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‘June 25, 1963
Filed Sept. 20, 1960
s 223? 32 11
United States Patent 0 ’ ice;
The shaft-20’ carries aihandle 21‘ which’ facilitates rotat
ing the index plate 14. The index plate 14 is ?xedly
secured to a face plate 22 by means of threaded bolts
23, the connection being such as to-permit the index
Theodore. Eckert, Lincolnwood, Ill., assignor to _Harig
Manufacturing‘ Corp.,. Chicago, lll.,/a corporatlonof
plate‘ 14- and“ the face plate 22‘ to rotate about their long
axes».- To» facilitate free rotation of> the index plate] 14
and face plate 22 relative to the mounting block 11 I
provide a raceway 24‘ in such‘ bloclé 11. In’ such race
way are provided suitable bearings 25.
Filed Sept. 20, 1960.‘, Ser. No. 57,188
(Cl. 51-217)
My invention relates to grinding ?xtures.
Whilermy invention is. especially. adaptedforh-olding a
perforator tool. in, grinding. relation_with, respect to a
my. grinding ?xture may be. utilized: for holding other
The peripheral edge of the plate 22 provides’ a dove
tail rib or ?ange 2'6/to which are attached; as in my prior
patent, adjustable stops 27v and? 28 adapted‘ to engage a
stop pin. 29E so" as to limit‘ the'degreeof'rotation‘ of the
grinding wheel‘ for shaping the tool‘ to the" desired form
wanted for: the perforationoperationait‘is understood that
typesofi tools.
Patented" June 25, 1963
tooliholder. The pin 29-is slidably carried’rby the mount
15 ing- block 11 and is’ adapted‘ to be projected‘ into the path
_ _
A principal. object. of this invention is- the provision of
a v?xture Whichissimple in construction; of easy opera
of the stops 27 and 28 when the latter are used for the
Secured to the face plate 22‘ are’ oppositely disposed
tion‘ and capable .of. accomplishing. the .grinding'operation
guide plates 301 each. of similar'construction and compris
with the highest. degreeof. accuracy.
ing on their“ opposing faces a‘ vertically extending ?ange
A. further. and equally. important object of this. inven 20 31. A tool base 32 comprises a V-shaped seat 33 into
tion; is . the provision. of. a simple . arrangement capableof
easy. operationfor adjusting. the toolholiler in, a‘. vertical
plane whereby to properly and accurately place the work
which the shank‘ of the tool 34 rests. The inner por
tion of the ‘tool base 32 projects into a recess 35 forward
ly of the ?anges 31 against which ?anges 31 the tool
ing end of the tool in proper relation with respect to the
25 base 32 is clamped by means of a clamping plate 37 hav
grinding wheel or the like.
ing vertical side portions 38 engaging the opposite sides
Another object of the invention is in the provision of a
of the ?anges 31. Formed in the tool base 32 is a
simple arrangement for yieldably holding the tool holder
thread bearing opening 39 having two counterbores 40
in position during its vertical adjustment.
and 41 of di?erent diameters. Threaded into the clamp
A still further object of the invention is the provision
ing plate 37 is the ‘shank of a bolt ‘42 having a head
of accurately gauging the tool to be ground in a proper
portion 43 arranged in the counterbore 41 of the open
relationship with respect to the grinding wheel so as to
ing 39 against a washer 44. Arranged within the counter
produce any degree angle desired to be ground.
40 of the opening 39 is a coil spring 45 which is nor
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
mally under compression so as to maintain the plate 37
The invention consists in the novel combination and 35 and the tool base 32 in yieldable sliding engagement with
arrangement of parts to be hereinafter described and
the ?anges 31. The head v43 is provided with a tool
receiving opening 46 to adjust the screw for increasing
The invention will be best understood by reference to
or decreasing the yieldable engagement hereinbefore
the accompanying drawings showing the preferred form
of construction, and in which:
The tool base provides oppositely disposed parallel
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the tool holding side of
grooves 47 arranged in pairs to selectively receive the in
my improved grinding ?xture;
the grinding ?xture;
turned ends 48 of a yoke 49. The yoke 49‘ carries a
thread bearing set screw 50 which is adapted to be
threaded upon the tool 34 for ?rmly holding the tool in
the V-shaped seat 33 of the tool base 32. The bolt 42 and
FIG. 1;
spring 45 holds the tool base 32 frictionally against the
FIG. 2 is a perspective View of the opposite side of
FIG. 3 is an elevational view of the tool as illustrated
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary detailed view taken substantial
?anges 31 while the tool base with or without the tool
ly on line 4-—4 of FIG. 3;
mounted therein is adjusted in a vertical plane. Such
FIG. 5 is a perspective view of an adjusting screw
adjustment is accomplished by providing on the inner face
embodied in the invention; and
50 of the tool base 3-2 a rack bar 51 having engagement
FIG. 6 is an enlarged sectional detailed view taken
with the teeth 52 of a bolt 53 projected into an opening
substantially on line 6-6 of FIG. 3.
