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How to Make the Report Better

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How to Make the Report Better
It is the true case that the previous report I made is a failure as a result of the little number of the students who showed their great interest in my speech except my classmates who were obliged to have such a report. Here comes a question which is about how we can attract more students to attend at my lecture next time. As an old saying goes, "You can't expect to make progress without learning by experience." Therefore, it is necessary to find out some defects we made so that we can shed light on the approach of correcting them and pave the way for the perfect performance with regard to the relative report in future. Firstly, to my thinking, we should rug shoulder with students (including the English major undergraduates and non-English major postgraduates) so that we can make sense what is the ideal report they have been looking forward to attending. Only in this way, can we hope to have a definite object about what kind of materials we need collect, what kind of subject they can like, and what kind of speech style they can prefer, because it can never be over-emphasized that how important the investigation results are. Thereafter, teamwork should play the vital role in the following preparation. In the first place, we can hold a meeting, absorbing in the pursuit of exploring the deep reasons with respect to the questions mentioned above in the light of our investigation results. In the second place, we should make out the pragmatic scheme about how to solve these problems with different methods, each one sharing the part of responsibilities and contributing to the crystallization of the common intelligence. In the third place, after summing up the conclusions we have arrived at in written form, we distribute them among the students, which is advisable for us to objectively assess the extent to which we can make a nice report. At the same time, the data from the investigation can in turn better our performance in the course of preparing. Secondly, in comparison with what we did in the previous time, we should advertise the job more heavily. We should try our utmost to make them understood how important and significant the report is to their English acquisition. Arousing our roommates and friends to assist our job is a shortcut on account of the remarkable effect of chain reaction from them to their friends and classmates. it is destined that we can get the ideal result if we can perfectly finish the indispensable part by our extraordinarily persistent and painstaking efforts.
Last but not the least important, I should equip myself with the sufficient materials, the adequate practices, the peaceful mind, and the basic speech techniques, undoubtedly, the preparation extent of which is key to the success. The mentioned above done well, I am sure I can do a nice job next time. 
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