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June 25, 1963
Filed Feb. 5, 1962
United States Patent 0
Wilbur W. Randall, 15 Staples Place, West Hartford,
Conn, and Julia Rubenstein, 33 Washington Square W.,
New York, N.Y.
Filed Feb. 5, 1962, Ser. No. 170,870
6 Claims. (Cl. 232-5)
Patented June 25, 1963
child saves. It will be appreciated, however, that the
bank can be constructed with more than two coin com
partments, either in pairs of equal size so that for instance,
a father may contribute and match the savings of each
of two or more children in an obvious manner, or in
pairs of different sizes to accommodate coins of various
denominations to be matched for one child’s savings.
Referring now to FIGURES l, 2 and 3, this embodi
ment of the invention is seen to comprise a pair of
This invention relates to savings banks of the coin
parallel, transparent cylinders 10 and 11 of appropriate
receiving type and more particularly to such banks 10 diameter to receive a stack of coins of a speci?c de
having at least a pair of coin receiving compartments, one
nomination, and graduation marks such as 12 may be
alotted to each of several individuals, one or more of
placed on the surface of each column to indicate the
whom may reward another or others for saving by
number of coins therein, or they may be marked in
matching deposits coin for coin, all of which become
dollars and fractions. In the interest of simplicity, the
the property of the rewarded party.
two cylinders may be molded in one piece with merging
It is a general object of the present invention to provide
walls as appears in FIGURE 3, and the; half-spherical
a novel and improved dual or multiple savings bank.
covers, caps or domes 14 and 15 which close the upper
More particularly it is an object of the present in
ends of the cylinders may likewise be so molded. Any
vention to provide in a savings bank a coin compart
desired manner of mounting the cylinders may be made
ment for each saver together with mechanism requiring
use of such as the base 16, with chamfered edges 17, to
the rewarder to deposit a coin to match that of another
which the cylinders may be removably attached. The
individual who is thus given an extra incentive for
vertical back 18 may provide a contrasting color and
support a signal to be later described. The cylinders
An important object of the invention resides in the
themselves are transparent or have transparent vertical
arrangement of the savings compartments so that at
strips for visibility, but preferably the covers 14 and 15
least one of them retains a deposited coin segregated, as
are opaque and in some brilliant color.
an indication to his companion saver that it is the latter’s
Each of the domes or tops 14 and 15 is provided with
turn to deposit.
a slot such as illustrated at 19 and 20, horizontally dis
Other and further features and objects of the inven
posed so that the coin must be inserted essentially
tion will be more apparent to those skilled in the art 30 parallel to the base 16, and the purpose of this will be
upon a consideration of the attached speci?cation and
appreciated upon consideration of FIGURE 3, where a
appended drawing wherein are disclosed several ex~
coin platform 21 is illustrated in tube 10 positioned
emplary embodiments of the invention, with the under
horizontally and ‘somewhat beneath the slot 19‘ and so
standing that such changes and modi?cations may be
mounted that it is held in the position illustrated to
made therein as fall within the scope of the appended
support a coin 22 thereon, as shown. The platform
claims without departing from the spirit of the invention.
may be a metal plate or merely a ring of wire and is
In said drawings:
positioned just slightly below the upper edge of the trans
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment
parent tube so as to hold the coin where it can be
of a dual saving bank constructed in accordance with 4.0
the present invention;
The coin platform 21 is provided with a radial ex
FIGURE 2 is a top plan View thereof;
tension 23 from an edge thereof which is directed slightly
‘FIGURE 3 is front elevation thereof partly in central
upwardly and then horizontally to rest on a fulcrum 24
transverse section on line 3—3 of FIGURE 2, showing
in the common Wall between the two tubes. This wall
the coin holding mechanism;
has a notch in the upper edge for the purpose and the
FIGURE 4 is a view similar to FIGURE 1 showing a
junction of the two caps at 25 reaches sufficiently close
second embodiment; and
to the extension 23 to hold it loosely in position when
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary view of this second em
the caps have been .sealed in place on the tube. This
bodiment, similar to FIGURE 3, illustrating the di?er
extension may be formed of wire or a metal plate and
ent form of coin holding mechanism therefor.
50 is continued by turning it downwardly again at 26 and
Over the years coin type savings banks have been used
then curling it into an inclined loop 27 so that the ‘por
by various individuals for many di?erent purposes, such
tion 28 thereof adjacent its inturned end 29 engages
as accumulating a speci?c number or value of coins,
against the under ‘surface of the cap 15 to hold the coin
to make a particular purchase, for accumulating a nest
receiving plate 21 in its horizontal position as shown in
egg by saving a daily accumulation of coins of some
FIGURE 3. The metal from which the loop 27 is
speci?c denomination, and others almost as varied as
formed has spring action and the plane of the loop is
the number of individuals using them. Present-day
inclined upwardly and outwardly as seen at 30 whereby
children, however, take a rather dim view of accumulat
when a coin 31 is introduced into the slot 20, it will
ing money and would rather spend it promptly. It is
?ex the portion 27 of the loop upwardly, which in turn
the purpose of the present invention to provide a savings 60 will tilt the radial extension 23 and cause the platform
bank of a type which fosters saving, particularly by
to be tipped to the dotted position, illustrated in FIG
children, by requiring a parent or other person to match
URE 3, sufficiently far for the coin to slide off and drop
the child’s savings by depositing a coin of equal value
into the tube beneath, where such coins are accumulated,
each in a horizontal position, and the number indicated
in the bank before the child’s coin is fully released into
a compartment. It is found that the savings habit once 65 by the graduations.