54 formed in one of the guide plates 30‘. The head 55 of
The present invention constitutes an improvement over
the bolt 53 is provided with an annular groove 56‘ in
that shown in my Patent No. 2,449,459 dated September
which is mounted an expansion ring 57 serving to main
14, 1948.
tain the bolt 53 in its opening '54. The head 55 is pro
Like in my patent above referred to, my present grind
vided with a tool receiving socket 58 to facilitate rotating
ing ?xture includes a base 10 which is adapted to be
the head 55 to move the tool base 32 to an adjusted posi
mounted upon a magnetized table of a grinding ?xture
tion in a vertical plane with respect to the guide plates 30.
and held ?rmly thereby in proper grinding relationship
As before stated, during this adjustment the tool base is
with respect to the grinding tool or wheel.
60 frictionally held in position by the spring 45. After the
Preferably formed as an integral part of the base 10
adjustment has been accomplished the ‘bolt 42 is threaded
is a mounting block 11 within which there is mounted a
in a direction to ?rmly clamp the tool rest to the ?anges
tool holder mechanism indicated generally at 12.
31 of the guide plates 30.
The mounting block 11 has formed therein a trans
The features of my present invention over those de
versely extending opening 13 within which is arranged 65 scribed in my prior patent principally reside in the novel
an index plate 14. A manually operated indexing ?nger
feature of adjusting the tool rest vertically between the
15 is vcarried by the block 11 and is intended to engage
the index plate 14 in a manner shown in my patent be
fore mentioned so as to properly releasably latch the
guide plates and for holding the tool rest in frictional
engagement with the ?anges of the guide plates during
with graduation marks exemplifying degrees. The plate
From the foregoing, it is apparent that I have accom
such vertical adjustment. Without this latter feature the
index plate 14 in a predetermined selected position.
tool rest would very likely drop from its position With
The index plate includes a beveled edge 17 provided 70 respect to the flanges of the guide plates 30.
14 includes a sleeve 19 through which a shaft 20 projects.
plish-ed the above novel features of my present invention
by an arrangement that is simple in construction, easy to
operate and economical in manufacture.
While I have illustrated and described the preferred
‘form of construction for carrying my invention intoeffect,
ing plate Verticall y with respect to said ?anges and
with respect to said face plate,
(e) and means for effecting clamping engagement of
the tool rest and the clamping plate with respect to
said ?anges to hold said tool rest and said clamping
plate in frictional engagement with said ?anges dur
ing movement of said tool rest and said clamping
plate relative to said ? anges and said face plate,
this is capable of variation and modi?cation without de
parting from the spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do
not wish to be limited to the precise details of construc
tion set forth, but desire to avail myself of such varia
(1‘) said last named means comprising a bolt slidable
in the tool ‘rest and threaded in the clamping plate
and having an expansion spring interposed between
tions and modifications as come Within the scope of the
appended claim.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as
a shoulder of the tool rest ‘and the head of the bolt.
new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:
An improvement in a perforator grinding ?xture which
has a rotatable face plate and means for rotating the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
plate about its central axis, the improvement comprising:
(a) oppositely disposed guide plates secured to the
face plate in spaced relation with respect to each
other and having on their opposing sides vertically
extending ?anges,
(b) a tool rest having a portion engaging said ?anges
on corresponding sides thereof,
(c) a clamping plate provided by said tool rest and
engaging the opposite corresponding sides of the
(d) means for adjusting said tool rest and said clamp
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