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July 23, 1963
Filed April 17, 1961
L 001's - Phi/[gas FOR TIN
E'uyéne LEN/[0X
Patented July 23., 1963
in FIGURES 4, ,5 and 6 and which consists ota plu
rality of equal arc portions 5 inscribed in a circle and
vforming inwardly directed angularly equally spaced ribs
Louis Philippe Fortin, St. Jean, Quebec, and Eugene
Lemieux, Rosemont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
stantially uniform thickness throughout its length and
assignors 0t sixty-six and two-thirds to Ernest Beaupre,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and thirty-three and one
third to said Fortin
The tube section 1 is extruded so _as to have sub
through its cross-sectional shape and to ‘be of constant
cross-sectional size throughout its length.
Filed Apr. 17, 1961, Ser. No. 103,530
4- Claims. (Cl. 287-58)
Inner tube section 2 is cylindrical with a smooth outer
surface and having an outside diameter corresponding
10 to the diameter of the circle joining the edges of the ribs
The present invention relates to a telescopic tube hav
ing improved means for adjustably locking the tube sec
tions and which may be applied to a plurality of uses,
6, so as to be in slidable contact with said ribs.
FIGURE 5, the inner tube section 2 ‘has been shown as
having a slightly smaller diameter in orderto more clear
ly show the unlocked position of the two tube sections.
such as a handle for a shovel, broom and the like im
The inner end of tube section 2 is provided with
plement, or as telescopic legs for tripods and the like. 15
angularly equally spaced longitudinally extending slits
The main object of the present invention resides in
7 de?ning therebetween leaves 8 which may be radially
the provision of a telescopic tube of the character de
outwardly expanded to trictionally engage the ribs 6 of
scribed in which the tube sections are telescopically en
the outer tube section 1, and thereby adjustably lock
gaged and can be locked in any length adjusted position
by the simple rotation of one section relative to» the other 20 the two tube sections.
The means for expanding and releasing the leaves 8
through a very limited angle, and can be released or
consist of an expander generally indicated at 9 and
unlocked by rotation in the opposite direction.
formed of a body having an axial through bore provided
Yet another important object of the present inven
with inner threads in threaded engagement with a bolt
tion resides in the provision of a telescopic tube of the
character described in which the tube sections are very 25 10 mounted co-axially of inner tube section 2 and having
one end provided with an integral bushing 11 tightly
?rm-1y locked together by a comparatively small rotational
titted within tube section 2 in a Zone spaced inwardly
doom the slit end of the tube section 2 and if desired,
additionally rigidly secured thereto by means of cross
resides in the provision of a telescopic tube of the char
pin 12 or the like.
acter described including a conical expander integrally
Bolt 10 protrudes outwardly from the opened end of
provided with a polygonal shaped 'head and engaging a
‘tube section 2 past the leaves 8 and is riveted or punched
tube section of special cross-sectional shape in order to
as shown at 13 to prevent removal of the expander 9
prevent rotation of the expander and yet provide a tube
after the latter has been assembled with the bolt. Bolt
section which can be extruded for minimum cost, which
requires a minim-um of material and which yet provides 35 10 has threads 14 of long pitch, such that relatively
slight rotation of the bolt .10 relative to the expander 9
a smooth outer surface so that said section can be readi
will result in a relatively large longitudinal displacement
ly and comfortably gasped by one hand.
of the expander with respect to the inner tube section 2.
Yet another object of the invention resides in the pro
Expander 9 consists of a frusto-conical portion 15
vision of a telescopic tube of the character described
and of an integral head 16 in ‘the shape of a regular poly
in which the tube sections may be made of relatively
force exerted on one of the tube sections.
Still another important object of the present invention
soft metal, such as aluminum or the like and yet will not
become deformed or worn during prolonged use of the
Portion 15 engages the leaves 8 so as to expand
the same radially outwardly, the base of portion 15 hav
ing a larger diameter than the inside of tube section 2.
Head 16 provides ?at side faces '17 which are in slidable
The ‘foregoing and ‘other important objects of the pres
ent invention will become more apparent during the 45 contact with the ribs 6 of outer tube section 1; the edges
18 vformed at the junction of the ?at faces 17, provide
dollowing disclosure and by referring to the drawings in
projections engaging the recesses formed by the arc por
tions 5 between the ribs 6. Thus, the head 16 can slide
r-FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the telescopic tube
longitudinally in outer tube section 1, but its rotation
of the present invention in the form of a handle vfor a
relative to said outer tube section is positively prevented
shovel, the latter being shown in dot-and-dash line, as
by the ribs '6 engaging the ?at ‘faces 17 near the edges 18.
it forms no part of the invention;
Preferably head 16 has six ?at faces 17 being in the
FIGURE 2 is a partial longitudinal section of the tele
of an hexagon, and similarly the outer tube section
scopic tube in locked position;
consists of six are portions 5 with six ribs 6; thus, six
FIGURE 3 is a section similar to that of FIGURE 2,
55 zones of the outer tube 1 engage the head 16 to- prevent
but showing the tube sections in unlocked position;
rotation thereof. Due to the plurality of abutting sur
FIGURE 4 is a cross-section along line 4—4 of FIG
faces there will be no Wear of the ribs -6 of outer tube
URE 2;
section 1, even if said tube is made of a soft metal such
FIGURE 5 is a cross-section along line 5—5 of FIG
as aluminum.
