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How to react to a case of Cholera at Hand -

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How to react to a case of Cholera at Hand
The facilitator to call upon at least three volunteers who can come and put into practice what they have learnt by imitating the stages that can be done to react to a cholera case at hand. The facilitator to check for the following actions in the drama:
1. Ask the patient what is wrong ( listen to the symptoms e.g. runny tummy diarrhea which does not smell, vomiting, sunken eyes, dehydrated)
2. If the patient is not of talking age the helper to look for the symptoms( vomiting, sunken eyes , dehydration to use the pinch test)
3. Wash hands first thoroughly and the utensils one wants to use for the sugar and water solution.
4. Make sugar and water solution (as explained in hand out refer to hand out 2). In case were sugar is not available to just boil the water and keep it in a clean container
5. Give small amounts of the sugar and water solution whilst preparing the patient for the clinic.
6. If the patient I going to wear fresh clothes, use gloves or plastics to avoid direct contact with the patient
7. Pour boiled water in the clothes and leave them for ten minutes, drain and soak them in water with jik for two hours
8. Clean your self thoroughly by using running water and soap
9. Take the patient to the nearest health facility
10. Get fumigated by health personals and also for them to fumigate your house
Facilitator to have a group discussion looking at things done in a good way and things which need to be improved. The facilitator to give handouts to the participants the 10 steps of reacting to a cholera case.
How to react to a Cholera case
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