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How to Ask for Donations - Lets Go Fishing with Seniors

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How to Ask for Donations
Asking someone to sponsor you or donate to the Walk for Let’s Go Fishing event
can be scary. So here are some ways to help if you are feeling intimidated.
Know “Why You” are fundraising
Have you seen the good Let’s Go Fishing has done in your community and
you want to make sure it continues? Is your best friend a team captain and
you are doing this together? It is wonderful to help our friends. Has a
special person in your life been on a Let’s Go Fishing outing and you have
heard some wonderful stories. There are many reasons why you have
chosen to help Let’s Go Fishing. Know your own story or understand the
mission of Let’s Go Fishing (see the brochure for ideas). You want to have
something positive to share!
People love to help others who believe in something
Many people are very willing to sponsor you and your event. It is good to
give others an “opportunity to give”. It is good for them and gives them a
positive experience. You will bring a smile to their face. Don’t forget to say
“Thank you”.
No Donation is too small or TOO BIG
If others know where the money will be used and the difference the money
will make for someone else, they can be very generous. In fact, don’t be
bashful about asking for a $50 or $100 donation. Your support of Let’s Go
Fishing can be very contagious.
Also, children love to fundraise and give their nickels, dimes and pennies.
They have great faith in the power of a small donation, rightfully so.
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