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United States Patent O
v 351‘0‘0’484
Patented Aug. 13,4 1963
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a safety support incor
porating novel features «of this invention;
FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a patient showing the
safety support applied thereto;
John E. Berl, 5312 Kenilworth Ave., Baltimore, Md.
Continuation of application Ser. No. 28,962, May 13,
1960. This application July 27, 1962, Ser. No.`
FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary elevation of safety
support Ádisclosing details of the construction thereof;
1 Claim. (cl. 12s-_134)
vFIG.,4 is a fragmentary cross section taken on line
4-‘4 of FIG. 1 to disclose a manner `of threading the str-ap
- This invention relates generally to safety harness, andmore particularly it pertains to a means for restricting the
ends ofthe safety support through‘a buckle therefor; and
FIG. 5 is la fnagmentary cross section `similar to that
of FIG. 4 illustrating a prefenred'employment of the
movement of the extremities, wrists, ankles, and the torso
of handicapped patients or persons without impairment
Referring now to the details of the drawings, there
to the circulatory system by pressure or physical discom
vis shown generally -in FIG. l a safety` support or belt 1U. _
fort. This application is Ia. continuation of U.S. patent l5 This safety suppor-t lor belt 10‘ consists of composite
application, Serial No. 28,962, tiled by Iapplicant on May
stitched‘and taped yfabrics‘having rounded ends 12 and 14
13, 1960, for “Quick, Detachable Support or Belt,” and Y reeved through a readily detachable friction buckle 16.
As best illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 4, the buckle 16con
` Strap-type supports are useful for guarding the safety
sists of a pair of spaced parallel side legs 18, having a
of physically or mentally handicapped persons. In the 20 central leg 20 arranged panallel therewith but which is
past, leather 0r duck belting has been used on hospital
somewhat displaced from the common plane of the legs
now abandoned.
beds, examination tables and wheelchairs to support a
The two ends 12 and 14 «of the fabric belt 10l are
a desired position. However, such belts leave
threaded oppositely under the side legs 18r and over the
much to be desired in comfort to the patient in cleanliness
central leg 20 with -frictioued engagement under tension
and compatibility with bed clothing and hospital type 25 of the fabric ends 12 and 14 with the buckle 16 at the
overlap providing ya locking eñect at any desired adjust
It is, therefore, an object of this invention to provide a
new and improved »safety support which is padded, quilted,
The buckle 16 `may be used most eñectively in >an
covered, and taped for comfortable wear and sanitation
inverted position from that shown‘in FIG. 4. As illus
and which is easily adjusted and secured to the required 30 trated in FIG. 5', the fabric of belt 1li* is caused to bend
length »for the conditions under which i-t is to be used.
l more >sharply with this employment of «the buckle and>
Another object of this invention is to provide an im
consequently a «greater- frictional engagement is obtained
proved stitched composite cloth strap which is soft, which j
between the ovenlapped belt ends.
possesses a minimum of elongation under tension, and
The compositeV fabric of the belt 10 is made up‘of an
which l‘aunders well without creepage or balling.
35 inner Woven cotton -flannel 26, which i-s faced with outer
Still another object of this invention is to provide a
cover cloths 22 Iand '24. It is important that the ñannel
safety support which conforms to irregular ¿surfaces under
26 be oriented so that the strong warp threads thereof run
tension without undue stnain on the stitching and which
lengthwise, with the relatively weaker “fuzzy” Woof threads
can be easily and economically manufactured in any de
being placed or arranged substantially transversely of the
aired length.
40 belt 10.
Another :object of this invention is to provide a hospital
safety belt `assea’nbly which features an easily removable
The flannel 26 and cover cloths 22 land 2'4 are
secured together with spaced transverse stitching 2li ’at
regular intervals (or irregular intervals, if desired) and
friction buckle of improved holding quality especially
with a plurality of rows of spaced and centered continuous
compatible to the mechanical properties `of a «launderable
longitudinal stitching 30 as shown best in FIG. 3.
fabric assembly.
The edges of the ñannel 26 and cover cloths 22 and 24
To provide a buckle 'belt lof improved construction and
durability to withstand unprecedented extended usage
under- severe insalubrious environment, is still another ob
ject of this invention.
To provide la hospital belt of improved holding qualities
which, in common with its buckle, is especially conforming
to the rounded contour of body members of a patient,
is a further object of the invention.
Yet another `object of this invention is to provide a
belt and buckle assembly which is less subject .to contami
are made co-extensive and are covered with a single con
tinuous folded twillv ,tape 32 positioned around the entire
peripheral edge of the belt and secured by two rows of
stitching 36 and 38 through all layers of the material.V
'I'he necessary splice in the tape 32 as shown by refer~
ence numeral 34 in FIG. 1 is made by overlapping the
two ends so as to preserve‘the desired longitudinal tensile
strength of the tape 32.
