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July 9, 1963
Filed June 14, 1960
FIG- 5
FIG. 4
m”, ?ll?yF?mmm?
United States Patent ()? ice
Raymond H. De Witt, Plymouth, Ohio, assignor to The
Fate-Root-Heath Company, Plymouth, Ohio, a corpo
ration of Delaware
Filed June 14, 1960, Ser. No. 36,066
3 Claims. (Cl. 134-174)
This invention relates to a cleaning stand intended pri
. Patented July 9, 1963
edge, but while this front channel is also tapered longitu
dinally in the same direction as the ?rst, its maximum
height is less than that of the rear channel 13 for a pur
pose Which will become apparent.
The top 10, with its attached support channels or rails
13 and 14, is supported approximately at waist height by
attaching the channels to the tops of two A_frames 15 and
16 providing a pair of legs at each end of the top. That
is, the frame orientation is transverse with respect to the
marily and particularly suited for commercial and indus— 10 channels, and the assembly is rigidi?ed by a shelf 17 bridg
trial applications.
ing horizontally between the frames at an intermediate
It is a principal object of the invention to provide con
veniently used apparatus for the cleaning of motors, ma
The end frames 15 and 16 are of equal height, and it
chine parts, gears, tools, and the like, of much greater
will accordingly be seen that the described taper of the
utility than the usual type of shop bench cleaner and yet 15 channels 13 and 14 relative to the top 10‘ and to each other
considerably less expensive than conventional cleaning fa
causes the top in the completed assembly to slope down
cilities of larger than bench size. Size is of course a meas
wardly both from the rear and from the right side or, in
ure of utility in such apparatus, and my new cleaning
other words, toward the front left corner aperture 11 on
stand provides a much needed facility of intermediate size
all sides. This arrangement of course makes the top self
and cost for the many cleaning jobs which either cannot 20 draining through the aperture and attached pipe 12.
be carried out safely with available devices or accom
A tank 18 containing solvent, which may be of any
plished only by very ine?icient use of equipment, the
approved commercial type suitable, for example, for dis
tendency generally being to handle such a job by some
solving grease, is positioned on the ?oor partially beneath
makeshift and potentially dangerous method.
such outlet 12 of the sink-top 10. This tank is provided
Another object is to provide such a cleaning stand for 25 with a return pipe 19 of fairly large diameter which ex
application of commercial solvents and constructed for
tends vertically from a point above the top of the tank
e?ioient recirculation of such a solvent.
through the latter to the bottom portion of the tank. The
It is also an object of the invention to provide a cleaning
upper end of such return pipe is positioned below the
stand of the indicated nature in which the solvent circulat
outlet pipe 12 of the sink-top, and a strainer 20 is remov
ing system is operative to assure cleanliness of the solvent 30 ably supported in this upper end portion. A horizontal
at the delivery thereof to the stand.
baf?e 21 is attached in slightly spaced relation below the
An additional object is to provide an improved spray
open lower end of the return pipe 19 and is imperforate
device for the discharge of the solvent against a part or
and of at least equal area.
assembly supported on the stand for cleaning, such spray
A liquid impeller or pump 22 is suspended in the upper
assembly having multiple adjustments for ?exibility of use 35 portion of the tank 18 and driven by a shaft 23 connected
and being capable of both ?xed delivery in a particular
. to an electric motor 24 supported externally on the top of
adjusted position and hand-guided variably directed dis
Other objects and advantages of the present invention
the tank. Liquid within the tank is drawn into the im
peller and forced through the attached ?exible hose 25.
