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Filed Feb.> 1s, .1962
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; United States Patent Utilice
, arrasar
PatentedÀug. 13, 1963
A . ’71%¿100532
rov'ia,»Califl, a corporation:ofljCalifornia.
' Y
. `Filed Feb. l3,~1962`,».Ser.No.172,992
„2 claims`
.i „
for such'work. vThus, the tips are accurately mounted on
Ilohn‘R. Sosolra, Glendora, and Joseph V'Rohinsou,
Arcadia, Calif., assignorstoUnitek Corporation, llt/ilon
line. The tips .are also accurately located on the holders
> by specialized yworkers using jigsparticularly designed`
.the 'holders without interfering _witnproduction
`_Preferably, theassembly includesa pair‘of arms and
holders `s’o’that a pair of opposing electrode tips can be
~mounted Yon two welder arms with respective self-aligning.` ,Y `
assemblies. ' '
' ._ This invention relatesto -*spot Welders, and more, par,-l
’ The preferred embodiment ralso includes meanslforY se
ticularlyto self-aligning assembly for spot Welder elec
curing the 4body to the` arm to be adjustable in a direction
ltrodes. f
`In conventional spot welding, metal piecesare squeezed
`together.betweeriielectrode tips.4 ÍAfter the applicatiouof
transverse tothe direction’ of arm movement during the t .
welding operation.v Such an adjustment permits iinecom
`fpensation forv tolerance variations in’construction of- the
proper >pressure,"current is passed from the electrodes
through ‘tlie‘metal pieces. fV The high resistance at the
point of .contactbetween the partsy cause the metal to
preferably prevent `a rotationj‘of the holder about its lon
k15 `_,gitudinalaxis
and also serve as a stop to limit theïlorigi-
melt andthe parts to fuse together.
.f '
The aligning means' onv the holder arid" :body
tudinal travel ,of the holder in one direction with respect ..._ `
`With repeated use, the electrode tips tend to "become ` ' to the body.
` These andpother Áaspects of the invention lwill’be vmore '
pitted or .dirty and must be cleaned or reshaped as neces
;sary. 'Tominimize'work stoppage on a productionV line, 20t fully understood from the following detailed description
and the accompanying drawings, in'which:
and. toV avoid theV possibility 'ofycontarnina‘tingï jproducts, ,
FIG. l is a fragmentary perspective view of a spot
thev cleaning >and reshaping of;‘electrode4 tips preferably '
Welder having electrode tips mounted with the self-align
isdone "in _aiV special area located away from the equip
fment.’ l
‘ ing assemblyof thisV invention;
_v ¿In the past, when _an' electrode' tip became pitted or 25 FIG; 2 is an exploded> view `of the holder and body as
dirty, the voperator removed‘the tip> from the Welder, and e yshown mounted on vthe arms in the welder of FIG. l;
replaced thetip with a new one.V This procedure has the Y
disadvantage, particularly for precision work, of leaving
it to the ‘judgmentand skill of the individual operator toA '
locate the new 'electrode tip properly inthe ‘electrode
FIG. 3 is a fragmentary sectional elevation of alternate
embodiment of the invention;
\ J
¿FIG 4 is ‘a view taken online
' v
of FIG; i3;
PIG. 5 is a fragmentary sectional elevation îof another
arm. e This procedure is time consuming and does not
embodiment of the invention;
always produce uniform results due to variations in ~tech
FIG. 6 is a side elevation of an alternate embodiment
.of the body and electrode holder; `
niques of individual operators. For particularly delicate
workr'which may require watch-making precision, it has
been common ‘practice 'to use special aligning tools irl an 35
effort to obtain proper mounting of the new electrode
tips. «This Vprocedure is also time consuming,` and does
not always produce uniform results.
This invention provides a self-aligningfelectröde tip "
» e
- ,PIG 7- is a view taken approximately on line
FIG. 6;
t `
FIG. 8 is a side elevation of the presently preferred
embodiment ofthe body'and electrode ‘_holder; and .
