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Before you actually come to the class...
* be aware of the fact that you are doing the presentation in advance
* skim through the text: get a general idea of what the text is about
* close-read the text and underline words or phrases that you think are crucial in the text (key words or topic sentences)
* make notes: when you give the text a kind of comprehensible structure on a piece of paper, you can understand the text better which ends up in a better explanation to your classmates
* prepare some creative activities bearing in mind that your classmates have read the same piece of text but not in details - you are not to give a lecture but make use of their "knowledge" and give it some cause-and-effect structure
* be CREATIVE!!!!! - don't be lazy to do some extra work. You can make use of your hobbies. If you like: 1. painting - make a poster, collage, bring some pictures / photos to the classroom which somehow capture the atmosphere (symbols, setting...) of the work 2. music - bring (background) music to the class or compose your own song which would enliven your presentation
3. movies / TV - get inspiration from a TV show, TV program (talk-show, competition...), movie... - don't be afraid to create a new setting in the classroom (you are invited to use role play, drama...)
* you can also prepare a crossword, a word puzzle (osemsmerovka), a multiple choice exercise (choose the right answer a, b, c), matching activities (2 columns - 1.literary terms, 2.definitions or examples), "experience" activities (choose an excerpt from the text in which your classmates are supposed to find symbols, explain them, identify the point of view, etc.) - you can do anything as long as it is a challenge for you classmates
* your time limit is maximum 20-30 minutes so remember: your classmates do not want the sauce, the thing that matters is quality
When you are in front of your classmates...
● RELAX! It is your classmates and the text that should be in the centre of attention not you as a person, so make them as preoccupied as possible (the whole classroom is yours; you don't have to stand in front as long as they can see, hear and understand you - make use of the whole classroom)
● be as dynamic as possible and do not allow your classmates to have a chance to concentrate on anything else but the presentation
* do not be afraid of making them work: remember that you know and understand the topic and now it is them who should acquire and learn it
* involve everyone
* do not read!!!! You know how boring it feels when someone starts reading and it makes no sense to anyone
* do not tell us the sauce!!!!! Your classmates are interested only in the essential things and their interrelations, not in every single word or the whole text...
Criteria for Evalution: critical thinking - always keep your topic in mind
form of the presentation and its structure (CREATIVITY / COHERENCE)
involvement of students 
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