The other end of this hose length is connected to one end
will become apparent as the following description pro 40 of a rigid pipe 26 which is supported intermediate its
ends by an adjustable bracket on an edge of the sinletop
To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related
10. Such bracket comprises a post 27 slotted at its lower
end for frictional engagement on the side or ?ange of
ends, the invention, then comprises the features hereinafter
fully described and particularly pointed out in the claims,
the top, and a set screw can be threaded through one
the following description and the annexed drawings set 45 side of the resulting fork into engagement with the top
ting forth in detail certain illustrative embodiments of the
?ange for ?rmer locking. A knuckle 28 is ?tted on the
top of the post and can be locked in any particular rela
invention, these being indicative, however, of but a few
tive rotative position of adjustment by means of a thumb
of the various ways in which the principle of the inven
tion may be employed.
screw 29‘. The knuckle carries a transverse cylindrical
In said annexed drawing:
holder 30 which can be rotated within the former and
FIG. 1 is a front elevation of a cleaning stand in ac
locked by the top hand screw 31, this holder projecting to
one side and having a bore through which the pipe 26 ex
cordance with the present invention;
FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the stand, as viewed from
tends and is locked by a further hand screw 32.
the left in FIG. 1;
In any given position of the post 27, therefore, the
FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the top of the stand 55 pipe 26 can, ?rst of all, be adjusted longitudinally or in
having an accessory splash shield provided therefor in
and out relative to the sink-top by loosening the screw
operative or use position;
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary top plan view of the stand on
a slightly smaller scale, with the noted splash shield as
sembly in its storage condition; and
FIG. 5 is a section taken on the line 5-5 in FIG. 4.
32, moving the pipe endwise, and retightening the screw.
The angular ‘disposition of the pipe 26 about the hori
zontal axis of the knuckle can also be adjusted upon re
60 lease of the top ‘screw 31 and turning of the holder 30
within the knuckle, while the relative angular disposi
Referring now to the drawings in detail, the illustrated
tion of such axis can be changed by loosening the hand
stand comprises a sink-top 10‘ of rectangular shape and
screw 29 and turning the knuckle 28 on the vertical
post 27.
having an opening 11 in one corner, at the left front, at
which a short length of tubing or pipe 12 is secured to the 65
It will, moreover, be evident that the post itself can
top to depend therefrom.
be adjustably positioned ‘about the sides of the sink
A support channel 13 is secured longitudinally to the
top 10. At its remote end, over the top, the pipe 26
underside of the top fairly close to the rear edge of the
is provided with an elbow 33 to which a further length
same, and this channel is tapered to be of progressively
of ?exible hose 34 is connected in the illustrated arrange
decreasing height along its length from right to left as 70 ment. It is preferred that such hose be equipped at its
viewed from the front. A generally similar channel or
other end with :an aerator nozzle 35, and the connec
rail 14 is ?xed to the underside of the top near the front
tion between the rigid pipe 26 and the hose 34 is such
that the latter can be removed for substitution of a noz
drain outlet and an upstanding peripheral wall, a folding
zle, :at the pipe end, if desired.
In use of this cleaning stand, the particular part to be
cleaned will be placed on the sink-top 10, and thev pipe
shield assembly removably ‘resting on ‘said top- in opened
condition and forming a partial enclosure extending ap
preciably ‘above the wall thereof, said shield assembly
folding to substantially ?at condition and including
hose combination adjusted as may be appropriate to
hanger means for suspending the same from the edge
spray the solvent on such part. The motor-driven pump
of the sink-top when not in use, and means for discharg
is then energized and the solvent supplied from the up
per portion of the tank 18. The ?exible hose 34- permits . ing cleaning solution under pressure against ‘a body sup
ported on the sink-top for cleaning of the same.
the openator to control the direction of the spray and
2. A cleaning stand comprising an open top platform
ordinarily the hose will be ‘guided by one hand and a 10
for support of a body to be cleaned, said open top- plat
brush used with the other hand to assist in dislodging
particles of foreign matter from the part. The operator
could, of course, remove the ?exible :hose 34 and attach I
form having-a drain outlet and sloping downwardly there
toward for draining through the same, container means
the nozzle 35, or another nozzle, to the end of the rigid ‘ independent of and spaced from ‘said platform, said icon
pipe 26 for a ?xed direction discharge should this be 15 tainer providing a source of cleaning solution, ?uid de
livery means for supplying solution from said container
suitable for the particular part ,to ‘be cleaned.
