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July 16, 1963
Filed Aug. 8. 1961
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
FIG. 1
Arthur G. B/omquasf
Ludo/ph Larsen
Pa/merG. Wermager
“*5- f
BYCZ. 101M101,
‘ "m
July 16, 1963
3 Sheets—Sheet 2
Filed Aug. 8. 1961
/4 B
July 16, 1963
Filed Aug. 8, 1961
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
ite States
Patented July 116, i963
nections for the operating piston 20‘ and metering valve
22 as well as furnishing a pivot mount for cylinder 48.
Arthur G. Blomquist, Ludolph Larsen, and Palmer G.
56 and 58 attached to the contactor operating arm 32
Wermager, Minneapolis, Minn., assignors, by mesne
electrically signal when the contactor 14 is retracted or
assignments, to the United States of America as repre
extended, respectively.
A pair of switches 52 and 54 operated by actuators
sented by the Secretary of the Navy
The contactor 14 comprises a contactor housing hav
Filed Aug. 8, 1961, Ser. No. 130,195
8 Claims. ((11. 2053-50)
ing telescoping upper and lower halves, 14A and 14B,
respectively. The upper half 14A houses a buffer spring
This invention relates generally to electrical connectors, 10 60 and coaxially therewithin a rider spring 62. The
lower half 1413 of the contactor housing comprises the
and more particularly it pertains to an umbilical-type elec~
contactor head 18, a probe sleeve 64, and a boot spring
trical connector for missile weapons.
66. A corrugated flexible boot 68 surrounds the springs
it is desirable to provide external electrical power to
66 and 64, protecting them from exposure to dust and
missile weapons and to monitor their electrical circuitry
as long as possible up to the actual time of their ?ring. 15 moisture and yet allowing a degree of compressive move
ment when the contactor head 18 is caused to bottom
F or this purpose, a rapid acting contactor head is extended
within a missile weapon. The boot spring 66 resiliently
into the side of the missile weapon while the latter is
biases the boot 68 upwardly, maintaining it substan
mounted in ?ring position on a launcher. A mechanism
tially in its fully extended position. Signi?cant shock
of high reliability is required to accurately position the
contactor head and to quickly withdraw it when the ?ring 20 loadings may be experienced as the contactor 14 is
rammed at high speed into engagement with a missile
signal is given.
weapon and it is therefore necessary that some sort of
Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to
shock-absorbing means be provided to avoid damage and
provide a retrictable electrical contactor for supplying ex
still assure positive engagement. This is accomplished
ternal warmup power to a missile weapon mounted on a
25 by the telescoping arrangement of the upper and lower
launcher guide arm preparator to ?ring.
halves 14A and 14B of the contactor housing and the
Another object of this invention is to provide an elec
coaxially mounted buffer and rider springs 63' and 62,
trical contactor having a contactor head for use in ?ring
respectively. By this arrangement, as contactor 14 is
missile weapons which is hydraulically operated and elec
rammed into missile weapon engagement, the telescop
trically synchronized so as to be interlocked with a launch
ing housing with its associated springs acts to minimize
er system.
shock loadings. This telescoping arrangement functions
Still another object of this invention is to provide an
in a similar manner upon Withdrawal of the contactor
electrical contactor hydraulic mechanism that opens a
head 18 from the missile weapon in the event that the
door and extends a contactor therethrough whereby the
head 18 is in over-tight engagement with the missile
door opens at the beginning of the contactor extend stroke
and closes at the end of the retract stroke thereof.
35 weapon.
Other objects and many of the attendant advantages
of this invention will be readily appreciated as the same ‘
Electrical connection is made with the contactor head
18 by means of a ?exible cable 75?.
