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Molly the Were-Zompire

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Molly the Were-Zompire by Robert Boyd
You are Molly Desper, graduate student extraordinaire. Today, while working on your master's thesis, something highly unusual happens. A portal appears in the center of the cramped confines of your dorm room.
The portal is about the size of a man and oval in shape. At first glance, the portal appears to be completely black, but upon straining your eyes, you can see the faint outline of trees deep within its depths. You take a finished soda can from your desk and toss it into the portal, partially to see what happens but mostly because your trash can is already full to overflowing. The surface of the portal ripples and is then still. Nothing more happens.
What will you do?
*Enter the portal.*
(Go to #104)
*Don't enter the portal.*
(Go to #96)
You find yourself lying down with your vision full of grass. You rise to your knees and then stand up. The smell of wet pine and the sound of rustling leaves fill the air. It's nighttime and from the shifting shadows and poor visibility, you sense that you're in a densely forested area. You wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness.
"The heroine has arrived," a deep voice says."
Sweet, you think, I'm a heroine in this world. It looks like you made the right decision in coming here. You look for the source of the voice but can't place it.
"Kill her," the voice continues.
Maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea.
I'll spare you the gory details since nobody wants to hear that, so let's just say that you're attacked by a mob of shadowy creatures and killed in an unpleasant manner. Normally, this would mark the end of your story but luckily for you, this game is entitled "Molly the Were-Zompire" and not "Molly the Human who died at the Beginning of our Story before she had a Chance to do anything and How Pathetic is that!"
*Continue on*
(Go to #3)
You are dead.
Now you are undead. It doesn't feel as bad as you would have expected. Your heart not beating is a little strange and you feel colder than normal, but you can live with inconveniences like that. If anything, it feels kind of nice. You sense hidden power and magical abilities, just waiting for you to discover them.
Though your eyes are closed, you can clearly hear voices
"The girl is stirring. Think she's still a threat?"
"No, she should be one of us. If not, we can just kill her again."
"What is she?"
"I don't know. What killed her?"
"A werewolf, a zombie, and a vampire."
"Guess that makes her a were-zompire."
"Never seen one of those before."
"Me neither. Look, she stirs."
You open your eyes. It's still night, but you can see much better than before - must be the undead eyes. You can clearly see the pine trees that you only smelled before. More importantly, you see a mob of monsters filled with werewolves, zombies, vampires, and human-faced giant spiders in front of you. A vampire with long nails dressed in traditional nobleman garb address you.
"How are you feeling?"
A sense of threatening malice underlies the typically innocent question. What will you do?
*Pretend to be evil.*
(Go to #71)
*Pretend to be stupid.*
(Go to #81)
*Run away as fast as undeadly possible.*
(Go to #4)
The direction you chose to run only has a few scattered zombies. You weave through them with ease, like a running back dodging an opposing team after they've had a few too many drinks. Your new body is gratifyingly fast. It looks like you inherited the speed of a werewolf and not the speed of a zombie.
You rush through the trees and underbrush. You hear monsters behind you in pursuit but it sounds like you're outrunning them. All is going well and you're beginning to think that your escape is guaranteed when you encounter a slight problem.
In front of you, there appears to be the otherworldly equivalent of the Grand Canyon. You narrowly stop just in time to avoid a drop of hundreds, if not thousands of feet.
You turn and see that your pursuers are nearly here. They've started to fan out to prevent you from running past them. What will you do?
*Fight through their ranks.*
(Go to #47)
*Jump off the cliff.*
(Go to #5)
Maybe it's the fact that in the past few minutes, you've gone from an ordinary life to traveling to another dimension, being killed by a horde of monsters, and then transforming into a monster yourself, but the process of jumping off the cliff takes on a sort of slow dreamy state. You slowly reach the edge of the cliff, slowly leave the ground, and slowly plummet to your doom.
Or is it your doom? You're a were-zompire now; surely there must be something in your skill set that will allow you to survive this. Zombie powers? No, they're not particularly known for their ability to fall great distances. Werewolf? Although werewolves are strong, agile jumpers, jumping down thousands of feet is probably a stretch. Vampire? Of course! Vampires have the ability to turn into bats or so you've been told. But how to do so?
"Magical Vampire Bat Transformation Activation!" you scream. Nope, nothing.
Perhaps if you think about bats really hard, it'll work. You close your eyes and concentrate. Bats, bats, bats, bats, bats, bats, bats, bats, bats, bats, BATS! You feel a sharp pain coming from your upper back and hear the sound of fabric ripping. You seem to be falling slower than before. You open your eyes.
You are now a were-zompire with large bat wings coming out of your back.
It makes sense now that you think about it. You're only one third of a vampire so you can only partially turn into a bat. You try to fly upwards but fail. Looks like your bat wings only have enough power to slow your descent, not reverse it.
You continue to slowly fall towards the valley below.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #6)
You're getting close to the ground now. Lights can be seen below. There must be a city, a fairly large one from the look of things. You decide to aim your descent for just outside the city. It wouldn't do to land in the middle and scare everybody. There's what appears to be a meadow fairly close to the city with relatively few trees to crash into so you try to land there.
You nail the landing. 9.5s and 10s all around.
Your wings are very sore and tired from slowing your long fall so you stop concentrating on them and they retract back into your body automatically. You reach your hand around your back to survey the damages. There's some dried blood (just how much, you're not sure) and some tears in the back of your shirt where the wings came through. You'll definitely want to wash up and find some new clothing next time you have the opportunity.
Looking up, you realize you can't see the top of the cliff that you fell from. You must have fallen farther than you realized.
At this point, you notice a small boy quietly watching you off to one side. He looks to be about ten or eleven years old. He's wearing a red jacket and something that looks similar to jeans but seems slightly off in some way you can't quite place. His mouth is slightly open. He's in a crouched position, no doubt trying to make himself hard to find.
"Hello," you say in a calm, yet friendly voice, trying your best not to scare the kid. "Don't be afraid. I'm a friend."
"Are you an angel?" he asks.
How will you respond?"
*"Yes, I'm an angel!"*
(Go to #7)
*"No, I'm a were-zompire!"*
(Go to #10)
"I knew it," the boy says in response to your declaration of angel status. You were so beautiful flying down from the sky. I knew you had to be an angel."
Hey, wipe that smirk off your face! He's young and impressionable and probably doesn't have much to compare you against. Plus, it's still dark.
Questioning the boy a bit reveals that he's from the nearby city of Legenavia. Normally, he wouldn't be out so late, but some of his schoolmates had dared him to spend an entire night outside the city walls and not one to back down from a dare, he had agreed. The night had been uneventful until you showed up.
You ask him if he can take you back to his city. He agrees.
"I wasn't going to stay the whole night out here anyway," he says. "I was going to sneak back in before dawn so my parents wouldn't know I had snuck out. They would kill me if they found out I was here after dark."
Before long, you approach the city wall. It's a simple affair made of stone and mortar. Not only is the wall not particularly tall, but there are trees on either side of it. You can see how easily it would be for an adventurous boy to climb pass it.
"We can get over this way," the boy says as he begins to scale up a tree with branches that hang over the wall. You decide to take a simpler route. You use your werewolf powers and just jump the wall in a single leap. The boy is suitably impressed by your feat of agility and shows it with a cry of delight.
Within the city walls, you find yourself in a narrow alleyway. The smell that greets you is what you might expect of an alley in a city without modern plumbing - not the most appetizing of smells. The boy, having reached the top of the wall, drops down into the alley with a plop.
*Continue on*
(Go to #8)
"My house isn't that far from here. Follow me."
He's right - his house isn't far, although calling it a mere house is a misnomer. It's a large chapel, complete with stained glassed windows and a high steeple. The building is surrounded by a low white fence and a flower garden. It's quite the change from the dirty alleyways and cramped buildings that have been your sole impression of the city so far.
"Where have you been?" comes a sharp voice from near the chapel's entrance.
"You've caused your mother and me no end of worry!"
The boy's father is a heavy set man wearing a black and white robe. His tired eyes, now lit with anger, show the many hours he's spent sitting on the bench outside the church waiting for his stray son to return. Upon noticing, you he lets out an audible gasp.
"Who is with you?"
"She's an angel, father. I saw her fall from the sky."
"Get in the house."
"Now!" The boy, not wishing to get in any more trouble quickly complies.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #9)
"What kind of fool have I raised," the clergyman begins, "that can't distinguish between a servant of the most high god and a creature of darkness?"
You try to explain yourself, but he cuts you short.
"Your lies may have worked with my son, but they're no use on me, monster. Be gone from this place before I call down flames from heaven to consume you."
You don't think he can actually make good on his threat, but you can see that trying to reason with him is useless. You quickly leave the city the same way you came.
You choose a direction at random away from the city and start walking. You're supposed to be a heroine! You never imagined that people would reject you just based on your appearance. What is this, the middle ages? Then again, maybe it is, now that you think about it.
Just then, your cell phone begins to ring. Shocked that you could be receiving a call here, it takes you a few moments before you pull it out. The caller ID says that it's your friend Nancy.
"Hi, Molly," you hear the familiar voice of Nancy say. "What's up? Want to come over to my place and watch a movie?"
You don't expect her to believe you, but you decide to tell her what's happened to you anyway: that you found a portal to another dimension and now you're a were-zompire.
"Working on another story?" She doesn't believe you. "You should take a break and come over. I made cookies and...Hey! What the heck!"
A small black ball of darkness has appeared next to you and it's getting bigger.
What do you do?
*Turn off your cell phone.*
(Go to #14)
*Wait and see what happens.*
(Go to #13)
You tell the boy your story: how you were brought here to this world from another dimension, how you're actually a heroine but you were ambushed and transformed into your current form, and how you escaped from your attackers by flying off a cliff and that's how you came to this spot. You leave out the little detail about your death. No need to scare the kid too much.
"So you're actually the good guy even though you look like a bad guy? That's so awesome! My name's Brend, by the way."
Questioning the boy a bit reveals that he's from the nearby city of Legenavia. Normally, he wouldn't be out so late, but some of his schoolmates had dared him to spend an entire night outside the city walls and not one to back down from a dare, he had agreed. The night had been uneventful until you showed up.
