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How to download and install a resource pack from Promethean Planet
1. Go to and log in.
2. Click the Resources Tab at the top of the page and select Resource Packs. You can also access the resource packs if you press on Lesson Plans.
5. Search through them till you find something that might be of interest to you. As you can see, I chose the 'Japanese American Experiences World War II' resource pack.
6. Double click on the resource pack you have selected and some further information will be displayed. If you have found one that you would like to download, click on their download button.
Make sure to read all of the description. It gives you vital information that you need for installing. Especially WHERE it will be installed once you open it. 7. When you click on the download button, a pop up box will appear asking you where you want to download the resource to. Please select your desktop. This will be a temporary location until you import it into Inspire. It will take a few moments for the resource pack to download.
8. At this point, you can minimize your internet browser, make sure your resource pack has been downloaded to your desktop, and then open ActivInspire.
9. Once you have opened Inspire, go to File>Import>MY RESOURCES.
After you press "Resources Pack to My Resources" a pop up box will appear asking where to import from. Browse to your desktop and click on the downloaded resource pack, then press ok. This will begin the importing process.
10. Click on My Resources, click on the folder that says "Resource Packs" and you will see the resources there.
11. Now that you have imported the file, you can go back to your desktop and delete the downloaded resource pack. It is no longer needed.
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