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July 16, 1963
Filed March 30, 1959
m.| Q.llRIQI‘
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United States Patent Office
Patented July 16, 1963
3 097,687
Accordingly, it is an object of my invention to pro
vide a simple, durable and efficient control of a burner
for ‘butane or propane which is adjusted in accordance
with prevailing temperatures in the burner to maintain
Ray B. Fanniu, Denver, Colo., assignor to Gas Engineer’ 5 optimum ?ame propagation and heating in continuous
ing & Equipment Co., Denver, Colo., a corporation of
Filed Mar. 30, 1959, Ser. No. 803,022
2 Claims. (Cl. 158-79)
Another object of my invention is to provide an auto
matic control, inclusive ‘of a temperature responsive mem
ber for selectively positioning the casing of a fuelvmixer
10 relative to its nozzle to maintain substantially optimum
This invention relates to gaseous fuel burners and more
?ame propagation in a burner assembly during continuous
particularly to burners utilizing butane and propane as
a fuel.
A further object of my invention is to provide a simple,
vIn many industrial applications it is necessary or ad
durable and e?icient fuel burner for portable furnaces
vantageous to have portable heaters or furnaces which 15 which is easily installed and dismantled for maintenance
can be easily moved from one operating site to another
or parts replacement requirements.
without difficult dismantling ‘and reassembling. As an
Other objects reside in novel details of construction
example, in highway construction it is necessary to heat
and novel combinations and arrangements ‘of parts, all
certain materials, such as black-top for example, and to
‘of which will be set forth fully in the course of the fol
apply and work the same at prescribed temperatures. 20 lowing description.
As much of this work has to be performed at rather low
The present invention represents a departure from
ambient temperatures, it is not practical to transport the
prior practices in that the hunting adjustments of fuel
heated material for long distances or for long time in
delivery rate to meet changing furnace requirements are
tervals due to the resulting temperature drop in the ma
eliminated. Measurements of temperature change within
25 the furnace requiring variation in the heat input are in
7 Where portable burners or furnaces are used in heat
ing such materials, many of the operating sites will be
remote from the usual sources of fuel supply. However,’
adequate supply for distribution of butane and propane
dicated on a temperature responsive instrument with
mechanical adjustment, either automatic or under manual
control, being made in the ?ame propagation so as to
maintain optimum combustion within the furnace in con
fuels is available to permit use ‘of one or the other 'as. 30 tinuous operation. The extent of heating of the fuel in’
the fuel in such heaters or furnaces. This involves stor
the coil portion will deliver the fuel as substantially vola
age of a considerable supply ‘of such a composition in its
tile matter at the point of discharge. Any non-volatiles
liquid form together with means. for supplying it to a
passing the nozzle are discharged through the coil at suf
burner which preferably is utilized as the heat source to
?ciently high velocity to carry ‘beyond the ‘outermost coil
convert it into a gaseous ‘or vapor form prior to its dis 35 surfaces. In addition the direction of the ?ame relative to
charge into the combustion area 1of the furnace or other
the coil produces a scouring action which will effectively
remove any deposit thereon so as to maintain the metallic
A typical portable plant \of this type will have a fuel .
storage tank comprising a main supply for the furnace
surfaces at maximum heat exchange condition.
and another tank, usually designated nurse tank, for main- ‘ 49
ing arrangement of members constituting the fuel-air
taining the desired pressure condition in the storage tank.
If butane is being used, it .will have a boiling point of 32.“.
The aforesaid adjustment is provided for by a telescop
mixer and involves lengthening and shortening of the tu
bular enclosure according to the
being delivered. in this way a
flame propagation is avoided and
which may be subjected to atmospheric temperatures of’ ‘15 assembly are heated adequately
F. and it will be necessary to maintain it within a pres
sure range of 100 to 125 pounds in the storage tank
from -l0° to ‘100° F. The vapor on top of the nurse
tank is conducted to the storage tank to maintain at least a
rate at which fuel is
focusing effect in the
all surfaces of the coil
without any excessive
heating of particular areas. In ‘addition, the practice of
the present invention provides measured adjustments of
the mixer to maintain optimum heat input by the burner
minimum pressure therein at all times. A line ‘will supply
the fuel burner assembly of the furnace with fuel from
so that the furnace temperature is closely controlled
the storage tank and, so long as the minimum pressure 50 throughout a long period of heating.