You then explain to Brend that you want to help people since you're a heroine, but you're afraid that people are going to be scared of you because of your appearance. He agrees with you that not everyone is as open-minded towards strangers and offers a possible solution.
"You wait here and tomorrow morning, I'll go talk to Agatha. She's a seer. I'll tell her your story and we'll have her pretend to prophesy your arrival to our city as a heroine in misfortune. I'm sure she'll do it; she likes me (even though my dad thinks she's a phony). Then you show up and everyone will trust you."
You agree that it's a good plan and decide to give it a try. Brend heads back home and you sit and wait for him to fulfill his part of the plan.
Night passes and the next day begins. It's tiresome to just sit and wait so you explore a bit. Beside the meadow where you landed, there's a clear stream, just wide enough and deep enough to house some small but delicious-looking fish. Besides the fish, you also spot a deer and several rabbits. Monsters aside, it looks like this other world has similar wildlife to your own world.
When the sun reaches high in the sky, you decide enough time has passed for Brend to have done his part of the plan. You head to the city gate.
*Continue on*
(Go to #11)
Before long, you approach the city wall. It's a simple affair made of stone and mortar. Two guards, one on either side stand at either side of the open city gate. When they spot you, one pulls out a crossbow and aims it at your chest while the other draws forth a sword made of silver.
"Identify yourself!"
You explain that you are Molly Desper, a heroine who has been cursed and transformed into the monster they see before them.
"So old Agatha was telling the truth!" They lower their weapons and welcome you into the city.
Brend and Agatha did their work well. The villagers greet you with great enthusiasm despite your appearance. In fact, the city even provides you with a building to live in which you quickly turn into your own personal "Molly's Heroine Agency." In exchange for minor acts of heroism like fighting off local monsters and rescuing stray animals, the city provides you with all the food and supplies you could need. Life is good.
*Continue on*
(Go to #12)
One day, after a hard day that consisted of defeating an insane white-haired swordsman with a mother complex, you return home to Molly's Heroine Agency to find a black cat waiting for you in front of the door. Not thinking anything of it, you try to shoo the cat away with your foot so that you can enter. Instead of running away, the cat speaks.
"I am not a cat," the cat says, "and as such, I will not be treated as one."
You are, understandably, surprised at the talking cat and do not respond.
"Yes, I look like a cat," the cat continues, "but I'm actually a man...the powerful wizard Sirak to be precise. I was in the process of performing a most delicate spell when I was interrupted by the sound of cats in the alleyway behind my home. My concentration ruined, the spell backfired, and my form became as you see here. That is why I've come to you, Molly the Heroine."
*Continue on*
(Go to #105)
The ball of darkness continues to grow until it's the same size and shape as the portal that brought you to this world. Hey, maybe it will take you back home! You try to enter the portal, but each time you try, it moves out of your reach. This confuses you at first until you realize that the movement of your cell phone matches the movement of the portal. With that mystery solved, you carefully place your cell phone on the ground and step into the portal.
Thud! You find yourself lying down in soft carpet. You climb to your feet and discover, to your great joy, that you are in your friend, Nancy's apartment.
"Do you believe me now?" you ask your friend.
She doesn't say anything. Having a friend materialize in the middle of your room is shocking enough, but having them appear as a were-zompire makes the whole matter rather difficult to process.
A new chapter of your existence awaits: that of the only undead individual in the entire world. Whether or not you prove to be more of a heroine in this world than you were in the other dimension is up to you.
The End.
You shut off your cell phone and pull out the battery. The black ball of darkness disappears. Some curiosity as to what it would have done remains in your mind, but you decide it's probably better to remain in ignorance on the matter. Who knows what dangers it could have brought?
The sun has started to rise as you continue traveling in an aimless manner. The area you are in is rocky and hilly with few plants and even fewer trees. You see the occasional lizard but otherwise, you're alone.
You reach a large cave at the base of a hill. You have the strangest feeling that you need to go inside. What will you do?
*Enter the cave.*
(Go to #16)
*Keep walking.*
(Go to #15)
Despite the strong impression that you should enter the cave, you walk past. A feeling of pain hits your gut as you walk away, but you keep walking. The pain lessens the farther you get from the cave entrance until it eventually disappears completely.
You continue your wandering. Day after day passes uneventfully and still you continue walking.
You're hopelessly lost in a wilderness that even wild animals rarely visit.
Although the undead have no need to eat or drink to survive, lack of sustenance carries with it very dangerous consequences. At first, your hunger is manageable, a mere annoyance. Then it becomes the primary thought in your mind. Finally, it drives you insane. Hunger is your master now.
The End.
You enter the cave. The interior of the cave is much larger than you expected. As you travel further and further into the cave, the temperature gets colder and colder. You would think that visibility would be a problem, but the walls of the cave glow with a faint light. Plus, your undead eyes work well in low light situations anyway.
At one point, you stumble and step into something wet and green. You try not to think too hard on what it might have been as you shake the goo off of your shoes. The light emanating from the walls is getting fainter now and it's becoming harder to progress. Still, you continue into the cave, driven by the feeling that this is something you need to do.
At last, you reach the end of the tunnel. The tunnel ends in a circular room with strange markings on the floor. The markings are a series of lines of various colors that form various shapes depending on how you look at them. In the center of the room lies a small red marble. You pick it up to look at it more closely.
"Aha!" you hear a woman's voice from behind you call out. "You've fallen into my trap, you vile monster! Don't even try to escape. The pentagram on the floor is locking away your powers."
You have no doubt that she's speaking the truth. Moments after picking up the small marble from the floor, you started to feel weak, as if your power was being drained away. Removing the marble must have triggered a spell of sealing.
You turn around and see the source of the voice. A being that looks very much like the traditional image of the Grim Reaper stands before you: gray cloak, skeletal hands, long scythe, and all. The only difference from your expectations is the individual's long blond hair and feminine voice. Do Grim Reapers come in female form? Apparently they do.
*Continue on*
(Go to #17)
"I am Crystal, reaper of errant souls," the strange figure says. "It's my job to rid this world of the roaming dead. For that purpose, I placed the spell that lured you to this place."
"Rid the world of the dead?" you say. "Aren't you dead yourself?"
"True, but mine is a noble calling and thus, my presence in this world is permitted. I'm not like the ravenous undead that seek only to destroy and feed themselves."
"I'm not like that," you say. "I'm Molly the Were-Zompire, an undead heroine."
"Were-Zompire, you say? I had wondered what you were. Your body's shape being unfamiliar to me. Still, heroine or not, your presence in this world upsets the natural balance of things. Come, allow me take you away from this world and into the world where you belong, the world of eternal rest."
What will you do?
*Agree to go with her.*
(Go to #18)
*Refuse and fight.*
(Go to #19)
*Convince Crystal that you need to stay in this world.*
(Go to #20)
You see the reason in Crystal's words. You're dead. Why should you stay in the realm of the living? You agree to go with her.
"Wise choice," Crystal says. "Most of the dead refusing to come with me, thus abandoning the future life they could have had and forcing me to destroy them. This way is much easier."
Crystal holds her scythe in front of her and pushes a button on the handle. A small screen and keypad pop out of the side of the scythe. She proceeds to punch in a complex string of commands on the keypad with the result that a portal - not unlike the one that brought you to this world originally - appears.
"As you will soon see," Crystal says, "the world of the Afterlife is not only much more beautiful than this world but also highly advanced. We have an infinite amount of time to develop new creations, after all. Now come with me and behold your new home."
You take hold of Crystal's outstretched skeletal hand and follow her into Eternity.
The End.
"I don't care what your job description is," you say. "I still have things I need to do in this world. I'm not leaving without a fight."
Although it comes with great pain, you cause your fists to turn into werewolf claws - Snizzt! - and charge Crystal. She doesn't move and you get the feeling that if her face was more than a skull, she'd be smirking at you.
Right as your claws are about to hit her, your body stops. Try as you might, you can't move an inch.
"It's a pity," Crystal says. "I thought you might have been different than the other monsters I've faced and yet you're exactly the same. You could have had an eternity of joy and happiness but instead you chose to rebel. Now I have to destroy you. I'm sorry it had to come to this but this is farewell."
The End.
"Wait!" you cry out. "Our goals are the same! We shouldn't be fighting; we should be working together!" You then proceed to tell Crystal your story: how you've always wanted to be a heroine, how you were brought to this world, how you were turned into your current form, and how you ended up here.
"A partner?" Crystal asks herself. "Intriguing." She appears deep in thought. "You appear to be in earnest. All right. I accept your offer."
Crystal holds her scythe in front of her and pushes a button on the handle. A small screen and keypad pop out of the side of the scythe. She proceeds to punch in a complex string of commands on the keypad. Your body suddenly feels light and powerful.
"I've programmed the anti-undead field to ignore your body's signature."
Your life with Crystal provides all the chances for heroics that you could have ever dreamed for. Besides trapping stray undead monsters and banishing or defeating them like Crystal almost did with you, you also protect innocent civilians, and formulate a plan to rid the world of the blight of undead once and for all. Once you have finally succeeded in destroying all of the evil undead monsters, you will no longer be known as Molly the Were-Zompire. You shall be praised as Molly the Legendary Heroine.
The End.
You tell Sirak that you accept his request. Joyfully, he leads you to the shrine that supposedly houses the staff that will make him human once more. It's an old shrine and is located at the edge of a cliff that overlooks the ocean. It reminds you of the pictures of shrines that you've seen in books about Greece in classic times. The shrine itself is in good condition, although some of the pillars in front have fallen apart. It looks like a serene place; there's no hint that within its walls lies a horrible monster.
You try to open the door to the shrine to no avail. It's locked tight.
"It's no good trying to use force," Sirak says. "Only magic will open this door."
"Szo Bizam Diactar!" Sirak chants over and over. Then he stops. "It's done. The seal on the entrance is broken."
You open the door to find a long curved hallway awaits you.
"Stand guard," you say, "and reseal the door if any monsters try to escape."
"Understood," Sirak says. "Be careful."
You enter the shrine.
