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July 30, 1963
Filed Aug. 1'7, 1961
23 14 7
United States Patent 0
Patented July 30, 1963
substantially symmetrical about a vertical median plane
passing through the neck. In some instances, the bag
side walls v1'4- are provided near the closed end oi the
Helmuth R. Rusch, Rte. 2, Reedsville, Wis.
bagwith thin, slightly projecting apertured tabs 23 to
Filed Aug. 17, 1961, Ser. No. 132,120
4 Claims. (Cl. 150-21)
receive safety pins or other fastening devices, not shown,
the tabs ‘being arch-shaped and lying approximately
parallel to the back or bottom wall of the bag. These
This invention relates to water bags or bottles tor
tabs are of such shape and are so located as to avoid
hot or cold application to the human body.
to the patient.
Water bags of conventional type have been found to
While the dimensions and proportions of the water
be uncomfortable and inef?cient when applied to certain 10
.bag of the invention may be varied, a typical bag may
portions of the human body, such as the under-arm,
be about 10" long, about 71/2" wide at the closed end,
under-knee, buttock and groin areas.
and about 4" high at the elbow end, the neck portion
An object of the invention is to provide an improved
being about 2%" in diameter.
'Water bag which can be effectively applied to various
parts of the human body for heating or cooling pur 15 When the bag is to be used, it is ?lled with a suitable
amount of hot or cold water, or ice, according to the
poses and which will be comfortable when in use.
requirements of a patient. During the ?lling operation,
Another object is to provide .a water bag which will
the bag may be rested on a horizontal supporting surface
?t comfortably in con?ned or narrow spaces formed
in the position shown in FIG. 3, the ?lling neck pro
between portions of the human body and which can
readily be ?exed or distorted to conform to the irregular 20 jecting upwardly. The closure plug 22 is then screwed
into the neck, and the bag is applied to the patient.
surfaces of such body spaces and to cover extended skin
In some instances, parts of the bag may be shielded from
contact with the patient, as by a towel pinned to the bag.
A further object is to provide a water bag which can
In the case of a patient lying on his back, it is usually
be easily and conveniently ?lled, and which is capable
desirable to have the thin closed lower end of the bag
of inexpensive manufacture.
lowermost. When the bag is applied to under-arm or
The invention further consists in the several features
groin areas, the curved con?guration of the ?exible bag
hereinafter described and claimed.
readily permits conformation of the bag to body con
‘In the accompanying drawing,
tours, and the wedge-shaped body portion 11 of the bag
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a water bag constructed
may be ?exed, compressed or distorted in various di
in accordance with the invention;
rections to improve such conforming con?guration. When
FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the bag, a stopper thereof
being omitted;
the wedge-shaped body portion .11 is laterally com
The bag comprises a hollow wedge-shaped body portion
11 formed by generally ?at, ?exible tront and back walls
:tion is relatively thin and ?exible and is ‘free ‘from beads,
ribs and tabs.
pressed, as for disposition under an arm or between the
‘FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of the bag
taken generally on the line 3-3 of FIG. 2, with a stopper 35 thighs of a patient, the bag side walls .14 may assume
positions such as those indicated by the broken lines
14’ in FIG. 2, and the trout and back Walls 12 and 13
FIG. 4 is a detail sectional view taken generally on the
may assume outwardly de?ected positions such as those
line 4-—4 of FIG. 2, and
indicated by the ‘broken lines 12', .13’ of FIG. 3. In
FIG. 5 is a detail view showing means for storing or
some applications, the wedge-shaped body portion may be
suspending the bag when not in use.
compressed in a direction tending to ?atten and widen
"In the drawing, 10 designates generally ‘a water bag
this body portion. The patient can lie comfortably on
of the invention, the bag being ‘formed or molded, pref
the closed edge portion -16 of the bag, as this edge poi erably in one piece, or rubber or rubber-like material.
