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July 2, 1963
Filed Feb. 10, 1961
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United States Patent Omce
Milton W. Whalen, 1135 New?eld Road, Baltimore 7, Md.
Filed Feb. 10, 1961, Ser. No. 88,406
1 Claim. (Cl. 9-342)
Patented July 2, 1963
As shown in FIG. 2., the other end of line 22 is coiled
and is secured by a knot 28 onto a spool 26 which is a
component of the reel assembly 20.
The spool 26 is
mounted within a rectangular ‘frame 34 on a shaft 30‘.
The ends of the shaft 30 extend through opposite sides
of this frame 34 and are held thereto by means of rolled
Ths invention relates generally to sea rescue equip
ment, and more particularly it pertains to a life saving
?anges 32.
One side of the ‘frame 34 is provided with spaced rivets
36 by which the reel assembly 20‘ is fastened to the left
side 40 of the jacket '10. -A book 38 is also secured by
In nearly every account of a sea disaster, the intensive
search for survivors is mentioned. It seems clear that
each rivet 36 under the material of the side 40 and ar
many lives are lost by scattered survivors not being picked
ranged to be clasped by an eye 42 correspondingly lo
up in time by rescue craft.
cated and secured on the right side 44 of the jacket 10.
This invention contemplates .a life preserver in the
In this manner, the reel assembly 20 is ?atly mounted,
form of a tethered life jacket. A line strong enough to 15 advantagoeusly located, and strongly supported to both
hold a human being would, in case of accident, be secured
sides 40 and ‘44 of the jacket 10‘ and also serves as a quick
at one end to a boat, raft, or to other ?oating persons
closure therefor.
and paid out automatically or as ‘desired from a reel com
The wearer of the jacket '10 has ready access to the
ponent of the jacket.
clip 24 in order to attach himself by means of the line
Should the boat or other craft sink, the line tethered
22 to any ?oating object, such ‘as a raft, boat or other
thereto would in most cases be long enough to still reach
person. It will be noted that the spool 26 is so positioned
to the surface and prevent the survivor from difting away
in use that hand ‘friction can be applied to the periphery
from the scene. In the case of ?oating small boats or
thereof to control the pay-out of the line 22, or, by a hand
life rafts, considerably more than a capacity load could
stroking action surplus line 22 may be reeled in as re
be accommodated in the water alongside :by thus jack 25 qui-red.
eted persons who would be prevented from scattering
Obviously many modi?cations and variations of the
and becoming lost by the connecting lines.
Accordingly, it is an object of this invention to pro
vide a life jacket which can be tethered by an ‘automati
cally or manually paid out line.
Another ‘object ‘of this invention is to provide a reel
which is light in weight and readily attached to the
fabric of apparel and serves as a closure therefor.
present invention are possible in light of the above teach
ings. It is, therefore, to be understood that within the
scope of the appended claim the invention may be prac
30 ticed otherwise than as speci?cally described.
What is claimed is:
In combination, a wearable life preserver having buoy~
ant portions and garment portions to unite said buoyant
portions into a vest shape having an opening in its front
Yet another object of this invention is to provide a
wearable reel which has a minimum of projecting parts 35 so as to be ?ttable onto a person and having said opening
and which can be controlled by hand for ready pay-off or
adapted to be closed to retain said life preserver on said
take-up of a line stored thereon.
person, said life preserver having an adjacent portion on
These and other objects and attendant advantages of
each .side of said opening composed ‘only of garment por
this invention will become more readily apparent and
tions and surrounded, except at their co-extensive sides,
understood [from the following detailed speci?cation and 4.0 at least partly by buoyant portions so as .to form a cavity
single sheet ‘of accompanying drawings in which:
when said opening is closed, fastening means mounted
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of .a life jacket incor
within said cavity on one ‘side of said opening, and a reel
porating features of this invention; and
assembly including a frame mounted within said cavity
FIG. 2 is a vertical section, approximately ‘full-scale,
‘on the other side of said opening and having means to de
of the reel assembly for the life jacket depicted in FIG. 1. 45 tachably engage said fastening means, whereby said frame
Referring now to the ‘details of the drawings, there is
shown in FIG. 1 ‘a wearable life preserver or life jacket
'10 of the usual buoyant vest type having buoyant por
tions with some thickness as shown and thin garment
serves to close said opening, a reel rotatably mounted in
said frame, said frame having an aperture, and a line
passing through said aperture and having one end secured
to said reel and its other end provided with detachable
portions to unite the buoyant portions into the vest shape. 50 means for securement to an object.
Secured to this jacket 10 within a cavity formed by
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
buoyant portions partly surrounding a garment portion,
as will be described subsequently, is a reel assembly 20
on which there is stored a length of safety line 22.
The safety line 22 is provided at one end with a spring
clip 24 preferably of the harness fastener type.
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