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July 23, 1963
Filed Dec. 19, 1960
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United States Patent 0 ”
Patented July 23, 1963
FIG. 3 the socket means 16 has a generally elliptical
shape and de?nes a transversely elongated axially ex
tending opening :18 having a major axis X and a minor
James W. Holzman, Muhlenhnrg Park, Pa, msignor to
Dana Corporation, Toledo, Ohio, a corporation of
Filed Dec. 19, 196i), §er. No. 76,583
3 Claims. (Cl. 114-221)
This invention reiates to improvements in retrieving
axis Y. The major axis X is proportioned to conform
to and frictionally engage the outer diameter 20 of the eye
portion 22 of a hook 24 for allowing a limited pivotal
movement thereof within the socket'means ‘16. The minor
axis Y, which is slightly larger than the thickness of eye
22, is prepared to limit rotative movement and pivotal
devices in general and more particularly to a device for 10 movement in a direction other than the X axis of the
hook 24 relative to socket 16‘ while it is contained therein
effecting the engagement of a line or winch cable with an
by engaging the sides 26 and 28 of the eye 22'.
inaccessible attaching means such as the bow eye of a
A pair of axially aligned and diametrically opposed
boat when being moored or loaded on a trailer.
slots 30 and 32 are disposed in the substantially ?at sur
The act of preparing a boat for loading onto a trailer
‘faces 34 and 36 of the socket means 16, providing the
or for mooring presents an objectionable condition, in the
socket means with a‘ ?rst and a second jaw 38 and 40.
absence of ‘an operable retrieving device, since someone
These slots originate at the outer opening of socket
must walk precariously down a cat-walk or wade into
means 16 and extend axially along the retrieving device
water in order to attach the trailer winch cable hook
10 for a distance su?icient to allow the socket means 16
to the bow eye of the boat.
Prior art devices which attempt to overcome this objec 20 to be resiliently deformed thereby elongating its major
tionable condition generally comprise a closed hook hav
ing a winch cable or mooring line secured thereto and
further are provided with a tapered socket which is fric
axis X. This elongation resiliently spreads apart the jaws
38 and 40 thereby ‘allowing the eye 22 of the hook 24
to be inserted therein while still retaining the required
resilient spring tension for the jaws 38 and 40 of socket
tionally held on an end of a pole. The opeartor can hold
the pole in his hand and reach out with it to engage the 25 means 16 to ?rmly grip and frictionally engage the eye
portion 22. While a single slot may operate satisfactorily,
hook in the bow eye of the boat and then withdraw the
two slots are preferred to provide proper resiliency and
pole from the book. The efficiency of this type of device
a symmetrical balance of forces. It will be noted that the
is very limited as the frictional engagement is such that
either the hook rotates freely relative to the pole making 30 eye 22 of the hook 24 can be manually slipped into en
gagement or disengagement with the socket 16.
engagement with the bow eye dif?cult, or the hook and the
A connecting line 42 is suitably secured to the eye 22
pole ‘become separated.
of hook 24‘. The line 42 extends from the eye 22 out of
An objection to these prior art devices is that the hook
the socket 16 through either one of the diametrically
is held rigidly with respect to the longitudinal axis of the
pole and is not pivotable relative thereto. Having the 35 opposed slots 36 or 32. The connecting line is further
attached to a mooring means (not shown) or to» the winch
hook rigidly secured to the pole and the bow eye ?xedly
of a boat trailer (not shown) for loading purposes. Since
positioned on a movable boat presents a problem which
the line 42 extends through a slot in the socket 16 it will
makes it very awkward and sometimes almost impossible
not interfere with (the disengagement or engagement of
to engage the hook with the bow eye.
Therefore, an object of this invention is to provide a 40 the eye 22 of hook 24 when the eye is removed or in
serted into the socket.
retrieving device which is adjustable so as to facilitate the
This retrieving device ‘10 has been developed to aid
engagement thereof with an- inaccessible attaching means.
an operator to connect a winch or mooring line to‘ an
Another object of this invention is to provide a retriev
attaching means on a boat or the like. To accomplish
ing device wherein the hook means thereof is pivotable
this the operator inserts the eye portion 22 of the hook
therein so as to facilitate engaging the hook means with
24, to which the line 42 is attached, into socket 16; hook
the bow eye of a boat.
