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July 30, 1963
Filed Oct. 28, 1960
Lionel Grofeau
BY gym/0y
United States Patent 0 "ice
Lionel Croteau, 629 Mercury St, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Filed Oct. 28, 1960, Ser. No. 65,622
4 Claims. (c1. 240-4)
The present invention generally relates to a combination
stand, seat, utility light, tool box and work bench pri
marily adapted for use by persons engaged in automobile
Patented July 30., 1963
which [forms a hand-hold for enabling a person to grasp
the device for carrying it to a desired location. Mounted
on the top wall 24 is a cushion or pad generally desig
nated by numeral 36} and including a cover 32 and layers
34 of cushioning material. vOne edge of the cushion 30
is hingedly attached to the rear wall 18 by virtue of hinge
wire members 36 having substantially a Z-shaped con
?guration with the ends of the wire hinges 36 being re
ceived in eye members 38 mounted respectively on the
rear wall 18 and the cushion 34 which may also be pro
repair work or similar type of work requiring the person 10 vided with a stilfening or reinforcing member 40 whereby
to work while in a sitting position or at times to work
the cushion 30' may be pivoted to a position overlying the
in elevated places requiring the person to be supported on
upper portion of the rear wall 18 so that a person may
a stand or the like.
stand upon the top wall 24 directly with his feet without
In automobile repair work and similar work, a person
marring the cushion and without providing an insecure
quite often requires the use of a light and also tools in
support for such a person which would be provided by
readily accessible positions. ‘Further, quite often a stand
the cushion. When the cushion is in the position illus
or seat may be expeditiously employed while performing
trated in the drawings, the device may be effectively em
certain operations. Further, it is desirable to have an
ployed as a stool or as a seat for use when performing
electrical outlet available for use with various portable
equipment, trouble lights or the like. Therefore, it is the 20 certain
The front wall 16 is provided with an enlarged opening
primary object of the present invention to provide a
42 therein which extends all the way through the lower
utilitarian stand which is capable of being used as a seat,
edge of the ‘front wall. This provides access to the front
provided with a drawer thereon for tools and the like,
of a drawer ‘M having side walls 46 forming a part there
provided with a light for illuminating the Work area, pro
of which side walls are each provided with a longitudinal
vided with an electrical outlet for various power equip
groove 48 adjacent the upper end thereof slidably engag
ment, trouble lights and the like, and having a pivotal
ing the Z-shaped angle iron member 5t} attached to the
cushion for movement to ‘an out-of-the-way position so
underside of the bottom 26. By virtue of this construc
that the device may be used as ‘a stand ‘for elevating the
tion, the drawer 44 may be moved inwardly and out
person when standing thereon.
wardly in relation to the front wall 16 ‘and various tools
A further important object of the present invention is
may be supported and stored in the drawer 44. The
to provide a portable utilitarian stand in accordance with
drawer 144 moves out through the bottom edge of the
the preceding object which is quite simple in construction,
opening =42 thus maintaining the tools in a readily ac
easy to use, elfective for its particular purposes 'and gen
cessible position in relation to a person sitting on the
erally inexpensive to manufacture.
cushion. Also disposed interiorly of the opening 42 is a
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the combination 35 vertical screen member 52 secured between the top wall
tool box and stand of the present invention illustrating
24 and the bottom wall 26 and forming a protective guard
the open front end thereof thereby enabling the light to
or screen for a light bulb 54 supported by a socket 56
illuminate the work area;
mounted on the inner surface of the rear wall 18. The
FIGURE 2 is a perspective view of the rear of the
socket >56 and the bulb 541- is such that it will illuminate
device illustrating the pivotal light and cord assembly;
the area outwardly of the enlarged opening ‘i2 and suit
FIGURE 3 is a longitudinal, sectional view taken sub
able re?ectors (not shown) may be provided for the light
stantially upon a plane passing along section line 3-3 of
54 if desired. Mounted on a panel 58‘ is a spool or reel
FIGURE 1 illustrating the details of construction of the
'60 for a current delivery and conducting cord or exces
sive wire ‘62 having a male plug 64» thereon. The male
FIGURE 4 is a transverse, sectional view taken substan 45 plug 64 may be employed for plugging into any suitable
tially upon a plane passing along section line >4—4 of
‘female outlet.
FIGURE 1 illustrating further structural details of the
The panel 58 is held in place in an opening 65 in wall
invention; ‘and
18 by a bottom hinge 66 mounted on the wall 18 at the
FIGURE 5 is a detailed sectional view taken substan
bottom of opening 65 and rests on a pivoted latch 68
tially upon a plane passing along section line >5—5 of 50
at the sides of opening 65.
FIGURE 3 illustrating the structure of the catch for de
tachably holding the Wire and light supporting panel.