When the bag is not in use it may be suitably sup
12 and 16 and opposite ?exible side walls 14, the side
ported in suspended position, neck down, as by a wall
walls having rounded junctions 15 with the front and
hanger 24-, FIG. 5, having a ?at base 25‘ provided with
back walls. The ?exible enclosing walls of the wedge
screw-receiving openings 26' and having reversely bent
shaped body portion terminate at an approximately
straight closed edge portion .16 of the bag. The closed 50 ?anges 27 forming tapered channels to conformably re
ceive the opposite sides of the wedge-like body portion
edge portion )1-6, which ‘forms an end of the bag, is rela
of the bag at a region near the closed end of the bag.
tively thin and ?exible, being about 1/16" thick, and has
I claim:
rounded opposite ends 17 which merge into the side
1. A liquid container adapted ‘for application to a skin
walls. The front and back bag walls 12 and 13‘ diverge
with respect to each other trom the closed end of the 55 surface for heating or cooling said surface, comprising a
?exible bag of liquidaimpervious material having .a hol
bag at a small included angle, such as about 14°, and
low wedge-shaped body portion tapering toward one end
the opposite side walls 14 converge with respect to each
to a thin closed ?exible edge and merging at its other
other from the closed end with an included angle of
end into an upwardly projecting hollow elbow portion
about '30“. The side walls may be outwardly bulged,
as seen in FIG. '4.
At a region distant from the closed end of the bag the
?exible walls of the wedge-shaped body portion ‘11 merge
with ‘a closable ?lling neck at its upper end, said body
portion including opposite side walls diverging with re
spect to each other at a substantial included angle [from
said elbow portion toward said closed edge.
smoothly into a rounded, upwardly projecting, hollow
2. A liquid container adapted [for application to a skin
elbow portion 18. The elbow portion has ?exible walls
except ‘for a relatively rigid thickened cylindrical neck 65 surface ‘for heating or cooling said surface, comprising a
?exible bag of liquidqimpervious material having a hol
19 at its upper end presenting a relatively large upwardly
low wedge-shaped body portion with trout and back
opening ?lling mouth 20, the neck having an internal
walls and opposite side walls, said front and back walls
screw-threaded ‘2:1 to receive a threaded closure plug or
converging to a thin ?exible edge donning .a closed end
stopper 22. The rounded elbow portion 18 is curved
said body portion, said side walls diverging with
through an angle of approximately 90° to the plane of 70
respect to each other toward said closed end, and said
the back or bottom wall .13, the axis of the neck ex
body portion merging at its other end into a hollow
tending at about right angles to this plane. The bag is
rounded upwardly {projecting elbow portion including a
neck provided with a elosable upwardly opening ?lling
surface for heating or cooling said surface, comprising a
?exible bag of rubber-‘like vrnater-ial vhaving va hollow
Wedge-shaped body [portion tapering to a thin [?exible
mouth at its upper end.
-3_. A liquid container adapted for application to afvskin
"siiifzice for heating or eo'olin‘gv-s'iiid isurifaee, comprising -'_a
TileXiBle: bégof 'lio?id5irnpe1vioiis material ‘having a holy
now Wedge-shaped body portion tapeiing'tolwgrdo-ne end
closed end ‘and provided at its other end with an up
wardly projecting elbow portion including an upwardly
opening closable ?lling nook, “s'aid'b'ody portion including
opposite sidewalls which ,are laterally divergent at a sub
stantial .inoluded'angle'lwith respect toeac'h other toward
to :a tliin 'ol'osed v\fle'xible'edge and communicating ‘at its
‘other end
'nfl'iwérdly projecting elbow portion in
blhdiii'g "a neck “pontion providé'd'with an‘upwardly open
;ifn‘g ?lling'niouth, s‘éid #body portion ‘including opposite
‘said thin ‘closed end.
'R‘eféi'enlc'eisiCitéd in ‘the'iile of this'pa'tent
side wan-s diverging *from 'said elbow portion toward
‘said ‘closed end, and the included angle between 'said side
"walls b'e'ing'of “the order of ‘30°.
‘ 4. 'A'liqnid'eontainer adapted for application to a skin
Cervelli ___'_..___'_‘_ ____ __ June 4, ‘1929
Dodd ________________ “Sept. 12, 1950
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