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How to Renew Your Oxford New Jersey Small Group Plan (1-50)

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How to Renew Your
Oxford New Jersey Small Group Plan (1-50)
Renewing your Oxford1 New Jersey small group (1-50) plan is simple with our online renewal tool, Idea Management
SystemSM (IDEA), which is available at This tool will help you save time, reduce administrative costs and
increase the overall efficiency of your transactions.
All of your group’s renewal information is now available in IDEA. Within this tool, both you and your broker are able to review
your proposed 2014 Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plan and your 2013 Transitional Coverage option, as well as explore
other plan options, create new quotes and finalize your choice. You may also access a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
for the Oxford plan you are reviewing. The SBC will update each time you make a change to your plan selection.
It’s easy to get started. Here are the simple steps to renew your Oxford plan.
1.Go to
2.Log in to the Employer portal using your username and password.
3.Click the “Renewal Status” or “Renewal Options” link under the Message Center, which automatically appears 60 days
prior to your renewal date. The links will bring you to the table shown below, where you will be able to perform an action.
(Note: All actions lead to the View Renewal Manager function.)
You have a choice of three Actions:
1.View Renewal
• Click this link to see your proposed 2014 ACA compliant Oxford plan and rates.
2.Run Quotes
• Click this link to view alternative 2014 ACA compliant plan designs and rates.
3.View Renewal Manager
lick this link to see your proposed 2014 ACA compliant Oxford plan, make
modifications or elect to retain the 2013 Transitional Coverage option.
See reverse side for details on Action 3: View Renewal Manager.
xford HMO products are underwritten by Oxford Health Plans (NJ), Inc. Oxford insurance products are
underwritten by Oxford Health Insurance, Inc.
Renew as-is or with changes using the Renewal Manager link
пЃЅ On the Renewal Manager page, you will be required to update your Plan
Participation eligibility. To complete this required step, please click on the “View/
Modify Plan Participation” link.
пЃЅ After you have updated your Plan Participation eligibility, you will be returned to the
Renewal Manager page. Click the button to the left of the plan design (“CSP”) that
you would like to view.
 Next, click the “View/Modify Quote” link in the Action column for that plan.
пЃЅ This will bring you to the Renewal Summary/Options page, which shows:
• Y
our existing plan information in the “Current Plan” column;
• Your proposed Oxford plan in the “As-Is Plan” column.
пЃЅ If you wish to renew into the proposed Oxford plan as-is, with no changes, click
“SELECT FOR RENEW AS-IS” at the bottom of the page. You will then be
brought back to the Renewal Manager page to complete the enrollment process.
 If you wish to view other options, use the drop down menus in the “Plan with
Changes” column.
• O
nce you’ve made your selections, press “RECALCULATE” in the lower left hand
corner of the table to see the monthly premium based on these new selections.
• I f you are satisfied with your modified plan, click “SAVE QUOTE” at the bottom
of the page. You will be directed back to the Renewal Manager page, where the
quote will be listed under the original plan (“CSP”) description. This step can be
repeated for multiple renewal options if needed.
пЃЅ If you wish to View or Elect to retain your 2013 Transitional Coverage plan option:
• S
croll to the bottom of the Renewal Summary/Options page and click on the
“Would you like to review the option to retain your 2013 plan?” link, located under
the displayed rates.
• T
o elect to retain this plan, select the “Return to Renewal Manager” link. You will be
returned to the Renewal Manager Page and will now see a quote that matches your
2013 plan design.
To complete the enrollment process
пЃЅ From the Renewal Manager page, click the button on the left of the Oxford plan
you are selecting.
 Click “SUBMIT ONLINE RENEWAL” at the bottom of the page.
пЃЅ To complete the process, you will be brought to the Renewal Results page, where
you will see a summary of your transaction with the confirmation for your renewal
request. You may print the renewal summary and view the Summary of Benefits and
Coverage for your selected plan from this page.
• N
ew Jersey small group (1-50) employers are required to complete, sign and
return the New Jersey Small Employer Certification Form (Exhibit O) as part of
their renewal process. This form is included in your renewal package and available
If you have questions, please contact your broker or General Agent, or you may
contact our Client Services Department by phone at 1-888-201-4216 or by email
Please be advised that this document is for informational purposes only. We reserve the right to correct any typographical errors. Information in visuals is purely illustrative.
NJ-14-344 5/14 В©2014 Oxford Health Plans LLC. All rights reserved.
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