The improved safety support or belt 10 constructed as
has been related is shown in use in FIG. 2 mounted
Iaround a patient positioned in a wheelchair. It will con
nation and more conducive to sterilization of ‘all its parts
than heretofore.
form as smoothly and comfortably about thetperson as
blanket material. 'In addition, the belt 10 can be used‘
To provide a bed patient security harness which does
in conjunction with bed-ridden patients, or under ‘other
not limit the p'atient’s rotational mobility, thus preventing
the formation of bed sores is another object of the in 60 circumstances where it is desired to main-tain a patient in
a desired position. lThe safety belt or support 10 is espe
cially adapted for handicapped patients, such as, but not
And `anther object of this invention is to provide a
limited to, paraplegics, paralytics, cerebral palsly, muscu
universal service strap whose buckle can be positioned
lar dystrophy, gereatric, convalescing and aged persons.
anywhere thereon and used singly or in together with an
It can be utilized for numerous other purposes, such as
other strap and the same or other buckles -to fashion re
examination tables.
strictive or positioning attitudes Áof ~the limbs or torso of
The belt 10 is unyieldingly in tension Iand it presents
living or dead creatures.
a neat appearance consisting with hospital articles. The
These and other objects and attendant advantages of
padding flannel 26 is `adequately secured for long life
this invention will become more readily apparent and
under severe usage without danger of creeping, lumping
understood from the accompanying specification and 70 up,
or loss of resiliency even with repeated laundering.
single sheet of drawings in which:
The rough twill tape edge of the belt 10 is elîective in
adonner 4
preventing slippage in the buckle 16 and provides'further
rough twill binding tape arrangedalong the ends and
tensile strength in addition to that from the warp threads
edges of said assembly of layers and folded onto each
side thereof, said binding tape being stitched to said as
sembly of layers adjacent the ends and edges thereof,
of the ñannel 26.
Since the connection between the belt and buckle is of
temporary nature `and the buckle is readily removed only
a relative small quantity of buckles will be required »to be
stocked. despite a large number of belts in stand-,by readi~
thereby securing the ends and edges of said assembly of
layers together and forming said strap, and a friction
buckle consisting of a pair of parallel »spaced side legs and
Moreover, vthe ready removal of the buckle facili- Y
an intermediate leg located therebetween and arranged
parallel therewith but displaced laterally from the vcommon
vplane of said side legs, the ends of said strap `being in
rates the laundry'processing >of the belts »and avoids dain- ‘
age to laundry machinery.
. Y »
Obviously many other modifications-_and variations of
theVV present` invention are possible‘in light of the"y above
teachings. Itis, therefore, to be understood vthat within
serted oppositely between said `side legs and the inter- '
mediate leg ofsaid buckle, said rough twill binding tape
being in frictional engagement with said legs of saidV Y,
the'soope of the'appended claim the invention may be prac
ticed otherwise, than as specifically described.
y buckle »and itself at the overlay of said strap within said
buckle> to obtain ia, locking effect between said strap and ,
said buckle for any desired adjustment of said strap,
l .A hospital retaining belt, comprising,l a support strap
whereby rotational movement by a patient _retained by
consisting of ‘an’ inner layerof Woven cottonV iiarnel, an
said belt is permitted to avoid bed sores and yet to main
outer layer of -soft fabric material Iarranged on each side
tain a safety support forv sra-idrpatient, »said ends of said
of said inner layerzcoextensive therewith, said inner layer ` 20 strap being free of engagement with said friction buckle,
and each said outer layer being elongated sha ed and
whereby said friction buckle is removable to enable said
having coertensively` »arranged with each other -a pair
support strap to be laundered therewithout.
of ends 4and substantially parallel longitudinal edges, said
inner layerY and each said outer layer' being secured to
in the file
of this patent
each other to form an »assembly lof layers by a plurality 25
>of <spaced rows of stitching arranged transversely of said
2,331,783 '
Johnstone _____ _______ __ Oct. l2, 1943
strap and a plurality of spacedk rows 'of stitching arranged
What is~claime`d is:
centered land lengthwise of said strap, the Woven cotton
Vñannel of said'inner layer having its strong warp threads
arranged 4lengthwise of said strap and its _relatively weaker
»Woof threads arranged vtransversely of `said strap, and
sweetland ____ __ _____ ___ Novyz, 1943
Brown ______________ __ Aug. 29, 1950
Hitchens _ _____ __ _____ __ Íuly 14, 1953
Posey ________________ __ Sept. 9, 1958
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