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June 25, 1963
Filed MaLrch 8, 1961
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June 25, 1963
Filed March 8. 1961
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United States Patent 0 " IC€
Patented June 25, 1963
17, whose lower edge 17a is held by the end portions
1041a, 11m, 1251a and 13aa. One longitudinal end 17b
Mario Turatti, Vials Coni Zugna 29, Milan, Italy
Filed Mar. 8, 1951, Ser. No. 94,236
Claims priority, application Italy Mar. 23, 1360
ment while provision is made for ?xing the other end 170.
In order to allow of only radial movement of end 1717,
Claims. (Cl. 215-100)
(FIG. 5) can be ?tted so as to have only radial move
it has been found best to connect the latter to branch 12
and, to this end, two slots 17d and 17e have been provided
through which the vertical arm portion 12a of this branch
The invention concerns an adjustable atomiser holder
is passed (see FIG. 2).
for use with scents and similar substances. There ‘are
End 17c is secured by means of a longitudinal slot 17g
so-called universal atomisers suitable for numerous con 10
tainers. These atomisers ?t bottles having different shaped
necks due to an elastic sleeve which can be easily adjusted
in the band and by means of a quadrilateral opening 171
at the free end 176 of the band, a threaded ?xing pin 32
engaging slot 17g and passing through opening 17]‘. A
to the neck of a bottle containing the liquid to be sprayed.
?ange 32a, together with a prismatic part 3217 of pin 32
However, these atornisers have a short life because the
elastic sleeve loses its elastic properties when in contact 15 prevents disengagement of pin 32 from slot 17g and also
prevents the pin from rotating. A washer 30, engages the
with the liquid which may chemically attack the sleeve
prismatic part of pin 32 while a threaded bush or nut 33
and are not suitable for a large range of bottle neck diam
engages 1a threaded portion 320 (FIG. 4) of pin 32 to se
cure the parts in place.
Consequently, the object of the invention is to minimise
the aforesaid defects, by offering a universal atomiser 20 21 is a cover having a prismatic opening 21a through
which the prismatic part 18a of block 13 passes, thus
holder which is mainly made of metal and can be adjusted
positioning cover 21 in respect of cap 19. A knurled
for a wider range of containers. The improved atomizer
bush or nut 25' can be screwed on a threaded part 18b
holder comprises a cap having several radial slots; a resil
of pin 13 and therefore, prevents axial displacement of
ient metallic hand one of whose ends is ?tted so as to
slide along the path of one of the aforementioned slots, 25 cover 21. It is, however, pointed out that, in order to
allow the arm portions 10b, 11b, 12b, 13b, to slide freely,
while the other end is provided with means which allow
there is slight play between the cover and the knurled
of adjustably ?xing the position thereof a number of L
bush 25 and this play is obviously obtained by means of a
shaped branches or arms sliding in the slots, each having
suitable size of the threaded part 18b of block 18. 23
a vertical arm portion with a U-shaped free end, so as to
shows in a general way, an atomizing spray of the known
engage the lower edge of the aforesaid resilient band, while
type and construction with a threaded stem 26, connected
guide devices allow of a transverse movement of said
by friction to a plastic tube 50 (FIG. 3), dipping into
branches along the slots; a closing cover being ?tted to
container 16 (FIG. 1). The stem 26 passes through the
the cap; and an atomising spray device passing through
centre of knurled bush 25 ‘and block 18 (which is hol
the centre of the closing cover and cap.
The aforesaid features and still others are more clearly 35 low) and is spring biased axially by a compression spring
shown in the following description of a preferred form
illustrated in the attached drawing, in which:
51 with the aid of a threaded washer 52. Spring 51 is,
therefore, located between washer 52 and cap 19'. By
means of this assembly the atomizer’s spray can be freely
FIG. 1 is ‘a perspective view of an atomiser holder ac
rotated about its axis A—B while it can be resiliently
cording to the invention assembled with a bottle and
40 moved against the action of spring 51 in the direction of
joined to a known type of atomising spray;
arrow FA, thus ensuring an easy operation.
FIGS. 2 and 3 show an axial section of the universal
The operation of atomizer holder is as follows: the
atomiser holder in respectively, maximal contraction
branches or arms 10, 11, 12 and 13, ?tted with ribs 9
(FIG. 2) and maximal dilation (FIG. 3), some parts
are displaced radially so as to engage the neck of the con
being shown in FIG. 2 in ‘an exploded view in order to
tainer, following which the end 170 of resilient band 17
give a clearer idea of this embodiment;
is moved angularly until the required tightening is ob
FIG. 4 illustrates an exploded view ‘of the several parts
tained. It will prove su?icient to tighten up bush 33 ?rm
of the ‘atomiser holder according to this invention; and
ly to lock the entire device.
