'a companion pair of posts
on the roadway with resulting well-known disadvantages
19 on the rear side of the main or outer frame.
including damage to automobile ?nishes, etc.
The machine further embodies a plurality, such as three
Accordingly, the object of this invention is to completely
solve the above problem by satisfying the need for a simple
and effective apparatus which may traverse the roadway
and completely break up or disintegrate the ice or snow
or more, disintegrator roller or wheel units 20‘ for mount
ing upon and inside of the main frame 10 and adapted to
move relative to the main frame 10 during operation as
will be presently described. Each unit 20 embodies an
inner or sub-frame 21 which is horizontally disposed,
pletely clear the roadway.
rigid and rectangular and of a size to ?t with like sub
A further object is to provide a machine of the men 35 ~frames inside of the box-like main frame 10. Each sub
tioned character which may be drawn behind a conven
frame 21 includes forward and rear transverse frame bars
tional snow plow or truck or, if preferred, may be mounted
22. and side longitudinal frame bars 23 rigid therewith.
upon a motor grader or other like machine suitable for
Each disintegrator unit 20 ‘and sub-frame 21 is floating
removing snow or the like from roads or highways.
ly secured within the main frame 10 and self~adjusting
Another object is to provide a packed snow and ice
during operation of the machine in the following manner.
disintegrating machine which is rugged and durable, eco
At its forward [and rear sides, each sub-frame 21 has short
nomical to manufacture, long-lasting and highly efficient
horizontal trunnions 24 rigid therewith at the transverse
in operation.
reenter of the sub-frame. These trunnions engage piv
Other objects and advantages of the invention will ‘be
ot-ally within forward and rear slide blocks 25, adjacent
apparent during the course of the following detailed de
the forward and rear pairs of vertical guide posts 19 and
crust so that the same may be easily swept away to com
In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this
having guided engagement therewith so that the slide
blocks may shift vertically relative to the posts .19 and
application and in which like numerals are employed to
main frame. Each slide block 25 has a corner recess 26
designate like parts throughout the same,
at each inner corner thereof, FIGURE 8, receiving slid
FIGURE 1 is a plan view of an ice and packed snow
iably the upright guide posts 19. An inner cap plate 27
disintegrating machine in accordance with one preferred
embodiment of the invention,
for each slide block 25 also receives the trunnion 24,
FIGURE 7, and slidably engages the inner sides of the
‘adjacent guide posts '19 so that the slide block 25 is keyed
thereto for vertical movement and constrained from lat
FIGURE 2 is a rear elevation of the machine shown in
eral movement. Each frame 21 and its trunnions 24 are
FIGURE 3 is a side elevation of the same,
FIGURE 4 is a similar side elevation showing roadway
bodily carried by the slide blocks 25.
transport wheels in the active position for rapidly trans
Above each slide block 25 and bearing upon the same
is a heavy compression spring 28, the top of which bears
porting the machine on a highway or the like,
FIGURE 5 is a vertical section taken substantially on
line 5—5 of FIGURE 3,
FIGURE 6 is an enlarged central vertical section with
upon :a centering lug or projection 29, rigid with the up
per main ‘frame bars 12. The springs 28 therefore re
siliently urge each vframe 21 and each unit .20 down
parts in elevation through one disintegrator roller unit and
sub-frame of the machine,
wardly toward the bottom of the outer main framev 10,
but allow the units ‘20 to rise and fall during operation
of the machine upon engagement with irregularities in the
FIGURE 7 is a vertical section taken on line 7—7 of
FIGURE 8 is a fragmentary horizontal section taken on
line 8-8 of FIGURE 7.
In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of illustration
is shown a preferred embodiment of the invention, the
Each unit 20 further comprises a transverse axle 30
having its ends received within openings 31 of the sub
frame bars 23,‘ FIGURE 6, and pinned therein against
rotation relative thereto at 32. A separate axle 30' is
numeral 10 designates generally a main or outer rigid 70 thus provided upon each subsframe 21 or unit 20 and
frame of rectangular box-like construction and forming
the support body portion of the machine and being of a
the axle does not rotate during operation relative to the
sub~frame 21 as shown.
Journaled for rotation upon each axle 30 is a plurality
of heavy ice and packed snow disintegrator discs 33, FIG
URE 6, each such disc being relatively narrow axially
compared to its diameter. The discs 33 are stacked in
closed relation upon the axle 30 and between the sides 23
of the sub-frame 21. The size or diameter of the discs
may vary somewhat depending upon conditions, so long
portion of the width of a roadway, said frame including a
top rectangular horizontal frame section and a bottom
rectangular horizontal frame section spaced below the
top frame section in underlying aligned relationship there
with, vertical corner posts rigidly interconnecting the top
as all of the discs ‘are of like size and design on a given
tongue means rigid with the forward side of the top frame
section for drawing said frame along a roadway behind a
and bottom frame sections to form therewith said rigid
box-like frame, forwardly longitudinally projecting draft
machine. Each disc 33 is preferably tapered as at 34
adjacent to its periphery and the periphery of each disc 10 towing vehicle, transversely spaced pairs of vertical guide
is quite narrow or knife-like as shown in FIGURE 6 to
bars on said frame at the front and rear sides thereof, each
effect efficiently the breaking, cutting and disintegration
pair having their top and bottom ends rigidly secured to
said top and bottom frame sections and each pair of guide
bars being parallel and spaced apart laterally and each
ripheral insert 35 of extremely hard material which resists 15 forward pair of guide bars being aligned with a rear pair
thereof on said frame, spring centering lugs on the forward
wear, and this is an optional feature of the invention.
