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Aug- 6, 1963
Filed Dec. 27, 1960
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Aug. 6, 1963
3,100,059 ‘
Filed Dec. 27, 1960
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LEG/V5? Limo/M0157
Egner L. Bloomquist, 1070 Pike Lake Road,
New Brighton, Minn.
Filed Dec. 27,v 1960, Ser. No. 78,425
1 Claim. (Cl. 220-117)
This invention relates to carriers for milk bottles,
dairy products and the like and more particularly relates
to carriers of the type used by milk delivery men for
Patented Aug. 6, 1963
or runner-like supports for lying on a ?oor. The spaces
between the rods 14, 15 and 16 are open and unobstructed
so that only these rods engage the surface upon which the
carrier is placed. The end portions 14a and 16a of rods
14 and 16 extend upwardly above the basket structure
12 and then inwardly in a diagonally upward direction
and are actually joined together and formed integrally
with each other at 17. It will be seen that the rods 14
and 16 are actually constructed as one continuous loop,
formed in the manner indicated. The end portions 15a
An object of my invention is to provide a new and
of rod 15 extend upwardly beyond the joint 17 at which
point the end portions 15a are affixed to the other frame
improved wirework carrier of simple and inexpensive con;
struction and operation.
inward and upward direction and has loops 118 formed in
carrying and displaying dairy products.
rods, and the rod 15 is turned back upon itself in an
Another object of my invention is the provision of a 15 the terminal ends thereof. A handle 19 extends between
the terminal ends of rod 15 and an elongate bolt 20 ex
tends through the loops 18 and handle 19 and is a?ixed
handling of bottles and product containers with a mini
by not 20a.
mum of possibility of damaging such bottles or other
The frame structure 11 also includes a top frame wire
A further object of my invention is to provide an im 20 21 which is endless and which is formed in a rectangle
with one end portion 21a extending across and welded
proved wirework carrier which is extremely rugged in
to the adjacent upturned end portions of the frame rods.
construction and which will stand up under hard wear in
The other end portion 21b of frame wire 21 extends be
delivering milk ‘and the like.
yond the corresponding upturned ends of the frame rods
A still further object of my invention is to provide a
new and novel wirework milk bottle carrier which will 25 14-16 to provide for mounting of the supplementary
basket 13. A tie wire 22 extends across and is a?ixed
withstand substantial use, but which is light weight and
by welding to the other upturned ends of frame rods,
is constructed to minimize the Wear on the delivery man’s
and the opposite ends of tie wire 22 are looped around
clothes as he handles the carrier and also to minimize
the opposite sides of trame wire 21 and are further a-f
the possibility of damaging ?oors and other surfaces upon
30 ?xed thereto by welding.
which the carrier is placed or slid.
The basket structure 12 will be seen to have a wire
A still further object of my invention is to provide a
work construction with the interior of the basket divided
novel and improved wirework dairy produce carrier which
into compartments. The bottom of the basket structure
may be readily and easily fabricated with a minimum of
12 includes a plurality of stiif but resiliently yieldable
These ‘and other objects and ‘advantages of my inven 35 bridging wires 23 disposed in spaced and parallel relation
with each other and overlying the frame rods 14—16 in
tion will more fully appear from the following descrip
transverse relation thereto. The bridging wires 23 are
tion made in connection with the accompanying draw
to the fname rods 14—-—16 and thereby maintain
ings wherein like reference characters refer to the same
or similar parts throughout the several views and in 40 the frame rods in predetermined and ?xed relation with
each other. The upturned ends 23a of the bridging wires
23 de?ne opposite sides of the basket structure 12. The
FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view showing the
upper portions 23b of these upturned ends are all in
several important portions of the carrier;
verted U-shape so that adjacent bridging Wires 23 are
FIG. 2 is a side elevation view, partly broken away,
interconnected and formed integrally with each other.
of the carrier;
45 The adjacent bridging wires 23 are actually formed of
FIG. 3 is a section view taken at 3-—3 in FIG. 2.
a continuous endless loop of Wire and it will be seen in
One form of the present invention is shown in the
FIG. 1 that the actual terminal ends of the wire-s de?ning
drawings and is described herein. The carrier is in
bridging wires 23 are welded together at 24. The in
dicated in general by numeral 10 and includes a frame
verted U-shaped upper portions 23b of the bridging wires
structure 11, va main basket structure 12 and a supple‘ 50 are af?xed by welding to the frame wire 21. It will
mental basket structure 13, all of which are rigidly
therefore be seen that all of the actual terminal ends
novel wirework carrier which provides for safe, rapid
affixed together when assembled, as shown in FIGS. ‘2
and 3.
