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July 2, 1963
Filed Jan. 30. 1961
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July 2, 1963
Filed Jan. 30. 1961
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United States Patent 0
"ice '
Patented July 2, 1963
sary to provide as many different structural connectors
George H. Feustel, Chicago, and Alvin R. Burton, North
brook, ILL, assignors to The Pyle-National Company,
Chicago, ill., a corporation of New Jersey
Fiied Jan. 30, 1961, Ser. No. 85,739
8 Claims. (Cl. 339—186)
as is desired to provide separate mating relationships.
According to the present invention, a sleeve '10 is pro
vided which functions as the part accepting the insulation
and contact unit ‘of either the male shell or the female
housing. The sleeve 10 can be rotated within the outer
shell. The rotatable part 10 is provided with a plurality
of circumferentially spaced holes 11 in the peripheral wall
thereof. The outer shell is equipped with a suitable in
and more particularly to a connector utilizing a section to 10 deXing means to engage the holes whereby a keyed male
shell and female housing may be assembled and as many
accept the insulation and contact unit which is relatively
receptacles as there are holes 11 may be provided with dif
rotatable within the outer shell and adjusted to any one
ferent pre-pairing arrangements for in-line mounting be
of a plurality of angular positions so that as many recep
tween male and female parts which are properly keyed.
tacles as there are plural angle positions may be provided
In FIGURES 1, 2 and 13, a typical male shell is shown
which are identical insofar as structure is concerned, but 15
‘at 12 and comprises’ a generally sleeve-like shell member
which can be mounted in line with assurance that each
embossed as at 13 to form a polarizing key 1-4 functioning
separately preindexed connector will be properly mated
This invention relates generally to electrical connectors
with properly keyed male and female parts.
vIt is an object of the present invention to provide an
as a keyway means or indexing means.
The male shell 12 also has an annular peripheral shoul
improved connector assembly wherein plural prepaired 20 der .16 and spaced therefrom is an annular recess 17 in
receptacle parts may be provided which are constructed of
identical structural parts but wherein the male and female
parts can be mounted in line with assurance that each is
which is located a snap ring 18, thereby to retain a locking
collar 19 which is internally threaded as at 20 in associa
tion with the male shell 12.
The rotatable sleeve part 10 has an annular recess 21
mated only with a properly keyed part.
Another object of the present invention is to provide a 25 inwardly of one end and the male shell is provided with a
corresponding annular recess 22 so that a snap ring 23
preindexed connector.
can be received in common in both the recesses 21 and
Yet another object of the present invention is to provide
an improved connector structure wherein the insulation
and contact unit is polarized into a de?nite relationship
‘22, thereby to lock the part 10 with the part v12 in coro
tatable partially telescoped assembly.
with the keys which polarize the male shell and female 30 Adjacent the opposite end of the part :10 there is pro
vided a threaded portion 24 which threadedly engages a
housing and wherein the indexing relationship may be pre
Many other advantages, features and additional objects
collar 25 having a knurled portion 27 on the exterior sur
structural embodiment of a connector embodying the
an end face 31 formed on the part 10.
principles of the present invention is shown by way of
As shown in FIGURE 1, the part 10 carries an insula—
.tion and contact unit. In this connection, the part 10 has
face thereof. The collar 26 has an inwardly directed
shoulder :28 which engages ‘an insert ring 29. Exteriorly
of the present invention will become manifest upon mak
ing reference to the detailed description which follows and 35 'of the insert ring 29 and engaging against the shoulder '28
is a sealing ring 30. The sealing ring also engages against
the accompanying sheet of drawings in which a preferred
illustrative example.
On the drawings:
FIGURE 1 is an elevational view with parts broken
away and with parts shown in cross-section illustrating a
40 an inwardly directed shoulder 32 formed at one end in
wardly of the recess 21 and against which engages a seal
ing member 33. An outwardly directed shoulder 34
formed on a contact carrier 36 is received within the part
16' and the shoulder 34 engages against the sealing mem—
FIGURE 2 is a view similar to FIGURE ‘1 but showing 45 ber 33.
A ?exible disk-like member made of silicon rubber or
on somewhat reduced scale additonal details of the male
the like is shown at 37 and is not only snugly received
within the part .10 but engages against an end wall 38
FIGURE 3 is a view similar to FIGURE 1 but showing
formed on the carrier 36.
additional details of construction of the female housing;
On the opposite side of the ?exible disk 37 there is pro
FIGURE 4 is an end elevational view of the part shown
vided a rigid disk ‘39 which is also received within the part
in FIGURE 3;
‘10 ‘and which is provided with a ‘shoulder 40 engaged by
:FIGURES 5, 6 and 7 are views of di?erent types of in—
the insert ring 29. Thus, when the collar 26 is drawn up
sulation and contact units which can be interchangeably
connector embodying the principles of the present inven
substituted into the connector assembly of 'FIGURE 1;
by threading on the threads 24 of the part :10, the rigid
55 disk 39 will clamp against the ?exible disk 37, thereby
engaging the disk ‘37 against the shoulder 38 and locldng
FIGURE 8 is a view of the sleeve member utilized in
the carrier 36 against the shoulder 32 via the sealing mem
the connector according to the principles of the present
ber 33.
