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July 23, 1963
Filed NOV. 21, 1960
2 sheets_sheet 1
Ronald .M'. 6Lm£erl
FY _' zzwywdza
July 23, 1963
Filed Nov. 21. 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent 0 M cc
Patented July 23, 1963
front, ba?led at points in its transverse extent, and em
braces a novel vibrator assembly; all in the manner and
Ronald M. Guntert, Stockton, Cali?, assignor to Gun
for the purposes hereinafter described.
A further object of the invention is to provide a prac~
tical, reliable, and durable hopper unit for concrete slab
tert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Ina, Stockton, Calm,
a corporation of California
Filed Nov. 21, 1960, Ser. No. 70,554
5 Claims. (Cl. 94-46)
laying machines, and a hopper unit which is exceedingly
effective for the accomplishment of the purposes for
which it is designed.
These objects are accomplished by means of such
The present invention relates to improvements, in a 10 structure and relative arrangement of parts as will fully
appear by a perusal of the following speci?cation and
slab laying machine, which enhance the control and
quality of the material, such as concrete mix, placed on
In the drawings:
a sub-grade. While especially designed for use in con
FIG. 1 is a sectional elevation, taken in a longitudinal
nection with a concrete slab laying machine for highway
construction and is hereinafter so described, the inven 15 vertical plane, of the improved hopper unit as mounted
in connection with a slab laying machine; the latter being
tion is not restricted to such an adaptation and can be
shown only in part, and mainly in elevational outline.
embodied in machines for placing material, whether con
FIG. 2 is a foreshortened, transverse sectional eleva
crete or other mix, on the sub-grade of different struc
tion, substantially on line 2—-2 of FIG. 1.
tures such as airport landing strips, canals, dams, etc.
FIG. 3 is a foreshortened, fragmentary plan View, part
In the slab laying machine, the mix is deposited in con
ly in section, substantially on line 3—~3t of FIG. 2.
trolled quantity and at selective points in a frame-sup
Referring now more particularly to the drawings, and
ported, forwardly mounted, transversely extending hopper
to the characters of reference marked thereon, the novel
by means of a mix receiving, feeding and blending re
hopper unit is mounted in connection with a concrete
ceptacle-such as a bucket—movable transversely back
and forth above but closely adjacent the hopper; there be 25 slab laying machine, indicated generally and in part at
1; such machine including a rigid main frame 2 suitably
ing a pan or screed on the frame above the prepared sub
grade immediately rearwardly of the hopper, and said
supported above, and for travel along, the sub-grade 3.
The main frame 2 is provided, at the bottom, with a lon
gitudinally extending pan or screed 4 spaced above the
broken ?ow onto such sub-grade so that the pan as it 30 sub-grade '3‘. At its front end the pan 4, which is of a
width at least equal to that of the slab, includes a for—
works in following relation spreads the mix to proper
hopper-in which a quantity of the mix always remains-—
continuously and directly distributing such mix in un
thickness as well as surfacing the resultant slab.
As the machine advanced there was heretofore a tend
ency for the concrete mix, as deposited on the sub-grade,
wardly and upwardly inclined lip 5.
A roller carriage 6 is mounted atop the from portion
of the main frame 2 for back and forth powered travel
to recurringly surge rearwardly toward the pan, and 35 transversely thereof; such roller carriage being ?tted with
a forwardly projecting arm structure 7‘ which includes a
due-—among factors—to the ?uctuation of the amount of
offset portion 7a intermediate its ends, and
mix in the hopper and attendant increase or decrease in
a lower front portion 7b extending some distance ahead
the head pressure of said mix. Such rearward surging
formed slab back of said pan; the result being undesira
ble “waves” in such slab.
It is, therefore, the major object of this invention to
provide, in a concrete slab‘ laying machine of the type
of said main frame '2. The front portion 7b of the arm
structure 7 supports a concrete mix receiving, {feeding ‘and
blending receptacle or bucket 8 having a mix flow control
gate 9 at the bottom thereof. The bucket 8, by means of
the carriage 6, is adapted [to be shuttled back and forth
hopper unit, as above, which is adjustably gated at the
l?éhaving predetermined clearance above the sub
was transmitted in the mix beneath the pan and to the
transversely of the machine; said bucket 8‘ being supplied
described, a novel hopper unit which is constructed in a
manner and operative in association with said feeding 45 with concrete mix from any suitable type of apparatus,
such as a mixer, disposed alongside the sub-grade 3.
receptacle to prevent such surge of the mix in the direc
By reason of the mounting of the bucket 8 in connec
tion of and beneath the pan, whereby to preclude the
with the downwardly ‘offset front portion 712 of the
formation of the undesirable “waves” in the concrete slab
arm structure 7, the top or receiving height of such bucket
as laid by the machine. Such hopper unit is a modi?ca
is relatively low which permits of ready loading of such
tion of the corresponding part of the machine illustrated 50 bucket without undue elevation of the mix.
