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A project proposal (for a paper, a thesis or a book) is a strategic presentation of the scope, aims, method and projected outcome of the proposed research. Please do not write a general introduction to your topic as a project proposal. This is the place to outline what point you might want to concentrate on, how you want to go about discussing them, what you are hoping to achieve by doing so. For a BA thesis, the proposal should be about 1 page long, including the list of works you plan to cite.
Please find a title that shows the focus of your proposed paper but allows you to modify it slightly as you proceed with your work. For example: "Comic elements in Tibor Fischer's fiction" is a good title because it shows what author and what feature of his style you are interested in but does not limit you to one book or one theoretical approach.
Please explain what claim you want to prove, or what question you want to answer, or what problem you want to explore. This is the place to mention key areas, concepts or questions you want to concentrate on.
Please point out what author and what works you want to base your thesis on. This is the place to mention key figures, authors and works you will examine and use to support your claims and arguments.
Please explain what method you will use for your work, such as a close reading of a text; comparison of several texts; exploring the oeuvre of an author with one text in the focus; discussing a work in the literary (or cultural, or historical) context of the problem (or the genre, or the author, or the period); exploring a text using theoretical concepts relevant to the piece (or often used to characterise the genre, or the author, or the period) etc. This is the place to explain what you will do with the text.
Please indicate what conclusion you think you will arrive at. This is the place to explain what answer you will find to your question, what solution you will find to your problem - to the limited extent you can say anything before you complete your research and build up your argument.
Please provide a list of works you plan to consult for your paper (preliminary list of works to be cited). This is the place to show that you have already looked up some possible sources, although you may not have read them yet and you may find better ones as you go along.
Please indicate your name and the name of your supervisor at the top of the proposal.
Please check that the title is the same as on the form you have to hand in at the Registrar's Office (without the Hungarian translation the Registrar's Office requires). Please indicate titles of books by italics (or underline them), indicate titles of shorter pieces by using "upper quotation marks" around them.
Please check your text for grammar and appropriacy. Please leave some time for your supervisor to make suggestions, if necessary.
Your supervisor is supposed to sign the proposal and write something like "Láttam, beadható" on it.
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