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How to Create and Send an Email Campaign
Create Your Campaign
Under the Campaigns tab click on New Campaign and choose either Email or SMS campaign. This will take you through a step-by-step process on creating your campaign from setting your header information, assigning a database to setting the delivery date and sending out your campaign.
Then choose to either Continue Editing or Resend a Campaign OR to Create a New Blank Campaign:
Step1: Header Information
Name: This is the From Name your recipient will see, i,e, your company name .
Email Address: This is the email address the email will appear to be sent from.
Subject: This is the subject line of your email address. The subject line has a great effect on your SPAM scores so refrain from using words that may be seen as potentially spammy. Only use if you understand this mode
Advanced Mode: The Advanced Mode lets you change Advanced Options and Features available for your Email Campaign. See details below:
Advanced Mode (skip to the next step if you are using the simple mode)
Select Client:
Here you can select which sub account you would like your campaign to appear under, you can also create a new sub account cy clicking on the option to add a new client. Please note that you will only be able to assign databases to this campaign that appear under this sub account.
Display Name: Change this if you want your campaign name to be distinguishable from your subject line
Subject: You can change the subject line and use the Add Field option if you would like to add a custom field to your subject line such as your recipient's name, account number, etc. Please note that you must have these details available in your database in order to use them, For more information please click here.
Include Images: Select this option if you want to embed the images in your campaign. If you want to host your own images or want us to host them select deselect this option. Please note that embedding images will increase the size of your email and you may require additional credits per email.
Google Analytics: With this setting turned on, automatic tracking codes will be added to the links in your campaign. Allowing you to track a recipient's activity on your website. Please click here for more details.
Use this option to tag a campaign, for example you could tag it as a newsletter or another category. You can use this feature in your database segments.
Digital Signatures:
Use this option to digitally sign your emails. Please click here for more details.
See example of the advanced set up below:
Click Next to continue to Step 2
Step 2: Campaign Design
This step will allow you to upload your campaign. There are a number of ways a campaign can be loaded to ContactNow. You can use a Word Document, HTML Document or import a campaign from a specific URL. There are some design standards that you would need to stick to in order to make sure that your campaign works as you expect it to. HTML documents also need to be zipped prior to uploading them, you would then use the option to Upload a Zip document. There is also a variety of free templates that you can use as you like available from our website here.
For both the Word document and ZIP document options click the select button and then browse for the file on your computer. After you have browsed for the location and selected the file you can click the option to upload the document.
To import your content from a URL use the option to "import from a website":
Please note that if you are importing your content from a website you will need to make sure that all your image locations are fully resolved. For example instead of "images/image1.jpg" you should have " images/image1.jpg ". This will ensure that your images are located correctly. If your content is missing the unsubscribe link or you are on a pre-paid account or monthly subscription you may see the following message:
The options above are for use with the ContactNow footer, should you want to make use of it. The footer will appear at the bottom of your email campaign and will contain the links selected above. If you choose not to use the ContactNow footer you can deselect all the options above, click "Continue with my selection" and the system will automatically add only the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your campaign. If you are on the Free Account the above step will be skipped and the Footer will be added automatically to your campaigns. Step 3: Test Campaign
This step allows you to send yourself a test email as well as check to see what your campaigns SPAM score is. Type in your email address and then click the send test button. You will receive a test email within a few minutes with the content you uploaded, this is exactly how your recipients are going to receive the campaign. We recommend testing your campaigns on a PC running MS Outlook.
You can also perform the SPAM test by clicking on the icon. You will then receive a score. This is however just a test and does not guarantee that your campaign will not be marked as potential SPAM by your recipients mail server/client. For more information on the SPAM score please click here. Click next to continue to Step 4
Step 4: Campaign Recipients
You have created and tested your campaign, now you will need to select which of your subscriber lists you would like to send your campaign to. You can either use the option to type the email addresses in or to select a subscriber list that you have already uploaded.
Typing the list in at this point is only recommended for quick or test campaigns that don't make use of custom fields. If you have a lot of email addresses you want to send to, it is recommended that you first upload your subscriber list.
Select the option you want to use and then click on Next.
If you choose to select the subscriber list you are given three options for every database, namely:
Don't use List:The subscriber list will not be used.
Include List:The active subscribers in this list will be sent the campaign.
Exclude List:The recipients on this list will not receive an email campaign even if they are on a list that you have included. They are excluded from the send.
Step 5: Delivery Date
In this step you will be able to set the delivery date for your campaign. To change the date, click to select the month and day and then from the drop-down list select the time. Also note the Time Zone as this will influence the time that the campaign will get sent off.
Click on Save Delivery Date to continue to the last step.
Step 6: Campaign Summary
The last step will give you a brief summary of all the other steps you have been through.
You will see that you can now also add an attachment to your campaign such as a PDF document. To do this click on edit under Step 1.1:
You are also able to send yourself another test email, but this time you will notice that you are able to use the information from one of your subscribers. This option is specifically to test if your custom fields are working correctly, should you choose use them:
You can then see exactly how many credits your campaign will require in step 4 as well as confirm your delivery date in Step 5. If you are happy with everything you can then either save your campaign without sending it out or you can save and approve your campaign for delivery.
If you choose to send your campaign off it may come in for review. Campaigns will come in for review for a number of reasons but it will be checked within 15 minutes of us receiving it during normal working hours. Once your campaign starts sending you will receive an email notification to let you know. You will also then be able to see your campaign under the Reports section of your account.
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