24‘, being in uniplanar pivotal engagement with the re
A further object of this invention is to provide a re
trieving device 10, may be pivoted to the angle relative
trieving device wherein the hook means is pivotally posi
to the longitudinal axis thereof most convenient to the
tioned and which hook means is further merely friction
operator for completing the connection. With this much
aliy engaged within the device whereby said hook means
50 of the operation completed the operator will easily be
may be easily engaged and disengaged.
able to connect hook 24 to the attaching means such as a
A still further object of this invention is to provide such
bow eye of the boat (not shown). With the device 10
a. device which is simple in construction and may be man
ufactured at a relatively low cost.
thus engaged to the bow eye, the boat may be maneuvered
thereby. The ?nal step of the opeartion to be performed,
Other objects and advantages will become apparent
during the course of the following description taken in 55 that being the disengagement of the hook 24 from the
retrieving device 10, is accomplished by a slight jerk or
conjunction with the accompanying drawings in which:
a sudden pulling motion on the pole or body member 12
in a direction toward the opeartor. The hook 24 will be
left in direct engagement with the bow eye of the boat
place, and also phantom lines showing the hook in some
60 and disengaged from the socket means 16.
of its optional positions;
From the foregoing it is apparent that a retrieving de
FIG. 2 is a side elevational view, partially in section,
vice has been described which because of its adjustable
showing the relationship of the parts; and
nature is easily engaged to an inaccessible attaching means
FIG. 3 is an end view of the present invention with the
such \as the bow eye of a boat ‘or the like, which device
hook and cable omitted.
Referring now to the drawings, the retrieving device 65 includes a hook easily detached or attached thereto and
which is simple and inexpensive to construct. The pre
shown generally ‘at '10 is comprised of a body portion 12
ferred embodiment of the invention has been illustrated
having formed integrally therewith a receiving means in
and described, but changes and modi?cations can be
dicated generally at 14. More speci?cally the receiving
FIG. 1 is a plan view of a pneferred embodiment of this
invention with the hook means and winch cable shown in
means may be formed ‘as a socket means 16. The socket
made, and it is understood that this showing and descrip—
means 16 and body member 12 may also be made from 70 tion is illustrative only and not for the purpose of render
ing the invention as limited to the details illustrated or
separate parts and ?xedly interconnected. As seen in
described except insofar as they are limited by the terms
of the following claims.
What is claimed is:
1. A retrieving device for effecting the engagement of
a line with an inaccessible attaching means comprising in
combination, a body member, ‘a socket means disposed at
one end of said body member, said socket means de?ning
an axially extending opening having a major and a minor
axis in cross~section and being provided With an axial
jaws deforming said socket means and frictionally en
gaged thereby, said eye portion being adapted for uni
planar pivotal movement relative to and slipping removal
from said socket means and said line being attached to
said eye portion and extending from said socket means
through one of said slots therein.
3. A retrieving device comprising in combination an
elongated body member, a socket means integral with said
body member, said socket means de?ning a substantially
slot whereby it may resiliently deform, a hook means hav 10 elliptical axially extending opening, said opening having
ing a portion thereof substantially conforming to said
a major and a minor axis, a hook having an eye pivotally
major and minor axes, said line being attached to said
received in ‘said opening, said major axis conforming to
hook means, said conforming portion of said hook means
a portion of the diameter of said eye for allowing pivotal
being received Within said socket means and ‘adapted for
movement of said hook relative to said body member,
uniplanar pivotal movement relative thereto, and said
socket means being resiliently deformed by said hook
means whereby said hook means is frictionaxlly engaged
by said socket means and adapted for disengagement
2. A retrieving device for eifecting the engagement of
said minor axis being slightly greater than the thickness
of said eye portion for limiting relative movement there
between other than pivotal movement in the direction of
the major axis, said socket means also being provided
with axially extending slot means whereby said socket
means is deformed by and resiliently engages said hook
for pivotal adjustment, and a connecting means secured
in combination, a body member, a socket means disposed
to said hook and extending through said slot means.
at one end of said body member, said socket means de?n
ing an axially extending opening having a major and a
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minor axis in cross-section and being provided with a pair 25
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