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Aug. 13, 1963
Filed March 22, 1962
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United States Patent O
‘similar »shaped socket «26h Plate 14 is 4formed with an
elongated inwardly extending llange 28 on the side 30 of
the plate adapted to tit in the space between Ithe lugs 18,
2t). On its face adjacent lng 18, flange 28 is `formed with
Milton Levy, 664 Zola St., Woodmere, N.Y.
Filed Mal'. 22, 1962, Ser. No. `181,574
1 Claim. (Cl. 20S-.82)
This invention relates to new and useful improvements
in coin holders such as disclosed in my Letters Patent
Patented Aug. 13, 1963
aV semispherical socket 30 adapted to coact and receive
the semispherical projection 24 on lng 18, and on its `op
` posite yface adjacent lug ‘20, the flange is formed ywith a
semisphenioal projection 32 ‘adapted to coact with and
to be received in the -socket 26 in the face of lug 2i). The
` A primary object of the invention is to provide »a coin 10 projections 24, 32 and sockets 26', 3i)l constitute the hinges
holder having Ia body lcomposed of two complementary
halves adapted to be interlocked by swinging relative to
each other.
Another object of the invention is to provide a coin
holder having a body composed of two complementary 15
halves providing -a space for an envelope containing a
coin and having a window `for exposing the coin.
A `further object is to provide a coin holder :having a
of the holder.
`Plate 12 lalong its side opposite the hinges is :formed
Áwith -a pair of outwardly extending flanges 34, 34 adja
cent its corners leaving a clearance 36 therebetween along
the side. The material of the sides is cut away centrally
thereof forming a slanting notch 38, slanting downwardly
:and `outwardly as viewed in FIG. 6. Along its sides 40,
4i), plate 12 is also provided with `opposed inwardly ex
tending flanges 42, 42, each flange being formed with an
complementary halves providing a space for »an envelope 20 elongated inwardly extending ridge 44 on its inner sur
body of opaque rigid plastic material composed of two
containing a coin and having ‘a Window for exposing the
coin, .the outer surface of the body being suitable for writ
Plate 14 is formed along its side 46 with an inwardly ex
ing thereupon.
tend-ing ilange ‘48. A lu-g Sil is lformed on the inner sur
Still another object `of the invention is to provide a
face of flange '48 shaped to fit and snap into `and over the
coin holder having `a body composed of two complemen 25 notch 38 in plate 12 to detachably hold the plates to
tary halves providing a space for an envelope containing
gether. The plate A1-4- is `also formed along its sides 52
with pairs of inwardly extending flanges 54, 54 adjacent
a coin and having a window «for exposing the coin, the
halves having means for properly positioning the halves.
the outer corners thereof and a similar pair of inwardly
Yet .another object `of the invention is to provide 'a coin
extending flanges 56, `56 ladjacent the inner corners there
hol-der having a body composed of two complementary 30 of, leaving clearances '58, 58 between the pairs of flanges.
halves providing a space for an envelope containing a coin,
Sides 52 lof plate 14 are also formed centrally thereof
the halves having means «for guiding the envelope .to prop
fwith cutaway portions forming slanting notchesói), 60.
er position between the halves.
When the plates are in closed position as shown in FIG.
1, the flange `48 is received in the clearance 36 between
=F or »further comprehension of the invention, and of the
objects and advantages thereof, reference will be had to 35 ñanges 34, 34 `o-n -the plate 112, and the llanges `42 `on the
the following description ‘and `accompanying drawings,
sides 40 of plate 12 are received in the clearances >58 be
Áand to the appended claims in which the various novel
tween the corner llanges on sides 52 of plate 14, with
features of the invention ‘are more particularly set forth.
In the accompanying drawings forming ‘a material part
of this disclosure:
ridges Á44 interlocking with notches 60, 60, whereby the
plates `are nested `and interlocked to each other, leaving a
40 space or clearance 62 therebetween as seen in FIG. 2.
