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Aug. 6, 1963
A. cALlxTo
F‘iled Dec. 2l, 1961
3 Sheets-Shea?l l
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À11g~ 6, 1963
A. cALlxTo
l/ ]
Aug. 6, 1963
A. cALlxTo
Filed Dec. 2l, 1961
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
BY ym@ Q WM(
United States Patent O
Patented Aug. 6, 1963
Antonio Calixto, Hempstead, N.Y.
(5414 NE. 2nd Ave., Miami 37, Fla.)
Filed Dec. 21, 1961, Ser. No. 160,980
3 Claims. (Cl. 221-116)
prises ya rectangular case 1 having la suflioient thickness
to accommodate two r-ows 2 and 3 of cigarettes with a
slight clearance between. Case 1 is adapted »to be mount~
ed on an 'automobile sun visor 4 by means of the clip 5.
The dotted sun visor 4' illustrates Áthat the case may be
mounted ion either the top or »the bottom lof the sun visor.
The case 1 >also contains an operating compartment 6
This invention relates to cigarette dispensing means
which contains a pivlotally mounted pusher member 7
More particularly, one embodiment of the invention
comprises a case for holding a plurality of cigarettes, the
case being adapted to be clipped onto the sun visor of an
automobile. When the sun visor is «tilted down fnom
pensing aperture 10 in the side of the case. The pivotally
mounted pusher member has `a second extension 11 at
substantially sa right angle to its main laxis. The pusher
member is operated by means of the ball 12, which may
the horizontal, a gravityfopenated pusher member pushes
be a marble.
which has a ñrst foot `extension 7m which is adapted to
and more particularly to such means which 'are adapted
to be .tiltably mounted, for instance, on the sun viso-r oi l0 extend into the portion of the case holding the cigarettes
for the purpose of ejecting ‘one cigarette S from a dis
an automob-ile.
In FIG. 2 the sun visor has been ñipped downto a posi
tion below the horizontal so that the ball has rolled by
The present invention has several safety and conven
gravity from the position shown by dotted line 12’ to the
ience >features for iobtaining >cigarettes while driving `an
automobile. The present device eliminates `any necessity 20 position shown by the ball 12. This aotio-n causes the ball
to cause .the pusher member 7 «to rotate clockwise about
for feeling through pockets, lopening coats, attempting to
the pivot point 7 ' causing the extension foot member 7a
extract cigarettesy from »a package, all of which actions tend
to push the cigarette S Iout of the dispensing :aperture 11i.
to distract the driver vand create unsafe driving conditions.
FIG. 3 shows a sec-tional View taken along the -line
Another version of the invention operates on «the same
principle but is rotatably mounted yon .a holder for desk 25 3_3 of FIG. 1, showing the case 1 in substantially hori
zontal position with the ball 12 on the righthand side of
or table use.
out one cigarette from the case.
Accordingly, a principal object »of the invention is to
pnovide new and improved cigarette dispensing means.
Another object ofthe invention is. to provide new and
improved cigarette dispensing me-ans which lare adapted
to be mounted on the sun visor of an automobile.
Another object of the invention is. Ito provide -new and
the figure having retracted .the pusher member by hitting
against the retracting foot portion 1l. Hinge 9‘ permits
iopening the casete insert cigarettes.
FIG. 4 shows the action of the ball las the sun visor
is tilted down causing the ball to roll from the position
ind-icated by the dotted ‘lines- in FIG. 4 to the position
indicated in full lines ott the ball 12. When the case 1
improved cigarette dispensing means which are adapted
is tilted down the ball rolls down and has suñicient weight
to be tiltably mounted.
Another 4object of the invention is to provide new and 35 to strike the lower portion of the pivotally mounted pusher
member 7 so as to cause the pusher member to rotate and
improved cigarette dispensing means comprising a tiltably
mounted case land a balance operated pusher member
which is adapted to push'out one cigarette when the oase
push one cigarette out of the case.
FIGS. 5 and 6 show the »action of the remaining ciga
4rettes as the case 1 is tilted `from the horizontal position.
Another object of :the invention is to provide new and 40 FIG. 5 shows an arrangement of cigarettes when the case
is partially filled. The cigarette 20 .is in the position op
improved dispensing means comprising a case adapted to
posite the dispensing aperture, that is, the position where
hold a plurality ‘of cigare-ttes, said case hiaving a dispensing
is tilted.
aperture on one side, Aa. pusher member pivotally mounted
the foot member 7a will push out the cigarette. A `guide
or stop member 21 is located in the case just adjacent the
to operate said pusher member to “in” and “out” positions 45 position of the cigarette 201fin order to eliminate any inter
in said case yand a ball mounted in said case and adapted
as said case is tilted.
These and other objects of the invention will be appar
yference with the cigarette being ejected.
FIG. `6 shows the position of the case 1 after it has
been tilted from the horizontal illustrating that the ciga
rettes tend to roll down towards the dispensing aperture
FIG. 1 is an elevation View of an embodiment of :the 50 which is «located behind the cigarette 205. Therefore, when
the cigarette 20 has been removed the `cigarette 22 will
invention mounted on a sun visor.
:fall into the :ejection position and the next cigarette 23
FIG. 2 is a plan view of the embodiment of FIG. 1,
will fall into the position now occupied bythe cigarette 2‘2.
partially cut away.
ent from the following specification and drawings, of
FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along .the lines 3_3
of FIG. l.
FIG. 4 is a sectional view showing 4the View yof FIG. 3
FIG. 7 shows a modification of the invention which
operates on the same principle except the case is rotatably
mounted, for instance for desk or table use. lIn this modi
fication there are two dispensing apertures and the piv
otal-ly mounted Álever has two pusher extensions so that
FIGS. 5 `and 6 are detail views illustrating the operation
each time the case is ñipped over one lcigarette will be
of the invention.
