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How to Inspire Weight Loss at Work - Time Well Spent - Anthem

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How to Inspire Weight
Loss at Work
Employer Webinar
Let’s Get Started!
•30 minute presentation followed by 15 minute Q&A
1. Eat less, and move more
– at work!
2. Additional resources
3. Q&A
To ask a question, please use the Q&A box on the side of your
screen. We will answer as many questions as time allows.
How much do we really move?
• Americans average just 5,117 steps per
day, far fewer than people in other areas,
for example: Australia (9,695),
Switzerland (9,650) and Japan (7,168)*
• Researchers concluded that those who
sat for long periods faced greater
mortality rates than those who sat 3
hour or less per day – 37% higher for
women and 17% higher for men.
• Those who sat AND also did not exercise
faced even GREATER mortality rates, a
startling 94% higher for women, and 48%
higher for men!**
* Pedometer-Measured Physical Activity and Health Behaviors in U.S. Adults, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise:
October 2010
** American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study II (CPS-II) 2011
Did you know?
Sitting for 6+ hours a day
can elevate the chances of
dying from cancer and
other major diseases - even
for non-smokers!
How much SHOULD we move?
• According to the According to the
National Institutes of Health (NIH),
10,000 steps/day is a reasonable goal
of daily activity for healthy adults *
• Aim for 150 minutes of moderate
intensity physical activity per week
• Even with jobs that require movement
or standing, often those hours leave
employees too tired to exercise – or
reaching for unhealthy food choices.
* SOURCE:, Bravata DM, Smith-Spangler C,
Sundaram V, Gienger AL, Lin N, Lewis R, Stave CD, Olkin I, and Sirard JR . Using pedometers to
increase physical activity and improve health: A systematic review. Journal of the American Medical
Association 2007; 298(19): 2296-2304
Understanding Weight Loss
• 1 lb = 3500 calories (kCal). To lose 1 pound per week, that requires a
deficit of 500 calories per day – either through diet, exercise, or both.
• Nutrition is the primary factor in weight loss. It’s nearly impossible for
the average person to “out-exercise” poor nutritional choices.
• For example, to eliminate 500 calories from your daily diet, you could:
Skip the coffee
drink (470 kCal)
Run 5 miles
(burn ~ 500 kCal)
The best combination is one of diet, AND exercise.
Eat Better – At Work
Knowing this, the first place to jumpstart weight loss begins
with what people eat – and what they eat at work
• Offer healthier options at meetings, working
lunches, or when hosting group events
• For instance – instead of a breakfast
offering of pastries and doughnuts, have
fruit and yogurt parfaits with granola
• Don’t celebrate milestones, birthdays, or other
occasions with cakes and cookies
• Offer lighter options – ex. angel food cake
with fresh berries
• Reward with monetary incentives, time off,
or other gifts which encourage healthy
• Organize an “active” celebration like a day
at an amusement park, or softball game
Eating Better – At Work
• If your company has an onsite cafeteria, lobby to
add healthier options
• A salad bar with fresh veggies and fruit – make
sure to offer healthy dressings
• Healthier “hot” entrees
• Lower fat/calorie dessert options and snacks
• Post nutrition labels where employees can see
them BEFORE eating
• Overhaul office vending machines or break areas
Did you know?
Eating healthy
shouldn’t be a “diet”.
Eat the healthiest foods
for energy and disease
prevention – not just to
become thinner.
• Ask the vending company for choices like granola
bars, trail mix, pretzels, light popcorn bags
• Stock beverage machines with water, or lower
calorie vitamin choices
• Put out a bowl of fresh fruit in break rooms
(apples, bananas, oranges, etc)
• Discourage bringing high fat sweets and treats “to
share” - and community candy bowls
Eating Better – At Work
• Encourage employees through education
and access to resources
• Place informative nutrition
posters/flyers around the office
• Organize a “Salad Club” meetup
• Email a healthy recipe or cooking tip
each week
• Host a farmer’s market event
• Have a recipe “makeover” contest with
• Offer a Weight Watchers meeting, or
other support group
• Host a guest speaker event (Dietician or
Nutritionist), Worksite Wellness seminar
(if available), or a healthy eating
Did you know?
Time Well Spent is a
great resource for
educational materials.
Print fliers and posters
on healthy eating and
nutrition – even recipes!
Get Moving – At Work
• If your company has employees who “sit” all day
• Encourage breaks to walk/stretch/move around
– either hourly or at least mid-morning/midafternoon
• Give examples of exercises and stretches they
can do anywhere, at any time
• Hold walking meetings (if possible)
• Give away exercise bands, jump ropes, or
pedometers/fitness trackers
• Host walking / steps challenges, or stair
• Subsidize a gym membership or wellness
Did you know?
program supporting fitness or activity goals
Every company can
• Support a company weight loss challenge
encourage participation in a
• Organize an “active” teambuilding session
5k, 10k, or other fitness
event. It builds teams AND
gets people moving!
Get Moving – At Work
• If your employees have physical or mobile jobs
• Even if they “move on the job” – exercise is
STILL important – as is a healthy body weight
• Encourage stretching and proper ergonomics,
especially if jobs involve repetitive tasks
• Educate on the importance of exercise
(cardio and strength training) to maintain a
healthy heart, joints, and muscle tone – not
just facilitate weight loss
• Offer healthy snacks to maintain energy
• Think injury prevention – employees can’t be
productive if they can’t work
Get Moving – At Work
• Know the basics of Physical Activity
• 150 Minutes of moderate activity
About 5 days a week/30 minutes each
• Aim for 3 days of cardio (moderate to
vigorous) and 2 days strength total body
strength training
2 sets, generally 8-12 reps each set, to
• “Moderate to vigorous” means it’s difficult
to carry on a conversation while exercising
• Cardiovascular Exercise Suggestions:
• Brisk walking/hiking/running
• Biking - indoor or outdoor
• Elliptical machine/Stairmaster
• Group exercise class
Get Moving – At Work
Build upper and lower body strength.
These exercises and stretches can be done in any kind of work environment.
Chair/Bench Tricep Dip
10-12 Reps (x2)
(works triceps, shoulder)
Overhead Stretch
Hold 8-10 sec each position
(stretches entire body)
Body Weight Squat
15-20 reps (x2)
(works entire lower body)
Wall Pushup
10-12 Reps (x2)
(works chest)
Seated “Figure-4”
Hold 8-10 sec; Switch Legs
(stretches hips/lower back)
Get Moving – At Work
• Other tips and tricks
• Encourage employees to find a “fitness
• Suggest social media apps to track activities
and nutrition – such as Lose It!, Weight
Watchers mobile, Fitbit, etc.
• Practice what you preach. Employees
believe in leaders who walk the walk.
• Gather testimonials from those who have
made healthy changes and share them – it’s
inspiring to others.
• Consider an “online personal trainer”
through our partnership with FitOrbit
(SpecialOffers discount)
• SpecialOffers – Weight Watchers, FitOrbit online personal
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