*Continue on*
(Go to #22)
You walk down the hallway. The walls glow faintly with an unknown power that bathes the area in a blue light and provide enough visibility for your safe passage. Because of the curved nature of the hallway, you can't see very far in front of you. You expect a monster to appear at any moment but so far, you're alone in the shrine. Maybe the monster is already dead, you think hopefully.
You quickly discover that the hallway is actually a giant spiral that ends in a circular room at the center of the shrine. In the middle of the room is something that you were really not expecting to see: an elevator. You notice that the controls only have one direction: down. As you approach the elevator, you notice a thin journal is lying on the floor in front of it.
What will you do?
*Read the journal.*
(Go to #23)
*Use the elevator.*
(Go to #25)
You pick up the book. The cover is plain and unadorned except by a few blotches which your nose quickly tells you are made of dried blood. Within the book, the writing consists of hastily written cursive which is very difficult to decipher. Nevertheless, you persevere and begin to make sense of the writing.
The journal was written by a man from a highly advanced city located under the ocean. This city was filled with miraculous technology that provided for the people's every need. Food production, energy production, maintenance, even entertainment, all were provided by the robots. The city was a utopia.
Then disaster struck. It did not come from the machines, as the environmentalists had feared, but rather from a religious cult. This cult, known as the cult of Ovxc'lvc, summoned their god - a horrible monster whose very sight was enough to make most men go insane - into the city. It brought with it an army of Octopoids, hideous men with heads like the tentacles of octopus. Between the army of Octopoids and the Octopoid god, the city was quickly ruined.
*Continue on*
(Go to #107)
You run out of the shrine as quickly as possible, with the journal clutched in your hands. Insanity inducing Octopoids and their vile god? No thank you!
"Seal the shrine off!" you shout at Sirak.
He doesn't ask any questions but immediately starts casting the spell that will reseal the shrine. After he's finished, you show him the journal and explain to him that you can handle a monster or two, but a whole army of monsters and their god is too much, even for a totally awesome were-zompire heroine.", "He agrees with your assessment of the danger and starts to walk off.
"Wait!" you say. "I agreed to help you begin human again and I'm not one to go back on a promise. We can find another way."
And so, you and Sirak set off on an adventure, in search of a cure that will make him human once more.
The End
You enter the elevator and press the down button. The elevator begins descending with such speed that you are forced to your knees. Once the velocity becomes constant, you stand up and take a look around you.
Since the elevator is made of glass (or a glass-like material), you are able to look outside. You quickly realize that the elevator is surrounded by water. Judging by how dark everything is, you must be very deep underwater indeed. Occasional flashes of color zoom by - must be fish or aquatic plants.
After a few minutes, the elevator starts to slow down. Thankfully, it doesn't slow as abruptly as it started - that hurt! Finally, it comes to a complete halt.
"Welcome to the underwater city of Ecstasy," the elevator says as the doors open.
*Continue on*
(Go to #26)
You exit the elevator and enter the underwater city of Ecstasy. You're in a giant see-through tube with a flat bottom and rounded ceiling. The air smells a little stale but is breathable. A gargantuan sea creature with a long neck swims by close enough for you to see it through the murky water. You're a little surprised that the sea creature didn't hit the tube, but maybe there's a barrier around the tube to prevent just those kinds of circumstances.
Up ahead, the tube splits off into two separate directions. As you are heading towards the intersection, you see two people walk by. At least, you assume they're people - you can't see well in the low light and apparently they can't either because they didn't notice you. They're talking to each other but they're too far off for you to make out what they're saying.
What should you do?
*Call out to the people. Maybe they're friendly.*
(Go to #27)
*Follow them and try to eavesdrop on them.*
(Go to #34)
*Go in the opposite direction.*
(Go to #29)
You call out to the people. "Hello! My name is Molly Des..."
Zap! Your body goes numb, a result of the laser blast that you were just shot with. Unable to control your legs, you fall on your back.
You hear the sound of hurried steps and smell fish. One of the persons who shot you is now standing over you. Only now, you realize that it's not a person at all. True, the body looks human enough but where the head should be, there's only a mess of wiggling tentacles. Some bluish liquid from the tentacles flies off and lands on your face. Yuck!
"Take the human to meet our lord," one of the creatures says, although you don't see how since you see no mouth. These creatures must not be very familiar with humans if they don't realize that you're no longer a human at all, but actually an undead were-zompire. More importantly, you're pretty sure that you don't want to meet any lord of these icky octopus people. Help!
The two creatures lift you up and carry you and not in a gentle manner. The fish smell is overpowering - if you were human and not dead, you're sure you would be vomiting at this point. It's hard to see where you're going, what with being paralyzed and being carried about like a dead man, but you do see several tube passageways as well as other creatures that look similar to your captors.
*Continue on*
(Go to #28)
Eventually, you reach the end of your journey. Your captors place you on a marble chair which they then strap your limbs to so you can't escape. Since you are now upright, you can more easily see your surroundings. You're in a large vaulted room with elegant statues of sea monsters on either side.
At the end of the room is some dark writhing thing that you can't see clearly. You have the strong feeling that you don't want to see it clearly. It's coming towards you so that won't be an option.
You try to escape your bonds but your body still doesn't respond to your commands. The thing is getting closer. You struggle harder but to no avail. It gets even closer.
Finally, the thing gets close enough for you to see it clearly. It's a...
You are now completely and irrevocably insane.
The End.
The two people went right. You go left. You figure that anything that is down here in this underwater city that can only be reached via a shrine that was sealed off by magic is probably not something that you want to meet.
You remind yourself that you're here to find a staff of power. Whether or not you fight is irrelevant. Just sneak in, grab the staff, and sneak out, there's no need to get into any unnecessary fights.
When you reach the next intersection, you hear a voice.
Startled, you look around yourself but see no one.
"Molly, it's me, Sirak. I'm communicating with you telepathically."
You think to yourself, "Can you hear my thoughts?"
"Yes, I can hear your thoughts. I can also see what you're seeing and sense what's in your immediate surroundings. Now listen carefully. I cast a spell that should tell me where the staff is. Ah, there it is. Now, follow my instructions precisely."
*Continue on*
(Go to #30)
Left, right, straight, right, wait, left, left. You follow Sirak's instructions carefully, going ever deeper into the city.
"You're almost there. Just around the corner is the entrance to the chamber where the staff is kept. Wait a moment. There's a guard. Let me see...ah yes! I should be able to cast a sleeping spell on it using you as a conduit. Voila! It worked. You can go on now. Just be careful not to wake him."
You turn the corner and see the sleeping guard slumped up against the wall. The appearance of the guard catches you off guard. The guard's body appears human but where the face should be, there is only a mass of tentacles. Gross!
As you quietly approach the sleeping guard, you notice that he has a futuristic looking gun in a holster on his belt. On the one hand, a gun would be highly useful in a dangerous place like this, but on the other hand, you don't want to risk waking the guard.
What will you do?
*Take the gun, trying your best not to wake the guard.*
(Go to #31)
*Sneak past him into the next room.*
(Go to #32)
You reach your hand out to grab the guard's gun.
"What are you're doing?!" Sirak says angrily.
"Shh!" you say. "Be quiet!"
Sirak's question was said telepathically, but your response was, unfortunately, said aloud. The guard wakes up and jumps to its feet.
In a blur of action, you grab the monster by a tentacle (eww!) and slam it into the wall. In the moment that it's stunned, you pull its gun out of the holster with your other hand, shoot it in the chest, and then shoot in the head for good measure. Victory is yours. The creature is dead.
Sadly, the noise from the scuffle and the gun alerts other octopus men in the vicinity. You fight valiantly, but even with Sirak's magical support, their numbers and firearms overpower all the might that a Were-Zompire can bring to a fight. Thus was Molly Desper the Were-Zompire defeated in the underwater city of Ecstasy.
The End.
You decide to leave the gun alone and focus on the task at hand. You slowly open the door and then slip in, carefully closing it behind you.
Inside, a sight befitting a dragon's lair awaits you. The floor is completely covered with mounds of gold of various sizes. Atop the yellow sea of wealth, various expensive looking artifacts attract your attention. In the corner, a long wooden stick is propped up. Given the faint glow that it gives off, this must be the staff that Sirak seeks.
"Excellent!" Sirak says. "You've found it. Now get out of there before you're discovered."
"One second," you think back. Something has caught your eye: an elegantly decorated scabbard. Pulling the sword free, you discover a beautiful blade that looks like it is made of ice. The room feels chill. You put it back in its sheath and warmth returns to the area. Just the sword for a were-zompire heroine, you think to yourself.
You grab a few other trinkets that look beautiful and valuable and leave the room, taking care not to wake the guard that sleeps outside.
*Continue on*
(Go to #33)
With Sirak's guidance, you are able to return to the elevator while successfully avoiding any other encounters with the octopus men.
Once at the surface, you pull out your ice sword and gun and work their magic on the elevator. Those parts that aren't magically frozen have been slashed into oblivion, or blasted to a crisp.
Exiting the shrine, you place the staff of power next to the black cat that is Sirak. The cat begins to chant and before you know it, the cat is now a tall man. And yet, even in his true form, he still has catlike air to him. Maybe it's the black hair and arrogant face.
"I shall ever be in your debt, my lady. You truly are worthy of the title, Heroine."
The End.
You haven't followed the two people for long before you figure out that they're not people at all. Sure, their bodies are human in form, but where the head should be, there's only a mess of wiggling tentacles. Not only that, but their stench is almost unbearable. Blech!
The two Octopoids (as you have dubbed them) are hard to understand but eventually you get the hang of their accent. The topic of their conversation chills you to the bone - their people are planning an assault on the world above! They've amassed massive amounts of weaponry and their warriors are well trained. All that is lacking is knowledge of how to break the magical barrier that separates their world from the surface. Even that is not much of a problem, though, as apparently their mages are poised on the verge of a magical breakthrough that will allow them to, well, break through.
This is horrible! As a self-proclaimed heroine, you must stop this invasion before it happens! But how? Eavesdropping on the two Octopoids further provides a possible solution.
If the disgruntled complaints of the two Octopids you're following are to believed, the Octopoid nation is not entirely sold on the idea of an invasion. In fact, it sounds like the Octopoid god and king, Ovxz'lvc, is the primary instigator behind the invasion plans. If you could only defeat him, then you might be able to stop the invasion from happening altogether!