A substantially square envelope yor packet 66 of thin
transparent ilexible plastic hlm material is adapted to be
positioned `and clamped in the space 62 between the >com
FIG. 2 is a section-al view taken on the line 2--~2 of
FIG. 1, on an enlarged scale, parts being broken away.
plementary plates 12 ‘and 14. -On three of its sides, the
FIG. 3 »is an enlarged erossssectional view taken on 45 envelope is sealed by means of adhesive or the like, leav
IFIG. l is a top plan view of a coin holder embodying
any invention, -a coin being shown in -suppo-rted position.
line 3_3 of FIG. l, parts being broken away.
FIG. 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the line
ing one side nnfastened to serve as a mouth for insertion
of a coin 68. The dimensions of the envelope are com
4-4 of FIG. l.
mensurate with the dimensions `of the plates so that when
FIG. 5 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the line
insented, the ‘flanges 42, v54 `anti 56 serve to center the en~
5_5 of xFIG. 1.
velope in the space '62 so that the lcoin `68 will be in reg
FIG. 6 is a disassembled perspective view of the holder.
ister with the windows 16, 16 so as to expose the coin on
both sides thereof.
IFIG. 7 4is `an enlarged fragmentary sectional View of one
of the hinge parts.
The plates 12 and 14 may be readily opened or sepa
-by manually pressing or twisting one plate away
FIG. 8 is a similar view of .another hinge part.
FIG. 9 is ‘an enlarged -sectional view »taken o-n the line
from the other, the outer side edges of both plates l2
9~-9 of yFIG. 6.
and 14 adjacent the corners being formed with fingernail
Referring in detail to the various views of the draw
ing, -in `FIG. l a coin holder embodying the invention is
depressions '70 and 72, respectively, `for this purpose.
The invention comprehends that the holder rnay be
shown and indicated generally by the reference numeral 60 used as a permanent mount Ifor 35 mm. photo transparen
10. The `coin holder is preferably Iformed of opaque
cies and »for this purpose the Windows may be rectangu*
lar in shape instead of being circular.
plastic material, such .as styrene, but may of course be
made of metal :or other suitable m-aterial.
While I have illustrated and described the preferred
The coin holder comprises Ía pair of complementary
embodiment `of 4my invention, it is to be understood that
plates I12 and l1‘4 substantially square in conñguration and 65 I do not limit myself `to the precise construction herein
of similar dimensions with a circular opening Iconstituting
disclosed and that various changes and modilications may
a window 16 centrally of each plate. The plates are i be made within the scope of the invention as defined in
hin-gedly connected together `at one end thereof. This
the appended claim.
connection includes inwardly extending lugs .18 and 20,
Having «thus described my invent-ion, what I claim as
»along the side 22 of plate 12 at the corners thereof. Lug 70 new, and desire to secure by United States Letter-s Pat
18 on its inner face is formed |with a semispherical `pro
jection 24, and lug 26 on its inner face is formed with a
ent is:
A coin holder comprising a pair of complementary sub
stantially square‘shaped plastic plates hingedly connected
to each other, said plates having aligned central circular
windows, >said plates when closed providing a space there
between, a transparent envelope in »said space, the trans
parent envelope containing a coin for exhibition through 5
the windows, coacting ridges and notches on the plates
for interlocking |with each other to hold the plates juxta
posed, and inwardly extend-ing opposed lflanges on the
side edges of the plates, mounting said ridges, for center
ing the envelope »betwen the plates whereby the coin con
tained in the envelope is exposed through the windows,
said plates having ñngernail depressions on the outer sur
-faces thereof on the sides thereof opposite the hinged sides,
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said depressions facilitating separat-ion of the plates, said
hinge connection including ball and socket joints between 15 3,028,949
the kplates on one .side thereof adjacent the perpendicular
ly `disposed sides thereof.
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