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July 23, 1963
Filed June 16, 1961
amt, '
Adam Geier, 6 Markgrafenstn, Nurnberg, Germany
Filed June 16, 1961, Ser. No. 118,237
4 Claims. (Cl. 9-335)
Patented July 23, 196.3
numeral 1 indicates bathing drawers of the usual kind
of known construction, having a ?oating body or in
?atable portion 2, the extendible upper part 3 of which
is shown de?ated and folded in concealed position in
FIG. 1 and shown extended ‘and in?ated in FIGS. 2
and 3 beyond the upper brim 4 of the bathing drawers
and up to the breastbone of the swimmer. Segments 5
The invention relates to bathing drawers with a ?oat
of the ?oating body 2 form individual vertically extend
ing body fastened on them which is in?atable by means
ing in?atable channels across the front portion of the
of an aspirating hose.
The main object of the invention is to provide a 10 drawers 1, and when in?ated insure that the ?oating body
2 tightly ?ts on the body of the swimmer, and renders
construction of bathing drawers which in the folded posi
buoyant support to that area of the svvimmer’s body
tion of the ?oating body look substantially like any usual
bathing drawers, but which, if the ?oating body is ?lled
covered by the bathing trunks. The plurality of vertical
channels 5 extend substantially from the top edge 4 of
with air will keep the head of the swimmer out of the
15 the trunks to adjacent the leg openings in the trunks, as
water even when he exhales air from his lungs.
shown in the drawings, and thus are of various lengths
Another object of the invention is to provide a con
dependent upon their placement across the front portion
struction of bathing drawers or trunks which contain
of the trunks.
?otation means for supporting the front portion of the
According to the exempli?ed bathing drawers all the
body from somewhat below the hips to the area of the
20 in?atable vertical channels or segments 5 positioned with
in the drawers are connected in communication with
A further object of the invention is to provide a con
the extendible and foldable upper part 3 which is con
struction of bathing drawers having in?atable ?otation
nected with an aspirating hose 6 for inflating the entire
chambers within the drawers communicating with a fold
?oating body 2, the free end 7 of which is occluded by
able in?atable chamber portion which may be extended
from the waist section of the drawers for engaging the 25 means of a stopper 8 which is connected to the hose by a
strap or the like so it cannot get lost. In particularly
front portion of the body.
important cases it is recommendable to provide two ?oat
Other and further objects of the invention are set
ing bodies the segments of which are comblike ?tted into
forth more fully in the speci?cation hereinafter follow
each other and connected by means of a double hose
ing and will become apparent by reference to the ac
with a double closure stopper in the shape of a fork for
companying drawings, in which:
occluding the end of the double hose.
FIG. 1 is a front perspective view showing bathing
The ?oating body 2 is constructed of a material which
drawers according to the invention with the ?oating body
will allow the ?oating body to lie in?ated and remain
evacuated and the upper part thereof in folded position;
in the in?ated position for buoying up the swimmer some
IG. 2 is a front perspective showing the same bath
ing drawers with the ?oating body in?ated and disposed 35 what like a small air mattress. In the de?ated position
in the extended position; and
the opposite side walls of the ?oating body lay substan
FIG. 3 is ran enlarged longitudinal section -view through
tially in contact with each other so that the deflated
the bathing drawers, and being taken substantially along
?oating body takes up little room within the bathing
line 3—3 of FIG. 2.
According to the invention an upper foldable part of
the ?oating body or in?atable chamber extends upwardly
beyond the waist band ‘of the bathing drawers, in such
a way that this upper part reaches as far as to the breast
The foldable top part of the ?oating body is comprised
of several horizontally disposed in?atable channels 3
joined along their horizontal edges as shown in FIG. 3,
with the vertically disposed channels or segments 5
opening into the lowermost horizontal channel of the top
bone of the swimmer in the unfolded position, whereby 45
part. Thus it can be seen that all portions of the ?oat
this part with the aspirating hose which is connected
ing body are simultaneously in?ated by the hose 6.
thereto is collapsible when void of air. Bathing drawers
The front portion of the top horizontal channel or hose
according to the invention are, therefore, put on in the
like strip 9‘ of the ?oating body 2 is preferably covered
usual way below the centre of gravity of the body, but
by a band of fabric 101 which looks like material from
when the upper portion of the ?oating body is unfolded
which 1a girdle is constructed, that is, elasticized material.
and ?lled with air it extends far enough beyond the
This band of fabric 10‘ is mainly for purposes of render
centre of gravity of the human body upwards so that
ing a better appearance to the bathing drawers, but in
the head of the swimmer is above the water level even if
addition carries suitable patent fasteners 11 of known
he should have deeply breathed out to de?ate his lungs.
