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July 23, 1963
Filed Dec. 14, 1962
United States Patent 0
Patented July 23, 1963
is secured to one of the cartooned cats 22 (see FIGS.
71 and 3).
The longitudinally disposed element 13 may be shaped
James Lee, 1130 Brookdale Ave., Bayshore, N.Y.
Filed Dec. 14, 1962, Ser. No. 244,745
3 Claims. (Cl. 273—1)
may be formed to represent a fence in a garden. Each
The present invention relates to ‘games and toys, and
more particularly to such games in which embossed car
toons representing cats and birds become animated in the
when the cat 22 is manually moved from its present po
sition (near the ?ange 14) towards the tree trunk or
in the form of a tree trunk, while the vertical wall 12
of the cartooned cats (ten in number) has its claws 23
so shaped as to catch over the top of the tree trunk 13
process of the play.
10 log 13, in the process of the play.
To facilitate the holding of the wall 12 in an upright
The primary object of this invention is the provision
position, there are several stiffeners 1b provided in the
of an animated toy which may be inexpensive to manu
rear section of the wall ‘12 (see FIG. 3).
It will now be recognized that in actual practice, dur
vertical wall to support imprints of popular play-room 15 ing the playing of the game (one or more children can
play together) a cartooned cat (only one cartooned cat,
jingles or rhymes, such as “10 little birds sitting on a
N0. 4 is showing in the ‘drawing (for clarity, actually
fence 1 ?ew away and that left 9” and another such
there are ten such cartoons) is moved manually from its
as “10 little birds sitting on a fence 2 ?ew away and
facture, easy to operate and that may be educational.
Another object of this invention is the provision of a
original resting position near the ?ange 14 towards the
A further object of this invention is the provision of 20 log 13. Thereupon the claws 23 of the cat 22 are
that left ‘8” etc.
a horizontally disposed base having a vertical wall or
board, the base and the wall joined together to form
the toy proper.
An additional object of this invention is the provision
hooked over the log to hold the cartooned cat to the
former. In the process of moving the ‘cartooned cat 22
towards the log 13, the spring 18, by means of the cord
20 is pulled to operate the ?rst cartooned bird perched
of a number of embossed bird cartoons (in this case ten) 25 upon the wall or fence. The action of the cord 20 be
ing pulled will trip over the bird *1-6 to the position shown
which may be hingeably mounted upon the wall and
by dotted lines in FIG. 2.
means for operating the birds and in such a manner
This action in the game will correspond with the read
as to permit the latter to hinge away and to disappear
ing of the ?rst line in the jingle which reads as follows:
from view when a cord or a ?exible string is being pulled
by the players.
This invention consists of certain other features in
construction and operation and in the combination and
arrangement of several parts, to be hereinafter fully de
scribed, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and spe
30 “10 little birds sitting on a fence 1 ?ew away and that
left 9.”
Subsequently the second bird in the row is
tripped by the players. This latter operation will corre
spond with the second line in the jingle which is as
follows: “10 little birds sitting on a fence 2 ?ew away
35 and that left 8.” This process of operating the toy 10
ciiically pointed out in the appended claims.
may be repeated again and again until the last of the
In describing the invention in detail, references will
birds 16 in the row has been tripped. This final action
be had to the accompanying drawing where like char
will correspond with the last line in the jingle which
acter numerals denote like or corresponding parts through
reads as follows: “10 little birds sitting on a fence they
out the several views, and in which:
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a game comprising the 40 all ?ew away and that left 0.”
With the game being at an end, the cartooned cats may
present invention;
be unhooked from the log 16 holding them and thus
FIG. 2 is a fragmentary side view of FIG. 1; and
making possible for the cartooned birds on the wall 16
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary rear view of FIG. 1 shown
to assume their original vertical position. Then the game
in elevation.
Referring now more in detail to the drawing, a game 45 may be began all over again. It is understood that the
game may be played with various modi?cations and com
toy 10 made in accordance with the present invention
binations, and the toy does not need be always operated
is shown in FIG. 1, including, in combination, a hori
as above described. At the discretion of the players, this
zontally disposed base 11, a vertical wall or fence 12,
or that cartooned cat may be moved toward the log 13
and a longitudinally disposed element 13. It may be
seen that the ‘base 11 has a vertical ?ange 14 which 50 in turn to operate the respective cartooned bird perched
on the wall 16. The various corresponding lines of the
may be provided with several holes (ten in this case),
inprinted jingle 12a are being read by the players as
arranged equal-spaced from each other.
the game progresses.
The vertical board or fence 1.2 may be provided with
an imprinted or embossed legend 12a representing a play
A careful consideration of the foregoing description
room jingle, substantially as shown. A row of ten bird 55 in conjunction with the invention as illustrated in the
cartoons 16 (to correspond with the ten holes 15 in the
drawing will enable the reader to obtain a clear under
?ange 14) may be hingeably secured at the upper edge
ing and impression of the alleged features of merit and
17 of the board 12, by means of the ?at, ?exible mova
novelty sufficient to clarify the construction and opera
ble, spring members 18; one end 18a of each spring
tion of the invention as hereinafter claimed.
member 18‘ is made fast to the lower section 116a of 60
Minor changes in shape, size, materials and rearrange
each bird in the row, while the other end 18b of the
ment of parts may be resorted to in actual practice so
spring is held to the upper edge 17 of the wall 12 (as
long as no departure is made from the invention as
substantially indicated in FIG. 2).
It may be seen in FIG. 2 that an eyelet or a small
What I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters
ring-hook ‘119 is secured to the rear portion of each of 65 Patent of the United States is:
the cartooned birds 16, at a small distance above the
1. A game of the class described comprising, in com
spot where the end 18a of the ?at spring 18 is mounted.
bination, a horizontal base of rectangular contour hav
One end 20a of the string or cord 20 is secured to the
ing a vertical ?ange at each of the longer sides of said
eyelet 19, while the opposite end 20b after being passed 70 rectangle, a vertical board secured to one of said ?anges,
the other ?ange having a row of holes, the holes in said
through the hole 15:: (located in the rear section of
row located equidistant from each other, a row of holes
the wall 12) and the front hole 15 (in- the ?ange ‘14)
in -the opposite ?ange in alignment with the holes in
the first ?ange, a row of cartoon characters mounted
to the upper edge of said vertical hoard, springs upon
which said characters are mounted, said springs being
held upright on the upper edge of said board, a row
of cartoon characters ‘disposed along the entire length of
said base, and a number of ?exible cords being threaded
through the holes in said ?anges, one end of each cord
supporting one character and with the opposite end of
each spring being held to said board, an eyelet in said?
cartoon characters disposed above said spring, the end
of said cord being held to said eyelet, the pulling upon
said cord operating said cartoon characters.
3. The combination according to claim 1; and means
to render said game inoperative, said means comprising
a fastening member on said base, the cartoon characters
being secured to a character perched on said board with
upon said ‘base each having a 1C18W, said claws engaging
the other end- ‘being held to a character on said base, 10 said fastening member as set forth.
the pulling upon said cartoon characters on said base
operating the cartoon characters perched to said board
References Cited inthe ?le of this patent
to operate the ‘game.
2. The combination acconding to claim 1; wherein each
of the springs upon which said cartoon characters are 15
mounted is individually secured to the upper section of
said vertical board, with one end each of said springs
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