and rear sides of the top frame section between each pair
The peripheries of all of the discs ‘23 of one unit 20 are
rather closely spaced to effect complete disintegration of
of said guide bars, said lugs rigid with the top frame
section, vertically slidable blocks disposed between each
the ice or snow crust, and the several units 20 of the ma
pair of guide bars and having ?anges engaging forwardly
chine are closely spaced axially for the same purpose.
and rearwardly of the guide bars to guide said blocks
When the machine is drawn over the roadway, FIG
of the hard packed snow or ice upon the roadway. If
desired, each disc 33 may have a separately formed pe
URE 2, a broad area of the roadway will be treated by
the machine for the complete disintegration of the ice
or snow crust.
As shown in FIGURE 2, by virtue of
the pivotal mounting of each unit 20 upon the main
frame 10, the discs may conform themselves during op
vertically along said bars, compressible coil springs ex
tending vertically between each opposed pair of said
lugs and blocks and between each pair of said guide bars
and resiliently urging the blocks downwardly toward the
like and all of the discs of the machine will effectively
bottom frame section, the bottom frame section underly
ing said blocks forming a stop to positively arrest down
ward movement of the blocks, a plurality of generally
engage the road. The spring mounting of the vertically
horizontal rectangular rigid sub-frames disposed within
shiftable slide blocks .25 enables the individual units 20
to rise and fall independently of the other units with ir
section and corresponding in number to the pairs of guide
regularities in the roadway and this renders the entire
bars on the forward and rear sides of said frame and to
machine more e?icien-t for breaking the ice or snow crust
gether spanning the major portion of the transverse width
of said frame, forward and rear aligned longitudinal
enation to the shape of a somewhat crowned road or the
and prevents damaging of the road surface.
In some instances, more than the three units 20 may
said frame near and above the elevation of the lower frame
trunnions rigid with the forward ‘and rear sides of each
sub-frame at the transverse center thereof, said blocks
be employed in the machine by merely lengthening the
frame v10 and adding additional disintegrator units 20 in
having through bores rotatably receiving and supporting
the same manner as shown in the drawings. Likewise, the
number of discs 33 on each unit 20 may be increased or
said trunnions, whereby each sub-frame is rockable rela
tive to said frame upon its trunnions, substantially hori
decreased as found desirable, and the precise design of
each disc 33 may be varied slightly for certain installa
tions. 'For example, the degree of taper at 34 may be
varied, .the thickness of the discs may be varied, and the
peripheral ‘edge of the disc may be toothed or serrated in
some instances. In all cases, a large number of relatively
thin discs are employed to effect the complete disintgr-a
tion of the ice or snow crust.
To facilitate transporting the machine at relatively high
speeds on a highway, there is provided near the rear
corners of the outer frame 10 a pair of transport wheel
units including rubber tired wheels 36 carried by verti
cally swingable arms 37, pivoted at 38 to the lower lon
gitudirlalv frame bars 16. ‘Support links 39 are pivoted
at 40 to the arms 37 ‘and adapted to have, their opposite
free ends selectively secured at 41 and 42 to the main
frame ‘10 for positioning the wheels 36in the inactive or
active positions as shown in FIGURES 3 and 4. Other
like units may be employed to transport the machine on
the highway and the simple adjustable transport wheels
shown in the drawings are illustrative only and are not
to be taken as limiting in connection with the invention.
If desired, hydraulically operated transport wheel units
may be embodied in the machine to! automatically elevate
the machine and lock it in the elevated position for trans
zontal transverse axles on the sub-frames near the longi
tudinal centers thereof and having their ends rigidly
secured to the longitudinal sides of the sub-frames and
spanning the latter transversely for their full widths,
stacks of heavy closely spaced disintegrator discs journaled
for free rotation upon each axle and including symmetric
ally tapered peripheral portions for engagement with snow
or ice to cut and break up the same, said discs being cir
cular and of uniform diameter and having their tops
terminating near and below said top‘ frame section and
their bottoms projecting below the bottom frame section,
each stack of discs substantially ?lling the lateral space
between sides of each sub-frame so that the several ad
jacent stacks of discs span continuously the major portion
of said frame and roadway transversely, said discs freely
rollable along the roadway when said frame is drawn for
wardly and said sub-frames and discs adapted to conform
automatically to the crown shape of the roadway, a
rubber tired retractable transport wheel for each side of
said frame outboard thereof, an arm carrying each wheel
and pivoted to one side of the bottom frame section, a
pivoted suspension link on each arm, and pin suspension
means on said frame selectively engageable with said
links to maintain said wheels extended below said frame
and discs or retracted thereabove.
It is to be understood that the form of the invention
herewith shown and described is to ‘be taken as a pre
ferred example of the same, and that various changes in
the shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted
to, without departing from the spirit of the invention or
scope of the subjoined claim.
I claim:
A machine for disintegrating hard packed snow and/ or
ice on roadways comprising in combination a transversely
elongated rigid box-like frame adapted to span a major 75
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