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July 30, 1963
DEvicE FOR comm; ANIMAL moms
Filed June 28, 1961
To 5 6/‘ ffrn 670; 77/1 d/fz/r
United States Patent 0 '
Patented July 30, 1963
roller 7 a pressure roller 8 is arranged on a shaft 19,
guide formed by the projecting portion 18. On a plate
Josef Strnad, Trutnov, and Jindi'ich Jakl, Tyniste upon
Orlice, Czechoslovakia, assignors to Strojosvit, narodni
ably spring-loaded, vertically movable roller 6 is placed
podnik, Krnov, Czechoslovakia
Filed June 28, 1961, Ser. No. 120,331
Claims priority, application Czechoslovakia July 13, 1960
between the driving roller 7 of the conveying mechanism
and the coating roller 1, the roller 6 being driven from
the roller 7 by means of a belt 10. Further, the closest
4 Claims. (Cl. 69—28)
approach of the roller 6 to the roller 1 is adjustable
the roller 8 being displacea'ble in vertical direction in a
20 which is rigidly connected to the frame 15, an adjust
so that the initial distance therebetween is less than the
The present invention relates to a device for apply— 10 combined thickness of the hide K and of the coating H
ing chemicals to animal hides for the purpose of re
picked-up by the roller 1 and greater than the thick
moving hair from the same. More speci?cally, the in
ness of coating H.
vention is directed to improvements in hair removing
The described device operates as follows:
devices of the type comprising means for conveying the
The operator takes each of the hide K and places it,
hides, means for guiding the travelling hides and means
with its ?esh side down, upon the surface of the grooved
for applying a chemical, preferably a sulphide paste,
or otherwise roughened endless belt 5a and with the
to the underside (?esh side) of the hide, said chemical
hind legs of the hide facing forward i.e. in the direction
acting upon the hair roots and thereby effecting the‘
of movement indicated by the arrows S (FIG. 1). As
loosening of the hair and the faultless removal of the
20 soon as the hide is caught by the pressure roller 8, which
hair from the hides.
is freely movable in vertical direction in its guide, the
In the heretofore known processes for removing hair
operator straightens and smoothes the front legs and the
from hides spraying guns or rotating brushes dipped
neck of the hide K, which passes smoothly between the
in a depilating solution have been used. If the spraying
driving roller 7 and the vertically yielding pressure roller
guns are used, clogging of the gun nozzles frequently
8. Meanwhile the operator prepares the next hide. After
occurs, and can be avoided by preliminary ?ltering of the
the hide K has passed between the rollers 7 and 8, the
liquids. A further disadvantage inherent in the use of
leading end portion of the hide K drops onto the surface
either spray guns or brushes is not only the soiling of
of the coating rolller 1, which ?rst engages the hind
the entire apparatus for applying the chemical, but also
legs and pulls them under the spring-loaded roller 6,
the fact that the hair side of the hide becomes soiled, 30 whereupon the remainder of the hide is drawn onto the
with the result that the quality of the hair is impaired.
surface of the coating roller 1. The coating roller 1 direc
The present invention has as its object to avoid the
tion of the arrow P with a higher peripheral speed than
aforesaid disadvantages.
that of the conveying mechanism 5, 5a. This enables
According to the main feature of the invention the
the surface of the roller 1 covered with jute, foam rub
apparatus comprises individual or separate conveying 35 ber or with any other synthetic material which dips into,
means, guiding means and coating means arranged in
and picks-up a layer H of the coating emulsion of liquid
such a way that the guiding means continuously con~
from the vessel 3, to coat the ?esh-side of the hide K with
veys the hides to the periphery of a coating roller, whose
‘a deposit of uniform thickness in cooperation with the
peripheral speed exceeds the speed of the conveying
guiding rolller 6. As shown in FIG. 2, this is made pos
means, with the result that, in cooperation with the 40 sible by adjusting the spring-loading on the roller 6, which
means for guiding the hides, ‘a coat of uniform thick
is vertically movable so that the distance x between the
ness is produced on the ?esh side of the ‘hide.
surface of the roller 6 and the surface of the roller 1 varies
Since the means by which the hides are conveyed are
to maintain the required uniform thickness of the coat
completely separated from the means serving to coat
ing H on the hide K as the thickness of the latter varies.
the hide, any soiling of the conveying mechanism itself,
As shown in FIGURE 2, the thickness of the coat
and also of the hair side of the side is avoided.