But where to find him? It is at this moment that you notice a handy map on the wall, complete with a helpful "You are here" arrow pointing to your current location. Based on the map, you're not far from the imperial palace and what better place to search for a king than a palace? But hold on. You also see a place on the map marked "generator room." This place surely takes a lot of energy to function. Destroy the generator and you could very well destroy the entire city.
What will you do?
*Go to the imperial palace.*
(Go to #36)
*Go to the generator room.*
(Go to #35)
You decide to head for the generator room. Trying to assassinate the octopoid king might possibly work for stopping the invasion, but destroying the city should most definitely work.
The hallways you are traveling in appear to be infrequently used. A heavy layer of dust covers the floor. The plants that adorn either side of the hall are all either dead or have grown wildly out of control.
Finally, you arrive at the generator room. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie. The energy core - a massive ball of energy floating in mid-air - lies in the middle of the room, surrounded by several spinning pistons. Near the energy core, at the bottom of a flight of stairs, there is the control mechanism, a large computer with countless dials and buttons.
Your plan is simple. Walk down the stairs. Mess with every knob, dial, and button on the computer that controls the core. Smash the computer so that no one will be able to set the parameters to their proper setting. Finally, run like crazy and escape the city of Ecstasy before the city explodes or sinks or whatever it is that underwater cities with messed-up energy cores do.
Your plan works perfectly. After messing with the controls, the energy core begins to expand and contract violently, red lights on the ceiling flash, and an electronic voice starts to emit a warning about the cities imminent destruction. While running back to the elevator, you come across some Octopoids running towards the generator, but they're in such a hurry that they don't even notice you. The elevator ride back up is nerve wracking - don't run out of power yet! - but aside from a few violent shakes is uneventful. Finally, you run out the shrine, grab Sirak - no time to explain! - and race as far from the shrine as you can.
Not more than ten seconds after leaving the shrine, a massive explosion erupts behind you. Water from the sea is shot hundred of feet up into the air and a blinding beam of light ascends up into the heavens. Ecstasy is no more.
You discover that Sirak is no longer in your arms and in fact, is no longer a cat but a handsome man (who nevertheless still has the air of a cat about him; maybe it's his black hair). It turns out that he was able to channel the power from the explosion into the spell that he needed to cast in order to change back.
Congratulations! You've saved someone from being trapped in the body of a cat AND saved the world from an invasion of horrendous Octopoids. You are truly a heroine for the ages.
The End.
You decide to go to the imperial palace. There's no guarantee if you had gone to the generator room that you would be able to cause any real damage to the city - maybe there are backup generators? - but assassinating the Octopoid king ought to work. Destroy the head and the body will fall.
You follow the directions on the map and almost reach the entrance to the palace when you run into a problem. The palace is guarded by two Octopoid guards, both of whom are armed with firearms which judging from their size are quite powerful. The entrance to the palace can only be accessed by a long hallway. The hallway is dimly lit, but there's no way that you would be able to just walk up to the guards before being noticed and probably shot.
Then you have an idea. Using your wonderful zombie power of detachability, you remove one of your hands and have it sneakily crawl up to the guards without them noticing it. Then, it's simply a matter of having your hand jump up, grab one of the guards' guns and shoot them both dead. Problem solved.
Seeing as how those gun blasts have probably alerted everyone in the area to your presence, you decide the time for stealth is past. You run up to the palace entrance, reattach your separated body part, take a large gun in each hand (undead strength is handy!), and burst through the palace door.
You're in a large vaulted room with elegant statues of sea monsters on either side. At the end of the room is some dark writhing thing that you can't see clearly. You're sure that this thing is the target that you have come to destroy. Just as surely, you have the strong feeling that this thing has immense power and that it would be a very bad thing to fight it up close.
You unleash dozens of green laser blasts from your two guns into the thing. Finally, it stops moving. Is it dead?
What will you do?
*Approach the thing to see if it's really dead.*
(Go to #37)
*Forget about it and escape.*
(Go to #38)
You approach the thing to see if it's really dead. A sense of foreboding fills your body and yet still you continue to step forward. Finally, you get close enough that you can see it clearly. It's...
You are now completely and irrevocably insane.
The End.
There's no way you're getting any closer to that thing than you need to! As you turn to leave, something catches your eye. Could it be? Yes, it is! You have discovered a glowing staff. This must be the staff that Sirak was looking for. You drop one of your guns so that you can take it with you.
Your remaining gun seems to have limitless ammo so as you're escaping the city, you don't even bother to wait for enemies to show up, but instead, fire indiscriminately. A few unfortunate Octopoids stray into your lasers' paths while the rest must have decided to stay far away from the maniac spraying death within their city. You make it to the surface unharmed.
Sirak is very pleased to receive the staff and quickly casts the spell to make himself human once more. Hey, he's kind of cute as a human! The underwater city is in chaos, a wizard has been restored to his true form, and you now have a rockin' new gun - not bad for a day's work as Molly the Heroine!
The End.
You decline to help Sirak, explaining that any shrine that is sealed is probably sealed for a reason. He's not pleased but has no choice but to accept decision. He leaves while muttering about the unreliability of females and about how he'll just have to find a man to do the job.
Later that night, you're having difficulty sleeping. Maybe you should have helped Sirak after all. It's at this moment that a young woman breaks opens your bedroom window and joins you. This is rather surprising, particularly since your bedroom is on the second floor of your heroine agency.
The intruder in question is dressed in a tight black outfit with a pink sash. She's wearing a bandana in her hair and has a black patch covering one of her eyes. On her back, is strapped a long elegant sword and on her waist, she has what appears to be an old flintlock pistol. Her movements suggest power and grace.
"Whew," she says. "I think I lost it. My name's Umiko and I need your help." She then tells you her story.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #108)
The knocking on the door must be the police. You tell Umiko to give you the statue so that you can return it to the proper authorities. If you do that, you're sure all will be forgiven. Umiko is reluctant but in the end, she hands you the statue and then promptly escapes back out the window.
You head downstairs with the statue. The knocking on the front door has grown more insistent. You open the door, expecting to hand over the statue to the police, but instead...
Zap! A bolt of evil magical energy hits you in the chest. You fall to the ground. A large shadowy creatures jumps through the door onto you and claws you to death. Thus was the end of Molly Desper the Were-Zompire.
The End.
You believe Umiko's story and decide to help her escape from whatever it is that is chasing her. Umiko jumps out the window and you follow. When you hit the street, you hear a cry from Umiko.
"Look out!"
You see a bolt of negative energy racing towards you. Thanks to Umiko's warning, you are able to dodge it just in time. You then see the source of the bolt: a shadowy creature that is vaguely humanoid in shape. You sense great power coming from the creature, such great power that you're a little scared.
"Close your eyes!"
You close your eyes just in time to avoid being blinded by Umiko's flash bomb. Then you both start running away from the monster.
"You know this city better than me," Umiko says. "What's the plan?"
*Leave the city.*
(Go to #42)
*Go to the church.*
(Go to #45)
You lead Umiko out of the city. With your wolf-like speed and her ninja skills, you are able to escape the shadowy pursuers easily. Once you're both a fair distance away from the city, you both stop to catch your breath.
"Thank you for helping me escape," Umiko says. "I'll forever be in your debt. You don't need to worry about me anymore, I can take it from here."
She begins to walk away. What will you do?
*Stop her.*
(Go to #44)
*Let her go.*
(Go to #43)
Umiko leaves. You're worried about her, but figure that she can take care of herself. You cautiously make your way back to the heroine agency. The shadowy creature that attacked you earlier is nowhere to be found. You sleep restlessly, worried about Umiko and another attack.
A few weeks later, a traveling merchant comes into town with news of Umiko's fate. He had found her torn body on the side of the path. She had obviously been dead for many days. When you asked him if there had been a statue on her person, he responded in the negative.
You didn't save Umiko. You have failed in your heroine duties.
The End.
"Wait!" you call out. Umiko stops and turns around.
"Can't you see?" you say. "The reason that monster is able to find you again and again is because of that statue. If you keep it, it will find you again and next time, you might not escape unharmed."
"What do you suggest?" Umiko asks.
"I have an idea..."
You take Umiko to a cliff near town that overlooks the sea. Then, taking the statue from her and using all of your were-zompire strength, you hurl it as far as you can into the ocean.
"There," you say, "that should do it. I don't know if that thing can swim but even if it can, it should have a hard time retrieving that statue once the tides take it out to sea. Now, let's head back to your home city. I have a few questions I'd like to ask that client of yours."
The End.
"We're up against a force of pure evil," you say. "Let's go to the big church in the middle of the city. Someone there should be able to help us. After all, the church is supposed to be an expert at defeating evil."
You reach the large Christian-style church in the center of town and start banging on the door. Before long, the pastor lets you in. He's a heavyset man in a black and white robe. He looks very tired but when you tell him what the problem is, he snaps into alertness.
"Show me the statue," he asks forcefully. Umiko pulls the statue out of her bag. It's a white statue of a beautiful woman with long flowing hair.
"It's as I thought," he says, taking the statue from Umiko. He walks over to a fountain at the opposite end of the chapel and plunges the statue into its waters. Dark smoke rises from the statue's surface.
"That statue is a demon relic," he says, "the source of a demon's power. You were right to bring it to me. A few minutes of exposure to the holy water of that fountain should be enough to cleanse it from all evil power which will weaken the demon enough to banish it from our world."
Excellent! The shadowy creature following you will be banished and Umiko will be safe.
Then, the shadowy creature comes bursting through the church's front door.
"Don't let it recover the statue," the pastor yells, "or it will be too powerful to defeat!"
Umiko pulls out her flintlock pistol and starts firing at the creature. The bullets aren't enough to seriously injure it, but they do seem to be slowing it down.
*Continue on*
(Go to #46)
"Quick," you call out to Umiko. "Toss me your sword."
Umiko pulls out her sword and tosses it you. You grab it in mid-air. You then dip it in the holy water of the fountain and wait for the monster to reach you.
Slash! The sword imbued with holy power burns a white line across the monster's skin. The creature emits a horrible scream and you smell burnt skin. You follow up your advantage with several more slashes.