FIG. 5 ‘shows a reduced scale plan View of the resil
Although the invention has been shown and described
ient ‘band.
‘The atomiser holder, according to the invention, ‘com 50 in connection with a preferred form, it is understood that
the invention covers all such variations as may be pos
prises an internal cap 19 (FIG. 4), ?tted with four radial
sible for a technician in this particular ?eld, to the ex
slots, 19a, 19b, 19c, and 19d, along which four L-shaped
clusion of inventive contribution.
tightening branches or arms 10, 11, 12 and 13 is mounted,
I claim:
each branch presenting a vertical arm portion as shown
1. An adjustable holder ‘for attachment of an atomizer
at 10a, 11a, 12a and ‘13a, and a fork-shaped horizontal
to a container neck, comprising, in combination, a cap
arm portion as indicated at 1%, 11b, 12b and 13b. As
formed with a plurality of radial slots angularly displaced
is clearly shown in FIG. 4, the vertical arm portions 10a,
from each other; a plurality of L-shaped arms having
11a, 12a and 13a are adapted to extend downwardly
each a first arm portion extending substantially parallel
through the slots 19a, 19b, 19c and 19d, respectively,
and have ribs 9 thereon. The free end ltiaa, llaa, 12m 60 to said cap at one side of the latter and a second arm
portion extending substantially normal to said ?rst arm
and 1311a, respectively, of each vertical arm portion is
U-shaped, guiding means being provided to allow of only
portion through said slots, respectively, to the other side
the fork shape being provided for embracing the block 18.
faces thereof; means on said second arm portions slid
ingly engaging said band for holding the same on said sec
of said cap so that said arms may be moved in radial
radial sliding of the branches so as to avoid turning there
direction toward and away from each other to abut with
These guiding means preferably comprise a centre block 65 the second arm portion thereof against the neck of a
container; means on said cap in operative engagement
or pin 18 ?xed to or integral with cap 19 and engaged
with said ?rst arm portions for guiding said arms for
with slight play by the horizontal fork-shaped arm por
movement in radial ‘direction; ‘a flexible band extending
tions 10b, 11b, 12b and 13b of said tightening branches,
about said second arm portions engaging the outer sur
The block presents a prismatic part 18a and a threaded
part 18!). The invention includes a resilient metallic band
0nd arm portions; and adjustable clamping means opera~
tively connected to said band for tightening said band
3. An {adjustable holder as set forth in claim 2, where
‘about said second arm portions to press the latter in tight
engagement With the neck of the vcontainer, whereby said
holder is adapted to ,?t tightly on container necks of Wide
ly differing diameters.
2. An adjustable holder for attachment of an atomizer
to a container neck, ‘comprising, in combination, a cap
formed With a plurality of radial slots angularly disposed
relative to each other; a plurality of varms each having a
normally vertically disposed arm portion extending
through one of said slots of said cap and being ‘guided
in a cover is ?tted over said ‘cap.
4. An adjustable holder ‘as set forth in claim 2, Where
in said ?exible band has ‘a slot extending longitudinally
thereof and an opening therein adjacent one of its ends,
said slot and said opening ‘registering With each other
when said band encompasses said arm portions with its
ends overlapping each other, and wherein the clamping
means vcomprises a threaded locking pin extending through
10 said slot and said opening, and a nut on said threaded
therein vfor movement in a radial direction so that said
‘arm portions may be moved away from and toward each
locking pin for holding said band ?rmly in place when
5. An adjustable holder as set forth in claim 2, includ
a guide block on said ‘cap, said arms having vfork
mally vertically disposed arm portions having an upward 15
shaped portions engaging said block so as to guide said
ly open U-shaped lower end; a ?exible band encompass
arms and prevent said arms vfrom turning.
ing said arm portions and engaging the outer surfaces
other and against said container neck, each of said nor
thereof with the ‘ends of said band overlapping each other,
said ?exible ‘band being slidably received in said U-s'haped
ends of said arm portions for holding said band therein; 20
and ‘adjustable clamping means operatively connected to
said hand for tightening said band about said arm por
tions to press the latter in tight engagement With said neck
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
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of the container, whereby said adjustable holder is ‘adapted
to ?t tightly on container necks of Widely different diam 25
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