URE 2; and
The telescopic tube is operated as -follows: The outer
FIGURE 6 is a cross-section along line 6-6 of FIG 60
tube section 1 is grasped by one hand while the grip 3 of
URE 3.
the inner tube section 2 is grasped with the other hand.
Referring now more particularly to the drawings, in
In the releasing position of the expander 9, the two tube
which like reference characters indicate like elements
sections may be longitudinally adjusted as desired, then
throughout, the telescopic tube of the invention comprises
grip 3 is rotated for less than a quarter of a turn while
telescopically engaged outer and inner tube sections 1
holding outer tube section 1 ‘stationary. This causes screw
and 2 respectively. Outer tube section 1 may be rigidly
ing of bolt 10 within expander 9, the latter being held
secured to a shovel S or any other like implement, while
against rotation by 'the engagement of its ?at faces '17
the outer end of inner tube section 2 may be provided
with ribs 6 of outer tube section 1. Inward movement
with a hand grip 3 having longitudinal ribs 4 for ap
plying a torque on tube section 2 and also for manipulat 70 or the conical portion 15 of the expander relative to the
inner tube section causes engagement of the leaves 8
ing the shovel S or the like (tool.
with the frusto-conical surface of portion 15 and expand
Outer tube section 1 has a cross-sectional shape shown
ing of said leaves to thereby ?rmly and frictionally engage
engagement with said bolt and consisting of a frusto
the ribs 6 of outer tube section 1. Thus, the two tube
sections are positively locked in length adjusted position.
To release the tube sections’, it is only necessary to: rotate
inner tube section and engageable with said leaves to
conical portion having its smaller end ?tting within said
expand the same and cause said leaves to frictionally
and tightly engage said ribs in ‘order to lock said two
the inner tube section in the opposite direction while
holding the outer tube section stationary.
tube sections in adjusted position said expander further
It will be noted that the vouter tube section‘fo-rms a plu
having an integral head located outside of said inner tube
rality of longitudinal ribs which assist in holding the tube
section 1 stationary during rotation of the grip 3. Yet the
section and providing radial projections engageable with
arc portions 5 form ribs with no sharp edges, and there
fore said tube is comfortable to use when handling the
pander with respect to said outer tube section and yet
shovel or like implement provided with the telescopic
respect to said outer tube section.
tube of the invention as a handle. Obviously, the num
ber of circular arc portions 5 and the corresponding num
2. A telescopic tube as claimed in claim 1, wherein
said outer tube section has a cross-sectional shape formed
\by a plurality of equal arc portions inscribed in a circle
ber of ?at :?aces 17 of the regular polygon head 16 may
said recesses and ribs to prevent rotation of said ex
allow longitudinal displacement of said expander with
be decreased or increased in accordance with the present
de?ning longitudinally extending external ribs of substan
invention. -If desired, the outer end 19 of the tube section
1 may be swaged or crimped inwardly to provide an abut
ment for preventing removal ‘or the inner tube section 2.
While a preferred embodiment in accordance with the
present invention has been illustrated ‘and described, it is
tially circular cross-section at the outer surface of said
outer tube section said external ribs in turn de?ning said
inwardly directed inner ribs and intervening recesses at
the inner surface of said outer tube section, said head
having the shape of a regular polygon providing flat side
understood that various modi?cations may be resorted to
' faces the center part of which is slidable on the inner ribs
without departing from the spirit and scope of the ap- _ of said outer tube section and the edges of which enter
pended claims.
What we claim is:
1. A telescopic tube comprising an outer tube section
and an inner tube section in telescopic engagement, said
outer tube section ‘having inner longitudially extending
ribs and intervening recesses, said inner tube section hav
ing [an outer cylindrical surface slidabvly engageable With
said ribs and rotatable and longitudinally movable with
respect to said outer tube section, the telescoped end or
within said recesses.
3. A telescopic tube as claimed in claim 1, wherein
said inner tube section has a smooth cylindrical surface
' and its outer end is provided with a hand grip.
4. A telescopic tube \as claimed in claim 1, wherein
the outer end of said bolt is enlarged to prevent disengage
ment of said expander therefrom.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
said inner tube section having slits de?ning expandable
leaves therebetween, a bolt disposed coaxially of said
inner tube section and having one end secured to the
same in a zone spaced inwardly from said telescoped end
and protruding from said leaves, an expander in threaded
Carlson et al _________ __ Nov. 30, 1948
Germany ____________ __ Oct. 24, 1931
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