This gives the non-swimmer as well as the swimmer, in 55 design adjacent its ends, as shown more particularly in
FIGS. 1 and 2, for connecting the fabric band 10 to
case of over-fatigue, always the feeling of absolute safety
corresponding cooperating fasteners on the upper waist
so that any swimmer can fully enjoy swimming eve-n if
band 4 of the bathing drawers 1, as indicated in FIG. 1,
he should physically not entirely be equal to the strain of
when the top portion 3 of the ?oating body is in the de
this sport. The collapsible and foldable upper part of
?ated folded position.
the ?oating body does not cause any di?‘iculty when bring
When the extended upper portion 3 of the ?oating body
ing the whole ?oating body into operative position, such
2 ‘as shown in FIG. 3 is de?ated and folded into con
as when standing in shallow water. The entire ?oating
cealment into the bathing drawers, as indicated in FIG. 1,
body can be in?ated and de?ated, and the upper portion
the lowermost horizontal channel 3, as shown in FIG. 3,
folded and hidden again around the waist of the bathing
drawers without others around the swimmer knowing 65 is ?rst folded down into the drawers so as to overlie
the inner wall of segments 5. The center horizontal
what is being done.
channel 3 is then folded upwardly upon the previous
The collapsible upper part of the ?oating body may
mentioned channel 3', over the top edge of the waist band
be inserted in a pocket inside the bathing drawers or
4 and then downwardly in overlying relation over the
be folded back and forth upon itself in zigzag form,
serving at the same time as a girdle, fastened on the bath 70 front face of the bathing drawers. The uppermost hori
zontal channel 3, that is, channel 9‘, is then folded up
ing drawers by means of suitable patent fasteners.
wardly, back upon the previous fold so that the fabric
Referring to the drawings in greater detail, reference
band 10 faces the front of the drawers. The fabric
band is then secured in place by fasteners 11, as shown in
FIG. 1, and the hose 6 is placed interior of the drawers
to thereby conceal substantially all of the ?oating body
plurality of horizontally disposed chambers being of a
size to cover the front portion of the wearer from the
top of said trunks to substantially the breastbone, said
vertical air channels terminating adjacent the top edge of
said trunks and opening into communication with said
3. The entire upper portion 3 is very ?exible when de
?ated and when being folded into concealment the folds
plurality of horizontally disposed air chambers, in?at
are not necessarily made at the places where adjacent
ing tube means connected with one of said horizontal
horizontal channels 3 are joined.
:air chambers for simultaneous in?ation of said plurality
Folded girdle elements 12 and 13 connected to the
of horizontally disposed air chambers above said trunks
?oating body as well as the back catch 14, connected to 10 and said vertically disposed air channels within said
the bathing drawers, insure an elastic ?tting of the bath
trunks, and support bands connected between the back
ing trunks while at the same time freeing the ?oating
portion of said trunks and opposite ends of the upper
body 2 from inadmissible stresses. As shown in FIGS.
most horizontally disposed air chamber of said plurality
2 and 3, the top horizontal channel 9 has one end of
of horizontally disposed air chambers and normally en
each of the bands 15 and 16 connected thereto with the 15 gaging the sides of the wearer for maintaining said hori
opposite ends of the bands 15 and 16 connected to the
zontally disposed air chambers in position.
back of the bathing trunks, as shown in FIG. 2, to insure
2. The combination :as set forth in claim 1 in which
a tight-?tting of the upper part 3, of the in?ated ?oating
said plurality of vertically disposed in?atable air chan
body to the body of the swimmer. These bands fold
nels extend substantially from the top edge of the trunks
inside the trunks when the upper portion 3 is folded into 20 to adjacent the leg openings in said trunks.
3. The combination as set forth in claim 2 in which
To bring the upper portion 3 of the ?oating body
said plurality of vertically disposed air channels have
into operation the fasteners 11 are released and by pulling
varied lengths dependent upon their placement across
upwardly on horizontal channel 9 the entire upper por
the front portion of the trunks.
tion is unfolded to the position shown in ‘FIG. 3. The 25
4. The combination as set forth in claim 1 in which
?oating body is then in?ated by blowing into air hose
certain of said horizontally disposed air chambers are
6 and the end is then occluded by stopper 8.
disposed to be folded interior of the top edge of the
While I have described my invention in one of its
trunks and certain of said horizontally disposed air
preferred embodiments I realize that modi?cations can
chambers are disposed to be folded exterior of the top
be made and I desire that it be understood that no limita 30 edge of the trunks in the de?ated position.
tions upon my invention are intended other than may
be imposed by the scope of the appended claims.
What I claim is:
1. A pair of bathing trunks including a plurality of
vertically disposed in?atable air channels connected 3 UK
across the front portion of the trunks and interior
thereof, :a plurality of horizontally disposed in?atable air
channels communicatingly connected with each other
along their horizontal edges and disposed to extend above
the top edge of the trunks in their in?ated position, said 40
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