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July 23, 1963
Filed May 15, 1962
Via/or J,‘ 52014741126‘ .
United States Patent 0
Patented July 23, 1963
16 and 17, respectively, sealed or glazed to prevent the
passage of liquid therethrough. Said cups 13 and 15 are
Victor J. Sundquist, 16850 Stansbury, Detroit, Mich.
provided with substantially identical ball receiving pock
ets 18 and 19, respectively, the surface of which 21 and
23, respectively, is rough and unglazed so as to permit
the absorption of a solvent, such as water, by the cups
Filed May 15, 1%2, Ser. No. 194,843
3 Claims. (Cl. 15—5il6)
This invention pertains to golf ball cleaning devices
and more particularly to that type of such devices as is
portable and readily carried on a golfer’s person or in
his golf bag.
upon the supplying of the same thereto.
Said pockets 18 and 19 are also hemispherical and are
formed slightly smaller in their radius than that of a
10 golf ball to be cleaned, the surfaces 21 ‘and 23 of said
It will be appreciated that during a round of golf there
pockets being preferably concentric with the glazed outer
are many occasions for the ball to become stained,
roughened, or covered with dirt or other foreign matter,
or for the surface of the golf ball to otherwise lose its
surfaces 16 and 17 of said cups 13 and 15. Thus, when
like, or shoot the ball into a sand trap or other hazard
on the cup 13 adjacent its rim 37. Said band 35 may be
a golf ball is inserted in the cups 13 and 15 it will com
press the elastic material thereof and expand said pockets
regular and glossy character. Such stains and the like 15 13 and 19, as shown at 31 and 32 (FIG. 3). In this
manner there is provided intimate resilient gripping con
not only mar the appearance of the ball, thus annoy
tact between the outer surface of a dirty golf ball and
ing and distracting the golfer, but can, if not removed,
the rough surfaces 21 and 23 of the cup pockets 18
affect the ?ight or roll of the ball resulting in inaccurate
and 19.
shots and putts.
In order to hold the cups 13 and 15 together in a closed
For instance, a well hit iron shot usually requires the 20
position for ease and convenience in carrying and han
taking of some grass or sod causing the ball to pick up
dling between uses, an annular band 35 (FIG. 2) of plas
some dirt or to become stained with grass. Then too,
tic or other relatively non-expansible material is mounted
even the best players occasionally hit a bush, tree or the
whereupon the ball will become bark stained, covered 25 held on the cup 13 by friction whereupon it necessarily
with sand, or its surface marred.
must be constructed with a slightly smaller diameter than
Many of these oc
currences take place on or near the fairway or green,
that of the rim of the cup‘ 13 at its area of contact there
away from the large stationary washers sometimes pro
with. However, preferably the band 35 is more posi
vided at the tee.
tively held on the cup 13 by gluing or heat fusion as
shown at ‘39 (FIG. 2) or by means of protrusions or
the like (not shown) on the inner surface of said band 35.
The band 35 is adapted to removably fasten the cup
15 to the cup 13 through the medium of a thickened
Thus the player must either try to
remove the foreign matter by rubbing the ball in his
hands or on his clothing, bag or the like, or play the
ball as it is found with the disadvantages above noted.
Of course Where the clothing, bag, etc. are used in an
attempt to clean the ball these items are left dirty and
unsightly. Moreover, where the hands are used they
portion 41 (FIG. 2) thereof, which portion 41 extends
outward from the plane of the rim 37 of said cup 13 and
radially inward from the peripheral rim portion of said
may become dirty and slippery, thus interfering with the
golfer’s grip on the club.
cup 13'.
otherwise prepared for good frictional or mechanical con
tact with the peripheral rim portion 45 of the cup 15.
When said rim portion ‘45 is compressed ‘and squeezed
within the thickened portion 41 of said band 35 it will
be ?rmly held thereby, thus maintaining said cups 13
and 15 in generally sphere appearing relationship, see
which will ?rmly rub and polish the surface of the ball.
Another object is to provide a portable golf ball clean
ing device that will supply a solvent, such as water, to
the ball while cleaning the same.
Still another object of this invention is to provide a
FIGS. 1 and 2.
solvent carrying portable golf ball cleaning device which
will release the solvent only during cleaning of the ball,
‘In operation before beginning a round of golf the
player opens the cleaning device 11 by putting pressure
thereby avoiding release thereof at undesired times, such
as when the device is being carried in the player’s cloth
ing or his golf bag.
A further object is to provide a golf ball cleaning
device requiring a minimum contact of the player’s hands
with the surface of the dirty ball or with the solvent
that may be used to assist in the cleaning operation.