FIG. 7 is a perspective view of la modiiication of lthe in 60 ejected.
More specifically referring to FIG. 7 there is shown a
case 1’ which is pivota-lly mounted on the mounting
FIG. 8 is 1a sectional View along ythe lines 8_8 of
brackets 2’5, 26 which are mounted on the base member
FIG. 7.
27, which -is adapted to be placed `on the table, desk or
FIG. 9 is a sectional view along ‘the lines 9_9 of
65 other horizontal surface. Tlhe case 1’ is divided into a
FIG. 8.
cigarette holding compartment which may be removable,
FIG. 10 is a detail View of the pivotally mounted push
in tilted position.
er member.
FIGS. l1, 12 and 13 are side and sectional views of
and `a compartment for the mechanism similar to the em
bodiment of FîiG. 1. However, in this modification as
illustrated in FIG. 8 the cigarette portion is divided by
FIG. 9 illustrating the operation of the embodiment of
70 the lpartition 30 and there are two dispensing apertures 31
FIGS. 7 through 10.
and 32, one in each compartment.
Referring to the figures, the invention .generally com
3, 100,060
The pusher member 33 (FIGS. 9l and 10) is pivotally
said case having a dispensing aperture on each side of
mounted along the centerîaxis of the case 1’ and has two
said partition,
ejecting -feet 34, 35 which are displaced trom the axis
of the member 33 so that the ejection ‘foot 34 lines up
with 4the dispensing aperture 312 and the dispensing ÍootSS
lines up with the dispensing aperture 31. Therefore, as
«the case `1’ is ñipped to the position «shown in FIG. 9 tlhe
ball 12a will Áfall down and cause the pusher member to
pusher member pivotally mounted in said case at
the other end of said cigarettes from said aperture,
said pusher member having a ñrst extension at one
end adapted to push a cigarette out of one of said
apertures, said pusher member haviing a second ex
tension at «its other end adapted to pus'h a cigarette
out of the other of said apertures, said pusher mem
ber and one side of said case forming a track trans
verse to the axis of rotation and >a ball mounted in
said track »and adapted to move said pusher «to “in”
and “out” positions 4as said case is tilted from the
rotate clockwise in FIG. 9, thereby causing the ejection
«foot 35 to eject the cigarette 36. Note -that the corners
37 and 38 of the case 1’ are iii‘led in so as to provide
‘a surface which forces the ball 12a Iagainst the pusher
member. ".[Ihe case 1’ will normally take a vertical posi
-tion as shown -by FIG. 7 due tothe Weight of the ball 12a.
When the case 1’ is flipped again from the posi-tion
shown in FIG. 9 then the ball will =fall to the position
illustrated by the ‘dotted Iline in »ball 12b, causing the ejec
tion foot 34 to eject another cigarette from the aperture
2. Cigarette dispensing means comprising
a case adapted to receive la plurality of cigarettes, said
case having a dispensing aperture on one side and a
«track adjacent its other side,
32. The »interior surface of tihe case also has a pair of
a pusher member pivotally mounted -in said case at the
projections 4l?, 41 (FIG. 8) which «guide the «ball from 20
other end of said cigarettes yfrom said aperture said
one side tothe other as the case is flipped over.
pusher member having a first extension at one end
FIGS. 1'1 through 13 illustrate the yoperation of ‘the
adapted to push a cigarette out of said aperture said
embodiment of FIGS. 7 through 10. In FIG. 11 the ciga
pusher member having a second extension at its other
rette 40 is in the ejection position opposite the aperture
end extending into said track and a ball mounted
31. FIG. l2 shows the position of the ball 12a when
in said track and adapted to strike said second exten
kthe case 1’ in dotted lines is «in the position shown in
sion to move said pusher to eject a cigarette when
FIG. 11.
said case is tilted from the horizontal about an axis
When the case 11' is rotated clockwise, as shown by the
transverse to said track.
arrows in FIG. 12, the dropping of the ball will be delayed
3. Cigarette dispensing means for a vehicle having a
by the stop member 4'41 until the case reaches the position 30 sun visor comprising:
illustrated by the full lines in FTG. v12. As the case is
alcase adapted to receive plurality of cigarettes, said
rotated further in a clockwise ,direction Áfrom» the position
case having a dispensing aperture on one side and
of the full lines in FIG. 12, the ball ‘12o will then rise
above the delay stop 41 ,and «roll over the stop 41 down
»to the other end of the case. r[This delay allows the ciga 35
a track adjacent its other side,
a clip on said case adapted to mount said case on said
sun visor,
rettes to properly position themselves opposite -the dis
pensing apertures before Ithe eject-ing foot is operated. 1f
a pusher member pivotally mounted in said'case at the
this delay was not provided and the cigarettes were not
pusher member having a ñrst extension at one end
v.properly positioned opposite lthe dispensing apertures, then
they might become jammed by the ejecting feet.
other end of said cigarettes from said aperture, said
FIG. 13 shows the delay action of »the ball 12a in rid
ing over the stop 41.
Many modifications maybe made by those who desire
to practice the invention without departing from the scope
thereof which is defined by the following claims.
I claim:
i1. Cigarette dispensing means comprising
a rotatably mounted case adapted to receive a plurality
of cigarettes,v
a center partition in said case,
adapted to push a cigarette out of said aperture, said
pusher member having a second extension at its other
end, extending into said Itrack and Ia ball mounted in
said track and adapted to move rsaid pusher to eject a
cigarette as said case is tilted from the horizontal
about one axis at `a substantial angle to said track
suñicient -to cause said ball toroll.
References Cited in the file of this patent
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Petty ________________ __ Sept. 4, 195'1
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