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“How to Stop Just Googling… and Find the Really - Google Sites

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"How to Stop Just Googling... and Find the Really Good Stuff!"
M 11-11:50 am, CLICC B (Powell, 3d Floor) SYLLABUS: 3/17/08
Instructor: Esther Grassian, MLSEmail:
UCLA College LibraryFacebook: Esther Grassian
220 Powell Second Life: Alexandria Knight Phone: 310-206-4410Office Hours: By appointment
COURSE LEARNING OUTCOME: Students will demonstrate that they are information literate (IL), able to identify, locate, critically evaluate and use information effectively and ethically.
By the end of this course, students will be able to...
* identify a research paper topic and refine it * develop appropriate search strategies for finding information
* select and use appropriate research tools effectively
* list and apply criteria for evaluating information in order to identify useful materials * describe the ethical and intellectual issues related to information research
* use an appropriate citation style to cite materials consistently and accurately in a bibliography
* feel more confident about conducting information research for academic and personal needs READINGS
* No required textbook.
* Recommended Text: Quaratiello, Arlene Rodda. 2007. The College Student's Research Companion.. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.
We will be using an experimental Moodle course web site, where there is a discussion board (Forum) and an assignment "drop box":
ASSIGNMENTS, ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION * Submit most assignments online through the course web site. * IMPORTANT: If you miss 2 class sessions, you will not be able to pass.
* Posting discussion board assignments and attending a student conference will count as class sessions in place of the 2 days when there is no class. 1. Road to Research tutorial: Pretests -- 8 pts
Due April 7: 4 PRETESTS (Start, Find, Judge & Etiquette) @ 2 pt 2. Research Topic Focusing Worksheet -- 10 pts
Read this page:
Complete the worksheet:
Due April 14 NOTE: Use a research paper topic for one of your other classes. If you do not have a research paper due this Quarter, you must select a topic to research for this course, complete this worksheet and go through all of the information researching steps you would have if you had a research paper assignment. 3. Explore Databases Exercise -- 10 pts
Due April 21: We will work on this in class - sections not completed in class will be due April 21.
4. Web Site or Blog Report & Critique (submit on course web site Discussion Board) -- 25 pts
Due online April 28 [NO CLASS April 28]
a. Select a web site or blog related to your research topic. b. Answer the following questions:
* What is it about?
* How did you find it?
* Who is the author or sponsor?
* What is the point of view?
* Why is it useful for your research?
* What are its drawbacks, if any? Tips: Check points in (see links on course web site) * Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources * Thinking Critically About Web 2.0 & Beyond
* Evaluating Web Content c. Post your report on the class Discussion Board
d. Post a thoughtful comment about another student's report
5. LitSearch/Research Journal I (Submit online through course web site.) -- 10 pts Due May 5 : 1 page: Describe in essay form your information research steps for your research paper. Include where you searched for information (libraries, research tools) and how, your success or lack of success, and how you would rate the research tools you used. 6. Student Conference -- 15 pts.
Due Week of May 12th OR Week of May 19th
Sign up for a 15-20-minute conference re your research paper
7. LitSearch/Research Journal II (Submit online through course web site.) -- 20 pts Due June 2: 2 pages : Describe in essay form your information researching steps. Include if and how you have changed the way you think about and do research for classes or personal needs, and your current comfort level with researching information. . 8. Road to Research tutorial (linked on course web site): Quizzes -- 8 pts. Due Week of June 9th: 4 QUIZZES (Start, Find, Judge & Etiquette) @ 2 pts
[Note: You must score 80% or higher on each quiz to earn points for that quiz.]
9. 2-Item Annotated Bibliography -- 20 pts
Due Week of June 9th
Both items must relate to your research paper topic AND 1 must be a research study published in a scholarly journal.