emulsion H accumulated below the roller 6 by the roller
Further advantages and features of the present in
1 rotating in the direction of the arrow P, is reduced to
vention will appear from‘ the following detailed descrip
a uniform thickness by the pressure of the spring-loaded
tion of an exemplary embodiment of the new device,
roller 6. After the entire hide has passed between the
with reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein
rollers 6 and 1, another operator seizes it by the legs at
FIGURE 1 is a diagrammatic side view of the device 50 the opposite end of the machine, takes it off the surface
for applying chemicals to remove hair from animal hides,
of the roller 1 and places it aside on a pile in which the
successsive hides are inverted with respect to each other,
FIGURE 2 is a diagrammatic view illustrating the
whereby adjacent hides contact each other either with
cooperation between a coating roller and a pressure
55 their hairy sides or their coated sides, with the result that
roller included in the device of FIGURE 1.
entirely unimpaired bristles or hair are obtained from
Mounted in bearings 14 which are ?xed to a frame
the hides. After placing a further hide K with its ?esh
15 of the machine is a shaft 11 carrying a coating roller
side on the surface of the endless belt 5a, the whole cycle
1 composed of longitudinal rails 12. rThe surface of
of operations is repeated.
the coating roller 1 is provided with a covering 2 of
The device embodying the invention is, of course, by
jute, foam rubber or any other resilient synthetic ma 60
means limited to use in carroting fur, but can be used
terial. The coating roller 1 has at least one third of
or other hide
its circumference submerged in a container 3 provided
underneath and ?lled with sulphide paste or another
liquid suitably affecting the hair roots of animal hides.
with advantage in connecting with ?eshing
dependent of the coating roller 1.
In a projecting portion 18 of the frame 15 above the
higher quality of the hair obtained in the process.
dressing operations.
An important advantage of the new device is its sim
Journalled in bearings 16 which are ?xed to the frame 65 plicity. It is a further advantage that, as the conveying
mechanism does not come at all into contact with the
15 is a shaft 17 carrying a driving roller 7, and a shaft
coating paste or other emulsion, the operator need not
17' is mounted in bearings 16' also ?xed to the frame 15
and carries a roller 9. Running around rollers 7 and 9
use protective gloves and glasses against the noxious
is an endless belt 5a of rubber, plastic or other material
effects of the chemical used. Another advantage of the
so as to form a conveying mechanism 5 which is in 70 invention is a substantial increase in productivity and
What we claim is:
1. A device for coating the‘skin sides of animal hides
with a depilating substance so as to e?fect removal of
hair therefrom, comprising
(A) a coating roller driven at 'a predetermined pe
ripheral speed;
each hide is ‘advanced to said surface of the coat
ing roller at said relatively slow speed, the hide is
gripped between said coating roller and said guide
roller and said spring means acting on the latter pro
duces a pressure for uniformly reducing the thick
ness of the layer of depilating substance between
the coating rolller and hide and which is transferred
to the skin side of the hide from‘ the coating roller.
that said roller picks-up a layer of said substance on
2. A device as in claim 1; further comprising drive
its surface during movement of the latter through the 10
means connecting said drive roller with said guide
roller and e?ecting rotation of the latter in the direction
(C) conveying means including an endless belt hav
opposed to the rotation of said coating roller.
ing a substantially horizontal operative run extend
3. A device as in claim 1; wherein said coating roller
ing toward said surface of the coating roller adjacent
the top of the latter and adapted to receive the suc 15 includes a circularly arranged series of’axially extend
ing rails, and a covering of resilient material absorbing
cessive hides with the skin sides of the latter facing
the depilating substance and constituting said surface of
downwardly thereon, ‘and a drive roller having said
the coating roller.
.belt running therearound at the end of said run clos
4. A device as in claim 1; further comprising a pres
est to said coating roller, with said drive roller being
(B) a tank containing a depilating substance and hav~
ing said coating roller partly immersed therein so
spaced substantially from said coating roller and 20 sure roller disposed ‘above said drive roller of the con
veying means and acting downwardly on the ‘successive
having a relatively slow peripheral speed substan
hides carried by said I‘lll'f'~'0f the belt to ensure the non
tially less than said predetermined peripheral speed
slip engagement of each hide with the conveyor means.
of the coating roller; and
(D) a vertically movable guide roller disposed be
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
tween, and spaced from drive roller of the conveying 25
means and said coating roller, and spring means
yieldably urging said guide roller downwandly to~
ward the surface of the coating roller so that, as
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Pierine _____________ __ June 16, 1931
Braun ______________ __ Aug. 16, 1949
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