In the manner just described, after the saver has made
installed in a child is apt to be maintained throughout
a deposit of a coin, in tube 10, it remains in view above
most of his lifetime.
the platform in the tube as an indication to his parent
The present invention is illustrated, in the interest of
simplicity, with only two coin compartments for each
or other interested person that they must make a con
guardian or other person interested in the saver’s wel
fare, who is willing to contribute coin for coin as the
coin 22 springs beneath the loop \27 and immediately
bank, one for the saver, and the other for father, 70 tribution so that his coin will drop down and accum
rulate on the stack. The coin 31 used to release the
circular cross-section closed at the bottom, closure caps
for the tops of the tubes, each having a coin receiving
falls into the tube 11,. thus preparing the tube It) to
receive another coin as soon as the youthful saver is
ready to insert one.
In order that the child may indicate to the parent,
perhaps with some glee, that it is the latter’s turn to
deposit a coin, a swingable sign 32 is provided with
the proper designations on ‘opposite faces. It is pivoted
about a staff 33' mounted inrthe center of the upper edge
of the back 18 so that it can be swung from the position
shown in FIGURE 1 to that shown in dotted lines in
FIGURE 2 or in full lines in FIGURES 4 and 5 thereby
slot, a platform immediately beneath the cap in one tube
and normally horizontal to receive and hold a coin in—
serted in the slot above it, and means in the adjacent
vtube positioned for engagement by a coin being inserted
in the slot in its cap and arranged to tilt the said plat
form and drop the coin thereon into the tube beneath.
2. The savings bank for coins Ias de?ned in claim 1
10 wherein the means in the adjacent tube is attached to
and supports said platform and shaped and positioned to
designating from whom the next deposit is required.
In the embodiment illustrated in FIGURES 4 and 5,
the basic construction of the coin receiving tubes, base,
back, sign, and the like are identical with those in the 15
?rst embodiment, but the coin holding devices differ
be lifted by the insertion of a coin in its slot whereby
said coin passes beneath said means and drops in the
adjacent tube at substantially the same time as the coin
on the platform is dropped in the ?rst tube.
and their construction requires a different placement of
the slots in the domes 14' and 153’. Here the‘ slots in
tubes have a common Wall and said means attached to
3. The bank as claimed in claim 2 in which said
said platform is fulcrumed on said common wall.
4. The bank as claimed in claim 3 in which the coin
20 slots in said caps are disposed in a horizontal plane .
The coin support-ing platforms in this embodiment are
above the level of said platform.
two in number and are shown as discs or plates 35 and
5. The savings bank for coins Ias de?ned in claim 1. in
FIGURES 4 and 5 are vertical and are numbered 19'
and 20'.
36, arranged on a common axis, 90 degrees displaced
from each other. The ‘axis is in the form of a shaft 37
which is provided with bearings in the outer walls of
the tubes and in the common wall between them. These
bearings may merely include notches in the tops of the
tube wall so that the shaft is held in position therein
when the caps are sealed onto the tubes. It is preferable
which there is a platform in each tube immediately be
neath the cap thereon, means connecting the platforms
together with 90° displacement of the planes thereof in
respect to a common axis, means pivoting said platforms
on said common axis for rotation thereabout, and the coin
slots in said caps being positioned to receive coins above
the said axis whereby insertion, of a coin in the slot of
. to provide a small degree of friction on the shaft so 30 the tube in which the platform is vertical rotates the plat
that the plates may only be moved intentionally by the
form assembly 90° to spill the coin on the other platform
effort of forcing a coin into one or the other of the
and catch ‘the inserted coin to rest on the ?rst platform
vertical slots. For this purpose the slots are each pref
now horizontal.
erably placed on the great circle passing through the top
6. A savings bank for coins of a single denomination
of its dome, in planes at 90 degrees to the axis of rota 35 comprising in combination two adjacent, vertically dis~
tion of the plates, but extend farther to one side of the
posed, parallel cylindrical tubes having a common junc
pole than the other, so that as a coin is inserted into
tion wall and sized to hold said coins in stacks; integrated,
the column in which the platform is vertical, i.e., the
domed caps closing the tops of said tubes, means includ
righthand column in FIGURE 5, as illustrated, this
ing a platform in one tube and a coin engaged device in
platform is rotated to the horizontal position when the 40 the other having a connector bearing on said common
coin drops into place and rests thereon, meanwhile having
wall, a slot in each cap positioned so that a coin may be
inclined the platform in tube It)’ tothe vertical position
deposited on said platform and then another inserted in
dropping the .coin thereon onto the column beneath;
the slot in the other tube to engage said device and tilt
Since the coins when resting on either horizontal plat
the said platform to spill the ‘?rst coin from the platform.
form are substantially within the dome above it, these 45
domes are prefenably transparent in this embodiment
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
so that inspection to determine the location of the last
inserted coin is facilitated.
Earl _________________ __ Mar. 5, 1929
If desired, the coin tubes may be made removable
‘Rhodes _____________ __ Dec. 253, 1941
by having them rest in sockets in the base and secured
Compton ____________ __ Nov. 18, 1947
therein by appropriate locking means which can require
a key for their release.
What is claimed as new and desired to be secured by
Letters Patent is:
1. A savings bank for coins comprising in combina- 55
tion two adjacent, vertically disposed, parallel tubes of
Brasier ______________ _._ May 15, 1951
Compton ____________ __ Apr. 22, 1952
Germany ____________ __ Mar. 14, 1957
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