The carrier 10 is well adapted for use with glass milk
of wires 23 are concealed at the weld-s 24- and there are
no projecting ends upon which clothes or paper milk
carton-s can be torn. A supplemental bridging wire 25
bottles, particularly bottles of the half-gallon size which 55 is provided between the centralmost bridging wires 23
are generally rectangular or oblong in shape and for
waxed paper milk cartons, particularly in the half-gallon
The carrier 10 is constructed so as to minimize
the possibility of breakage or tearing of such bottles and
with its upturned end 25a welded to the frame wire 21
and con?ned closely with the adjacent inverted U-shaped
portion 23b.
The basket 12 also includes a stiff but resiliently yield
cantons respectively and so as to minimize the wearing 60 able side wire 26 which is rectangular in shape and which
eifect upon the trousers of the milk delivery man. Fur
is continuous, which extends around the periphery of
thermore, the carrier 10 is constructed particularly to be
the basket structure and is Welded to the upturned ends
lightweight in construction, but sufficiently rugged to
or upstanding side wires 23a.
withstand the usual abuse that carriers of this type are
The bottom of the basket structure also includes a
subjected to in day-to-day use. An important aspect of 65 plurality of parallel and spaced bottle-engaging and sup
the carrier 10 is the fact that the carrier is provided with
porting wires '27 which extend transversely of bridging
runner-like rods at the bottom to permit the carrier to be
wires 23 and which lie in parallel, but spaced relation
easily skidded along the floor in a truck or the floor of
with the bottom frame rods Iii-16. The upturned ends
a householder’s kitchen without either damaging the
27a of the bottle-engaging wires form the ends of the
do or or the basket or the contents being carried.
basket structure and are welded to the adjacent portions
It will be seen that the frame structure 11 includes a
of continuous side wire 16. It will be seen that because
plurality of elongate rigid rods 14, 15 and 16 which lie
parallel with each other and are attached to form skid
of the spaced relation between the bottle-engaging wires
27 and the ‘frame rods 14—-16 which lie parallel thereto,
the "bridging ‘wires 23 vwill ‘?ex and provide a sprmgy
support tor milk bottles which engage and are supported
upon the wires 27 in the bottom of the basket. Likewise,
the ‘side wire 26 will flex slightly under downward move
ment of ‘the ‘ends 27a of bottle-supporting wires 27 as
the milk bottles ‘are “placed or dropped into the ‘basket
so ‘as »to provide a springy support for the bottles and
shock of the dropping of a bottle is cushioned on the
spr-ingy support ‘for thebottles ‘at the-bottom of the basket. ‘
The bridging wires 23 vare maintained in spaced relation ‘
above the ?oor upon which ‘the carrier rests to allow
adequate room for this ‘slight ?exing. _ In the process‘
of placing the bottles in ‘thecarn'er, it ‘frequently occurs
that the bottles will engage and, at‘least instantaneously‘, “ ‘
rest upon or strike the .top portions of the compartment
“The wirework basket 512 is also provided with a pair 10 dividers. The divider wires ‘28 and ‘29 in-the instant basket ‘ ‘
construction are well supported from the ‘bottom wires 27
‘of compartment-de?ning divider wires 28 and 29 which
of the basket and ‘here again, some springiness as pre
extend across ‘the interior of ‘the basket 12 and have
‘thereby minimize possibility of damage thereto.
oppositeends looped around ‘and welded to the continu- '
'ous ‘side wire 26. The divider wires 28 and 29 extend
viously described will '%be effective when the bottles en
gage the divider wires. The divider wires in their sub? 1‘
stantially *U-shapedarra-ngement ‘prevent the adjacent
inwardly ‘from the'opposite sides of the ‘basket, and then
are ‘turned ‘downwardly to engage and be supported by 15 bottles in next adjacent compartments from. engaging ‘or r ‘
the ‘bottom wires 27 in a U~shaped con?guration so as
itode?ne upper central :portions 28a and 29a. An addi
smashing against each other.