to the upper surface of the platform for application
The solvent drains from the sink-top through the out
thereof to a body supported on the latter, said ?uid de
let 11, 12 and the strainer 20 to the return pipe 19 of
livery means including a pipe disposed to project over
the tank 18. The strainer catches the larger particles of
‘dirt, grease and other foreign matter which may be 20 the open top platform from a side thereof, adjustable
mounting means ‘for said pipe, said mounting means
?ushed, and ?ne particles passing through the strainer
being adjustable to vary the extent of the projection
with the return ?ow encounter the lower end baf?e 21
which directs the ?ow ‘generally outwardly and provides
a settling action for such entrained particles. Sludge
. of the pipe over the platform and to vary the angular
’ position of the pipe relative to the upper surface of the
therefore settles in the bottom of the tank, from which 25 platform, a length of ?exible conduit connected to the
end of the pipe above the platform, and means for re
it can be periodically removed, while the pump 22 with
turning solution from the drain outlet of the platform to
said container.
3. A cleaning stand comprising a sink-top having a
ticular size thereof, is roughly three feet by four feet
at its top, and is capable of supporting heavy gear as 30 drain outlet, a container of cleaning solution adjacent
said sink-top, means for conducting solution draining
semblies, motors, machine parts and the like up to ?ve
‘from said outlet to the bottom portion of said container,
hundred pounds in total weight. Although the use of
an aerating nozzle, as mentioned earlier, holds down 3 pump means for withdrawing solution from the upper
portion of said container, delivery conduit means con
splatter, it is sometimes desirable, in'the cleaning of large
and bulky pieces, for example, to increase the effective 35 nected to and extending from the pump means for supply
of the cleaning solution to the sink-top, said delivery
space for spraying of the solvent safely and without loss,
means including a ?exible and ‘a rigid conduit section,
and the shield shown in FIGS. 3-5 is provided for such
the rigid conduit section being disposed to project over
purpose. This shield comprises a back 36 having a turned
the sink-top, and bracket means for supporting said rigid
down lip '37 at its top edge and two side pieces 38 and
39 hinged, by piano hinges 40 and 41, respectively at 40 section in such disposition, said bracket means being
mounted at the periphery of the sink-top and adjustable
the vertical sides of the back 36. The side pieces are
therealong variably to position the support of the rigid
shown as being forwardly tapered, and the shield assem
bly in its operative condition is opened to U-shape ‘and : section relative to the sink-top, said bracket means fur
ther providing angular and vertical adjustment of the
set on the sink-top just inside the back and side walls
or ?anges of the latter. The added containment of the 45 rigid conduit section relative to the upper surface of the
draws clean solvent from the top of the tank.
‘One model of this cleaning stand, to illustrate a par
spray thus provided is obvious, and when it is not neces
sary or desired to employ the shield assembly, the two
sides 38 and 39 are folded inswardly against the back
36 and the latter then suspended from its top‘ lip 37
on the back of the sink-top, as shown in FIGS. 4 and 5. 50
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
It will accordingly be seen that the new cleaning
Wheeler ____________ __ Mar. 27, 1866
stand provides economical and e?’icient industrial clean
ing wherever the need therefor exists. ‘Fire hazard is
minimized, with the cleaning operation concentrated in
Willits ______________ __ Jan. 15, 1889
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details described, provided the features stated in any of
the following claims or the equivalent of such be em 60
Winslow ____________ __ July 16, 1946
Warrens _____________ __ Jan. 31, 1950
' Fuglie ______________ __ May 6, 1952
Zadernach ____________ __ Jan. 6, 1959
Rovell _- _____________ __ Feb. 7, 1961
Motis ___,__.________,__,__ Feb. 14, 1961
same manner and ‘cleaned parts being permitted to drain 55
dry on the sloping sink-top.
Other modes of applying the principle of the inven
tion may vbe employed, change being made as regards the ‘
'I therefore, particularly point out and distinctly claim
as my invention:
1. A cleaning stand comprising .a sink-top having a
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