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1. Select the PS icon for the program you want to start by double clicking on the icon to open the program.
2. Enter your User I.D.
Enter your Password.
Select OK.
3. Your screen will appear with only the Tool Bar Visible. (This is only a sample of the File Maintenance screen, some screens may vary in appearance.)
* The File Maintenance program in Powersuite is used to enter profiles for Companies, Drivers, Equipment and Cities. * You can add new profiles, update existing profiles, as well as deleting profiles that are no longer relevant.
* Separate codes for "Bill To" customers are created only under two circumstances:
1) Different currencies for the same company
2) Different physical location for billing
* Bill To codes are only to be altered by the Accounting Department. The initial code for a new company can be created by Customer Service, however should only be labeled as active (see switches). The Accounting Department will then be able to detect the code within the system and perform the necessary updates.
* Notes can be attached to a Company Profile after it has been saved. See the procedures on Notes (Tab # 13).
* Dead beat accounts will continue to be labeled with "NO CREDIT" in the name field. These codes should not be deactivated so that Customer Service is aware of the Companies status.
* For users familiar with TTS, you will find that the File Maintenance codes are different from the ones you are used to in TTS.
* Company ID - consist of the 1st three letters of a Company name (excluding punctuation) and the 1st three letters of the City name. * Two digits will be used at the end of the ID to differentiate between matching ID(s). Eg. SUPBRA01.
* The system defaults the ID and creates it automatically for the user based on the entry of the name and city (TTS - the user had to create the ID).
* When a company undergoes a name change, a new code should be created and the old code deactivated. It is imperative that the name of the company matches the ID (Eg. CPFTHU should not be the ID for Bowater Inc. in Thunder Bay).
* Driver ID - Use the 1st three letters of a Driver's last name, the 1st letter of his/her first name and then two digits identifying the drivers with duplicate codes. * Eg. Larry Smittle if the fourth driver at Bison with the SMIL as his four letter code, therefore his driver ID will be SMIL04.
* Custom Brokers - They will be added as a Company Profile but the R2-Cust Class field must be changed to CUSTOMS in order to track these profiles accordingly.
* Be sure to include the phone #, fax #, hours of operation and any after hours information. * As covered in the General Conventions (Tab #1 - page #10), this system will show a quick list of only 15 codes at a time when you use the pull down menu to view your choices. To see additional ID(s) (company, driver, etc.) enter the four or six letters of the ID followed by a 1. This will show you all IDs from 10-19. To see more enter the four or six letters of the ID followed by 2. This will show you all Ids from 20-29. You can continue on all the way up to 9 (to show the IDs from 90-99).
* Eg. To see all the IDs starting with CALCAL from 30-39 type CALCAL3 in the ID field. Click on the pull down menu to see your choices.
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