These and other objects and advantages of the present
invent-ion will become apparent from the following de
with his ?ngers on the cup 15 adjacent its rim portion
45 and ?rmly, but gently, pulling the two cups 13 and
15 ‘apart by withdrawing said portion 45 from its gripping
contact with the inner surface 43 of the band 35. Water
or other solvent may then be supplied to the pockets 18
and 19 of said cups, and due to the porous nature of
the surfaces 21 and 23 thereof and the liquid absorbing
quality of the material of which said cups are made a
considerable amount of the solvent will be retained by
scription and accompanying drawing in which:
said cups 113 and 15. Because of the glazed outer sur
faces 16 and 17 of said cups, however, this solvent will
not pass through said surfaces, thereby keeping the ex
FIG. 1 is an elevation of a golf ball cleaning device
embodying the present invention shown closed for car
rying on the golf course.
FIG. 2 is a section taken along the line 2-—~2 of FIG. 1.
FIG. 3 is a section similar to that of FIG. 2 but with
the device shown opened and in position to clean a golf
ball that has been placed therein.
The preferred embodiment of the golf ball cleaning
device 11 of my present invention illustrated in the draw
ing is generally spherical in shape, see FIG. 1. The de
The inner surface 43 of this thickened band
portion 41 may be roughened, provided with bumps or
One object of the present invention is, therefore, to
provide an improved portable golf ball cleaning device.
Another object is to provide a golf ball cleaning device
terior of the cleaning device dry and conserving the
solvent contained therein.
The cups 13 and 15 are then again fastened together
and the cleaning device closed, as shown in FIG. 2, by
reversing the opening operation described above. As
previously noted the roughened inner surface 43 of the
band 35 will ?rmly grip the peripheral rim portion 45
of the cup 15. Hence, the two cups 13 and 15 will be
vice 11 comprises two substantially identical hemispheri
fastened together in such a manner as to prevent ‘any
cal halves or cups 13 and 15 (FIG. 2) constructed of a 70 escape of the solvent either at their joint or through the
liquid absorbing, porous and elastic material, such as
sponge or foam rubber, and having their outer surfaces
exterior surface ‘of said cups. Thus, the cleaning device
11 may be placed in the golfer’s pocket or his golf bag
matter from the ball and clean the same, and fastening
means on the peripheral rim of one of said cups for
encircling the peripheral rim of the other of said cups
without fear that the solvent will leak out and wet the
When during play the golfer desires to clean his golf
when a ball is not in cleaning position, said fastening
means, cups and the pockets therein being constructed
and proportioned so that during cleaning of said golf ball
said fastening means does not encircle the peripheral
ball he merely opens the cleaning device, as above de
scribed, and inserts said ball into the pocket of one of
said cups 13 or 15. He then places the other cup over
the protruding portion of said ball so that it is received in
rim of said other cup.
the pocket of said other cup and pushes the cups together
2. A portable golf ball cleaning device comprising two
in the direction of the arrows A and B (FIG. 3) to ?rmly
seat the ball in said pockets and expand the same so that 10 hemispherically-shaped porous, elastic cups, each cup
having a hemispherical golf ball receiving pocket therein
they resiliently grip the surface of the ball.
The cups 13 and 15 are then turned, twisted or rotated
about the ball in the direction of the arrows C and D
(FIG. 3) While applying gentle pressure in the direction
of the arrows A and B. Thereupon, some solvent will be
released from the cups 13 and 15 and will ?ow over
the ball contained therein while the rough surfaces 21
and 23 of the pockets 18 and 19‘ will rub the dirty sur
face of the ball and with the assistance of the solvent
remove all foreign matter therefrom leaving it clean and
of slightly smaller radius than that of a golf ball and
having a glazed liquid impervious outer surface, and a
relatively non-expansible band secured to one of said
cups adjacent its rim, said band having a portion extend
ing outward from the plane of said one cup’s rim and
radially inward therefrom to receive, compress and fric
tionally grip the rim portion of said other cup to maintain
said cups in sphere appearing relationship when a ball
20 is not in cleaning position.
The cups 13 and 15 may then be removed from around
3. A portable golf ball cleaning device comprising
two porous, elastic cups, each cup having a hemispherical
the ball which is now clean and again ready for play.
golf ball receiving pocket therein of slightly smaller radius
Said cups are then fastened together again and the device
‘returned to the place where it is carried until needed
again. The player’s golf ball may thus be cleaned time
and time again in the course of around of golf, the solvent
supply held -in the porous material of the cups 13 and 15
than that of a golf ball, and means mounted on one of
being sui?cient for many cleanings.
While a preferred embodiment of the present inven
tion has been described, it will be understood that various
changes and modi?cations may be made in the details
thereof without departing from the spirit and scope of the
appended claims.
Having thus described the invention, what I claim
as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:
l. A portable golf ball cleaning device comprising two
elastic cups, each having a pocket shaped to be expanded
by a golf ball received therein, whereby upon placement
of a golf ball in said pockets and twisting of said cups 40
relative to each other the surface of said golf ball is
rubbed by the surfaces of said pockets to remove foreign
said cups having a surface arranged to compress and
frictionally grip the exterior peripheral rim surface por
tion of said other cup whereby said cups may be remov~
ably fastened together, and to provide a liquid tight con
tact with said peripheral rim portion of said other cup
to prevent the escape of liquid therebetween when a ball
is not in cleaning position.
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