10. Class attendance/participation (required) -- 30 pts
TOTAL: 156
* All assigned work must be submitted on the due date. Late papers will be penalized one-half point for each day late. * Literacy, legibility, grammar, spelling and punctuation will all be considered in grading. * All assignments must be typed, unless otherwise noted in the assignment. * This course is Pass/No Pass. You must complete all assignments satisfactorily in order to pass (the equivalent of grade C or better). Pass/No Pass grades will be determined on a point/percentage basis, not on the curve. * Grades will be changed only under exceptional circumstances. If you are having problems during the quarter, let me know before final grades have been determined. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Plagiarism is quoting, paraphrasing or using someone else's words or ideas without citing the original author. Remember to cite all your sources, including web pages, blogs, YouTube videos, Flickr images, Second Life sims and notecards, etc.!
WEEK 1: March 31
* Brief intro to course, College Library web site, Biomedical Library web site
* Research assignment deconstruction
* 7 basic steps to a research paper
* Find Useful Books
o UCLA Library Catalog
o Find a book on the shelf
Watch: "Information R/evolution"
"Introducing the Book"
Tip! Save time by using:
Assignment Calculator
Research Paper Planner
Citation Machine Zotero
Archived "Mark of Zotero" slide show & videos WEEK 2: April 7
Due Today: 4 Road to Research Pretests <>
* Selecting a research paper topic
* Identifying topic limiters, related terms & concepts; using a "search log"
* Evaluating online & print encyclopedias (Research Process: Steps 1-3)
Recommended Reading: Road to Research: Starting Points
WEEK 3: April 14 Due Today: Research Topic Focusing Worksheet
* Magazines v. Journals & Peer Review Process
* Visible vs. Invisible Web
* Google Scholar & Invisible Web * Identifying, locating, evaluating and utilizing useful research tools and materials: print & online
(Research Process: Steps 4-7)
Watch: "No Cookies in the Library" WEEK 4: April 21 Due Today: Explore Databases Exercise
* Visible Web: Advanced Google searching; Google Uncle Sam
* Visible Web: Critically evaluating web sites * Librarian-review sites
* Annotations
* Using Web 2.0 for research
Recommended Readings: * Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources
* Thinking Critically About Web 2.0 & Beyond
* Evaluating Web Content * Kelley, Tina. "Whales in the Minnesota River?" New York Times, March 4, 1999.
WEEK 5: April 28 - NO CLASS Due Today: Web Site or Blog Report & Critique
* Students post on the discussion board a critique a web site of their choice related to their research topics.
* Students pick a classmate's posting and post a thoughtful response. WEEK 6: May 5 Due Today: LitSearch/Research Journal (1 page) * What are copyright, intellectual property & censorship in an online world, & why should you care? - Discussion
Watch: "A Fair(y) Use Tale" <> WEEK 7: May 12 Due This Week or Next Week: Sign up for a 15-20-minute Student Conference
* What is plagiarism and how can you avoid it? - Discussion
* Writing for social sciences.
Watch: "friendofdarwin's Darwin Poster" <>
Recommended Reading: Hacker, Bedford Handbook, Chapter 51, pp. 557-563.
WEEK 8: May 19 Due This Week or Last Week: Sign up for a 15-20-minute Student Conference
* Why cite?
* Using APA & MLA citation style Recommended Reading:
Zotero: Creative Commons: WEEK 9: May 26 -- HOLIDAY -- NO CLASS
WEEK 10: June 2 Due Today: Lit Search/Research Journal II (2 pages) * Debriefing re research process - students report on what they learned and how they will apply what they learned to future research efforts. * Game Time!
FINALS WEEK: June 9 - 13 -- NO FINAL
Due This Week:
4 Road to Research Quizzes <>
2-Item Annotated Bibliography
Honors 19: FIAT LUX: Seminar 3 Grassian/Spring 2008
Macintosh HD/Esther's Folder/FIAT LUX/FIAT LUX Syllabus 2 13 04 E. Grassian; rev. 2/28/05 EG; Rev. 3/22/06 EG; H:FIAT LUX/Syllabus/FIAT LUX Syllabus 2 12 08.doc rev. 2/12/08 EG; rev. 3/17/08 EG
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