condition is maintained, there is very little need to make
The practice ‘of my invention will be best understood
any discharge nozzle adjustment in the practice of the
by reference to the accompanying drawings, illustrating
present invention.
prefer-red structural embodiments for satisfying the re
It also has been customary to provide a burner as
quirements of this invention. In the drawings,
sembly in which a stretch of pipe conducting the liquid
The single FIGURE is a vertical central section through
is coiled or otherwise wound as an enclosure adjacent the
a burner assembly according to the present invention, in
discharge nozzle and within the range ‘of ?ame propaga
clusive of an automatic control of the fuel mixer opera
tion so that the coil is substantiallyheated while the
tion, and illustrating the manner of its assembly and in
burner is operating and thus converts the liquid phase to
stallation as the heat source of a heater, such as a furnace
a gaseous phase prior to discharge. Usually such struc
for heating aggregate to proper temperature for highway
ture is housed within a hollow member or shell having
a tubular member at one end functioning as a mixer to
The form of the invention shown includes \a shell or
supply available oxygen, usually air, for mixing with the
fuel discharge to provide an e?icient mixture to support
combustion. Whenever the ‘operator observes differences
in‘furnace temperature due to ?uctuating feed rate, he
changes the valve setting to deliver more or less fuel,
housing '12 supported ‘as shown at 13 from a base or
foundation 14 which may be a wall of a furnace (not
shown). A line 15 for supplying butane or propane under
pressure has a portion wound as a ‘coil 16 which extends
into ‘an opening 17 in housing 12 and the opposite end of
coil 16 has a straight extension 18‘ passing out of the rear
ing of certain areas of the mixer or the furnace. _Th1s
of shell 12. carrying a temperature-recording instru
present practice involves operator observance and judg 70 end
7, with a branch line 20 extending from extension
ment of conditions for manual adjustment and usually
18 through T-coupling 19 toward coil 16 in concentric
does not establish the optimum combustion condition.
thereby changing ?ame propagation with excessive heat
relation thereto and having a mixing nozzle 21. at its end
through which the gaseous product passing from coil 16
into branch 20 is discharged in conical formation into a
fuel-air mixer. The line 15 may be provided with a
rod 37 in the initial setting of the mixer housing members.
The extended end of rod 37 bears against lever 29‘ to move
the rod 28 in adjusting the telescoping members compris
ing the mixer housing. A spring 40 is positioned to resist
quick coupling ?tting 22 and a valve 23 permits shut-off
and opening as required. A similar ?tting 22a is provided
forward movement of lever 29‘ and direct its return with
rod 37 when the bellows contracts after pressure in line
35 is reduced.
at the end of extension 18.
A spider assembly 24 is supported at the rear ‘of hous
From the foregoing, it will be apparent that the present
invention provides a manual control with predetermined
ing 12 by arm portions 24a adjustably held in guides 25
mounted on the exterior of housing 12 ‘and secured in 10 adjustments for start up and an automatic control for
selective positions by set screws 26. A tubular member
continuous operation providing a selective adjustment of
27 forming a portion of the fuel-air mixer is fastened to
the mixing of fuel with primary air and its discharge into
spider 24 ‘and encompasses nozzle 21 in concentric rela
a burner with controlled ?ame propagation to maintain
tion and extends forwardly into the end of housing 12' and
optimum combustion within a furnace with which such
terminates in spaced relation to the end of coil 16. An 15 burner is associated.
other tubular member 2.7a also constituting a portion of
The practice of this invention permits use of a tem
the fuel-air mixer is mounted on member 27 in telescoping
perature-indicating scale with the various adjustment posi
relation at its forward end and is secured to a rod 28
carried on a lever 29 having a base pivot 30 and an asso
tions of the fuel-air mixer so as to establish ‘and main
tain optimum heating within a furnace or other heater
ciated stop member 3-1 and a scale (not shown) indicating 20 with which such mixer and burner is associated. Such
lever setting positions in relation to temperature readings
adjustments distribute the ?ame over the encased coil sec
on instrument 7.