Finally, the creature vanishes, banished by the purification of its source of power and your sword attacks.
News of your victory gets out quickly. The entire city showers you with praise, proud that their city hosts such a brave heroine. Umiko, inspired by your actions, decides to stay with you and work at your heroine agency. From this time forth, you will work together to defend the city and the entire world from all the forces of evil.
The End.
It looks like you have no choice but to fight. At first, you're extremely scared but then you realize, hey! I'm a were-zompire! Werewolves, zombies, and vampires are all rather powerful. Combine them and you should get something even more powerful! With that thought in mind, you feel much more confident.
Since you haven't had time to grow accustomed to your abilities, you decide it would probably be best to focus on a single aspect of your powers first. Which monster's power will you channel?
*Fight like a zombie.*
(Go to #48)
*Fight like a vampire.*
(Go to #49)
*Fight like a werewolf.*
(Go to #50)
You decide to tap into the power of the zombie. Wait, a second! What power? Zombies are slow, decaying dead people who win through sheer force of numbers. You don't have numbers on your side. What on earth were you thinking? Nevertheless, it's too late to change your mind now.
A werewolf leaps at your head and misses. A vampire creates flames out of thin air and launches them at you; you dodge. Giant spider webs, zombie bites, slashes, everything fails to connect with your body.
At first, you're just utterly confused at what's going on but after awhile, it dawns on you. Through your zombie powers, you've managed to tap into the mob mentality of the angry mob of monsters that is attacking you. You sense your enemies' attacks before they come and your body responds automatically. Fantastic!
You're surviving, but you're not actually thinning the ranks of your opponents any. As you try to think of a way to turn your part in this fight from defensive to offensive, something fortunate happens.
*Continue on*
(Go to #51)
You decide to tap into the power of the vampire. But what power to use? Summon rats or wolves to help you? That would take too long. Seduce someone? Too many people and none of them look like the sort of thing you would want to seduce. Use dark magic? Not sure how.
Aha! You've got it! All of the vampires that you've ever seen in movies or read about in books have been very cool. That's what you'll do! You'll fight the monsters with sheer awesomeness!
Your eyes begin to sparkle. Your skin begins to glow. Cool rock music begins to play. All in all, you feel like you're in a car commercial.
And yet it works. The monster horde is too stunned by your awesomeness to respond. You are safe for now.
However, being this awesome requires a lot of energy and you won't be able to keep it up forever. What should you do now? Your mind is a blank.
Luckily, outside help arrives just in time.
*Continue on*
(Go to #51)
You decide to tap into the power of the werewolf. It seems like a smart choice. Werewolves are good at attacking things. Many things wish to attack you. Therefore, you should fight like a werewolf.
Your hands turn into claws with a sound of audible sharpness. Snizzt! (We don't want to get into trouble with any lawyers after all.)
You charge into the horde of oncoming monsters with great speed. Smash, slash, punch! Enemies scatter in all directions as your blows come in contact with their bodies.
Unfortunately, you are horribly outnumbered. Despite your skill at fighting, there are just too many of them. All looks lost, but then some unexpected allies appear.
*Continue on*
(Go to #51)
"Destroy all of the undead vermin! None must be allowed to escape!"
Dozens of warriors have appeared on the scene. Bald except for a single long braid, dressed in loose fitting robes, and fighting barehanded, you realize they must be monks. Their blows must have some sort of special magical power because even the more powerful undead monsters like vampires are falling to their attacks.
What will you do?
*Help out the warrior monks.*
(Go to #53)
*Try to slip out in the confusion.*
(Go to #52)
You decide to try to escape the fray. The monks look like they can take care of themselves and besides, you never asked for this fight in the first place.
Unfortunately, by choosing to run away, you look just like all of the other undead monsters that are fleeing the attack. One giant blast of concentrated chi energy from a monk later and the were-zompire known as Molly Desper is no more.
The End.
You decide to help the monks in their fight.
"I'll rescue you!" you cry out as you kill a giant spider that is about to eat one of the less fortunate monks. The monk looks very surprised and fearful to see you, but after you quickly explain to him that you're a friend and that you're grateful for him and his friends for coming to save you from all these monsters, his fear vanishes.
The monks are victorious. All of the undead monsters except for yourself have been destroyed. One of the younger monks prepares to attack you but the monk that you saved stops him and tells the group that you're different.
Now that there's no fear of immediate destruction at the hands of monsters or monks, you tell the monks your story: how you're from a different world, how a portal brought you here, and you were immediately attacked by this group of monsters and turned into your current form. The monks listen to your story with grave expressions on your face.
*Continue on*
(Go to #54)
"Our apologies, Miss Molly," an older monk says. "Your current state is our fault. One of our wise men discovered a spell in the ancient tomes for summoning a hero of great power into our world. The monsters must have discovered our plan and used their own dark magic to corrupt the spell, resulting in your appearance in their midst instead of safely in our own monastery."
You respond that it's okay and hey, now that you're a were-zompire, you can use those powers to better fight evil.
"Be that as it may, Miss Molly," the monk continues, "relying on the powers of darkness to destroy darkness is a dangerous path that can consume the souls of those weak of heart. It would be better for you if you could claim the power of light as your own and become a paladin."
Becoming a paladin sounds fun to you. You ask them what you need to do.
"There are two ways. For the academically inclined, you could go to the University of Heroes and major in Paladin Studies. Or if you're not a fan of studying, you could brave the Spire of Difficulties for it is said that whomsoever climbs to the top and passes all trials will gain a holy power."
"The choice is yours. We are willing to assist you in succeeding with whichever path you choose."
What will you do?
*Attend the University of Heroes.*
(Go to #61)
*Brave the Spire of Difficulties.*
(Go to #55)
You've had enough studying to last a lifetime - bring on the Spire of Difficulties!
The monks seem impressed with your choice and agree to take you to the foot of the spire. Your journey to the spire takes several days of constant travel through mild wilderness. As you travel, the monks teach you about this world: what monsters are to be feared and how to deal with them, the different kingdoms and their various customs, and so on.
At the foot of the spire, the monks inform you that you must make the final stretch of the journey alone, but they will set up camp here and wait for your return. You will miss their company but you feel up to the challenge.
The first day of climbing is almost enjoyable. The paths aren't too steep, the scenery is beautiful, and the wildlife friendly. The monks provided you with supplies so there's no worry about starving. Dried brains and dehydrated blood, though nasty sounding, actually taste pretty good to your undead self. You can't possibly imagine eating them in your former human state though.
The second day is when the spire starts to live up to its name. The paths are narrower and steeper. The green vegetation has given way to barren trees covered in snow. Several times, you almost fall off of a ledge to your doom thanks to unforeseen ice.
Then disaster strikes. An avalanche threatens to bury you or sweep you off of the path. What will you do? You could try outrunning the avalanche. Alternatively, there's a large tree nearby that might be sturdy enough to survive the wave of snow; you could climb up it and hope for the best.
*Try to outrun the avalanche.*
(Go to #56)
*Climb up the tree.*
(Go to #57)
You try to outrunning the avalanche. As it turns out, you have the speed to accomplish this, but not the stability. In your haste, you trip on a bit of ice and end up sliding off of a cliff.
You survive the fall though it's broken most of your bones and caused you great pain. Sadly, the fall is not all that you need to survive as the avalanche spills over the cliff and buries you alive. Between the pain of your injuries and the freezing cold, you go mad long before the snow thaws out enough to escape.
The End.
You quickly scamper up the tree. It looks like a strong tree but will it be enough to resist the power of the avalanche? At first, it looks like it will but then the trunk starts to crack and before you know it, the tree is crashing to the ground.
Thinking fast, you launch yourself into the air. You're shocked at how high you can jump. This Were-Zompire body of yours is more powerful than you thought. Your air time is amazing; if you ever return home, you'll have to be sure to join the basketball team.
*Continue on*
(Go to #58)
You land on all fours on the snow after the brunt of the avalanche's power has died down. Of course! Wolves live in snowy places all the time. You invoke your werewolf powers and turn into a wolf. The icy paths are much easier to navigate as a wolf than in your previously upright form. You finish the rest of your journey in drastically less time than it took you to reach your current position.
Upon reaching the top of the spire, you turn back into your human-like form. "Am I a paladin yet?" you think to yourself. You did make it to the top after all. Then you notice a small cave that you hadn't seen before. Next to the cave is a sign with an arrow and the words, "This way for the Ordeal for Paladinhood" written on it. You must be in the right place.
Inside the cave, you find a chamber made of diamonds and glass. So many makes you feel a bit dizzy. Is this the challenge? Not falling? No, that can't be it.
A deep voice speaks. "To the one who would chase the shadows from their heart and claim the paladin's holy power, you must face your true self and win."
And with that, a seemingly perfect replica of yourself steps out of one of the larger crystals.
The doppelganger looks at you with a smirk and hate filled eyes. She's so smug looking; it makes you want to teach her a lesson.
What will you do?
*Attack the doppelganger.*
(Go to #59)
*Be calm and do nothing.*
(Go to #60)
No stupid doppelganger is going to make a fool out of you! You run up to it and punch it in the face as hard as you can. Pow! Your attack doesn't seem to have done any serious damage. The responding attack by the doppelganger does, however, deal plenty of damage to your stomach. Oof!
You fight back but no matter how hard you attack, your attacks do little or no damage. The more you fight, the stronger the doppelganger's attacks become. Finally, battered and beaten, you collapse to the ground.
The voice speaks again. "You have failed the test and are unworthy of the holy light."
The End.
You do nothing and try to calm your body. The doppelganger hasn't actually done anything to you and as a heroine, you feel it's against your code of contact to strike something that isn't attacking you.
You do nothing. The doppelganger does nothing. Then everyone does nothing some more.
Finally, you realize the lesson that the trial is trying to teach you. The doppelganger is you. The arrogance and hatred that you see in her eyes is a part of you. Try as you might to deny it as you pretend to be a perfect heroine, you're not perfect. You have flaws.
"You have passed the test," the doppelganger says. "I are thou or is it thee? I am you is good enough for me." She then hands you a tarot card with a picture of a fool and vanishes.
