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How to Find Us

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How to Find Us
The Professional Development Unit and Researcher Development & Graduate Centre Training Rooms can be hard to find the first time, so please look carefully at the map below. 1. The PDU Training Rooms (3056 and 3057) are located in Building 27 and are situated on the level 3 corridor. 2. Access is via the main entrance to the Chemistry building - B30. Approach building 30 from the service road to the south of the Hartley Library between the George Thomas Building (B37) and Education (B34).
3. Once in building 30, follow the signs for 'Professional Development Unit (PDU) and Researcher Development & Graduate Centre (RDGC) Training Rooms and Office'. 4. Go UP the stairs, through 2 sets of double doors and turn left (at c) along a corridor into B27. 5. After 3 sets of doors, go UP the stairs (at d) on your RIGHT to the top floor. Turn right at the top of the stairs and go through the door. The PDU and RDGC Office (3052) is directly in front of you. Turn right and the Training Rooms are along the corridor on your left. DO NOT GO OVER THE GLASS WALK WAY - IF YOU HAVE GOT TO THIS, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR! 6. Alternatively, you can access the Training Rooms via the entrance to Building 27 (shown at f on the map above) but only in term-time during office hours (9am - 6pm), otherwise the door is locked.
There is currently no step-free access to the facilities in Building 27, although a solution is being sought. Please inform us as soon as possible on (023) 8059 3471 (extn:23471) if you require special access arrangements (there is no lift available for direct access to the Training Rooms).
The University website has information on the location of the Highfield campus and travel directions for various modes of transport. 
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