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July 16, 1963
Filed June 14, 1960
United States Patent O?ice
Patented July 16, 1963
in the form of a shallow tray. This tray is of a suitable
size to hold the larger accessories or tools used by beauty
operators such as ‘brushes, combs, etc. Handles 12 are
Frances C. Morris, 2915 H St., Vancouver, Wash.
Filed June 14, 1960, Ser. No. 35,925
1 Claim. (Cl. 132—1)
provided at opposite ends of the tray 10 for carrying the
The bottom Wall of tray 10 has one or more apertures
The present invention relates to an accessory holder
and more particularly is concerned with a holder especial
14 comprising steam inlets for facilitating entrance of
steam and the sterilizing of articles in the tray when the
ly applicable for use in a beauty parlor for holding vari
latter is positioned bodily in a sterilizer.
ous items used by the operator.
Tray 10 has a pair of end uprights or posts 16 provided
The various items used by operators in a beauty parlor
with one or more upper edge slots 18. Engageable in
are generally merely laid on a table for use and have no
these slots are elongated strips 20 supported between the
container or other means for assembly in a convenient
uprights 16. Carried on the ends of strips 20 are spring
place. When the items are to be sterilized they must be
clamps 22 preferably of the type shown in detail in FIG
assembled individually for placement in the sterilizer. 15 URE 3 comprising a pivoted lever 24 having a ?nger en
One of the accessories mostly used by the beauty operator
gaging arm 26 and a garment engaging arm 28. Lever
is the hair clip or pin to Set the hair. In present use
24 is urged in a clockwise direction, as viewed in FIGURE
these hair clips are either laid loose on a table or placed
3, by suitable spring means not shown.
in a container. This means of holding the clips is not
Strips 20 are formed of a thin, lightweight, ?exible
satisfactory because in each case it is unhandy for the 20 material. These strips are removable from the uprights
operator to grasp a single clip as needed. It is especially
and by means of the end clamps 22 thereon are adapted
difficult to grasp a single clip when the clips are disposed
to be attached to a garment of the customer. More partic
loosely in a container as such clips hang together.
ularly, it is customary for the beauty operator to place a
It is therefore an object of the present invention to
towel T on the shoulders of the customer to prevent soil
provide a device which eliminates the disadvantages 25 ing of the clothing, and said strips are conveniently
enumerated above.
clamped to such towel.
More particularly, it is an object to provide an acces
sory holder for beauty operators which holds said ac
cessories for convenient use and for placing them in a
The strips 20 are ?exible for two important reasons.
First, they are readily applied to the ‘desired garment of
the customer because they will conform to the shape of the
30 latter’s body. Secondly, due to the fact that they bend
Another object is to provide a holder of the type de
readily and ?t the customer’s body they produce no dis
scribed having as a part thereof a removable hair clip
comfort when attached.
holding strip for positioning said clips in a novel and
Strips 20 comprise holders for hair clips C. The clips
handy position.
C are clipped thereon individually and in spaced relation
A further object is to provide a holder having a remov
able hair clip holder strip which is ?exible and adapted
to be clipped in contoured relation to the body of the
35 so that they are readily removed one at a time when pin~
ning up the hair. For this purpose a strip carrying a
plurality of clips C is attached to the customer for handy
access of said clips, and when the pins are being removed
Brie?y stated, the present holder comprises ?rst a con
from the hair they can easily be attached to the strip while
tainer for conveniently holding the larger accessories used 40 it is attached to the customer.
by a beauty operator such as brushes, combs, and the like.
By the present arrangement, individual pins are avail
The holder supports in elevated position one or more
able to the beauty operator for speeding up setting of the
elongated thin strips comprising hair clip holding means to
hair. They are readily picked oif by a single hand, which
hold said clips in individual spaced relation. The hair
is an important feature where the other hand must neces
clip holding strips are removable from the holder and 45 sarily be in engagement with the hair curl.
carry end clamp members adapted to clamp the strips on
To sterilize the operators’ accessories, the holder with
apparel of the customer. Importantly said strips are ?ex
the accessories therein is merely placed in the sterilizer.
ible and when clamped on such apparel conform to the
Inlets 14 insure that the steam circulates e?‘iciently within
contour of the customer’s body.
container ‘as well as to rise upwardly to sterilize the hair
The invention will be better understood with reference 50 clips on the strips 20.
to the description in the following speci?cation of a
Having now described my invention and in what man
preferred form thereof. Various changes may be made,
ner the same may be used, what I claim as new and desire
however, in the construction and arrangement of parts,
to protect by Letters Patent is:
without departing from the spirit of the invention.
A holder for beautician’s accessories comprising ‘a con
In the drawings:
55 tainer portion for holding certain of the accessories, end
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the holder of the
upright members on said container portion, at least one
present invention;
thin, elongated strip having a supporting connection at its
FIGURE 2 is an elevation view of a hair clip holding
opposite ends with the upper end of said end upright mem
strip showing said strip clamped to a customer’s garment;
FIGURE 3 is an enlarged fragmentary plan view show
ing the clamp structure on the clip holding strips.
Referring now in greater detail to the ‘drawings the
present holder comprises a container portion 10‘ preferably
bers and adapted for receiving hair clips thereon, the sup
porting connection between the strip and the upright
members comprising a freely releasable connection where
by said strip is adapted freely to be mounted on or re
moved from the uprights, said strip being ?exible for
attachment in contoured relation to the body of a person,
and spring pressed clamp means on each end of said strip
for connection to a garment of a person to which the strip
is to be attached.
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