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July 2, 1963
Filed May 24, 1962
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Ellswor/h W. Jenfer
July 2, 1963
Filed May 24, 1962
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Emm W. wM
United States Patent
Patented July 2, 1963
tioned so as to be located at the side of the wearer
Ellsworth W. Jenter, Rte. 1, Arlee, Mont.
Filed May 24, 1962, Ser. No. 197,367
ice ,
thereby avoiding any interference with the treatment of
a baby pig 30. As best seen in FIGURE 1, the leg por
tions‘18 and 20 are also provided with straps or belts 32
and 34, each positioned approximately mid-height and
including releasable clasps 36 and 38.
Positioned above and in alignment with the space 22
is a downwardly tapering pocket 40 open at both the
upper end 42 and the lower end 44, with the lower end
3 Claims. ,(Cl. 2‘—51)
The‘ present invention is generally concerned with the
treatment of small animals, such as baby pigs, and more
particularly with the provision of an apron having means
thereon for holding the pig while it is being worked on. 10 44 terminating at the upper limit of the space 22 for
.In the raising ‘of pigs, the necessity of providing ex
reasons which shall be pointed out presently.
tensive treatment‘for baby pigs,v from birth to approxi
This pocket 40 is shaped so as to ?rmly receive a baby
mately three weeks of age, generally results in a di?icult
pig 30 in the manner illustrated in FIGURES 2 and 3
and time-consuming process usually requiring the eiforts
to rigidly anchor the pig while it is being treated. In
of at least two persons. This di?iculty arises from the
order to prevent the creeping out of the baby pig 30, it
necessity of both catching the elusive baby pig and then
is contemplated that a conically shaped metallic recep
rigidly holding it while performing any of a variety of
tacle 46 be provided within the pocket 40. This metallic
operations such as castrating, vaccinating, cutting needle
receptacle 46, having an open top 48 and an open lower
teeth or giving oral medications.
end 50 is to be slightly longer than the pocket 40 so as
Accordingly, one of the primary objects of the present 20 to present a lower projecting portion 52 capable of being
invention involves the provision of a device consisting of
grasped between the legs 54 and 56 of the wearer 24 of
an apron having means thereon for positioning a baby
the device 10, thereby providing a means for further
pig within easy reach of the wearer of the apron.
stabilizing the held baby pig 30.
In connection with the above object, another object of
In order to make the pig treating apron 10 completely
the invention resides in the provision of a means for hold 25 self-contained, an enlarged pocket 58 is provided for
ing the baby pig in a manner so as to prevent any move
enabling the convenient carrying of various tools 60, and
ment while being treated.
medications 62 to be used in the treatment of the pigs
Also, it is an object of the present invention to provide
30. Further, in order to insure proper sanitary methods
an apron containing the above noted features which can
of treatment, it is contemplated that a third pocket 64
be worn in a manner so as to provide complete freedom of
movement to the wearer thereof so’ as to enable this
wearer to readily chase after the baby pigs, as well as
easily cross from one pen to another.
Likewise, it is an object of the present invention to pro~
be provided, this pocket formed with a rigid leak-proof
inner container 66, preferably of a hard plastic, for the
containing of a suitable disinfectant used for sterilizing
the various tools or implements 60. If so desired, a cap
or closure member, not illustrated, can be provided for
vide a pig treating apron containing various receptacles 35 this pocket 64.
or pockets so as to enable the carrying of all essential
This apron, preferably made of heavy canvas, as are
tools and medications.
A ?nal signi?cant object to be particularly mentioned
involves the provision of a means wherein a single per
son can quickly and easily treat small pigs, the necessity
of the use of another person to assist in the catching and
holding of the pigs being eliminated.
These together with other objects and advantages which
the pockets 40, 58, and 64 which are stitched thereto,
is additionally intended to be provided with a plurality
of darts 68 so as to more readily conform the apron 10
to the wearer 24.
In view of the foregoing, it is considered to be readily
apparent that a novel device has been de?ned which
enables the treatment of baby pigs as a one-man oper
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details 45 ation. This is brought about by the use of a body en
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
circling apron containing a bifurcated lower portion and
described and claimed, reference being had to the ac
companying drawings forming a part thereof, wherein like
numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:
FIGURE 1 is a front perspective view illustrating the
apron comprising the present invention;
FIGURE 2 is a view illustrating the manner in which
a baby pig is to be positioned during the treatment of
the rear portion of the pig;
FIGURE 3 is a view illustrating the positioning of the
baby pig while administering oral medication;
FIGURE 4 is a cross sectional view taken substantially
on a plane passing along line 4-4 in FIGURE 1; and
FIGURE 5 is a cross sectional view taken substantially
on a plane passing along line 5—5 of FIGURE 1.
Referring now more particularly to the drawings, ref
erence numeral 10 generally designates the apron com
prising the present invention. This apron 10, provided
with a reinforced edging 12 if so desired, consists essen
tially of an upper body portion 14 and a lower bifurcated
portion 16, its lower bifurcated portion 16 forming two
depending leg portions 18 and 20 provided with a space
22 therebetween.
a centrally located pig retaining receptacle, as well as
various pockets for the containing of medication and
tools, thus enabling the wearer of the apron to quickly
catch and treat the individual baby pigs.
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention
to the exact construction and operation shown and de
scribed, and accordingly all suitable modi?cations and
equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope
of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
1. An apron for use when treating small pigs compris
ing, a body portion, the lower section of said body portion
being bifurcated so as to form two spaced depending leg
portions, a downwardly tapered pocket secured to the
body portion centrally thereof substantially in line with
the space between the leg portions, the lower edge of the
pocket substantially coinciding with the upper limit of the
bifurcation, said pocket being open at the top and bot
tom, and a'hollow tapered metallic receptacle provided
In order to secure the apron 10 to a wearer 24, an
upper waist encircling adjustable belt ‘26 is provided. 70 in said pocket.
2. The structure of claim 1 wherein the receptacle ex
This belt 26 is provided with a buckle means 28 capable
tends below the open bottom of the pocket a sufficient
of adjusting to any size, the buckle means 28 being posi
distance so as to be grasped between the legs of a wearer
reception of a substantial portion of a small pig therein,
of the apron.
3. A device for use in ?rmly securing a small pig dur
its lower end extending through the open lower end of
said receptacle being longer than said socket and having
ing the treatment of said pig comprising a ?exible panel
positionable .about the body of a wearer of the device,
the socket a distance su?icient so as to enable the wearer
said panel having a bifurcated lower section so as to form
for stabilizing the receptacle.
two spaced depending leg portions engageable over the
legs of the wearer, the upper limit of the bifurcation being
located substantially in the area of the groin when the
device is positioned about the body of a wearer, an elon
gated downwardly tapered receiving socket secured to
the panel centrally thereof in line with the bifurcation
with the lower edge of the socket coinciding with the
upper limit of the bifurcation, said socket having an open
top and bottom, and a hollow tapered rigid substantially 15
smooth receptacle provided in said socket for the wedging
to grasp this lower end of the receptacle between his legs
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