The deep voice from before speaks again. "My son! I am so proud of you. Accept my power."
My son? Has he seen this body? The voice must be mistaking you for someone else. But no matter, you've gained the holy power and are now the first Were-Zompire Paladin of all time.
With the combination of your were-zompire abilities and the power of the paladin, you become a most formidable opponent for the forces of darkness. Farewell, Molly! Your heroics shall be the stuff of legends!
The End.
Studying is something you know how to do. Sure, you were tired of studying back home, but that was for some boring real major. Studying to be a paladin should be fun!
The monks are very supportive of your choice. Not only do they personally escort you to the University of Heroes, but they also completely pay for your tuition and give you a generous living expenses account. You're very grateful, although a little curious as to how a bunch of monks have acquired so much money.
An adviser helps you to make good choices with your course selection. The first few months of classes go well; you enjoy your classes and excel at them although you don't make any real friends. A few fellow students try to talk you into joining their alchemy group but you decline - they seem a little too weird for your liking.
On the whole, you feel like you're living the real life equivalent of a video game high school dating sim. Minus the dating part, of course. You're devilishly good looking, if you do say so yourself, so what's the deal? Maybe the fact that you're not actually alive is scaring away any prospective suitors.
One day, you wake up to find a note slipped under your dorm's door.
"Dear Student, as an attempt to increase school spirit and feelings of unity, it has been determined that all students shall, from henceforth, be required to join one of the school's many clubs. Please meet in the auditorium and make your decision before the end of the day. Failure to do so will result in dire consequences."
Not wanting to get into any unnecessary trouble, you go to the auditorium to select a club.
Unfortunately, it appears you had slept in today as when you arrive, almost all of the clubs are already full and no longer accepting new members. The only two clubs with spots available are the ping pong club and the fortunetelling club.
What will you do?
*Choose to join the ping pong club.*
(Go to #62)
*Choose to join the fortunetelling club.*
(Go to #66)
You decide to join the ping pong club. The other members seem friendly and besides, you already have a great love of the game.
As it turns out, your ping pong skills have greatly improved since becoming a were-zompire. With the speed of a werewolf, the keen insight of a vampire, and the style of a zombie, you quickly become the best player in the club. None of the other players can even come close to beating you.
You pass your days at school pleasantly, studying and attending classes during the day and playing ping pong at night. Then one day, the unspeakable happens.
A messenger from the kingdom of Damsellia arrives at the school and begs for assistance. The kingdom of Dragonia is threatening to invade unless someone can beat the king at a game of ping pong. It seems the king is quite the expert at the noble art of table tennis and only respects those who excel at it.
The school responds to Damsellia's pleas in the only way that makes sense: they send you to compete against the king of Dragonia in defense of Damsellia.
When you arrive at Dragonia Castle, you find that your arrival was expected. A table tennis table is already set up in the courtyard and your opponent is waiting for you.
*Continue on*
(Go to #63)
"I've heard of you, Molly," the king says, "the great ping pong player from the University of Heroes who uses her inhuman abilities to thrash all opposition. I've prepared a little surprise for you. Since you're studying to be a paladin, I thought I'd be gracious and give you an appropriate tool for our little match."
On the table lies a ping pong paddle made of silver and with a holy cross engraved on it.
"I washed it with holy water as well, just to be nice," the king leers.
You pick up the paddle. The pain is excruciating; undead flesh is not meant to touch such things. Nevertheless, you must win no matter what. The people of Damsellia are counting on you!
The king proves to be an excellent player. The score remains close for the duration of the match. Balls fly back and forth and finally the match reaches the decisive moment. You have the advantage. If you make this final point, the game is yours and Damsellia is saved. If you miss this point, the score becomes tied and he gets the serve and probably the win.
The pain in your hand from the holy paddle is horrendous. Maybe you should switch the paddle to your off hand, just to relieve the pain?
What will you do?
*Switch hands.*
(Go to #64)
*Fight through the pain.*
(Go to #65)
You switch the paddle to your other hand. You're not as good with this hand but you should be able to still win. You hope.
Sadly, your off-hand is not good enough. You miss the point, the king gains the serve, and he scores twice in a row. Game over.
Though you fight well to protect the citizens of Damsellia in the blood war that follows, your valor in battle will be ignored. You will forever be known as the person who failed the kingdom when it most needed your help.
The End.
You grit your teeth and clench the paddle even more tightly. You will not let mere pain prevent you from winning this game and preventing a bloody war from occurring!
You feel a warm feeling in your heart. The pain in your hand has stopped. You look down at your hand and see no sign of the blisters that were just there.
You've done it! Because of your determination to protect others regardless of the cost to yourself, you've become a paladin!
You throw the ball up in the air and serve, striking the ball with the kind of force that only a were-zompire paladin can call forth. To everyone's amazement, the king manages to return your serve, but it doesn't matter. You swing your paddle. The paddle doesn't connect with the ball but that was your plan. The shockwave from your swing slams the ball onto your opponent's side of the table and then holds it pinned there, preventing him from returning your swing. You've won.
"You're an impressive opponent," the king says. "Your elite skillzorz have shown me the light. I withdraw my intention of invading Damsellia and instead shall focus all of my energy on becoming a ping pong player worthy of you."
You've stopped a war from happening, become a paladin, and are now the best ping pong player in existence. Your life rocks.
The End.
You decide to join the fortunetelling club. You are welcomed into the club with open arms - most of the existing members are Goths and think the fact that you're technically dead is wickedly cool.
As it turns out, little actual fortunetelling goes on in the fortunetelling club. For the most part, people just hang out in the club room to chat, read angst-filled novels, and play card games with the tarot cards. The only member of the club who seems to actually care about fortunetelling is the president and for your part, you try to avoid him since he's rather creepy.
One night, when you are about to begin studying, you discover that you are missing an important textbook. Thinking that you might have left it in the club room, you go there to search for it. What you find there is much more dangerous than a mere book.
The club president is standing in the middle of the club room. A pentagram has been drawn on the floor around him. The candles in the room are flickering as if they're in a strong breeze despite the complete absence of any wind. It's pretty obvious that he's dealing with some really dark magics.
"Those fools!" he spits out. "Wasting their days in nonsense when they should be focused on our club's aims! I'll show them! By summoning the demon Hexeliz, I shall become a true fortuneteller and be able to tell everyone's future!"
A portal has started to form. The club president needs to be stopped and quickly before anything seriously bad can happen. What will you do?
*Tackle the club president.*
(Go to #68)
*Try to convince him of the error of his ways.*
(Go to #67)
You're a big fan of non-violence so you try to talk the club president into doing the right thing. You lecture him on the dangers of summoning demons. You show him charts and graphs that indicate that individuals who summon demons are 1500% more likely to die from an otherworldly source than normal people. You teach; you lecture; you scold; you plea. You even give him puppy dog eyes.
Surprise! The club president listens to you. He ends the summoning ritual. The portal begins to shrink in size.
Before the portal is completely gone, an ugly arm comes out and drags the president into the portal. Well, no one can say that you didn't warn him and show him the statistics.
Even though you were unable to save the villain from his own evil, at least you protected the world from the arrival of a horrible demon. That's gotta give you some heroine points, right?
The End.
There's no time for words. Now is the time for action! You tackle the president, knocking him into a bookshelf and rendering him unconscious. Disaster averted.
Or is it? You expected the portal would disappear as soon as the person summoning it was unconscious, but instead it's started to shake, rapidly change colors, and emit a really annoying high pitched tone.
Oh and the portal is also slowly sucking everything nearby into it, as if it was a black hole. There goes the furniture. There goes the president.
What will you do?
*Get out of there!*
(Go to #69)
*Try to use your powers to close the portal.*
(Go to #70)
You run for the door as fast as you can. The pull of the portal makes running feel like you're in a strong headwind but with your superior strength and speed, you're able to reach the door and escape.
"Help!" you cry out. Fortunately, help is already on its way in the form of several of the advanced magical arts teachers who had sensed the creation of the portal earlier. Using their magic, they are able to close the portal and save everything from being sucked in.
Unfortunately for you, now everyone thinks that you were the cause of the disaster. Not only that, but you are accused of killing another student. Lacking any means of proving your innocence, you are forced to leave the university in disgrace. Will you be able to become a heroine without the power of a paladin to temper your undead nature? Only time will tell.
The End.
You decide that you must close the portal. But how will you accomplish such a task? You don't have a clue.
"Use me," a voice within you says. You know the voice wants you to give into the darkness that lies within you as a result of your undead body. You resist but as the portal begins to pull you in, you realize you have no other choice.
Calling upon all the dark forces that a vampire has at its command, you shut the portal. You feel guilty but it had to be done.
Later, when everyone finds out that you saved the school from being sucked into a demonic dimension, you are showered with praise. Your guilt leaves and is replaced with pride and a feeling of power. Hey, using that dark energy turned out pretty good.
Maybe you shouldn't worry so about using the dark powers at your command. Maybe you should start using them all the time. I mean, it's not like you're going to abuse them, are you? You're a heroine, after all.
At least for now.
The End.
"I feel great," you say. "When can we start killing things?"
Maybe you overdid it. Several of the vampires in the group are looking suspiciously at you. The werewolves and zombies might be suspicious too but their vacant expressions make it less obvious.
What will you do?
*Explain to the group just how evil you are.*
(Go to #72)
*Laugh maniacally.*
(Go to #73)
You begin to explain to the group just how evil you are: how you enjoy kicking puppies, pushing old grandmothers down stairs, starting fires just for fun, etc. The group doesn't seem to be buying your explanations. In fact, they seem to be attacking you and tearing you to pieces.
As the light in your eyes fades, you suddenly remember the advice of your favorite writing teaching in high school:
"Show, don't tell."
The End.
"Mwahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! WAAHAHAHAAHAHA!"
Okay, that seems to have worked. The other monsters now believe you to be evil, insane, and stupid. That will work.
"Our master, the demon lord will want to see how low his opponent has fallen," says one of the vampires. "Let us return and bring her to him. We can use the energy from the portal that brought her here to return to the demonic realm."
