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 Chula Vista High School
Junior Year and Beyond Questions
1) Which of the following is NOT a laboratory science course (A-G requirement)? a.Life Scienceb. Chemistryc. Biologyd. Physicse. They are all lab science courses
2) How many credits do I need to graduate from high school? a.32b. 36c. 44d. 42e. None of the above
3) Where are Scholarship applications available on campus?
a. Room 106b. Room 104c. Libraryd. Parent Centere. All of the above
4) In order to graduate I must
a.Have taken and passed 4 years of Social Science
b. Take and Pass a total of 2 years of Math
c. Fulfill 50 hours of community service if I attended CVHS beginning freshman year
d.Pass every class with a "C" or better
e. All of the above
5) What is/are option(s) that I have to pay for college?
a.Scholarshipsb. Cal Grantc. Work studyd. Student loanse. All of the above
6) I believe my Junior year is a good time to consider what I want to do when I graduate a.Strongly Agreeb. Agreec. Disagreed. Strongly disagree
7) Getting good grades during my Junior year is important
a.Strongly Agreeb. Agreec. Disagreed. Strongly disagree
8) Graduating from high school is one of my goals
a.Strongly Agreeb. Agreec. Disagreed. Strongly disagree
9) I am interested in exploring career and college opportunities
a.Strongly Agreeb. Agreec. Disagreed. Strongly disagree
10) Which of the following information can you find on your high school transcript?
a. Community Service Hours
b. CAHSEE results
c. Teacher names
d. Middle School grades
e. Both a and b
11) A student receives three A's, two B's, and one C on his semester report card. What is his GPA?
a. 3.2
b. 3.33
c. 2.85
d. 3.6
e. 2.97
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