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July 16, 1963
Filed March 19, 1962
William R. Housfon, Jrf
United States Patent 0 "' I (IQ.
Patented July 16, 1963
tions 4 are turned inwardly toward each other and more
William R. Houston, Jr., 107 Rodgers Sh,
Monongahela, Pa.
Filed Mar. 19, 1962, Ser. No. 180,467
1 Claim. (Cl. 224-45)
This invention relates generally to carrying devices
over are turned slightly backwardly upon themselves or
upwardly toward the arch of strap member 1 so as to
form an acute angle A as most clearly illustrated in FIG
URE 2, the reasons for which will be more fully explained
hereinafter. The leading edges of ends 5 are forked or
serrated to form prongs or pointed teeth 6 as best shown
in FIGURE 4.
My carrier is easily applied by forcing the serrated ends
and more particularly to a device for carrying garden
10 5 into the respective ends of a melon 7 and thereafter
products such as watermelons and the like.
lifting the device by the handle portion to transport the
It is commonly known that garden products such as
melon easily and safely. The pointed teeth 6 make it a
melons, pumpkins, et cetera are awkward and difficult
simple matter to plunge ends 5 into the melon ends and
for a person to carry. Various devices have heretofore
the fact that ends 5 are of strap width insures that the
been used to assist a person in this task such as the device
of T. Kailey disclosed in United States Patent No. 15 melon will not rotate in the carrier even though ends 5
are poorly centered in the melon ends.
2,978,154. However, generally speaking prior devices
The ?exibility and springiness of strap member 1 per
have not been well received because of their relative com
mits my carrier to be used with many different sizes of
plexity and cost. I have devised a melon carrier that
melons and is thus more universal in this respect. When
is not only simple in its application and use but has a
used with shorter melons than that shown in FIGURE 1,
structural simplicity heretofore unattained that allows
strap member 1 will simply ?ex or spring into a more
my carrier to be manufactured so inexpensively that they
pronounced arch. To insure that the carrier does not
are truly disposable, i.e., they can be made cheaply enough
inadvertently pull out at the melon ends, I preferably pro
to be given away by the produce seller and thereby avoid
vide that not only ends 5 are corrugated but also that
the necessity of the buyer carrying his own device with
him, which a buyer may understandably be reluctant to 25 the entire end portion 4 which extends partway up the
arch is corrugated to thus prevent ends 5 from ?exing out
do, and which likely accounts for the general lack of
of the melon ends. To further insure against ends 5 in
public acceptance of prior devices in this art.
advertently pulling out of the melon ends, I preferably
I provide a carrier for garden produce such as water
turn each end 5 not only inwardly but slightly back on
melons and the like comprising an arched strap member
itself or upwardly toward the arch so that ends 5 dig
formed from ?exible springy material having a stiffened
into the melon ends even more as the carrier is lifted.
substantially in?exible handle portion disposed centrally
thereof and stiffened substantially in?exible end portions.
Even so, it is apparent that my carrier may be easily
removed from the melon by the person simply releasing
The ends of said end portions are forked or serrated and
the handle and pulling carrier ends 5 out of the melon
wardly on itself at an acute angle. The carrier thus may 35 ends.
each turned inwardly toward the other and slightly back
It is also clear from the foreging description that my
device can be made from a single strip of material with
a minimum of forming operations to provide a useful
carrier article of such negligible cost that in a practical
manner of speaking it may truly be termed disposable.
While I have shown and described a present preferred
embodiment of the invention, it is to be distinctly under
stood that the invention is not limited thereto but may be
be formed from a single unitary strip of material, Pref
erably, the end portions and center portion are stiffened
by corrugating said portions lengthwise. The leading edge
of each end is preferably serrated to provide a number
of pointed teeth therealong.
Other details, objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent as the following description of a
present preferred embodiment thereof proceeds.
otherwise variously embodied within the scope of the fol
lowing claim.
In the accompanying drawing I have shown a present
preferred embodiment of the invention in which
I claim:
A melon carrier comprising an arched strap member
FIGURE 1 is an isometric view of the invention shown
in use with a melon;
of ?exible springy material, said arched strap member
FIGURE 2 is an enlarged side elevational view of the
being a continuous unitary strip of uniform width and
end portion of my melon carrier;
FIGURE 3 is an end elevation view taken on the line 50
having its end portions corrugated lengthwise whereby
said end portions are substantially stiff and in?exible, the
III—-III of FIGURE 2; and
ends of said end portions each being turned inwardly
FIGURE 4 is a bottom plan view of FIGURE 2.
directly toward the other and partly backwardly on the
Referring now to the drawing and initially to FIGURE
balance of its respective end portion to form an acute
1, I show my invention as it would appear in use‘ with
a melon. My melon carrier as therein shown comprises 55 angle therewith, the leading edges of said ends being ser
rated to form teeth therealong, said arched strap mem
a strap member 1 which is of a generally arched con
?guration. Strap member 1 is made of a ?exible springy
ber being corrugated lengthwise in the central portion
material such as ordinary steel strapping or may be made
thereof to form a substantially stiff and in?exible handle
of other metal or even plastic materials having the afore
portion therein.
mentioned ?exible spring characteristics. Strap member
1 is corrugated such as by the furrow 2 and curled edges
3 adjacent thereto in the central portion thereof to stiifen
said central portion and render it relatively in?exible so
that it is suitable for a handle portion. The end portions
4 are also corrugated to provide stiff substantially in 65
?exible sections. The respective ends 5 of said end por
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