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How to Make a Basic Tunic

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How to Make a Basic Tunic by sir squeak! the mighty 1. This pattern usually takes about 3 yards of fabric. Below is the basic design; you will need to cut out two of these, one for the front and one for the back. The measurements marked below are fairly simple, remember to that these tunics look best when they are pretty baggy. (I measure my length of skirt down to my knees). When you cut out you pieces, cut along the black lines this includes the outline and then the two cuts into the shape to make the sleeves.
2. You will wants to cut and sew your neckline first, before you begin to work with the edges. Then separate the sleeves from the skirt by just pulling them apart along your cut. Pin the sleeves and skirts of the two pieces together along the edges and sew. All you have left is hemming and decorating.
Once you're done, throw on your tunic, belt it and your ready to go!
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