Referring now speci?cally to the drawings, the nu
meral lit generally designates the combination multi
purpose stool or stand and tool box of the present inven
tion which is in the form generally of a hollow rectangular
base which may generally be in the form of a box-like
receptacle or receiver and which is provided with up
warrlly converging end walls 12 and 14, a front wall 16
and a rear wall 18.
The front and rear walls also con
verge upwardly and each of the walls is provided with a
recess 20 in the bottom edge thereof which de?nes depend
ing feet or legs 22 for supporting engagement with a suit
able supporting surface.
The plug 64 is employed for plugging into any suitable
‘female outlet. The end wall 12 is also provided with
a switch 72 for turning the light 54 on and off and there
55 also is a female outlet 74- disposed in the same opening
which receives the switch 72. The outlet 74 and switch
72 all receive electrical energy from male plug 64 which
is attached to any suitable female outlet. The switch
72 is for purposes of selectively supplying energy to the
60 light bulb 54 when the light bulb is mounted in the posi
tion illustrated in the drawings thus providing control
for the light since it is not needed in certain instances.
The normally powered outlet plug 74 also provides for
plugging in of various electrical equipment such as power
drills and the like and also enables a conventional trou
The upper ends of the walls 12-18 are interconnected 65 ble light to be plugged therein for use wherever desired.
by a solid top wall 24 and spaced slightly above the cut
The stand may be constructed of any suitable material
outs or notches 20‘ in the walls ‘12—18 is an elevated
and may be ‘of various sizes and clearly has many uses
bottom wall or member 26. All of the components are
other than in connection with ‘automobile repairs.
secured together in any suitable manner and may be con
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
structed of wood, metal or any other suitable material.
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
Each end wall 12 and 14 is provided with a generally
oval-shaped opening 28 adjacent the upper end thereof
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention
to the exact construction and operation shown and de
of-the-way said top wall provides a platform, said upward
converging walls including upwardly converging end
walls and upwardly converging front and rear walls, the
scribed, and accordingly all suitable modi?cations and
equivalents may be resorted 'to,_falling within the scope
of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
1. For use by a mechanic, particularly a mechanic en
gaged in vehicle repair work in a service ‘garage; a port
able base, said base being in the form of a stool and of
hollow construction and providing ‘an enclosed compart 10
front wall having an enlarged unobstructed opening there
in facing a work area, a light means mounted on the
interior of the rear wall for illuminating the work area
by way ‘of the front wall opening, a drawer being slidably
mounted on and beneath the bottom wall for carrying
tools and a. vertical protective screen mounted forward
of the light means and rearwardly of the front wall, said
screen extending between the top and bottom walls
and being of a width so as to only extend slightly be
yond said light means at either side thereof.
3. The structure as de?ned in claim 2 together with
vided on an underneath side thereof with a slidingly 15 an aperture through one of said upwardly converging
mounted tool drawer, said ‘front wall having an unre~
walls, a panel, pivot means mounting said panel on said
stricted opening communicating with the compartment,
one wall for movement between a ?rst position closing
said top wall providing a sturdy standing platform, a
said aperture and a second position parallel to and resting
cushion normally superimposed upon said top wall and
against the outer surface of said one wall, and a cord spool
ment, said base embodying top, bottom, front, rear and
end walls de?ning said compartment, the bottom wall
being elevated above lower portions of the encompassing
front, back and end walls, said bottom wall being pro
having one lengthwise marginal edge hingedly attached
mounted on said panel so as to extend into the exterior
to an upper portion of a cooperating rear wall, said cush
ion providing a seat and being swingable to an out-of-the
of the hollow base when the panel is in said ?rst position.
4. The combination of claim 3 together with an elec
tric switch for controlling the light, and a socket for re
ceiving various male plugs on the exterior surface of
one end wall of the stand, said opposed end walls having
way position against the back wall when not being used,
one end wall being providedwith a switch and an elec
tric power takeolf receptacle, a ‘socket containing ‘a lamp
bulb mounted on the interior ‘of the rear wall within
the con?nes of said compartment, said rear wall having
an opening, a hingedly mounted panel normally ?tting
rounded hand-hold openings.
into and closing said opening, said panel provided with
an interiorly disposed cord reeling spool whereby to per 30
mit an extension cord to be wound on the spool with
the extension cord electrically connected with the socket
as well as the aforementioned switch and outlet.
2. A combination stand comprising a hollow portable
base having upwardly coverging walls interconnected by
a top wall and an elevated bottom wall, a cushion over
lying and resting atop the top wall, means pivotally at
taching one edge of the cushion to the base for swinging
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movement of the cushion from an operative position over
lying the top to an inoperative position disposed against 40
one wall of the stand, whereby when the cushion is out
Great Britain _________ _._ Feb. 26, 1958
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