Also, with.
in co-pending United States patent application Serial No.
the bucket 8 mounted as described, its discharge or feed
15,871, ?led March 18, 1960.
ing point is relatively low so as to minimize gravitational
Another important object of this invention is to pro
impact of the mix as discharged from said bucket 8 into
vide a hopper unit, as in the preceding paragraph, which 55 a transversely extending, frame-supported mix accumulat—
includes means de?ning——immediately ahead of and con
ing and distributing hopper indicated generally at 10. The
junctively related to the pan——an open bottom, upwardly
hopper 10 is forwardly mounted on the main frame 2
extending, surge damping chamber in which the concrete
ahead of the pan 4 above the sub-grade 3 and below the
mix can rise and fall to compensate for the aforesaid in
bucket 8.
crease and decrease in the head pressure of the mix be
The bucket ‘8, as moved back and forth above the
fore it enters beneath the pan. \In this way the head
hopper ltl, serves the purpose not only of feeding mix to I
pressure on the mix, beneath said pan, is equalized or
said hopper with a minimum of gravitational impact, but
maintained substantially constant, and the slab is thus
also makes possible the feeding of the mix to selected
produced with a uniform surface. Such surge chamber
points in the hopper to blend as well as equalize the load
also serves to compensate for or absorb rearward surging 65 therein.
in the mix which under certain circumstances may also
The hopper 10, which is supported in part by longi
be caused by a vibrator assembly which is associated with
tudinal side beams 11 which project forwardly from the
the hopper unit for the purpose of consolidating the mix
main frame 2, comprises a rear wall 12 disposed at a for
as deposited on the sub-grade but before entry under the
ward and downward incline, and merging at its lower edge
70 with the upper edge of the lip *5; the latter thus forming a
An additional object of the invention is to provide a > part of the rear wall of the hopper. Vertical end walls
grade-project forwardly from the rear wall 12, and a
front wall 14 extends between the forward portions of
The intermediate walls 16 have openings 32 there
through, and the foremost ones of such openings permit
of the passage and vertical adjustment of the cross shaft
said end walls 13. The front wall 14 is pivoted, as at 15,
for forward or rearward adjustment, being maintained in
any selected position of adjustment by suitable means,
Vertical aprons, one of which is indicated at 33, are
such as a quadrant arrangement as shown. The front wall
14 includes a depending vertically adjustable front gate
14:: whereby to permit, and yet control, flow of the mix
to some extent onto the sub-grade ahead of the machine.
mounted on—and project rearwardly from-the front wall
14, whereby to lap the end walls 13 and the intermediate
walls 16 in any position of adjustment of said front wall.
The end to end, transversely extending, forwardly fac
This forward ?ow of the mix permits placing thereof up 10
ing baf?e plates 18—-being spaced ahead of the rear wall
to an adjoining slab, supplements the voluumetric capacity
of the hopper, and aids—-together with the hereinafter
12, including lip 5—form an open bottom, upwardly ex
described surge chamber-—in minimizing the undesirable
tending, surge damping chamber 34 which extends the
rearward surge of the mix beneath the pan; the gate 140,
full width of the hopper 10, even though intersected by
being adjustable, allowing setting for passage over ob
the intermediate walls 16.
structions, or over pre~placed, or concurrently placed,
When the slab laying machine is in operation and ad
vancing along the sub-grade 3, concrete mix is supplied
slab reinforcement.
The hopper 10, which is of a transverse width approxi
to the aforementioned mix-receiving portion or area of
hopper 10 as the bucket 8 is shuttled back and forth trans
mating that of the pan 4, includes—at spaced points
intermediate the end walls 13—¢a plurality of vertically
disposed, intermediate walls ‘16 which extend ‘from the
versely of the direction of travel; such mix, indicated at
35, thence being continuously and directly distributed on
the sub-grade from such portion of said hopper. The
rate of distribution of the mix from the hopper is such
that a head 36 of the mix normally remains in said hop
rear wall 12‘ to adjacent the [front wall 14; the intermediate
walls 16 being ?tted at their upper edge with longitudinal
bars 17. The intermediate walls 16 not only strengthen
the hopper but prevent undue side flow of the mix, as—
for example-when the machine is working on a trans
per, but which head does not rise above the upper edges
of the baffle plates 18. For the purpose of clarity, a por
tion of the mix 35 is shown as broken away below the
head 36, as in FIG. 1.
verse slope.