tion in such 1a way that excessive heating of any given
In operation, line 15 will be connected with a storage
coil area is avoided and a uniform fuel delivery rate to
tank of the type previously described, which supplies bu
v the nozzle is maintained.
tane or propane under at least a minimum established 25
pressure su?icient to deliver the liquid through line 15
and into the coil ‘16 at ‘a substantially uniform volume
and velocity. Valve 23 is moved to open position when
I claim:
1. In a fuel burner assembly, a burner housing open
at both ends, a line for connection with ‘a source of bu
tane or propane maintained under pressure and includ
the operation begins, and the spider setting is established
ing a coiled portion disposed interiorly of said burner
‘for the prevailing temperature of the furnace operation. 30 housing and an extension portion supported rearwardly
The position of member 27a relative to member 27 is set
of said housing, a temperature-sensitive instrument
by a scale adjacent stop 31 for the initial heating to pre—
mounted in said extension portion, a fuel-air mixer
scribed maximum temperature in the furnace, after which
mounted at the rear of said housing with a forward por
it is adjusted according to the indicated requirements of
tion in the housing and including telescoping tubular
instrument 7.
35 members open at both ends, a branch conduit for receiv
The effective length of the mixer comprising the mem
bers 27 and 27a determines the length and pattern of
?ame propagation and will be extended during low velocity
ing the gaseous discharge of the extension portion and
‘carrying a forwardly-directed discharge nozzle extending
‘The form of the invention shown has mechanism for
automatic adjustment of the fuel mixer settings. As used
herein, the term “mixer” is applied to housing members
ing a coiled portion disposed interiorly of said burner
housing and an extension portion supported rearwardly
into the rear end of the .telescoping members, and means
supply to direct the ?ame away from rear surfaces of
including a pressure-‘actuated member responsive to meas
coil 16 to surfaces further forward and thus provide a
ured temperature variations for changing the elfective
better distribution of heat input to the coil. As the volume
combined length of said telescoping members so as to vary
increases, due either to more eifective heating in coil 16
?ame impingement on said coil.
or increased pressure in the supply tank, the mixer may
2. In a fuel burner assembly, a burner housing open
be shortened to permit the ?ame to impinge on all ex
at both ends, a line for connection with a source of bu
45 tane or propane maintained under pressure and includ
posed areas of coil 16.
27 and 27a. The nozzle 21 has one or a series of passages
of said housing, a temperature-sensitive instrument
mounted in said extension portion, a fuel-air mixer
directing the gaseous discharge in a conical pattern, and 50 mounted at the rear of said housing with a forward por
the ‘open rear end of tubular member 27 admits the
tion in the housing and including telescoping tubular
primary air supply for mixing with the gas to provide the
members open at both ends, a branch conduit for receiv
proper mixture for supporting combustion. The ‘entire
ing the gaseous discharge of the extension portion and
assembly including the encased coil ‘16 and the mixer
carrying a forwardly-directed discharge nozzle extend
comprises the burner, from which the ?ame or products 55 ing into the rear end of the telescoping members, and
‘of combustion, together with the secondary air supply
means cooperating with said instrument and automat
which enters the open rear end of the burner exteriorly of
ically movable in accordance with measured temperature
the mixer are directed into the furnace or other heater
changes of said instrument .to telescope said mixer mem
in which the burner is mounted.
bers and vary the effective length thereof, thereby con
The automatic control assembly includes a line 35 60 trolling ?ame pattern within the burner.
?tted in member 19 and connected with a bellows 36
which is expanded and contracted in response to measure
temperature increases and decreases by a thermometer 7
or other temperature-sensitive device in member 19', which
directs a fluid at different pressures through line 35 into 65
bellows 36 in response to such changes. A rod 37 sup
ported for lengthwise movement in bearings 38‘ is con
nected with the end of bellows 36 and preferably is a two
part member with interconnected right and left hand
threads so as to permit variation of the effective length of 70
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