The ?exible disk 37 has a plurality of through apertures
As shown on the drawings:
In the connector art, it is standard practice to polarize
the insulation and contact unit in a de?nite relationship
with the keys which polarize the male shell and the fe
41 formed therein each of which receives a contact mem
ber shown generally at 4.2. The contact member has a re
cess 43 for connection to a suitable conductor wire. The
carrier 36 has a corresponding plurality of openings 44
formed therein, each opening 44 being counterbored as at
a key in the housing which matches a milled or molded 65 46, thereby to receive a contact portion 47 of the connector
keyway in the insulation. It is also standard practice to
member 42.
make the pin layout in such ‘a manner that a multiplicity
The rigid portions of the insulation and contact unit are
of keyways can be put in the insulation in such locations
keyed to the rotatable sleeve or part 10. For example,
that similar units with di?erent key locations cannot be
the rigid disk 39 and the carrier member 36 are both keyed
plugged with any unit except the one for which it is in 70 to the sleeve 10 by providing a key and keyway therebe
tween, or by providing suitable detent means therebetween
such as an embossed dimple in the sleeve ‘10 engaging a
With such standard arrangement, however, it is neces
male housing. This is generally accomplished by putting
corresponding recess in the rigid disk 39 and the carrier
member 35‘. Thus, the insulation and contact unit is
locked for corotation with the sleeve or rotatable part It}
and may be angularly adjusted relative to the correspond
ing shell 12.
' ing at least a portion thereof rotatably telescoped in said
shell, adjustable indexing means having plural indexing
positions for rotatably adjusting said sleeve to a selected
angular position relative to said shell and for locking said
sleeve in selected position, permanent indexing means on
said shell for prealigm'ng the angular assembly relationship
At ‘an end portion of the shell 12, there is provided a
threaded aperture 149 in which is received a correspond
ingly threaded bushing 50. The bushing 50 has an end
Wall '51 apertured to pass ‘a pin 52. A coil spring 53 is
bottomed against the wall 51 and has its opposite end bot
tomed against a ?anged shoulder 54 formed on the pin 52.
An apertured wall 56 passes the end of the pin 52 but
of said shell with a mating connector part, and a multiple
cont-act assembly carried in said sleeve, whereby as many
separately paired line connectors may be provided as there
are plural indexing posit-ions, with identically constructed
connector parts.
engages the ?ange 54. Accordingly, the pin 52, together
ing, key and keyway indexing ‘means between said shell and
said housing to polarize the assembly thereof, an insula
with the bushing 50, for-ms a spring-pressed dowel pin for
tion and contact unit in said shell and in said housing,
respectively, and ‘a rotatable sleeve interposed between
each said unit and the corresponding shell or housing hav
engaging the holes 111 formed in the sleeve or rotatable
part It)“.
3. A connector comprising 1a male shell, a female hous
As shown in FIGURE 8, the sleeve or rotatable part '19
can be provided with many di?erent holes 11 and the
sleeve 10 is also provided with an outwardly projecting
ing a plurality ‘of circumferentially spaced holes formed
therein, and pin means on said shell and on said housing ‘
annular shoulder 57 hearing suitable indicia identi?cation _
of the various holes 11 so that an operator can immediate
engaging the holes ‘of a corresponding sleeve to lock each
ly select a proper angular position'by lifting the dowel pin
52 against the bias ‘of the spring 53 and relocating the
ting plural connectors to have plural keyway locations
without requiring changes in the structure of the parts
corresponding sleeve in adjusted position, thereby permit
4. A line connector comprising male and female parts
preindexing the part 1%‘, as well as the insulation and con, 25 each including an outer shell, an inner insulation and con
tact unit carried thereby in the shell '12. The female
tact unit, and an intermediate sleeve rotatably mounted
pin 52 in a corresponding ‘one of. the holes 11, thereby
in said shell and carrying said unit, and indexing means
for angularly adjusting said sleeve relative to said outer
housing is shown at 6%} and is formed ‘with a generally cyé
lindrical portion 61 particularly characterized by a key
way 62'for receiving the 'key 14 of the male shell. The
shell and for locking said sleeve‘ in adjusted position, said
portion 61 is externally threaded as at 63 to threadedly en- 0
gage with the threaded portion 2a of the collar 19'.
female housing 6% has a rotatable part it) identical in ’
outer shell having indexing means formed therein for
polarized assembly of said outer shell with a mating con
nector part.
structure with the part’ it} already described in connection
5. A line connector comprising male and female parts
with the male shell 12 and, accordingly, like reference
numerals have been applied to like parts.