Between each end wall 13 and the adjacent intermediate
wall 16, and between adjacent intermediate walls 16, the
As the hopper always contains a residual supply of
hopper unit includes a forwardly fa‘cing baf?e plate 18, 30 mix, the latter acts to level off irregularities or variance
each such baf?e plate being ?tted, ‘at the upper edge, with
in the ?ow of said mix from the mixer or the like to the
a rod 19 carrying outwardly projecting trunnions 20 at
the ends. Such t-runnions 20 are engaged in correspond
bucket 8.
With the mix continuously and directly distributing from
the hopper 10 onto the sub-grade 3, being vibrated and
formed with a vertical row of such notches in order that 35 consolidated by the vibrators 23 and 25, such mix is then
the baffle plates 18 may be adjusted up or down as desired.
spread by the pan 4 to form the slab, indicated at 37.
ing notches of upstanding brackets 21, each of which is
Certain of such upstanding, notched brackets are mounted
in connection with the end walls 13, while the remainder
The vibrators 25 are so located relative to the mix re
ceiving and accumulating portion of the hopper to cause
of said brackets are ?xed on the longitudinal bars 17 at
the upper edges of the intermediate walls 16.
Adjacent but short of their lower edges, the ba?ie plates
18 abut, at the rear, against stops 22; certain of such stops
being on the end walls 13, while the remainder are on the
intermediate walls 16-—all as shown.
an initial consolidation of the mix as ?rst delivered to the
sub-grade beneath said hopper. The vibrator 23, whose
low point is substantially ?ush with the pan, further con
solidates the mix, driving the heavier rock downward, and
bringing grout to the surface as desirable for proper ?n
18 mg.
By mounting the transverse ba?le plates 18 as above 45
Due to the fact that the head 36 of the mixiin the hop
described, they can be adjusted up or down, and can also
per 10 is variable for the reason previously described,
swing forwardly from- the stops 22.
the head pressure of said mix as distributed onto thesub
In any position of vertical adjustment of the baffle
grade. 3 increases or decreases and heretofore caused the
plates 18, their lower edges occupy a position in a hori
undesirable surging in the mix beneath the pan 4 and
zontal plane above that of the pan 4, while the upper edges 50 “waves” in the resultant slab. Further-aud although nor
of said ba?ie plates are always above the maximum height
mally effective to aid in countering such surging-the vi
of the concrete mix in the mix-receiving portion or area
brators 23 and 25 may, under certain circumstances, have
of the hopper 10 between said baffle plates and the front
a contrary effect as, for example, upon stopping of the
wall, and into which portion of the hopper the concrete
machine without stopping the vibrators, starting the vi
mix is delivered, in blending relation and with a minimum 55 brators 'before starting the machine, or variation of travel
of gravitational impact, from the bucket 8.
speed inconsistent with the amount of vibration.
A horizontal, transversely extending, tubular vibrator
With the present hopper unit, a quantity of the mix, as
23, preferably of eccentrically adjustable type, is mounted
distributed on the sub-grade 3 from the hopper 10, will-——
in a position directly ahead of the lower portion of the
ahead of pan 4—rise or fall in the surge damping cham
hp 5; such vibrator here being shown as belt, driven, as 60 ber 34, as a relief area or the point of least resistance, as
at 24.
at 38, upon increase or decrease, respectively, in the head
Longitudinal vibrators, such as electrically actuated
pressure of the mix. With such rise and fall of the mix
“stinger” type, are mounted in connection with hopper 10
in the surge damping chamber 34, the mix beneath the
and occupy a position beneath the mix-receiving portion
pan 4 is subject only to a substantially constant head pres
or area thereof; one of such vibrators being indicated at
sure so that the pan produces a slab having a smooth uni
25. Each such longitudinal vibnator 25 is supported by
form surface. Such substantially constant head pressure
a spring mount 26 adjustably secured to a horizontal,
beneath the pan is attained by virtue of the fact that vari
transversely extending cross shaft 27‘ carried on upwardly
ance in head pressure ahead of the pan is equalized
and rearwardly inclined arms, one of which is indicated at
through the medium of the surge damping chamber 34
28. Each such arm is pivoted, as at 29, to the back side
functioning as described. In addition to equalizing surg~
of the ‘front wall 14 adjacent its lower edge. The cross
ing caused by differential head pressure, the chamber 34
shaft 27 is vertically adjustably suspended by cable means
is also functional to damp surging resultant from other
30 which extend upwardly to a Windlass shaft 31. As so
Further, the surge damping chamber 34 provides a min~
mounted, the vibrators 25 are adjustable relative to the
sub-grade 3 as working conditions may require.
