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July 30, 1963
Filed Aug. 10, 1960
LUCNE'IY lQqpno/s
United States Patent 0 "
Patented July 30, 1963
A hole 9 in one side wall of the trough ‘6 permits the
user to insert the eye cosmetic tube in the trough so
Lucien Paradis, Pisa, ltaiy, assignor to Sopas Protumi
S.p.A., Pisa, Italy, a joint-stock company of Italy
Filed Aug. 10, 1960, Ser. No. 48,735
Claims priority, application Italy Aug. 13, 1959
1 Claim. (Cl. 132-79)
This invention relates to a cosmetic kit and more
that the tube’s neck will project through the hole 9.
The half 1 contains a ?xed ?at mirror 10 behind which
a cavity 11 is made by the mirror ‘10 and the container
wall. The applicator, whch is usually a small brush,
cm be conveniently and ?rmly carried within the cavity
When the user opens the kit, the applicator can be
particularly to a container adapted to hold cosmetics and 1O taken out of its position in the cavity 11. The user
cosmetic applicators used ‘about the human eye.
can then slide the trough ‘6 away from the base 4 until
=Prior eye cosmetic containers have merely packaged
the hole 9 containing face of the trough 6 projects beyond
the base 3. By then applying slight pressure to the col
the mirror, applicator and cosmetic, so that they could
be carried together and removed when needed for make
lapsible tube in the trough 6, the user can obtain a
up purposes. For hygienic as well as economic reasons, 15 desired quantity of cosmetic from the collapsible tube
there has been a recent shift toward the use of eye cos
without removing the tube from the trough or the kit.
metics in the form of a paste that can be extruded
Thus with one hand, the kit, mirror, and cosmetic tube
from a collapsible container in much the same fashion
may be held and manipulated making it much more
as tooth paste is extruded (from a tooth paste container.
convenient to apply eye cosmetic in a hurry or in pub
‘Ill: is the main object of this invention to provide a cos
metic kit that will hold the cosmetic, mirror and ap
The kit may be closed by sliding the trough 6 towards
plicator in a position convenient for use without requir
the base 4 as tar as the trough will go and then closing
ing the removal of all these items from the container.
the halves 1 and *2 together. The dimensions of the
It is a more particular object of this invention to
trough u must be such that when moved all the way
provide such a kit which is particularly adapted to ‘afford 25 towards the base 4 there is enough distance between the
the use of eye cosmetic in a collapsible tube without re
hole 9 and the top 3 to accommodate the neck of the
quiring removal of the tube from the kit.
cosmetic tube. The top 3, by closing off the top of
It is also an object of this invention to provide a kit in
the kit, protects the neck of the cosmetic tube from
which the mirror and cosmetic will be held in place, in
damage when not in use.
usable relationship to one another, no matter in what
The above described embodiment is but one embodi
position the open kit is held or placed.
ment of this invention and numerous variations in the
In brief, the kit of this invention is substantially made
details of construction can be made without departing
of two hinged roughly symmetrically shaped halves.
‘from the essentials of this invention. It is intended
When closed together the halves de?ne a completely
therefore in the appended claim to cover all such modi
enclosed container. 'One half contains a ?xed mirror 35 ?cations as tall within the true scope of this invention.
behind which there is a space within which an applicator
What I claim is:
is removably held.
The ‘other half contains ‘a slidable
holder for the cosmetic.
This holder has a hole at one
end through which the neck of the collapsible tube con
?ning the cosmetic can be made to project so that cos
metic can be squeezed out of this collapsible tube without
removing the tube ‘from the kit.
Other objects of this invention will become clear from
a consideration of the ‘following detailed description
and drawings, in which:
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of
the device of this invention in an opened position.
A hand~sized cosmetic kit comprising (1) a curved
?rst wall member, (2) a curved second wall member of
substantially the same length as said ?rst wall member
hinged to said ?rst wall member in such manner that
when said ?rst and second wall members are closed
against each other a three~dimensioned region is de?ned
with a concave surface of said ?rst wall member tacing
a concave surface of said second wall member, (3)
a ?at top member joined to said ?rst wall member in
?xed relation thereto, said top member being of such size
and shape as to provide a complete end closure for said
With reference to the ?gure, the kit in this embodi
three-dimensioned region while conforming substantially
ment is shown as having outer dimensions when closed ..
to the curvature of both said wall members in closed
condition, (4) a ?at base member joined to said second
which are in the approximate form of a cylindrical body
with an elliptical base. A number of diiferent shapes
may be used for the container and ‘only one which has
been found useful is illustrated.
The container is made of two very roughly symmetrical
halves 1 and 2. The elliptical base 4 is part of the
half 2 and the elliptical top 3 is part of the half '1. These
two halves 1 and 2 are hinged together by a conventional
type of hinge 5.
Within the cosmetic halt 2, a supporting though 6
holds the eye cosmetic tube, which tube is not shown in
order to avoid obscuring the trough. Grooves 8 in the
wall member in ?xed relation thereto, said base member
being of such size and shape as to provide a complete
end closure for said three-dimensioned region while con
forming substantially to the curvature of both said wall
members in closed condition, (5) a ?at mirror mounted
‘on ‘and within said ?rst wall member so as to de?ne a
cavity between the back of said mirror and said concave
surface of said ?rst wall member, said cavity being of
suf?cient size .to contain a cosmetic applicator such as a
small brush, said cavity having an open base end whereby
said applicator may be readily removed trom and re
placed into said cavity, and (6) a trough structure adapt
half 2 provide a guiding means for longitudinally pro
ed to hold a tube of cosmetic, this structure being slid
jecting borders 7 vof the trough 6 so that the trough 6
65 ably mounted in said second wall member to move in
may be moved in and out.
directions ?aetween the top and base ends and beyond
[the top end thereof, and having a length at least some
what (1658 than the length of said second Wall member,
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
and having further a side rWall pol-“Lion at its side located
is characterized
to the top by
endvanof opening
said second
wall member
to receive
the 5
acgr """"""""
‘“ 1111118
an’ 2;’’
neck of said tube of cosmetic, and being further of such
949" '
vsnel er """"""""" ‘“ Mar‘ 6’ 1934
size and shape ‘as to permit full closing of said Wall
members around it with said mirror mounted on said
Lessa‘rd -------------- -- Apr‘ 30' 1935
‘Hofmann ------------- —- June 8,1937
--------------- -- NOV. 19,
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