Oh great. The last thing you want to be doing right now is teleporting to the demonic realm, but it doesn't look like you have a choice. If you give up the charade now, they'll destroy you in seconds so in you go through the portal.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #74)
The demonic realm is very close to your Sunday school teacher's description of purgatory: a barren rocky landscape punctuated by rivers and lakes of fire and lava. The sky is overcast and the whole place smells vaguely of cauliflower. You're at the bottom of a hill and you guess that the castle at the top is the home of the demon lord. Of course, that looks to be the place that this group of monsters is taking you. You need to escape as soon as possible!
An opportunity to escape arises before long. During the climb up to the castle, one of the werewolves loses its footing and falls off of a cliff into a fiery grave. Now's your chance! While the group is surprised, you need to get away.
You see several rock islands in the river of lava nearby. You could never have made the jump as a human but with your were-zompire powers, you might be able to use them as stepping stones out of here. However, if you failed to jump far enough, you'd be joining that unfortunate werewolf in death.
What will you do?
*Make the jump across the river of lava.*
(Go to #76)
*Wait for a better opportunity.*
(Go to #75)
You decide the jump is too risky and that you would be better off waiting for a different opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, no such opportunity comes up and so you find yourself at the demon lord's castle.
The demon lord's castle is a grotesque marvel. The outer walls are composed of skeletal corpses and distorted human faces that are constantly screaming in agony. Streams of ghosts fly around the towers while the doors are guarded by gargantuan gargoyles.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #109)
Now may be your only chance to escape. You leap...and you make it safely across the lava. Go, were-zompire powers!
"Get her!"
A werewolf tries to follow after you but you kick him in mid-air and knock him into the lava. Some of the vampires turn into bats and start flying your way. The other monsters are racing down an alternate path in an attempt to cut off your escape.
You quickly make your way across the river of lava, using the outcroppings of rock as stepping stones. It looks like you're going to reach the opposite shore in time and escape for good when something happens.
The tiny island of rock that you just jumped onto breaks free and start to rush down the molten river, with you still on it!
You look for a place to jump off your rapidly moving platform but there's nothing close enough.
On the plus side, after several minutes of traveling down the river on your natural raft, you've lost sight of your pursuers. On the negative side, you're very worried about the possibility of falling off to your doom.
It looks like the lava river narrows up ahead. You might be able to make a jump for safety then, but it would be the longest jump you've ever made. What will you do?
*Try to make the jump.*
(Go to #78)
*Stay on the rock.*
(Go to #77)
You decide not to chance the jump. Too dangerous, you say to yourself. It was too far. You would never have made it.
All that might be true, but if you had known that your rock island was about to go over a lavafall, you probably would have tried anyway.
The End.
You jump with all of your might. Stressful situations often bring out the best in people and this situation is no exception. Despite all rational logic saying that you should not be able to successfully jump such a huge gap, you do, in fact, land safely on the rock shore. Congratulations!
You quickly hurry away from the river in case your pursuers are following it to try to find you and set off in search of anything or anyone that can help you in this horrible place.
After several hours of running and hurried walking, you find a village. Unsure of the reception that you will receive, you hide yourself and observe from the shadows.
The village appears to be a mining center if the pickaxes, shovels, and wheelbarrows are any indication. Not only that, but it appears to be a slave town, with a few powerful undead vampires and liches forcing all of the other monsters to work.
You see a vampire with a whip torturing a group of goblins. You know it shouldn't bother you since it's just monsters being hurt, but wait a second. You're a monster too! Who's to say that all monsters are evil? Maybe you should try to rescue them.
What will you do?
*Try to rescue the goblins.*
(Go to #80)
*Stay hidden.*
(Go to #79)
You decide to stay your hand. It's just a goblin after all.
There's nothing for you here. You leave the village. Surely, there's something in this dimension that can help you escape and return back to your world.
I'm afraid that you're going to be searching a loooong time.
The End.
Even a goblin deserves to live, at least, if it isn't doing anything evil itself! You rush from your hiding place and attack the vampire. No stakes present themselves, but no matter, decapitation works just as well and with your were-zompire strength, decapitation is not only possible but inevitable. The vampire falls and turns into dust.
"Viva la revolution!" you scream. Blank stares all around. "Let's end slavery forever!" That, they understand.
With your unique powers and your ever increasing band of liberated undead slaves-turned freedom fighters, you are able to defeat the slavers and restore freedom to the camp. You are hailed by the goblins, zombies, and other freed slaves as their savior. However, you don't just stop with the one camp. Using the forces you've liberated from the first slave camp, you stage attacks on other slave camps, building up your forces and sowing chaos in the land.
It takes months of ambushes, sabotage, and full-blown battles, but finally, you succeed in overthrowing the demon lord and his minions. The other freedom fighters, grateful for your leadership, offer you the position of king of the new regime. However, you refuse and instead teach your followers about the joys of representative governments.
In the first official election in the newly formed Republic of Demonio, you are elected president by a landslide. You rule the land with wisdom for many years, bringing peace and love to all of Demonio's undead citizens.
The End.
You decide to play dumb. You're one part zombie after all. If the other monsters think you're brain is gone, hopefully they'll leave you alone.
"Braaains!" you say in your best imitation zombie voice.
"Something seems suspicious," one of the vampires says. "Here, give her this."
A raw pink brain is placed for you. You're not sure what kind of brain it is but you are sure that you don't want to know. What will you do?
*Eat the brain.*
(Go to #83)
*Decline politely.*
(Go to #82)
You decline the brain politely. Whoops. You were supposed to be pretending to be just a stupid zombie. Your cover is blown and there's not much you can do about it now.
That was a pretty big mistake you just made, but look on the bright side - you'll never make another mistake again.
The End.
Not wanting to risk detection, you eat the brain. It would actually be quite tasty if you could just forget what it was, but in order to maintain your illusion, you have to interrupt your eating with occasional comments of "Brains!"
Everybody except the other zombies laugh.
"Ha! Look at her! The so-called legendary hero is just another stupid zombie."
"What should we do with her?"
"Just leave her with the other zombies. There's a town of villagers not far from here in that direction that they can go terrorize. We need to head back to the master and give our report."
Another portal is summoned and the werewolves, vampires, and giant spiders all go through. It's just you and the zombies now. What will you do?
*Run ahead and warn the villagers about the zombies.*
(Go to #84)
*Try to communicate with the zombies.*
(Go to #85)
You run quickly in the direction of the village. The other zombies follow you, albeit much slower. You must reach the village in time to protect them. You'll need to earn their trust and prepare defenses. There's no time to waste.
Hello, there. It's me, the designer of this game. I could tell you what happens next, but it's not very fair to me if I give you all of my Grade-A material now. What will I do for the next game, "Mr. Von McAwesome versus the Hordes of Ultra Zombies" when the hero has to face down a zombie apocalypse with nothing but his biceps? Sure, I could write a description of Molly's defensive measure now, but then when the next game comes around and the hero has to fight a zombie horde there, everyone will just be all "Old news!" and get bored and play something else.
That's why I'm not going to tell you about how you, Molly the Were-Zompire earned the villagers trust or how you helped them barricade their homes from the inside and helped them build makeshift chainsaws and shotguns. Nope, I'm not going to do it. You're going to have to wait for the next game for all the great hero vs. zombie action.
Okay, I'm sensing some discontent from some of the people playing this game. Fine, if it makes you feel better, let's say you win. You save the day, rescue the town, and are a true heroine. Later, a handsome prince comes in riding a white steed and marries you and you live happily ever after. Also, you gain a gazillion points and your experience level and stats are all maxed out.
(Editor's note: the original designer of the game has just met a horrible end. Not to worry though. We're flying the finest designer in from Iceland to finish the other storyline threads so the game will not be released in an incomplete state.)
The End.
You try to communicate with the zombies. As it turns out, Zombie-ese isn't that hard to figure out. It's a lot like Chinese. There's a limited set of different sounds - in Zombie-ese's case limited entirely to the sound, "Brains" - and meaning is heavily reliant on inflection.
"Brains brains brains brains brains," you say. (Let's not eat the villagers.)
"Brains brains brains brains," the zombies say. (We must eat the villagers. It's in our nature. At least, until the chosen zombie with the powers of a werewolf and vampire comes forth to save us from our fate.)
"Brains!" you say. (Hey, that's me!)
"Brains brains brains brains, brains brains, brains," the zombies say. (Really?)
"Brains brains brains brains, brains brains brains," you respond. (Really!)
"Brains!" the zombies say. (Wonderful! Let's take you to the holy sanctum of zombies. There you will fulfill your destiny.)
*Continue on.*
(Go to #86)
The holy sanctum of zombies isn't very far away. From the outside, it looks a lot like an Egyptian pyramid. Next to the entrance is a warning written in zombie-ese (a script written entirely by drawing pictures of brains).
"Beware! Only a true zombie will survive the ordeal."
Only a true zombie...what could it mean? What should you do?
*Go in alone.*
(Go to #87)
*Go in with the other zombies.*
(Go to #88)
You decide to enter the sanctum alone.
This turns out to be a poor decision as, just after taking a few steps in the door, an arrow trap pierces your brain and heart, killing you instantly. Maybe in your next life, you'll realize that zombies aren't loners.
The End.
A true zombie? Of course! A true zombie is a team player. You motion for the other zombies to proceed before you. It's a fortunate decision on your part as the pathetic zombies in front of you are destroyed as they trigger the sanctum's traps, letting you pass by unharmed.
All is smooth sailing - for you, not the trap triggering zombies - until you reach a silver door that blocks your further progress down the corridor. It is, of course, locked. How shall you pass by it?
*Use your strength to rip the door from the wall.*
(Go to #89)
*Use your vampire abilities to slip past the door.*
(Go to #90)
Using your mighty werewolf muscles, you are able to rip the door clean out of the wall. Unfortunately, in the process you ripped a bit of the wall out as well. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem but it happened to be a load-bearing wall. Oh well, there are worse fates you could have met in this game besides being buried under several tons of bricks and stone. Not many more, admittedly, but it could have been worse.
The End.
Using your vampiric abilities, you turn into a mist. The opening between the door and the floor is very narrow but it's still plenty of room for your gaseous self to pass by. On the other side of the door, you turn back into your corporeal self and try to open the door. No, it's locked from this side as well. Guess you're going to have to go the rest of the way without your zombie entourage.
