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June 25, 1963
Filed June 19, 1962
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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June 25, 1963
Filed June 19, 1962
2' Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent O?ice
Patented June 25, 1963
bars 19 and ‘20. These bars 19 and 20 extend across
Kermit H. Burgin, Whitestown, Ind., assign‘or of ?fty per
cent to Frederick B. Cline, Indianapolis, Ind.
Filed June 19, 1962, Ser. No. 203,538
4 Claims. (Cl. 115-.5)
the top end portions respectively of the knives 18.
On each of the bars 19 and 20 there is ?xed a bracket
22 to which are rockably secured arms 23 and 24. These
arms 23 and 24 are normally urged to rock one toward
the other by means of compression springs 25 and 26
respectively, bearing by their opposite ends against a
This invention relates to a mechanical device for pre~
portion of the bracket 22 and upper portions of the arms
venting clogging of a screen grid across the water intake
. 23 and 24, FIG. 4.
opening through which a body of water is taken with a 10
A drive shaft 27 enters through the wall 14 from one
rather rapid ?ow and in a large volume. In the present
form of the invention, it is applied to the underside of a
boat hull, wherein water may be taken through the grille
vinserted over a hole provided in the hull, to the end that
side, and herein shown as a forward side, FIGS. 1 and 3,
means in the present showing for yieldingly maintaining
and extends across over and above the knives 18 to carry
a pair of eccentric members 28 and 29 ?xed to the shaft
27, and located to be between the upturned arms 23
any weeds or trash tending to collect across openings 15 and 24 in each instance. The arms 23 and 24 have to
Through the grille will be sheared off by knives recipro
be spread apart in order to permit the entrance of the
Gating across those openings.
eccentrics 28 and 29 therebetween as indicated in FIG. 4.
A primary purpose of the invention is to provide a
The rear end of the shaft 27 is journaled as at 30,
simple mechanism which may be applied readily to a
FIG. 1, in the rear side of the wall 14. The bars 19
Water intake with knives mounted on the exterior side of 20 and 20 are spring urged to maintain the knives 18 in
the grille to cut off the weeds which tend to enter the
sliding contacts with the outsides of the bar 16 and also
Openings of the grille, so that there will be no drag of
of the margins 31 and 32 of the grille which are in the
a collection of weeds along the under side of the boat
common plane of the upper sides of the bar 16. The
A further important object of the invention is to pro 25 the knives in that contact in sliding action, constitutes a
vide an exceedingly simple structure which may be made
pair of L~shaped springs 33, 34 ?xed to the side wall
at a relatively low cost of manufacture, and may be
14 and coming down and bearing elastically against the
applied to boats with a minimum amount of labor and
bar 19, and a like pair of L-shaped members 35 and 36
?xed to the wall 14 and bearing downwardly elastically
_ These and many other objects and advantages of the 30 against the topside of the bar 20.
Invention will become apparent to those versed in the
In operation, the shaft 27 (being connected to some
art in the following description of one particular form
of the invention as illustrated in the accompanying draw
ings, in which
driving source not shown) when rotating will rotate the
front and rear eccentrics 28 and 29 to cause the bars 19
and 20 to reciprocate and thus reciprocate the inter
FIG. 1 is a view in top plan and partial section of a 35 connected knives 18 across the bar 16 with an overlapping
structure embodying the invention;
travel in each stroke of the margins 31 and 32, one knife
FIG. 2 is a view in vertical section on the line 2—2 in
18 being shown as overlapping the margin 32 in FIG. 1.
FIG. 1;
In this Way, a shearing action is set up between the edges
‘FIG. 3 is a vertical section on the line 3—-3 in FIG. 1;
of the knives 18 and the upper corners of the bar 16
FIG. 4 is a vertical section on the line 4—4 in FIG. 1, 40
FIG. 5 is a detail in vertical section on the line 5-5 in
FIG. 4.
A grille generally designated by the numeral 10 is
and the edge portions 31 and 32. The entire assembly
of the knives 18 is maintained in a ?xed transverse line
of travel by reason of the bars 19 and 20 abutting
shoulders 37 and 38 provided across the grille.
In case there is such a mass of trash or weeds attempt
#ormed preferably out of a single piece of metal to have 45
ing to enter between the bar 16 through the spaces 15,
an encircling ?ange 11 provided to ?t against the under
as will stop or tend to stop the travel of the knives 18,
gide of the hull 12 of a boat around the margin of an
the springs 25 and 26 serve as safety factors in permitting
Opening 13 through that hull. An upstanding wall 14
the arms 23 and 24 as the case may be to retract as the
rein shown as being rectangular in shape extends above
the level of the ?ange '11, FIGS. 2 and 3, to provide a 50 eccentrics 28 and 29 tend to continue their rotary travel.
Operation will be normally effectively stopped until such
connection for a water conduit (not shown). The under
Side of the grille 10 is slotted to provide water entering
stoppage by the trash or weeds is manually removed by
Spaces 15, herein shown as ?ve in number, the spaces
punching downwardly from the inside.
being provided between intervening bars 16, preferably
While I have herein shown and described my invention
in the one particular form, it is obvious that structural
?lnning longitudinally of the boat hull 12. The top faces
of these bars 16 are in a common plane, and below the
changes may be employed without departing from the
top edge 17 of the wall 14.
spirit of the invention, and I therefore do not desire
Preferably although not necessarily so, the plane is
to be limited to that precise form beyond the limitations
Inclined downwardly and rearwardly in relation to the 60 which may be imposed by the following claims.
under side of the boat hull 12, FIG. 3.
I claim:
A plurality of knives, herein shown as ?ve in number
1. The combination with
and indicated by the numeral 18 in each instance, are
a protective water intake‘ grille having a plurality of
interconnected by their outermost end portions by drive
spaced apart bars between and past which intake
‘water may flow from an inner, discharge side of
the bars,
3. The structure of claim 1 in which said reciprocating
‘means comprises
‘said bars having faces in a common plane;
of a plurality of knives extending along the lengths
of said bars; and
means reciprocating said knives in unison across said
a pair of spaced apart abutment posts carried by each
of said tie bars and extending therefrom;
an eccentric Wheel between the posts of each of said
bar ‘faces setting up a shearing action therebetween;
and a shaft eccentrically carrying said wheels.
‘said knives being double edged and diagonally posi
4. The structure of claim 3 in which said posts are,
tioned across said bars;
swingably carried by said tie bars to swing toward and
tie bars, one attached across each of opposite ends of 10 away from each other in each of said pairs; and there is
said knives requiring them to reciprocate in unison;
a spring urging each post in a common pair, one toward
the other and compressively bearing upon the eccentric
shoulders carried transversely and at the ends of said
wheel therebetween.
bars of said grille;
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
said shoulders limiting longitudinal travel of the knives. 15
2. The structure of claim 1 in which there are
spring members, carried by said grille yieldingly hear
ing on said tie bars and ‘urging said knives against
said grille ‘bars; and
said shoulders maintaining said tie bars in parallel 20
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