As ‘the delivery man-leaves the ‘truck and walkslup“ 7
to the house, carrying the carrier‘lll at his side, the car
rier _is ‘likely to brush against ‘his trousers, \but [the elon
28 and ‘29 and has its opposite ends welded to the con
tinuous side wire 2610f the basket. The wire 30 engages 20 gate ‘un'dbstnuctedfr-ame wire ‘21 ‘guides the carrier along
aional .wire 30 extends transversely of the divider wires
and is a?ixed to the intermediate portions 28a and 29a
ofthe divider wires 28 ‘and 29 so ‘that in the basket por
his pants _leg and prevents any enta‘ngling of the carrier‘ 1 l
therewith. ‘The inverted ~U-shaped upper pontions'23b
tion ‘12 shown, the interior ‘thereof is divided into six
of.the upright
of'the side
23 eliminates
together with
any the
ends which‘
con? . U
compartments. It will therefore ‘be seen that the divider
wires 28 and ‘29 are attached to the upper portion of 25 would otherwise ‘catch upon ‘the delivery man’s tr'ousersql
the basket, but are self-supported at ‘the bottom of the
The supplemental basket -13 is seen to be of wire
When the delivery “man sets the‘ carrier down on a‘?oor,‘
frequently the carrier will :have some forward motion,“ ‘
whether ,it ‘be intentional or accidental-on the part of ‘the “ 1‘
delivery man‘as hehandles the carrier. The bottom ‘frame , ‘
work construction and is a?ixed by welding to the frame
structure 11. The bottom wires 31 and 32 extend trans 30 rods 14, 15 ‘and 16 provide a runner-like structure with" "
versely of each ‘other and are all ‘affixed to each other
unobstructed spaces between the rods so that no damage.
.by Welding, 38nd the upturned ends thereof are affixed by
will be ‘caused ‘to the '?ooras ‘a result of the forward
skidding motion. v‘Furthermore, if the L?oor has any ob
structions therein, the skid-like :fr‘ame rods '14, !15 and 1s “
‘welding to a side of ring 33. The upturned ends ‘31a
and ‘32a of the wires 31 and 32 are welded to the ‘frame
wire 21, ‘and the wire ring 33 is welded to each of the
‘will ‘readily pass over ‘the obstruction in the ‘?oor and .,
frame rods 14-716.
the carrier ‘10‘will effectively not engage the obstruction
It Will be seen that a pair of ‘attachment tabs 34 are
and the ‘contents'in the carrier will not‘be badly jarredas “
a result. Furthermore, the obstruction is kept away from
basket 35 is secured thereto by means of screws 36. >
40 the articles or'milk ‘bottles in the carrier so thatno dam
An additional top display basket, 37, which is gener
age occurs t‘o‘the milk bottles‘or other containers therein.
a?’ixed to the frame wire 21 and a detachable ‘display
' ally circular in con?guration, is attached to ‘the bolt 20
‘It ‘will be seen that additional ‘baskets and other‘dis- . ‘
by a supported wire 38 which ‘is looped at 39 over the ,
end of bolt~20 and is secured thereto by means of nut 40.
‘It will vbe seen that the frame structure 11 further has
playing media can ‘be ‘readily and easily attached to ‘the ‘
carrier 10 in‘the ‘fashion ‘of'basket 3‘5 and 'basket‘37. ‘In ,
the several baskets and compartments of Ithecarrier, the 1
a diagonally extending bracing rod 150 which extends 45
being sold
as to
by entice
the delivery
the customer
man can‘into
across obliquely oriented portions of the upturned ends
15a of frame rod 15 and vis welded thereto in order ‘to
prevent fore-andeft wobbling of the frame structure.
