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How to Access Math from Internet - DeKalb County Schools

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How to Access Math from Internet
You cannot exactly access Math Georgia on the web. You can access skills that we are working on from Math Georgia, therefore...
1. If you have homework in the math book and you forget the book at school, you will not be able to access the page from the book like you could last year, but you can access the same skills that the homework is based on, print out the page and get full credit for doing the work. 2.
3. You will find yourself on a page titled - "Find Textbook Support Materials"
4. Make sure Georgia is the state displayed 5. There will be a grid of subject areas, choose Math
6. That will take you to "Choose A Book", click on Houghton Mifflin Math 2007 ebook
7. Click on the Sunflower/5 area
8. Pick "Teaching Tools", "Leveled Practice", "Problem Solving", or "Math at Home"
9. Look for the skills that are being worked on in class. They are divided into units. Right now, 9.14.2007, we are in Unit 2. 10. Click on one of the choices I listed above and you will be given choices of lessons. These are numbered by chapter number and lesson number. For example, 4.3 would be Chapter 4, Lesson 3. It may take some time to find the skill we're working on, but if you forget your math book at school and you print out and do work from the same lesson I will give you full credit for that work.
11. You can also find extra practice on the skills that we have been working on in class.
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