75 imum head for the effective discharge or release of en
trapped air from the mix as it is consolidated ‘and imme
movable above-ground slab forming pan, and a mix-re
diately before entry beneath and working by the pan.
Under certain circumstances, the slab laying machine
ceiving hopper disposed immediately ahead of the pan
and open to the ground, the hopper including a rear wall
extending upwardly from the front end of the pan and
transversely of the machine, and ‘forwardly extending end
may be reversed in its direction of travel; i.e. run rear
Ward'ly for a short ‘distance before again advancing.
walls; a transversely extending upstanding baffle plate
structure in the hopper extending between the end walls
ahead of and relatively close to but spaced from the rear
When the machine is so run rearwardly, the transverse
ba?le plates 18 are free to swing forwardly and upwardly,
and hence do not constitute a drag on any portion of the
wall, means to vfeed mix into the hopper ahead of the baffle
mix that may extend upwardly into the surge damping
chamber 34.
10 plate structure and to a level above the lower edge thereof,
such structure being ‘disposed with said lower edge a ma
terial distance above the pan; the ba?le plate structure
comprising a plurality of separate normally alined baffle
plates, with separate means separately pivoting the ba?le
While this speci?cation sets forth in ‘detail the present 15 plates at their upper edges in the hopper for fore and aft
swinging movement, and stop means in the hopper pre
and preferred construction of the device, still in practice
venting rearward swinging of the baffle plates from a pre
such deviations from such detail may be restored to as do
determined position.
not form a departure from the spirit of the invention, as
4. A machine, las in claim 3, in which said pivot means
de?ned by the appended claims.
Having thus ‘described the invention, the following is 20 comprises end trunnions on each ba?le plate ‘and brackets
mounted on the hopper, each bracket having a vertical
claimed as new and useful and upon which Letters Patent
row of notches to selectively and turnably seat the trun
is desired:
1. In a slab laying machine which includes 1a forwardly
5. In a slab laying machine which includes a forwardly
movable above-ground slab forming pan, and a mix-re
ceiving hopper disposed immediately ahead of the pan 25 movable above-ground slab forming pan, and a mix-re
ceiving hopper disposed immediately ahead of the pan
and open to the ground, the hopper including a rear wall
and open to the ground, the hopper including a rear wall
extending upwardly from the front end of the pan and
extending upwardly from the front end of the pan and
transversely of the machine, and forwardly extending end
transversely of the machine, end walls, and a front wall;
walls; a transversely extending upstanding baf?e plate
a longitudinally extending vibrator disposed in the hopper
structure in the hopper extending ‘between the end walls
relatively close to the ground, and means mounting said
ahead of and relatively close to but spaced from the rear
vibrator in connection with the front wall for vertical ad
wall, means to feed mix into the hopper ahead of the
justment relative thereto; said means comprising an arm
ba?le plate structure and to a level above the lower edge
projecting rearwardly from and pivoted at its front end
thereof, such structure being disposed with said lower
edge a material distance above the pan; the lower portion 35 on the front wall, means connected to the arm adjacent
its rear end to swing said arm about its pivot and to hold
of the rear wall being disposed with a downward slope to
the arm in any position of adjustment, and a spring mount
the rear; and a transverse tubular vibrator extending be
connecting the arm adjacent its rear end and the vibrator
tween the end walls and located in a transverse plane be
adjacent its forward end.
tween said wall portion and the lower edge of the ba?le
plate ‘structure and in a horizontal plane adjacent but 40
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
slightly above the level of the pan but below that of said
lower edge of the baf?e plate structure.
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movable above-ground slab forming pan, and a mix-re
From the foregoing ‘description, it will be readily seen
that there has been produced such a ‘device as substan
tially ful?lls the objects of the invention, as set forth
ceiving hopper disposed immediately ahead of the pan 45
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in the hopper for forward swinging movement from a pre
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determined normal position.
3. In a slab laying machine which includes a forwardly
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transversely of the machine, and forwardly extending end
walls; a transversely extending upstanding ba?le plate
structure in the hopper extending between the end walls
ahead of and relatively close to but spaced from the
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