In manufacture, the frame structure 11, ‘basket 12, and
supplementary basket 13 are all fabricated in the form
shown in FIG. 1 and then are readily assemtbled'by merely
slipping the baskets 1'2 and 13 onto the frame'structure
making additional purchases.‘
‘ ‘
It should be noted ‘that in a slightly modi?ed form or
the invention, ‘the endless ‘top ‘frame wire 21 may ‘be con
the upright ends of the rigid rods 14, 15 ,
and ‘16 so that the end portion'zlb lies in the position of
wtie wire 22 as seen in the drawings. .In this arrangement a
11 to assembled condition as seen in FIGS. 2 and 3.
In the use of the carrier 10, the milk delivery men
‘the supplemental basket structure 13
will‘be welded ,di- ‘ ‘ . ‘
rectly to the‘ upright end ‘portion |15a.of‘rod 15 and will
will .frequently have the carrier lying on the ?oor of his 55 ‘beprovided with an additional ring 33 spaced above the‘
.truck adjacent the driver’s seat, and when he is getting
presently disclosed ring 33. Alternatively vthe supple
‘out of the seat to go up to a'house, frequently the driver
will press down on the handle of .the carrier toeitectively
lift himself off the seat. The frame structure of the
:present invention, although light, is constructed to with 60
stand this rugged abuse because of the arrangement of
mental basket '13'may‘be jdet-achably secured to the frame
structure $11 by ‘means similar to those ‘ employed ,for ‘l
securing ‘the display _‘basket 35,. The end 'portion 212;
'ofjthe top "frame ring 2,1‘wil'l ‘be disposed inwardly of ‘
the upright rods 15a, 14a and ‘16a and will be provided
the frame rods 14, 15 and 16, particularly thediagonally
with additional tabs ‘34 to which the supplemental basket
related end portions thereof which extend upwardly t0
‘13 may ‘be detachably secured.
~ward the handle 19. The handle 19 is prevented from
moving either iore-and-aft tor lsideways in relation totthe 65 ‘may
It will,
be of
the in
detail, ‘arrangement
that various and
general elongate frame structure 11. Tearing of the spot
departing ‘from, the scope of
weld joints between the several frame wires is thereby
my ‘invention, ‘which consists of ‘the .matter described ‘ ‘ ‘
Generally before the carrier is removed from the truck
‘.by the delivery man he‘will exchange the empty bottles 70
in the carrier vfor full bottles from his supply, and as
the 4fl111~b0tt16$ are dropped into the basket, they engage
the ‘wires '27 which causes a ?exing of the bridging wires
23 between the frame ‘rods ‘14, 15 and 16 so that the
herein and set forth'in the appended claim.
What i ‘claim is:
> ‘
A wirework carrier for milk ‘bottles and .the like, coin- i
prising a frame structure having a pair of speed and.
‘substantially parallel lframehrods to lie upon a door and
‘ having upturned ends with upper “portions bent diag- "
onally inwardly and upwardly and'beingfformed integrally
75 ‘with each other, a (third 'framerod lying midway between
and parallel to said pair of rods, said several rods de?n
ing unobstructed spaces therebe’nween, said third rod hav
ing opposite ends turned upwardly and a?ixed to the ends
of said pair of rods ‘and then being turned back upon itself
in a diagonally upward direction, a handle a?iXed between 5
the terminal ends of said third rod, a wirework open
topped (basket a?ixed on said frame rods and between
the upturned ends thereof ‘and maintained in spaced rela
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
tion ‘above the ?oor, and a top frame wire extending
around and af?xed to the upper periphery of the basket 10
and extending across and being affixed to said .frame
rods at a position below said upper portions thereof,
whereby to con?ne and protect milk bottles and the like.
15 2,923,428
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Patent No. 3,100,059
August 6, I963
Egner I... Bloomquist
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rtified that error ap d Letters Pate nt should read as
It is hereby ce tion and that the sai
ant requiring oorrec
corrected below.
"speed" read -- spaced —-,
Column 4. line 71‘ for
and sealed this 28th day of January 1964.
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