Referring'toAl-ÈIG‘S. l' and2, a Welder A1l), 'slayiof the
holder >which automatically iits into a desiredposition on 40 1 type Idisclosed> in U.S. Patentj2',8f72,564', includes a iir'st
’la welder arm to mount ia new electrode tip inthe 'proper . ~ orfhorizontal 4lower _arm 12" and "a second or `horizontal
position. ¿With the Self-aligning holder of this invention,
a Worn electrode` 'tip yis replaced'by an operator simply
-rupper arme-14 in as. plane which passes through lowerîarm
l2. The upper arm is movable vtoward andfaway from `
removing the electrode >tip‘holder from the welding arm. '45 " the nlower arm in the plane common to both arms. The "
j Another holder, on which is mounted a tnew or reworked
mounting of theïarms'can be> of any suitable arrange
electrode tip, is` automatically and quickly mounted on
the electrode arm íby theoperator‘. `This eliminates the
" need for the operator Vto‘adjus-t the position of the elec#> f_
ment, such asïthat shown in U.S. Patent 2,872,564. '
trode tip, and also produces uniform resultsgkregardless
of the operator’s individual skill.
f Brieily, the~ in ention'includes a body having a‘lportioiri
The lower arm includes `a longitudinal cylindrical‘b'ore
llr6 opening` .out of its outer'rend to receive -the inner end
of'an >elongated cylindrical body 18. The lower portion
of the lower. arm includes a longitudinal split 20'exte`nd
i ing-from the Vbore to; the bottom edge of the arm. A trans- -
4verse socket head screw ZZÃe‘xtends Vthrough la b'ore (not
adapted to’be secured tothe llarmf of a spot Welder. v A
holder is adapted to ñt with the body. `Thefbody and - f shown)y on one>` side of the split- arm and into -a `threaded
> bore (not shown) on the other side Vof lthe arm. , Thus', by
holder each include respective aligning means which mate '
¿when the body and holder are ñttedrtogether, so that the 55 turning *they screwjkzzk in, one/»_direcvtion,` theQbody 18 _is
aligning ‘means automatically lock thesbody and holders-f rigidly clamped inthe "arml~yj By turning the screw inthev n ‘Y
`opposite direction, thfe’fkb‘ody isreleased _from the arm so '
y in a `ñired position with respect to each other.y An elecV’trode' tip 'is mounted oni the ¿holder so that" when the ' ’ the body can be> rota-ted‘fi'about its`longitudinal axis or
holder is iitted to the body,_fthe.tip is automatically se-l
cured inthe desired position-Vwith‘jrespect tothe’lwelder'
` > j Preferably; means are provided-"for releasablyïsecuifiiig
the electrode tip to ïthe holder.> 'With
. the electrode-tips can beïremoved from the holder, prop'
erlyV cleaned, arid resphaped‘yasnecessary, >and thenïbe
. relocated in the holder
vjigwliichf accurately positions '
`lthe tipin the holder.` T'heîftipL can `then b_e'rigidlyfclampedl .
to the ‘holderandïthe holderandftipiretunnedQto .thepro-fY
moved longitudinally with respect to the arm.
f, The outery end of thefebody includes a longitudinalicylin;
`drical bore_24 which recéives'the inner end of an elon
gated, generally` cylindrically shaped hol-der .26. _The
upper portion of the bodyincludes a longitudinal Slo-t28 .
extendinghfrom the outer endofthe bore ya' short distance ».
toward the welderto reeeive'aprojection 30 on the holder.A
- Í
Thus, the' holder slips'th‘e` maXimum’distarice‘into the body `
:only when theA projection §30 is‘aligned‘withslot 2_8. A"V
transverse socket `head set screwf32 in the 4bodyj_i`s`,ad~V
' justedvto bear against the hol-der and'preventfit from mov- .
Y ductionïV line >for furthenuse. .With this; arrangement,
ing longitudinally in the body.
worn orfdirtyv electrode ‘tips can ‘becleaned' andfreshaped
The outer end ofr the holder isbifuircated into opposing i` i
by skilled workers in an area remoteï from the production i; sections 33, each of which includ‘e'opposing semicircular
grooves* 34 to receive an- elongated electrode tip 36. A
IlIn the embodiment ‘of'FIGS 6 and 7,.the self-aligning
assembly includes an elongated body 80 having a bore 82 '
i transverse socket head screw 38 extends through ~the bi
furcated portion of the holder and is threaded into one
extended entirely throughit.Y _The right (as Viewed in
y,ofthe portions 33. The electro-de tip can be rotated and
adjusted longitudinallyV with-respect to ythe holder, land
then be clamped -lirmlyin a desired position by tightening
FIG. 6) end of the body is cylindrical and adapted to
ì screw 38. ,
titinto a WelderY arm, such -yasone of thosey shown in
FIG. 1. The left endA of the .body is of larger external
diameter and includes a pair of opposed ears'84 formed
A_n upper self-aligning electrode assembly 40 is mounted A.
integrally at the left end of the body.
