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I July 16, 1963
Filed Feb. 28, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 16, 1963
Filed‘ Feb. 28, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
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United States Patent 0 " rice
Patented July 16, 1963
spring-loaded towards the rotor by means of a coiled
Frank G. Freeman, Solihull, England, assignor to Joseph
Lucas (Industries) Limited, Birmingham, England
compression spring 20 acting between the foot 19 and
an abutment ring 21 in the rotor, and on the rotor is
pivoted a centrifugally operable mass 22 which, as the
angular velocity of the rotor increases, is adapted to
Filed Feb. 28, 1961, Ser. No. 92,220
Claims priority, application Great Britain Mar. 1, 1960
1 Claim. (Cl. 103—41)
the intermediary of a ball 23, this force acting in op
a pump convenient means for governing the speed of the
angles to the axis of the rotor. The narrower end of the
cylinder is connected to the passage 28 and contains a
exert an increasing axial force on the foot 19 through
position to the spring 20.
In the wall of the cylinder 16 is an annular groove 24
This invention relates to pumps for supplying liquid
fuel to gas turbine or other engines, the pump being of 10 which is covered by the piston 17 when the pump is at
rest, and which is in communication with the pump out
the kind comprising in combination a hollow body pant
let 8 through a bleed passage 25 (FIGURE 5) communi
having an inlet and outlet, a rotor mounted in the body
eating with a further passage 26. The passage 26 is also
part for rotation by the engine, a plurality of plungers
in communication with the other end of the cylinder 16
occupying a plurality of bores in the rotor respectively,
and a cam surface against which the plungers are urged, 15 through a restricted ori?ce 27 (FIGURE 5) and a fur
ther passage 28. Moreover for controlling the pressure
the arrangement being such that as the rotor is rotated,
of fuel in the inner end of the cylinder there is provided
fuel will ?ow from the inlet into the bores in turn during
a relief valve (FIGURE 4) the setting of which can be
the "outward movements of the plungers and be discharged
adjusted by the driver.
through the outlet by the inward movements of the
The relief valve takes the form of a stepped cylinder
plungers due to their interaction with the cam surface. 20
29 formed within the body part and extending at right
The object of the invention is to combine with such
According to the invention a ‘pump of the kind speci
cylindrical valve member 30 having a head adapted to
?ed includes a bleed passage in communication with the 25 seat against a shoulder de?ned between the narrower and
wider part of the cylinder. The valve member 30 is
pump outlet, a valve member for controlling the escape
loaded against its seating by means of a coiled compres
sion spring 31 interposed between its head and ‘an abut
ment piston 32 in the wider part of the cylinder, and be
rotor, and centrifugally operable means on the rotor for
moving said valve member axially in a‘ direction to un 30 tween the valve member and the abutment piston is van out
let 33 through which fuel can escape through a passage
cover said bleed passage as the speed of the engine in
34 to the inlet side of the pump.
The wider end of the cylinder 29 is adapted for con
More speci?cally the valve member comprises a piston
nection to a cylinder or other ‘device (not shown) Where
movable in a cylinder by said centrifugally operable
means, the vbleed passage terminating in the wall of the 35 by fluid pressure can be ‘applied to the opposite side of
the piston 32 in accordance with the setting of a throttle
cylinder and the pump further including a restricted ori
of fuel through said bleed passage, said valve member
being rotatable with, but axially movable relative to, the
?ce through which the inner end of the cylinder is in
communication with the pump outlet, ‘and an adjustable
relief valve for controlling the pressure of fuel in the inner
end of the cylinder, and hence the engine speed at which
the bleed passage is uncovered.
An example of the invention is illustrated in the accom
panying drawings in which FIGURE 1 is a sectional side
view, FIGURES 2, 3 and 4 respectively are sections on
the lines 2-——2, 3-3 and 4-4, in FIGURE 1, and FIG~ 45
URE 5 is a section on the line 5-5 in FIGURE 4.
Referring to the drawings, the pump illustrated is in
tended for supplying liquid fuel to a gas turbine engine
for a road vehicle, and comprises a hollow body part 6
provided with a fuel inlet 7 and a fuel outlet 8. Within
the body part is a rotor 9 which is mounted or formed
on a shaft 10 extending at one end from the body part
pedal or other control operable by' the driver, the arrange
ment being such that as the control is moved to increase
the speed of the engine the compression of the spring 31
The relief valve 29, 30 is operable by a predetermined
pressure of the fuel in the ‘fuel outlet 8 of the hollow
body part 6, and thereby serves to reduce the pressure of
the fuel which occupies the inner end of the governing
valve cylinder 16 remote from the interior of the hollow
body part 6, and which is supplied from the fuel outlet
8 to this end of the governing valve cylinder through the
restricted ori?ce 27 for opposing opening movement of
the governing valve 16, 17.