This cable 70 ex
tends through a ball joint 72 which is urged to‘ normally
becomes better understood by reference to the follow
center by means of a centering spring 74. As the con
ing detailed description when considered in connection
40 tactor 14 is caused to reciprocate along the vertical track
with the accompanying drawings wherein:
44}, the angle of entry of the cable into the contactor is
FIG. 1 is a cutaway perspective view of a missile
constantly varied, thereby presenting a cha?ng problem.
weapon contactor embodying features of the present in
This is greatly alleviated by action of the ball joint 72 and
centering spring 74 which assures a smooth bending action
FIG. 2 is a hydraulic schematic diagram of the missile
of cable 70 as contactor 14 travels up and down. A re
weapon contactor of FIG. 1 in its extend cycle; and
turn spring 76 connected to the door operating cam 30
FIG. 3 is a hydraulic schematic diagram similar to
acts to bias the contactor 14 and the ‘door 16‘ in their re
FIG. 2 showing the missile weapon contactor in its re
tracted positions, as show-n in FIG. 3.
tract cycle.
The upper end of the door linkage 24 is attached to a
Referring now to the details of the drawings and par
ticularly to FIG. 1, there is shown therein a missile 50 pivoted door operating arm 34. This arm 34 mounts a
cam follower 36 which travels in a shaped groove 38 of
weapon contactor assembly iii. The missile weapon con
the cam 31>. The action of the groove 38 in providing a
tactor assembly 1-4) is contained in a housing 12 which
simultaneous early opening and a delayed closing of the
is secured onto the forward end of a missile launcher
door 16 with the extend and retract movements respec
guide arm (not shown). A contactor 14 is vertically
tively of the contactor 14 will be apparent from a com
mounted on a ?xed track 49‘ in this housing 12.
parison of FIGS. 2 and 3.
A hinged door 16, which is located on the bottom
The door linkage 24 comprises links 24A, 24B, 24C,
of the housing 12, opens to allow a contactor head 18
and 24D. Links 24A and 24B are interconnected to pivot
of the contactor 14 to pass therethrough. When the
in mutually perpendicular ventical planes whereby they
contactor 14 is retracted, the door 16 is caused to close
in a manner to be described. Other major components 60 may transmit movements of the door operating arm 34 to
link 24C without binding. Link 24C is pivotally mounted
of the missile contactor assembly 10 are an operating
on a wall of ‘housing 12 and pivo-tally connected to ad
piston Zil, a metering valve 22, a door linkage 24, a.
justable link 24D, which latter may be adjusted by means
contactor linkage 26, and a return spring 76.
of thumbscrews 24E from time to time to assure com
The operating piston 29 is connected to actuate both
linkages 24 and 26 through a common shaft 28, which 65 plete opening and closing of door 16.
In operation, as a missile weapon is rammed onto a
rotatably mounts a contactor operating arm 32 and a
arm preparatory to ?ring, a launcher system
door operating cam 39. The operating piston works in
control will direct hydraulic ?uid through adapter blocks
a cylinder 48 and rides over a grooved ?uid rate feed
44, 46 through the hollow sleeve 42 to metering valve 22
sleeve 59. The cylinder 48 and metering valve 22 are
pivotally mounted in the housing 12 by a sleeve 42. 70 which meters the ?uid to actuate piston 20 downwardly,
rotating contactor operating arm 32, door operating cam
The sleeve 42 with an adapter block 44 and an adapter
30, and their common shaft 28 in a clockwise direction,
block as on each end thereof provides hydraulic con—
as viewed in FIG. 1, causing contactor linkage 26 to urge
the contactor downwardly. As the door operating cam 30
engaging position whereby said door is ‘fully opened
prior to contactor missile engagement.
is rotated, the associated groove 38 is so shaped as to
cause an immediate and complete actuation of door op
4. A missile contactor as set forth in claim 1 wherein
the surfaces of said groove are so shaped as to» actuate ‘
erating arm 34 and its associated door linkage 24, fol
lowed by continued rotation of door operating cam 34
and contactor operating arm 32 ‘unattended by any fur
ther movement of members 24 and 34. This provision
the calm follower ‘and its associated door operating
arm only during the latter portion of travel of the
door operating cam whereby said contactor is sub- ‘
for lost motion between cam 30 and arm 34 is necessary
to secure a full and early opening of door 16. Similarly, 1O
on retraction of the contactor 14, said contactor is in
gagement, contactor withdrawal, and door closing is ef 15
fected by the substantially L~shaped groove 38 formed in
the cam member 30. ‘Return spring 76 always acts to
bias the contactor 14 withdrawn and the door 16 closed.
