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How to use flash video files in PowerPoint - Ning

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How to use flash video files in PowerPoint
Step 1
Try to search your topic in Google, as shown in the example below.
Let us try to search the flash files for the topic "mitosis" in google.
Step 2
Now load the power point, and look in the menu bar, Tools- Customize and then the hammer symbol (more controls), as shown in the figure below.
Step 3 Drag the hammer symbol (icon) to the menu bar and once you drag it. it should display as shown below in the menu bar.
Step 4
Now click the hammer symbol (icon) and you will see list of option as shown below. Look for Shockwave Flash object and select it.
Step 5
Once you select Shockwave flash object, then click on the PowerPoint slide where you wanted to insert your video and click and drag to define the size of the video display area. Once you do it successfully you should see the cross (X) displayed on your PowerPoint slide, as shown below.
Step 6
Now right click on the area where you see the Video area defined (the cross area in your ppt) to link your video file to your PowerPoint. Once you right click and select property you would see a property window as follows.
Step 7
To find the path of the video file to link to your PowerPoint, right click the video file and go to property option. This will display the video file property window. Cut and paste the path that is shown in the location, followed by the black slash and then followed by the file name as shown in the example below.
C:\Documents and Settings\Toshib@\Desktop\filename.swf
This is the path of your video file type the videofile name follwed by .swf Final step.
Now having typed the video path in the movie property , now you can view your powerpoint slide by pressing F5 or view -> slide show.
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