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How to Burn a CD or DVD

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How to Burn a CD Insert your blank disc. This window will appear: Say OK. Drag all documents you want to burn onto the CD. (Just like if you were dragging something into a folder.) To see what you have put into the CD, double click on the CD. There should be many folders or documents that look like this (with arrow). To see how much space is left on your disc, look at the bottom of the window.
If you see: something like
you can continue adding documents to the CD. This means you have only used 133 of 656. You can keep going until the space is full. If you see something like: There is too much added to the disc. The indicator for this is the word 'minimum'. If you ever see that you will know to remove some items. (To remove items from disc you can take them from the disc and throw them in the trash. This does not mean you are throwing them away. You are just throwing away a shortcut.)
Now for burning
Open the disc you are burning. Click on Burn. It should take approximately 5 minutes for your disc to burn. Don't forget to write the name with a permanent marker and store in a place you can remember! Good luck! 
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