on the> upperïarm ofthe Welder. .The upper self-aligning
i y(assembly is 'identical with the lower end, and therefore a
. 'detailed description of itis notrepe'a'ted. However, like
large diameter »section SÍ‘S which steps dofwnl at la shoulder
‘ 86 to a rel-atively long and slightly smaller diameter sec-l
vreference numbers have .beenplaced on corresponding
The left end 'of borel 82 includes a relatively `short `and
tion 87. The right end` ofsectionv87 merges into an
elongated and slightly tapered section 88, which reduces
Ordinarily, ‘the’respective bodies on each .arm are accu
the mass of lthe body. Thel upper (asviewed ‘in FIGS.. 61
» j fratel'y adjusted along their longitudinal axesV and located 15 and 7) Vportion of the enlarged part of the body> is split
between the ears 84`_~along Ya longitudinal 4slot 89 fro-n1
. to position the electrode tips on a lineparallel'to the
the left (as viewed in FIG. 6) end ofthe body to a point"`
. just shortof >the right end of the enlarged body portion.
direction >in which the movable arm‘moves. `
¿.„In4 -the» use_of -the‘assembly shown in FIGS. 1 and 2,
» >'the vupper arm is moved toward and away from the lower
A transverse socket head screw 90 extendsithrorugh hores »
91 Tand 92. in the ears84. Transverse boren 92 is thread-ed»
farm to bring fthe electrode ‘tips into lcontajct with `the work 20
'7"(not shown). ‘If oneof the tips becomes pitted or dirty, «
’,itIis removed'simply byloosening screw 32 and sliding
>the holder longitudinally out of they body. Anotherholder
so that as `screw 90 istightened, opposite halves'of the
body `are >‘r‘orced'to squeeze tightly against the right (as Y
viewed in FIG. 6) end ofan elongated ge'nerallycylindrif
(not shown) with» aclean and properly shaped electrode ` Ícal holder 94 disposed in the Vsection 8.7 of Vbore,82.""1`h'e
tip, whichhasf> previously been directly positioned in the 25 holder »carries ran outwardly 'extending anddnteg'relfly
holder, is slipped into theiouter end of the body opening
lformed aligning projectionf96, which is' V-‘sha'ped, l'with
and clamped firmly in place-by tightening screw 32. The
the V pointing to the Vright (as_'viewed'in FIG. 6:) along
`project-ion 30 and slot 28 insure correct alignment of the
the longitudinal axis of the holder tofñt intoLonef’of Ithe ç
replaced ¿electrode tip. Thus, an operator need not be
four V-shaped notches 1,98 located around the Vperiphery
concerned about cleaning or reshaping an electrode tip, 30 of the left end of section SSof home2. Thus, the’parltic- '
or tryingto align the tip with- respect to the welder arm.
' ular notch in which projection 96 fits accurately locatesra‘n
This reduces down time for the machine, andr increases j . electrode tip 99 secured to the le-ft (asviewed in FIG. 6)
, the quality vand uniformity of the work.
of the holder by a screw -10‘0 in a manner previously
Of course, the holderÍneed-not’ñt into a'body opening `
.and »the-mating portions ofthe bodyrand holder need not
necessarily be round. . An alternate embodiment is shown
The arrangement shown in FIGS. 6 and 7 has `the lad
vantage of providing good electrical contact between the
>in FIGS. 3 and 4,.using theÍupper-arm of the Welder as
-body yand the holder, and also permitsthe holder to be
fan example.. A body 41 includes a cylindricalv portion «i
, 42 which litsl into a cylindrical 'bore 44 of the upper arm 14.
determined by the notches 98l This increases the ilexibil
accurately adjusted .intol any one of the several . positions
‘ v The’outer end of the body includes anintegrally formed 40 ity and rutility of the Welder.
tongue„46 which is squarein .cross section and extends
intoY af matching opening 48vat the split inner end of an
entirely through it. The right (as viewed'in FIG. 8) Vend
1014 of vthe -body »is cylindrical and adaptedfto litI intoay
îdown through ‘abjore 54 in the upper portion of-the
- notched » part fofv the holder.' »The screw »also extends 45
" througharbore 56in the tongue of the body and is threaded
atits 'lower> end into a threaded bore 5S in the j bottom
Welder arm. The left end 105 of the body is of larger
. external diameter and includes a pairf of outwardly ex-`
Y tending opposite ears 106 formed integrally with the body.'`
`iWhen screw L;
The left end of bore 103 includes -a ñrst section 10'7
which tapers down to aV second sectionA 108 of slightly ,
. smaller diameter to form the right end of bore 103.
