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Aug- 13, 1963
Filed Jan. 31, 1961
United States Patent 0 " "ce
Patented Aug. 13, 1963
ing one revolution of said inking roller, and at the same
time these inking rollers are arranged to come into con
tact with two or more metal rollers which have a recipro
cating movement as they rotate in order to get a supply of
The invention will now be described in connection with
Filed Jan. 31, 1961, Ser. No. 86,020
the accompanying drawing which shows a preferred em
2 Claims. (Cl. 101-350)
This invention relates to olfset printing presses, and
In accordance with usual practice a plate 12 is secured
more particularly, to improvements in ink supplying and 10 on a cylinder .13 by means of adjustable clamp 11, (11',
distributing devices to be used in such presses.
numerals 1 and 2 represent inking rollers of large diame
In the ink distributing device of an oifset printing press
ter. The roller 1 is so constructed as to have a periph
of conventional type, a number of inking rollers having
ery long enough to cover substantially the distance be
small but equal diameters are used for applying ink to
tween A and B of the printing plate .12 during its one
the printing plate and such inking rollers are arranged 15 revolution. Rollers 3, 4 and 5 are arranged to contact
to receive the supply of ink in contacting metal rollers in
with the inking rollers. The rollers 5 and 6 are metal
reciprocating movement. In a construction of this kind,
rollers which have a reciprocating movement while rotat
each of said small inking rollers is only capable of com
pleting inking to the entire surface of the printing plate by
The ink which comes out from a roll 7 and through an
making a number of revolutions, so that when the cylinder 20 ink transferring roller 8 is well kneaded while it passes
is rotating, enough ink will be supplied to each inking
between a plurality of rollers and supplied to the inking
roller while the part other than the printing plate is pass
rollers 1 and 2 uniformly by means of the metal rollers 3,
ing. However as the inking of the printing plate starts,
4, '5 ‘and ‘6. The metal rollers which come into contact
almost all of the ink will be taken away to the printing
withthe inking rollers 1 and 2 are composed of a plural
plate during the ?rst revolution of a roller. As the result, 25 ity of metal rollers as shown in the drawing, so that even
it is almost impossible to avoid the tendency of the ?rst
if the pattern of the print may be a partial one and the
half of the print becoming darker than the print of the
ink may be taken away to the printing plate partially, the
last half.
ink being well distributed while passing through these
Furthermore in an olfset printing press, water is used
metal rollers, and the supply of the ink being accom
and it is a well-known fact that the water used is also 30 plished from more than two places, and in connection
often the cause of an undesirable eifect appearing in the
with these, at least one of the inking rollers, roller [1,
various forms of prints produced. As one of such de
being made large enough in its diameter to be able to sup
fects, stripe-like unevenness appears in the print. This is
ply ink uniformly on-to the entire surface of the printing
caused by the fact that when damping water is given to
plate, there is no fear of producing of defective prints hav
the printing plate by means of damping rollers 9 and 10, 35 ink dark and like unevenness. By the use of the invented
Katsuji Akiyama, 996 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
there is a strong tendency that an exces of damping water
device it is possible to produce brilliant and elegant
adheres to the leading edge portion A of the plate. On
account of this, when the plate starts to rotate and comes
Moreover, due to the reciprocating movement of a plu
into contact with the inking roller, an excess of water ad
nal-i-ty of metal rollers, the excess of damping Water adher
heres to the inking roller in a stripe-like manner. When 40 ing to the inking rollers -1 and 2 in a stripe-like manner
the roller makes further rotation and said portion comes
being well dilfused when ink is supplied, there is no fear
into contact with the metal roller to obtain a supply of ink,
of the appearance of defective stripes due to the excess of
sul?cient diffusion of the excess water being di?icult to be
damping water. Thus it will be seen that the annoying
accomplished by one single metal roller, an inadequate
defects of prior constructions have been overcome by the
supply of ink on that portion results as compared with 45 present invention.
other portions, causing the appearance of stripe-like un
1 claim:
evenness in the print just at the place corresponding to
1. In a printing press having a plate cylinder for mount
one revolution of the inking roller.
ing a printing plate thereon, the improvement which com
When such a defect is very conspicuous, a boundary
pn'ses, means for inking said printing plate comprising
line of dark and light inking appears distinctly in the print
and often results in the production of unsatisfactory prints.
As a means of solving such a defect, use of inking rollers
differing from each other in diameter has been tried.
However, by such means it was impossible to obtain a
two inking rolls for inking said plate and disposed radially
of said plate cylinder in contact therewith and extending
parallel thereto, one of said inking rolls being larger in
diameter than the other of said inking rolls and having
a circumference of sufficient length to completely ink said
complete solution of the problem to the annoyance of the 55 plate during one revolution of said one inking roll, said
printers, and is the problem that applicant’s invention has
inking roll having a larger diameter comprising a resilient
inking roll and being disposed to ink said plate after the
in view of the forgoing, in the present invention all con
other inking roll has made contact therewith, two longi
ventional ideas have been discarded and under an entirely
tudinally reciprocably driven metal rolls for transferring
new conception an improved ink distributing means has 60 ink to said inking rolls while rotating and reciprocably
been completed. The present invention is characterized
driven, one of said reciprocably driven metal rolls being
in that at least one of the inking rollers is made of a rub
disposed in contact with and parallel to said inking rolls,
ber roller which is large enough in diameter to be able to
the other of said reciprocably driven metal rolls being dis
supply ink to the entire surface of the printing plate dur
posed parallel to the inking roller having a lesser diame
ter and in contact therewith two other metal rolls disposed
parallel to said inking roller halving the larger diameter
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
and in contact therewith, and other rolls disposed for s-up
plying and transferring ink to said reciprocably driven
metal rolls, and to said other two metal rolls. -
.2. In a printing press according to claim, 1, in which
said press comprises a‘ plurality of dampening rolls coac
tive with said plate cylinder disposed to dampen said plate
before inking by said two inking cylinders.
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