Obviously many modi?cations and variations of the
present invention are possible in the light of the above 20
teachings. It is therefore to be understood that within
the scope of the appended claims the invention may be
practiced otherwise than as speci?cally described.
What is claimed is:
l. A missile contactor ‘for use in Warming up missile 25
weapons just preparatory to ?ring, comprising
a housing,
a vertical track along which said contactor may be
caused to reciprocate, a door movable ‘between 30
opened and closed positions
to resiliently bias said telescoping portions into their
extended position whereby shock loadings en
countered by said contactor on being rammed into
missile engagement are minimized,
an electrical contactor within said housing,
a vertically disposed track along which said contactor
may be caused to reciprocate,
a door movable betwen eopen and closed positions,
a piston, and
an actuating linkage actuated by said piston and inter
connecting said door and contactor to simultaneously
lmissile engaging position, and to close the door
upon Withdrawal of said contactor.
6. A missile contactor as set forth in claim 5 further
a piston, and
an actuating linkage actuated ‘by said piston and inter
connecting said door and said contactor to simul
taneously open the door as the contactor is extended 35
into missile engagement and close the door upon full
a door operating arm pivotally mounted with respect
to the ?rst named housing,
means interconnecting said arm to said door,
said linkage comprising at least two links so disposed
as to pivot in mutually perpendicular planes whereby
a given point on said door may pivot in a plane
mutually perpendicular to the plane in which said
withdrawal of said contactor,
said actuating linkage comprising
a shaft rotatably mounted within said housing, said
contactor operating arm and said cam v‘being keyed
to said shaft to rotate therewith,
a door operating arm pivotally ‘mounted within said
arm.- pivots.
7. A missile contactor as set forth in claim 6 wherein
said groove is substantially L-shaped.
8. A missile contactor for use in Warming up missile
weapons preparatory to ?ring comprising
said cam having a groove formed therein,
a cam follower protruding from said door operating
arm for movement within said groove,
mechanical linkage interconnecting said door operat
ing arm and said door whereby said door may 2be 50
actuated ‘between open and closed positions upon
rotation of said operating arm.
2. A missile contactor as described in claim 1 wherein
said mechanical linkage interconnecting said door oper
ating arm in said door comprises
at least two pivotally mounted links for movement in
mutually perpendicular planes.
3. A missile contactor as set ‘forth in claim 1 wherein
the surfaces forming said groove are so con?gured as
to restrain ‘movement of said cam follower only dur 60
ing initial rotation of said door operating cam when
the contactor is actuated downwardly into a missile
said housing having telescopically engaged upper and
lower portions,
spring means housed within said housing functioning
open the door as the contactor is extended into a
an electrically wired contactor within said housing,
door to its closed position.
5. A missile contactor for use in Warming up missile
Weapons preparatory to ?ring comprising
a housing,
tended to be in its fully Withdrawn position before arm 34
and linkage 24 are actuated by cam 30' to close door 16.
This lost motion sequence of door opening, contactor en
a contactor operating arm,
a door operating cam,
stantially fully withdrawn prior to actuation of said
a housing,
an electrical contactor Within said housing having an
electrical cable within said contactor one end of
which is secured within one end of said contactor and
the other end of which extends toward the other end
of said contactor through a lateral opening in the con
a ball and socket joint within said contactor having a
hole through which said cable extends,
a centering spring within said contactor and in opera
tive relationship to said ball of the joint to urge said
ball toward its normally centered position in the
socket whereby said cable is caused to move smoothly
with minimal chafing action in the lateral opening.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
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