> The upper (as viewed in FIGS. 8 and 9.) portion of the
52 is tightened, theholder is clamped ñrmly against the
tongue to make good electrical contact. ' The outer` end
of vthe holder is bifurcated and is clamped together by a
screw 60 to -hold anV electrode tip-62. The'advantage of
_ the arrangement in FIGS. 3 and4 is-that it provides for
surface contact between the body and the holder tolpro-V
vide goodelectrical contact.
` Í’
8 and 9, anv elongated body l'02--has a bore 103 extendingl
electrodetip holder 50. ’ Asocket head >screw 572 extends
_ `partç`of Ithe notched portion ofthe holder.
In ythe presentlyV preferred embodiment lshown in FIGS.
Ü enlarged part of the body is a split between the ears__¿,106`
along longitudinal slot- 109 -from the left (as viewed „in
end of the body just shortof the right end of the
In the ‘arrangement shownin FIGUS, .a
cludes a llange 66 spaced from itsfinner end, and iitsat `
A transverse socket head screw 110 extends through a
smooth'bore 112 in» one ofthe years and into a threaded
Vitsinner end into anV opening 68` `at ,theouter end of a j ."bore 113 in the other ear, so’that as the screw 110 is tight
j; bore 70. j lThe opening Y‘68 and >crosssection of the inner
ened, opposite halves-of the bodyare forced to squeeze
j , end of vtheholder> can rbe any desired shape, but, pref 60 tightly against the right (as viewed in FIG, 8)k end of an
' erably, it isV one otherlthan circular to V¿provide automatic
elongated and generally cylindrical holder 114~disposedin
. orientation of theholder aboutitslongitudinal >axis with .Y sectlon 107 of bore 103. A .transverse elongated electrode
“respect to'the'bodyf IFor example, the opening 68 and A v tip 115 `of`square ‘cross sectionA is disposed in a transverse
y cross section of the inner end of the holder> 64 may be
hole 116 of matchingcross section to extend through the
jsquare, or> hexagonal, to provide a variety of holder posi 65 left> _(as viewed in FIG. 8)#end of the` holder. A setscrewA
` tions. 'A collar 72 makes `a close iit at. `its outer lend
118; secures 'the electrode tip in the holder. - The hole» in
ther holder and the electrode tip are oriented so that one
_ around the holder 64, whichV is roundin cross section to .
l. ` Ã` theright (as viewed infFIG..5)~ of the, flange 66. rThe
of 'the square‘cross section ofthe tip extends’iiijito
_'¿jinner end„of,the„;collar, is threaded internally .tojscrew >,corner
a pair of collinear V-ShapedÍ notches 120 formed across
onto~,th`e„„`extern`al threaded outerend oflthe body 70.
the left (as viewed Vin` FIG;l 8) end> of the body. adjacent`
I Thus",l asrthe collar'72kis tightened ontothe body, »the
Y collarfbearsV against the flange 6_6 and lforcesvthe, holder
intofthe opening 68. Anlelectr‘odeftip 74 is secured to
y. thexouter end ofthe holderjas previously »described for
i the other embodiments;
the outer endrof'thelsection l10Í7offbore103. Thus, the".
‘ electrode> tip serves `as its own guide and aligningmeans
when-thefholder’is Ydisposed in the body -as shown inFIGS.`
8 and 9.] This arrangement has the advantage ofïeliinin'at-l
ing the need for aligning the electrode tip with respectfto
a separate aligning means on t-he holder, as is thecase with i
the other embodiments shown in the drawings.
a holderl adapted to fit into the opening in the body, the
-body having a plurality of notches in it and spa-ced around
’ ,the opening, a projection on the holder ‘disposed to l.ñt into
1. A self-aligning assembly -for spot Welder electrodes,
the assembly comprising a body having la portion adapt
any one'of thev notches so the body and holder may be
[fitted together in different ñxed positions with respect to
ed to be secured to `an arm` of~a spot Welder, afholderV
adapted to ñt'with the body, ñrst aligning means on> theV _
body, second aligning means on> the holder, so When the
body and holder are viittec'l together they are located in’a
each other, means for clamping the body and holder to
get‘her, and. an electrode tip secured to »the holder.
, ReferencesfCited in the-file of this patent
ñxed position with respect to each other, andan electrode
tip secured to the holder.
V ~
2. A self-aligning -assembly lfor spot Welderzelectrodes,
the assembly comprising a body having an opening and a
portion adapted to be secured to an arm of a spot Welder,
Bohn> ________________ „_ July 22, 1941
Pityo et al. _ __________ __ Dec. 18, 1951
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