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How to Flash the AMI BIOS On A Shuttle Barebone From Windows 7

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How to Flash an AMI BIOS From Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit using AFUWIN
**WARNING: This FAQ is meant to be used for machines that use the Shuttle, AMI BIOS
firmware and tool. If you use another, non AMI, tool, this could leave your machine unusable.
In this FAQ, we’re going to learn how to use the AMI BIOS, AFUWin Windows Flashing Utility, to flash the
BIOS from within Windows 7 32 or 64 Bit. This time around we’re I’m going to use an SG41J1 Plus machine
that has Windows 7 64 Bit, preinstalled on it.
STEP 1: First we need to download the BIOS firmware for the SG41J1 Plus machine, which in this case is the
SG41PSCG.101 file. Note that you may be using another AMI, BIOS-based machine, hence the download may
be different than above. We do that by, first, going to the Shuttle Support List, start page. At the time of this
writing, this page can be found here: Once there, we look to the Select
A Product section, in orange, look for the model of our machine, SG41J1 Plus in our case, under the Model
Name drop down box, click on it, and click on the SEND button. In this example, we’re going to leave the first
drop down box on Barebones. It could be different in your case, however, this is, usually, the path for most
shuttle barebones. Once we hit the SEND button, we should be at the SG41J1 Plus, support list. In that page,
you’ll be looking for the Downloads section, which we highlited in red. In that section we need to click on
SG41J1 Plus BIOS, underlined in red.
The page will look similar to the one on this image:
Once we click on the SG41J1 Plus BIOS link, we will end up at the BIOS page for this machine where we can
download the required BIOS, SG41PSCG.101 in our case. The required BIOS has been underlined in red.
The page will look similar to the one on this image:
STEP 2: Once the firmware file has been downloaded, we need to go to the Shuttle Utilities Download page
and retrieve the AFUWIN utility. At the time of this writing, the Shuttle Utilities Download page is located
here: Once there, we can look for and download, AFUWIN, the
AMI Flashing Tool. The required utility has been underlined in red.
The page may look something like this:
Once the required files are downloaded, we put them both inside a folder so they are ready to use. For this
example, we want to make sure to use the 64 bit version of the AFUWIN utility as the 32 bit version is, also,
included in the download file but we’re flashing from Within Windows 7 64.
The required files will look something like this:
We’re now ready to flash the BIOS from Windows 7 64 bit.
Locate the folder where AFUWINx64.EXE and SG41PSCG.101 are located. Right click on AFUWINx64.EXE
and choose Run as administrator:
You’ll get a message box warning to turn off other programs that may cause interference with flash process.
The message window may look something like this:
Click ok on that window and that will bring up the AFUWinx64 application.
Once the application is up, click on the Open button to look for and load the firmware file for your machine:
Locate your firmware, SG41PSCG.101 in this case, click on it and hit the Open button:
This will load the file and the application will move to the Setup tab with, Main BIOS Image option preselected:
Select the Program All Blocks option on the Setup tab and the application will flash start flashing the BIOS.
After the flash is complete, you will get the AFUWIN flash confirmation in the Progress tab:
At this point, we’re done and the machine should be rebooted to confirm if the flash progress was a successful:
We should go into the BIOS Setup, Load Optimal Defaults, adjust settings as needed then Save & Quit BIOS.
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