The contact carriers may be provided for any number ' ,
of contacts desired. For example, in FIGURE 5 there is
ized mating ‘assembly, each of said parts having formed
therein a threaded aperture in onewall, a bushing threaded
shown a cont-act carrier A having four No. 1/0 contact
openings 66, while in‘FIGURE 6 there is shownra contact '
having a movable stop portion extending radially inwardly
including a male shell and a female housing, each of said
parts having keyway means formedtherein insuring polar
into said aperture, a dowel pin carried in said bushing and
carrier B having thirty-seven No. -12. contact openings 67. 40 of each said part, a' continuous biasing means in each .
said bushing loading each corresponding dowel pin in
In FIGURE‘ 7 there is shown a contact carrier C having
seven No. '10 contact openings '68, twenty No. 12 contact
openings 69 and ten No. 18 contact openings 70. Each of
the contact carriers A, B and C have formed in the outer
peripheries thereof a suitable indexing means, as shown at 45
71 to iacilitate keying thereof to the adjoining‘wall of
wardly, a sleeve in each said part rotatable with said part '
and having a plurality of circumferentially spaced holes
engaged by said stop portion of a corresponding dowel pin
to lock said sleeve in selected angularly adjusted positions,
and a multiple contact assembly carried in each said
sleeve, whereby as many connectors as said plurality of
holes, identical in every manner, can be line connected
with assurance that each will accept only a properly keyed
a corresponding sleeve or rotatable part 10.
Each dowel pin 52 is provided with a ?nger-manipulable
handle 74 by means of which the pin 52_may be lifted
against the bias of a corresponding spring ‘53.
By virtue of the arrangement described, it will be ap
mating part.
‘6. In a connector, ?rst and secondlshell parts compris=
pr'eciated that if ten holes :11 are‘provided in the sleeve or ,
ing a housing shell part for mating with another‘housing
rotatable part 10, as many as ten receptacles, can be pro
vided forrnounting in line with assurance that each will
shell part and an insulation and contact unit shell part for
carrying an insulation and contact unit, keyway means on
only accept the properly keyed plug. All of this is ac‘ 55 said
?rst shell part to polarize the housing shell parts in ,
complished with only a single construction. According
relation, keyway means in said second shell
ly, the connector can be made from stock-piled parts which
part to lock the insulation and contact ‘unit thereto for
are simple in construction and which are easy to assemble
corotation therewith, said ?rst and second shell parts. in
and all of the versatility of selective pre-pairing and'pre
indexing may be effected.
Although minor modi?cations might be suggested by
those versed in the art, it should be understood that we
wish to‘ernbody within the scope of the patent warranted ,
hereon ‘all suchmodi?cations as reasonably and properly
come within the scope of our contribution to the ‘art.
We claim as our invention:
cluding portions which are telescoped and relatively roL
tatable with respect to one another, and pin and'recess
means between said telescoped portions to e?ect relative
angular adjustment of said’ ?rstand secondparts to any
one of, a plurality of selected angular positions, whereby >
as many separately paired connectors may be provided for
keyed line connection as there are plural angular positions.
a key means for indexed association with a mating con~
hector part, 1a rotatable'gsleeve asociated with said shell
7. In a connector, ?rst and second shell parts compris
ing a housing shell part for matingwith another housing 1
shell part andan insulation and contact unit shell part for
sleeve, whereby multiple pre-p-aired connectors may be
shell part to lock the insulation and contact unit thereto '
provided for line connection with identically constructed’
for corotation therewith, said ?rst and second shell parts
including portions which are telescoped and relatively ro
tatable with respect to one another, the innermost. tele
1.. A connector part comprisinglan outer shell having
having multiple circumfenentially spaced ‘holes, 1a spring 70 carrying aninsulation and contact unit, keyway means on’
said ?rst shell part to polarize the housing shell partsrin
loaded dowel pin on said outer shell engaging said holes
predetermined relation, keyway means in said second
and an insulation and contact unit carried in said rotatable
2. A connector comprising an ‘outer shell, a sleeve hav
scoped portion of said parts having a plurality of holes
formed therein, and a spring-pressed dowel pin on the
outermost telescoped portion engaging said holes for ef
fecting relative angular ‘adjustment of said ?rst and sec
ond parts to any one of a plurality of selected ‘angular
positions, whereby as many separately paired connectors
may be provided for keyed line connection as there are
said spring and a projecting portion for engaging the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
plural angular positions.
8. In 'a connector as de?ned in claim 7, said spring
pressed dowel pin comprising a bushing member threaded 10
into the outermost portion, a spring in said bushing mem
her, and a pin having ‘a ?nger-manipulable portion out
wardly of said bushing and a shouldered part abutting.
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