Moreover, the governing valve 16, 17 is operable under
the action of the centrifugally operable mass 22 carried
by the rotor 9, and thereby serves to reduce the fuel pres
sure in the fuel outlet 8.
6 and adapted to be driven by the engine. In the rotor
In operation the centrifugally operable mass 22 acts
9 are formed a plurality of angularly spaced parallel
bores 9a extending parallel to the shaft 10. In each 55 in opposition to the spring 20 and also the pressure of
fuel at the inner end of the valve cylinder 16. Therefore,
bore is a plunger 11 having at one end a shoe 12 which
assuming that the driver’s control is kept at a constant set
ting, the relief valve will open at a predetermined speed
and permit fuel to escape fro-m the inner end of the valve
Moreover at the end of the rotor 9 remote from the cam
surface 14 is formed on the body part 6 a segmental 60 cylinder 16 until the piston 17 uncovers the annular
groove 24 and permits fuel to ?ow from the pump outlet
valve (FIGURE 2) in which is formed an arcuate port
8 through the passages 26, 25 to the inlet 7. As a result
15 in communication with the outlet 8, the arrangement
the quantity of fuel fed to the engine is reduced and the
being such that as the rotor 9 is rotated fuel will be drawn
engine speed falls thereby allowing the relief valve to
into the bores 9a in turn by the outward movements of
the plungers 11 under the action of their springs 13 and 65 close and the pressure of fuel fed through the restricted
ori?ce 27 to the inner end of the valve cylinder 16 to re
will be discharged through the port to the outlet 8 as the
turn the piston 17 to its initial setting. By this means
plungers 11 are moved inwardly by the cam surface 14.
the speed of the engine will be governed to accord with
In the end of the body part 6 containing the cam sur
the setting of the driver operated control, which deter
face 14 there is formed a valve cylinder 16 which is
coaxial with the rotor 9. In the cylinder 16 is a piston 70 mines the pressure at which the ‘relief valve opens.
Having thus described my invention what I claim as
17 having ‘a stem 18 which extends into the centre of the
new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
rotor and is provided with a foot 19. The piston 17 is
is held ‘by one of a plurality of springs 13 against a cam
surface 14 disposed obliquely to the axis of the shaft 10.
A liquid fuel pump of the kind speci?ed, comprising
in combination a hollow body provided with a fuel inlet,
a fuel outlet, an internal cam surface, and a bleed pas
sage communicating at one end thereof with said out
let, a rotor mounted within said hollow body, and pro
vided with ‘a plurality of longitudinal bores which are
angularly spaced relative to the axis of said rotor, and
each of which communicates alternately, at one end- of
at one end communicates through the interior of said hol
low body with said inlet, and an adjustable pressure-re
sponsive relief valve for controlling pressure in the other
end of said cylinder, the latter being provided adjacent
the ?rst mentioned end thereof with an opening which
communicates with the end of said bleed passage remote
from said outlet, and through the medium of which com
munication is establisha'ble between said bleed passage
said rotor, with said inlet and said outlet during rotation
and the ?rst mentioned end of said cylinder by movement
of said rotor, a plurality of spring-loaded plungers re 10 of said piston under the action of said centrifugally op
spectively mounted within said bores, and extending from
erable means, said hollow body being provided with a re
the other end of said rotor into contact with said cam sur
stricted ori?ce in communication with said outlet, and
face ‘which is disposed so that rotation of said rotor is
being also provided with a second passage which com
accompanied by reciprocation of said plungers for en
municates at opposite ends respectively with the said other
abling fuel from said inlet to be admitted to said bores 15 end of said cylinder and the end of said restricted ori?ce
in turn, and to be discharged from said bores in turn
remote from said outlet, and said second passage being
through said outlet, a valve member in the form of a
also in communication ‘with said relief valve.
piston which is coaxial with said rotor, and which serves
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
to control the escape of fuel from the end of said bleed
passage remote from said ‘outlet, means whereby said 20
piston is ‘connected to said rotor so as to be rotatable
therewith, ‘and capable ‘of axial movement relative there
to, centrifugally operable means which is carried by said
rotor, and under the action ‘of which said piston is mov
able axially to permit escape of fuel from said bleed pas
sage when said rotor attains a predetermined speed, a
valve cylinder in which said piston is mounted, and which
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