You journey deeper into the sanctum with great care expecting a deadly trap at every step. However, if there are any more traps, it looks like you failed to trigger them.
Finally, you reach a room at the deepest point of the sanctum. The walls of the room are covered with shelves which, in turn, are covered with brains of all shapes and sizes. Despite the fact that this room has obviously been untouched for a long time, the brains look surprisingly fresh.
On one of the walls, you see an inscription written in zombie-ese. It reads: "One of these brains will bring salvation to the zombie race. All other brains will bring torment to the chooser. Choose wisely or suffer the consequences."
What will you do?
*Eat the brain that looks the tastiest.*
(Go to #91)
*Eat the smallest brain.*
(Go to #92)
*Smell each brain individually.*
(Go to #93)
You find a brain that looks a lot like a nice juicy steak. Surely, this is the brain that you're meant to eat. You take a bite.
A voice rings out. "You have chosen poorly."
You feel anger and hunger welling up inside of you. All you want to do is to kill everyone and everything and feast on their remains. GRAAAHHHAAG!
The End.
You find the brain that is the smallest. Surely, this is the brain that you are meant to eat. You take a bite.
A voice rings out. "You have chosen poorly."
The process of personal dumbification is slow but constant. First, your intellect drops to that of a cat. Then, your intellect resembles a dog. Then, a pop star. Then, a gnat. Finally, a zombie.
The End.
You carefully go to each brain and sniff it in turn. You discover that one smells very different that all the others. A normal sense of smell wouldn't have picked it up but your werewolf senses are very keen. One brain is not a brain at all.
You take the imposter brain and bite into it. You discover that it is actually made of tofu.
"You have chosen wisely."
You leave the sanctum to find the remaining zombies very pleased indeed.
"Love love love love love love." (You have saved us!)
Thanks to your actions, the once dumb zombie race that lived only for human flesh and brains has become a race of intelligent vegetarians. You have changed the course of history and for that you will always be known as the savior of the zombies and a friend to all mankind.
The End.
You decide not to go into the portal. Who knows where it could lead? It could land you in some horrible place where you end up dying almost immediately upon arrival. No, you're going to play it safe and stay here.
However, even though you have no intention of jumping into the portal, that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of its arrival. You grab your camera and take a number of pictures from a variety of angles. Maybe you'll be able to sell them to a tabloid for good money.
Shortly after you're finished taking pictures, the portal disappears. With the portal gone, you assume that your brush with the supernatural is at an end, so you start to get ready for your afternoon class.
That's when you are visited by a most unlikely visitor.
She appears in the middle of your room, announced by a flash of light and the smell of chicken. There's no mistaking who she is.
Your visitor is yourself.
"Molly," the other Molly says. "I've come from the future on a crucial mission. You have to trust me. The fate of existence is in the balance."
Something seems shady.
How familiar are you with science fiction stories?
*I read science fiction all the time.*
(Go to #97)
*Science fiction? What's that?*
(Go to #98)
Oh no! Everyone who is familiar with the science fiction genre knows that the worst possible thing that could ever happen is for someone to be visited by a future version of themselves.
Time paradox!
The fabric of time and space, as we know it, has been destroyed. You've destroyed all of existence, you sci-fi nerd. Ignorance truly would have been bliss.
The End.
You're sure that you're forgetting something important, but you've got more pressing matters right now.
"You made a wrong choice, Molly," the other Molly continues. "You were supposed to go into that portal and become a were-zompire heroine. This video game is called Molly the Were-Zompire after all."
"I'm in a video game?" you ask incredulously.
"Yes and not a very interesting one so far. Players expect action and adventure, not you being a perfect little student at school. Now come with me. I'll take you back in time so you can fix your mistake and give these players their 80 points worth."
What will you do?
*Travel back in time with the other Molly.*
(Go to #99)
*Stay in the present.*
(Go to #100)
You agree to go back in time with your future self. You hold her hand as she activates her iTimeTrav. Bright light fills your view.
The monotone voice of the game developer fills your mind - "Press back two times to reset the game. Or just keep pressing A and I'll reset it for you."
The End.
You refuse to go back in time with your future self. She pleads and argues with you, but you stand firm.
"Fine," she says. "I'll fix the mess you've made WITHOUT YOU!" And with that, she disappears.
Thinking that you're finally free of strange occurrences, you head off to your afternoon class. Today's lecture is extremely boring, but like a good student, you pay close attention and take detailed notes.
Towards the end of the lecture, you become a were-zompire. First, your two front teeth lengthen, then your ears become wolf-like, a tail appears, and random bits of skin fall off your body. You also have a strong desire for brains, blood, and raw meat. Thankfully, due to the nature of your existence (text-based mixed with simple graphics), no one notices the change.
You receive a text message on your cell phone.
"ha! showed u! Back in time, turned into w-z, then I bit u! gg, newb! GG! ;)"
Your future self isn't very nice.
Your class ends and you head back home. On the way back, you are stopped by a black sedan. Two very buff men dressed in black suits step out from the vehicle and approach you.
"You need to come with us, Molly. Or should we say Molly the Were-Zompire?"
You don't have a choice. You step into the vehicle and are whisked away to a secret government facility.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #101)
Once inside the government building, you are brought in front of an old man with an impressive number of medals on his uniform. Despite his age, he speaks with a good deal of gusto and vitality.
"Molly, pleased to meet you. I'm General Bedfamalm. I'll put it to you straight, soldier, we need your help. Terrorism besets the United States government on every side and we need the very best to fight back. What say you, soldier? Will you serve your country with your unique were-zompire powers and become a true American heroine?"
What will you do?
*Agree to help the government.*
(Go to #102)
*Politely refuse.*
(Go to #103)
You tell the general that you'd be happy to help.
"Glad to have you on board, soldier. Now, Sgt. Danfordalm, please escort Private Molly to the Biting Room."
"Biting room?" you ask.
"One were-zompire isn't enough," the general says. "We need an army of were-zompires to face the foes that beset this great land. With your infectious bite, we will create a force that will safeguard those precious liberties that we hold so dear."
Several years pass.
Eventually, you were able to escape from the holding room where the government kept you trapped for so long, but the damage had already been done. The human race has been destroyed thanks to you. Your bite turned many soldiers into were-zompires but the process of transformation slowly warped their minds. Devoid of human reason and filled with the bloodlust of wild animals, these were-zompires infected others and the curse of the were-zompire quickly spread. In just a short while the governments of the world collapsed. The few remaining survivors hide in shelters, but their days are numbered.
You are doomed to wander the surface of the earth for the rest of your life, all alone except for the monsters you've created.
The End.
In the space of time after the general's request, you reach an epiphany. Just because you're in a game named Molly the Were-Zompire, that doesn't mean you have to let a weird programmer determine your fate! You vow then and there to live your own life and to never mess with time travel.
Upon reaching that decision, your body changes back into its original form. You are no longer Molly the Were-Zompire. You're just Molly.
"I'm sorry, general, but I'm going to have to decline your generous offer. You see, I'm just a civilian."
The End.
Staring at the portal, you come to two conclusions. First, if a lifetime of reading fantasy novels has taught you anything, it's that amazing adventures await you on the other side of this portal. Second, you really don't want to continue working on your master's thesis.
You put on your shoes, grab your coat, and jump into the portal.
*Continue on.*
(Go to #2)
You explain that you'd love to help, but you don't know the first thing about magic or changing people back from cats into humans.
"Not to worry," the cat wizard Sirak says. "I can perform the transformation spell myself. The problem is that reversing a transformation spell requires a vast amount of magical energy, far more energy than the initial spell. On the outskirts of town lies an old forgotten shrine. Sealed within this shrine is a staff of unbelievable power, more than enough power to reverse my form. Unfortunately, this shrine also has sealed within it, a horrible monster. That's where you come in. Fight the monster, retrieve the staff, and reverse the spell. Not only would you have my undying gratitude, but I'd be more than happy to provide you with any magical assistance you might require in the future."
What will you do?
*Agree to help Sirak retrieve the staff of power.*
(Go to #21)
*Decline to help.*
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The End.
The writer and a small group of people managed to escape the city. Before leaving, they destroyed the elevator that connected the underwater city to the surface and placed a magical seal on the surrounding building just for good measure. The writer left this journal, as a warning to any who broke the seal to leave the city alone. Only death and madness lie within.
The journal finished, you look at the elevator once more. It doesn't look broken. A chill feels your body.
What will you do?
*Exit the shrine as quickly as possible.*
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*Enter the elevator*
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She was living in a big port city many miles away as a pirate-ninja doing the kind of work that pirate-ninjas usually do when a client came to her with an unusual request - go to the city of Legenavia and steal a statue from one of the manor homes there. Now, Umiko was the honorable type and didn't usually accept jobs involving petty theft, but the client insisted that the statue was originally his and the pay was really good so she took the job. The job seemed to be going smoothly - she snuck in, took the statue that matched the client's description, and snuck out - but ever since then she's felt like she's being followed by an evil presence.
At this moment, someone begins to knock loudly on your front door.
"Come on, Molly!" Umiko pleads. "You've gotta help me!"
What will you do?
*Escape with Umiko.*
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*Take the statue and give it to the authorities.*
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Inside, the castle is no fairer. Dimly lit braziers light the halls poorly but given the appearance outside, you're glad to not see your surroundings clearly. You hear a faint but steady beating noise, like you're inside a giant heart.
Finally, you reach the demon lord's throne, which is made up of hundreds of wiggling feet. That can't be comfortable to sit in, you think to yourself. As for the demon lord himself, no mere words could capture his dark majesty. Just picture the most hideous demon imaginable. He's ten times more hideous than whatever you imagined.
"We've brought the prophesied heroine to you," one of the vampires says to the demon lord, "and she's on our side now."
"Morons!" the demon lord says using five of his twenty mouths. "She has deceived you. I sense her virtue. Kill her!"
You struggle bravely, but let's get serious here. You're in the middle of a demon lord's castle, unarmed and friendless. Your chances of survival are non-existent. Still, if it makes you feel any better, at least know that you are able to defeat a lot of monsters before finally succumbing to destruction yourself.
The End.
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